[Junk XIII] After Tulle's Show (P 7-3)

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It's late, the show has been over for an hour or so. Tulle's been avoiding you, like maybe she's afraid of what you'll say. The place is still packed, Bacardi has come by to thank you for the show three times now. The kitchen ran out of the menu items and started digging deep int he freezers, keeping Barilla busy. She even pulled in extra help. Your crew is doubling up on takers, this is going to be one hell of a night (take two jingle).

What was wrong with the show, Proper that would make Tulle so nervous?

Oh and by the way, Santiba is here. Alone.

Toot just came in the bar, too.

What do you do?


  • Tulle brought the audience members up on the stage. Of course they loved it- but that's not flash. That's how fights get started, or chaos, or any other manner of things that are not good for business. It happened when I danced and someone pulled a gun out and killed one of the crew.

    I try to make my 'I'm happy everyone is enjoying themselves' face, but I'm sure my crew know why I'm angry. I stalk over to the bar when I spot Toot. "Hey." I raise my glass to the bartender, it's empty.
  • Bartender refills the glass for you, of course, "Tonight's a good night. We're low on most of the usual, but I know what you like, Prop." He pours you some very fine vodka.

    Tootsie Roll turns in her stool to face you, not getting up, "Hey Proper, just the man I wanted to see! How's tricks?" She grins wide, taking a sip of her one drink. She looks clean, not depressed, just, you know, here.
  • I nod at him. "Flash." I say to the bartender and Toot, giving her my best smile.

    "You're late for the show." I tell her, my mind working it out partway through the words that she may be here for me and not the show.
  • She smirks, "You weren't in it, so I didn't care. Besides, your boys would just make me wanna spend jingle I don't have." She finishes her drink, then reaches for yours. Do you stop her from taking it?

    You notice Tulle is watching you two. She's chatting with a client, but she sees you. Maybe he's trying to take her to a room?

    Who do you choose here, Proper?
  • Between frakking Janco and Tulle, I'm sick of thinking. Feeling. I let Toot take the glass. I don't avoid Tulle's gaze, but I only meet her eyes for a moment, my face mostly masked but I'm sure she can see several emotions on it.

    "Well that is their job." I tell Toot, grinning.
  • Toot downs it and then rises from her stool. "Wanna go dancin then frak like bunnies?"
  • "Absolutely." I reply. I look back at Tulle and give her a tight smile.
  • Tulle looks back, forgetting the conversation. There's a moment where your eyes meet and she seems frozen in awareness. She sees the smile, then glances over at her partner when he says something, then touches her arm to get her attention.

    Toot slides an arm into yours and starts to tug you back towards your flat. It breaks the spell, and Tulle looks down for a moment, pondering. You glance back as you're walking off and she starts talking to the john again, only glancing back at you a couple times before you disappear.

    --END SCENE--
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