[Junk XIII] Check-Up (S 7-4)

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Its late morning now. You woke up after a long sleep with both Sunkist and Amelia still laying beside you. Amelia was awake, quietly playing with your hair, not pulling or anything, just idly running her fingers through it, watching the hair fall between. Sunkist is out, the poor kid smells a little. He's been washed and cared for, but not as well as he probably needs.

At some point in the night, Sapphire must have lost her fight with standing guard over you. Not for lack of effort, and she did lock the door and lay up against it in case anyone would open it. But here in this room, near her only friends and you, she relaxed at some point. She hasn't eaten well. Her face is drawn. What food she's stolen she probably gave to her brother. She has scuffs on her knuckles and knees, a cut by her ear that might be infected. The time hiding out hasn't been kind to her.

What do you do?


  • I look over at Amelia and smile at her warmly, trying not to pull my hair out of her hands

    I lay my head back down- not wanting to wake Sunkist or Sapphire. I will need to get her some food, but for right now it's nice to just relax.

    It doesn't last terribly long, though. I think of Metro. Of my patients and the state of the ship. There's work to be done. I can't just lay around all day.
  • Amelia looks back at you, meeting your eyes. She whispers, "I missed you, Stitchy." She quirks a tiny frown, then asks, "Is Metro okay? I like him. He's a good robot."
  • "I missed you, too, sweetie." I reply. "I think he's ok. He's working on the filtration systems. Don't tell anyone about him?" The question I barely whisper, my face serious, but not angry or pained.
  • She nods, completely serious. Whispers back, "They would hurt him. I know. They don't understand. None of them."

    Sapphire starts awake, evidently the whispering tipped her off, or something. She groans lightly, moving her neck and looking up at you. "You slept good?" She starts trying to get up, pushing herself against the door.
  • "Yes, thank you." I reply. "What about you? Get enough? Are you hungry? I've got some food."
  • Sapphire finishes standing up, she looks a tiny bit wobbly on her feet. "They're hungry. If you can spare. If not, that's flash. I can steal from the garden again. Old man has his panties in a bunch about it."
  • "Yeah, I know. He asked me to back him at the council." I reply. "You need to eat, too- you won't be able to take care of them if you starve yourself."

    Gosh, when did I become her mother? I smile to myself, not disliking the thought.
  • Sapphire points a finger at you, "You're a doc. You've got drekloads of people to help, so I'm not taking your food. I'm just here to keep him healthy and safe. Food for him does the job. I'll eat when I damn well feel like it."

    Sunkist stirs, the talking was too loud. Amelia sits up, scoots out of bed to head over to fix some food for you all. She says quietly, "Saff, Stitch has lots. Enough for us all. C'mon and eat, don't be an asshole." She points to the chair at the desk.

    Sapphire glares at Amelia, then looks at you. Her shoulders slump, and she heads over to sit. Amelia starts mixing some food. What is it?
  • I call it protein pudding- it's a sort of meal replacement that was supposed to be a drink but it's slightly less horrible in a thicker consistency.

    I give Sapphire a look- like I'm not going to force her but I'd really prefer she ate something.
  • Amelia doles out food for all four of you, and she stares at Sapphire until Saff grabs a spoon and starts eating it. She eats fast, like an animal, really. Sunkist eats playfully, he's a quiet kid, the kind that looks at the world with his adorably big brown eyes and sees much, says little. Amelia sits and watches all of you eat, and then nibbles on her pudding stuff.

    "This tastes like," Amelia says suddenly, "Like Slimfast or somethin." Saff and Sunkist have no idea what that is, but she knows you know.

    After she takes the last bite, Sapphire says, "You want me to hunt down Janco for you? I know where she's holed up."
  • I wink at Amelia- wow, that takes me back!

    My brow furrows at mention of Janco. "No, but thanks. She said she'd be back when she was ready. She deserves the time off." I reply.
  • Sapphire snorts derisively, like she doesn't agree. The rest of the meal passes quietly. Sunkist is not a talker. Amelia and Sapphire are quiet, too.

    Then, you're off to work, right? Back to the old salt mines.

    --END SCENE--
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