[Junk XIII] Lake Bomb (K 7-6]

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You've gathered together the Candies in a bit of a War Council to talk about the Water Cult. Did you notify Nezzy? Are you at the conference room outside the brig, down somewhere in The Bay, or somewhere else?

Starburst leads off addressing the gang, "Bitches, we found who blew up our water supplies, and they're out at Big Rock, to the east. We've been there, we can go back. The question is, how do we keep an eye on The Bay, but still hit that Water Cult now?" She looks around, to the girls, her whole gang except Zagnut, plus you and VB.

What do you do?


  • I lean forward, "well, they know we're going to fight them tooth and nail in the spring. If we keep things quiet, then we should be able to plan an attack on them before then, and hit them preemptively. There are some innocent folks in there I wanna get out first, but once they are — I say we blow that frakking rock they put over the lake to bits, and bury them."

    I look around the room, "We keep up appearances for now, but if any of those frakkers show their faces again in the spring, and we shoot 'em dead where they stand."
  • Whopper stands up, "What about dis? You go, all hat in hand to them, try to set up some dealie. You got just a few of us with ya, we're all bodyguardin', right? Not trustin her an all. Then, you sneak out whoever the frak, and we're right up ON THEM. We call in the rest, and straight up murderlize them ALL!"

    Svenja, Payday, Grand, Chunky and Toot are all for this, but Star isn't so sure. She asks you, "Could you convince them to trust you? And, could you take some of Santi or du's crew, so I can hold back some bitches to watch The Bay?"
  • I don't trust du and Santi any more than I trust that frakking cult, to be honest – and showing up hat-in-hand may only raise suspicion. What really worries me though, is what if they make us drink? I don't wanna get swept up into their cult, or risk my baby getting infected with their shit...

    "I don't think they'd trust me unless I drank their frakking crazy water... I wish we had more people we could frakking trust. Du and Santi are just as nuts. Is there anyone you know who would be willing to tackle a job like that? That you could trust to get it done?"
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    Star quirks a frown, "I trust nobody outside the Candies, Kiddo. But I thought Stitch was gonna fix the damn water. What's her holdup?"
  • That's a stupid frakking question... I shake my head slowly, like that's not a question I'm entertaining. "You been to the infirmary lately? The lady's been busy saving lives. Too busy to even keep the place frakking clean even. If you feel like playing doctor a while so she can fix it, then I'm sure she'd get right on it. What if we send for the original Candies?"
  • Payday agrees, "Kiddo's right, Star. Omo says the sick people don't stop coming in."

    Star waves her off, you both convinced her. "I dunno about pulling up the OBs*, I bet you got more pull with them than me." She thinks on it, then says, "Why don't you and your Ma go recruit em?"

    * - Original Bitches
  • Well, we never did get down to Boomtown to pick up that baby shit... Maybe I can get that girl Aquafina to drive us with a truck, and fill in Tech as to what's been going on. Send out a message with the Ferrymen... I nod, "Alright, that sounds like a good idea. You want me to bring anything back from down south?"
  • Starburst says, "Yeah, if you see Ro or Altoids, tell those frakkers to get up here! Ain't seen them in years."

    Spunk pipes in with, "Bring Kitty along, so Amazon and Mirage will stop whining for her!" Most of the girls laugh, Mirage punches her arm.

    Amazon throws in, "Speaking of pining, get Kodak up here for Star!" There's a bit less laughter, like that might be a touchy subject.

    Whopper says, "Get some more rubbers! And lube! Donkey Dick says we're all out for some reason."

    Svenja snorts, "Maybe some fucking aspirin for Donkey, for Whopper's sake."
  • I nod at Star's request, and shake my head at the banter about who and what to bring up. I can't help but giggle from time to time — and find myself inclined to bring Kodak up if that's what Star wanted. "There aren't enough sheep in all of Oasis to keep Donkey stocked." My face strains as I struggle to stand up, and I call Star over to the side as I leave.

    "I could ask Kodak to come up, if you wanted... Otherwise I'm good to just keep an eye out for Ro and Altoids."
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    Starburst walks off with you away from the others. You ask about Kodak, and she shakes her head "Thanks, Kiddo, really. But I can't let some cock get in the way of running these bitches, you know?" She gives a half smile, like sure, it'd be nice to see him, but she can't "be with" him anymore.
  • Gods, she even thinks like a Candy now... "Well, I'll mention you're up here, and what you're up to... Some guys are into strong independent women."

    ... I mean, I doubt Kodak is, given our history; but then again, that isn't really my decision to make for him. Folks deserve to be happy...
  • Starburst shrugs, trying to play it like it aint no thing. "Some are. I think Kodak just wanted to be with me to bitch about you. Don't worry about it, serious." She peers at you, curiously, "Who you takin? Who you leavin behind? If Stitch is so bad off, is Rinnie sticking at the infirmary?"
  • Oh yeah... Kodak was pissed at me for rubbing Rinnie in his face... And then he said he'd hook up with Vee... Oops? "Sweetie, I've got a little black book thicker than Svenja's ego — I'm sure there are a lot of men who would frak you to get back at me, if you went looking. Don't let that get in the way of having some fun, yeah?"

    Who to bring with me Come to think of it, I don't even think I could take Vee — she needs to be here to deal with any incoming packages from Armour. I even feel bad taking a few Candies, considering we need this place to be safe. "I guess It'll just me and Ma?" I answer, still not sure who else I could bring... Hump should stay behind and deal with Dad. Stitch sure as frak can't come... "I'll hitch a ride with someone, and get sorted. Don't worry 'bout me."
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    Starburst shakes her head, "I can't let two pregnant girls ride off alone, no way. Much less two friends." She considers for a moment, then says, "I could hook you up with Aquafina, she's about to ride south with a shipment out of Armour."

    You can tell that if you asked for a Candy, she'd give you one to ride along.
  • The reality of the situation comes crashing in on me, and I nod obediently. "Alright... Aquafina'll be fine, I guess. She seems pretty straight up. You mind if we take Svenja, or someone that could do some lifting with us? Squatting is a nightmare..."
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    Starburst chuckles, "Sure, take Venger. She's mentioned heading back to Boomtown for one of her guys or whatever anyways. And be safe, alright?"

    Anyone else to chat with here?
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    I smile back at her, "Will do. Hold down the fort for us, OK?"

    I'll go set this all up, considering we've got to move Dad out tomorrow morning.
  • --END SCENE--
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