[Junk XIII] Boom Goes the Dynamite (K 8-2)

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Your little group arrived in Boomtown this afternoon. The place has grown a bit in the last few months since you were here last. Several new buildings have skeletons up, and there are more folks walking on the streets. It's a bit warmer this far south, but people still wear jackets when they're out.

There are a bunch of Libs around, Kiddo. The Pilgrims are near Sprite's, too. All under the shadow of the Junk Radio tower.

Where did you go first?


  • The bathroom. No seriously! I've been holding it in since frakking Cat, and Leah was not helping with all that kicking bullshit.

    But I get what you're saying — I'm going to see Tech, just to drop in and say hey... That Ma' and Dad are safe, and that everything is going well. He's really the only person I wanna see here other than Junker... if Junker counts as a person. I want this to be a short trip — catch up, pack up, mount up... So to speak.
  • Logitech was out and about when you checked on his office. You found him chatting with Pilgrim Borlicks by the Junk Radio tower. The other Pilgrims are nearby, on their bikes, this looks like some kind of meeting. Borlicks stands there calmly, arms at his sides, while Logitech is smiling, stroking his beard, something he does when he's thinking. Or trying to look like it.

    They both see you come up. Borlicks ducks his head in a small bow of greeting, and Logitech turns around to see you. His face splits with a grin, "Gods above and below, Kiddo! Come here!" He walks forward towards you, arms wide, scoops you into a hug. He doesn't squeeze hard, maybe he noticed your tummy.

    When he sets you down, he looks over, "You know Pilgrim Borlicks, of course..."

    "Yes, we know each other, Logitech." Borlicks answers with a nod.

    "What brought you back, pretty lady?" Logitech asks as he reaches down to touch your belly, "Do you mind? How far along are you? Need to see Kim?"
  • I giggle and skip over to him, wrapping my arms around his soft body. It's a little like hugging a teddy bear, actually — Tech gives good hugs — even subdued, I missed this. "Mmmmm," I coo, as he squeezes me before putting me down. I courteously nod over to Borlicks, then turn back to Tech when he hits me with the string of questions.

    I smile when he asks to touch my belly — Tech's like family, so it doesn't bother me quite so much. I grab his hand and guide it to a place where Leah's been kicking recently. "I'm about 22 weeks? A little over half way there. I came back for baby stuff actually... I found Ma' and Dad."
  • Tech's hand finds the spot, and as if on command, Leah kicks. He jerks back and laughs a belly laugh, eyes wide. Then you tell him about your Ma and Dad, and he and Borlicks both raise eyebrows. Tech says, "Hell yeah! How are they? I can tell from yer tone they're alive, of course. Are they with you? Where's everyone else? Did Rinso ever catch up to ya?"
  • Geez, it's frakking twenty questions! I try my best to nod, and shake my head appropriately as he asks. "They're both alive, though a bit shaken from everything that's happened. Ma's here with me, she's grabbing baby stuff from the old shack... Turns out we're both gunna be needing it. Rinnie found me and Vee, and we're all patching things up. Hump's with us, hopefully making up with his "forever love"... Dad's back north at the Ascendant, recovering, but I think we're gunna be moving down to Salt once the babies are born... Gramma Jemma died in the chaos up north, and Ma' needs to get out of that ship."

    I smile, hoping I answered all the questions he's asked. "It looks like you guys have been growing — you've been working hard as ever I see. How's Kodak?"
  • Tech smiles wide, impressed that you caught him up so effectively. He interjects, "Zero is pregnant? Well hot damn, that's a riot! I bet your dad is thrilled!" He puts a hand out for Leah again, grinning like a fool. "Grand and I are basically organizing things, Boomtown is on the rise. Reunion and Junk Tower gave us a kickstart, and we got a new water filtration system for the local underground lake we discovered. The Libs are running security, and Borlicks and I are talking about some work that might help us all in the long run."

    Leah kicks again, and he giggles. Big old man like him, giggling when Leah kicks him. "Oh, Kodak is fine. He'll never find a girl as good as you, and I tell him that pretty much every week, but he's young and dumb. He'll figure out what he missed out on, and settle down someday."

    He finally takes his hand off Leah, which is a kindness since she decided to do some serious kicking to show off. Borlicks asks, "Kiddo, can we help you move your baby stuff? It would be a blessing to aid two women with child."
  • I raise an eyebrow at this underground lake he mentions, and hold in a breath. I really hope that's a different lake... It looks like everyone here's still got their wits about them though, so maybe it is a different lake. I relax a little when he changes the subject onto Kodak. He's always been kinda tough on Kodak — maybe for good reason, being the trailblazing, town-builder that he is — but it's good to hear he's in good shape. "He was with Reese's girl for a while there a few months ago, Starburst — she mentions him from time to time, but she's running the North Candies out of the Ascendant now... Working hard..." Like we all do...

    I look over to Borlicks when he asks if he can help us move things, "Uh... Well, we've got Svenja here helping out — and we've only got a couple boxes, and the crib. You're welcome to come if you like, but we should be able to handle it on our own."
  • Logitech nods, "I liked Starburst, but he let her go, too. Idiot. I swear, I don't know how we frakked up raising him..." He trails off when Pilgrim Borlicks raises a hand. When you accept his help, more or less, Borlicks ducks his head in appreciation.

    Tech tags along and you all head back towards the loft. As you come up near Loots, you hear a couple yips of doggie excitement and see Junker, tail wagging as he hops down the stairs and sprints towards you.
  • I'm starting to feel bad for poor Kodak... I mean, sure he frakked up in calling me a slut 'cause I was all giggly and huggy with Ro' and Rinnie — but that doesn't mean he's an idiot... Just a bit of a prick sometimes. He's decent when he's not goaded on. He just needs someone that worships him, I think... In a healthy way. Someone who doesn't mind playing second fiddle.

    Well... Anyway. I walk with both of them back over to the loft, and keep the conversation going. "Is Kodak in town? Or is he on another run?" I would have waited for an answer if I didn't hear that familiar yip and scamper coming down the stairs. I screech in excitement, and run giggling up to Junker — being careful to make sure he doesn't pounce on my belly... He's bad for that. I give him a good rub down, and kiss the top of his head a few times. "Who's my good boy!?!? You old dog! Oh, mommy missed you so much!" I pat Junker heartily on the chest, and look back up to Tech and Borlicks, waiting for Tech to answer.
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    Logitech chuckles as you dote on Junker. Junker pants and whines with excitement when you rub his belly and he groans with pleasure when you scratch behind his neck. Even Borlicks huffs a single laugh.

    After Junker calms down a little, Tech answers, "He's out on a run to Bubble City, should be back tomorrow. Why do you ask?"

    Borlicks, who had sent the other Pilgrims ahead, gets to organizing the work of loading your truck. It's funny, because your Ma is actually letting him touch her stuff. She must really be hurting to do that. Or maybe, it's something else?
  • I shrug at Tech's question, and smile, "just wondering. I promised Star I'd let him know what was up, and I can't do that if he isn't here, can I?"

    I don't know much about Ma' and Dad's relationship with Borlicks — other than Dad and him used to be close... Like, involved in the temples close... I guess Ma' trusts him for whatever reason. I'll have to ask her about that...
  • Tech smiles, "Star asked after him? Well, maybe he didn't frak that one up. An old man can hope." He walks with you over to the truck, asking, "When are you all leaving? I gotta feed you at Sprite's tonight, right? Don't deny me that."

    He calls out to your Ma, "Zero!" Then he walks up to hug her, and rub her belly, too.
  • A chance to eat Butter's food? Uh, hell yes?

    Mmmmmm... Butter...

    I nod enthusiastically, "We'll be in for the night. Maybe two, just to catch a breather." I watch him walk off to talk to Ma'... It's been a year since he's seen her and Dad, so I'm tempted to leave them some privacy — but Ma's still a little sensitive, I think, so I kinda hover nearby patting Junker, and watching the Pilgrims load up our truck.
  • Seems like your Ma is happy to see Tech, returning his hug with a smile, holding his hand when he touches her belly. Junker nuzzles against you, his tail wagging a mile a minute.

    Brillo comes out, slipping past the Pilgrims to come see you. He blinks his big wide eyes behind his goggles and says, "Kiddo! I am so happy you returned! I... are you moving out?" He looks back at the Pilgrims moving everything they can get into the truck.
  • I feel all warm inside when Ma' seems happy to see Tech. I guess I can give them a minute...

    A smile cracks my face when Brillo comes running out — gods, who would've thought I'd be happy to see Brillo? I wave to him, resting the other hand on my belly, and nod at his question. "Yup! I'm running a few gigs up north to help the Ascendant get back on its feet, then we're moving on... Probably to Salt. You should come! We could use more competent people around!"
  • Brillo fidgets a little, waggles his head side to side thinking. "I don't know, Kiddo... I adore your company, but Caesar and I are good friends. I would not like to leave him. He's quite bright, you see. We have splendid conversations."

    Svenja and the Pilgrims are getting the stuff tied down and tarped over, the stuff's nearly packed up. Pilgrim Kia comes over, "Did you have anything else you needed packed up, Kiddo?"
  • I shake my head when Kia asks if there's anything else we need packed up. "I don't think so... Everything else is kind of last-second stuff. Sheets and the like. Really light. Thanks though, sweetie!"

    I turn back to Brillo and cock my head, "Well, Stitch is up north too... She's running the infirmary in the Ascendant, and Metro's helping rebuild our filtration system. Two smart guys like you? You could both come."
  • Let's see a Manipulation on that one, Kiddo.
  • OOC: Manipulating Brillo. Roll+Cool* (Easy to trust). +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 4. Total: 8)
  • Brillo fidgets some more, and then says, "Hurm, well. I've got some debts to settle before I could go, to be truthful. Can you assist with this tiny hold-up, Kiddo? I would happily convince my good friend to accompany you, and we would indeed be valued members on the Ascendant, a place I would enjoy learning about."
  • Brillo has debts? What the frak was he doing while I was gone? "Uh... Well, what kind of debts are they? I mean I'll gladly help any way I can, but I'm not exactly swimming in jingle right now, y'know?"
  • Brillo does his odd little shifty shoulder shrug and says, "The Delvers came back with books! Oh so many books! I couldn't... couldn't resist. They offered me credit and I'm working it off by translating some of the tablets with Cee's aid. It's an enjoyable but lengthy process."

    The Delvers are a group of folks who ride along the fall-line, where most ship crashes occur, and they dig deep for lost treasures. Their leader is Opal, with wise old Tacoma her adviser on technology. Primgi the Whip-Girl and Krug are her hitters, and the group sometimes takes on a few mercs for bigger projects.

    Which one of these folks don't like you, Kiddo, and why? Which one have you slept with, and how did that end up?
  • Oh shit... He took credit with the Delvers? For frak's sake! Does he wanna be swinging a frakking pickaxe the rest of his life? I sigh and shake my head, and nod. "Alright... Ok, we'll work something out."

    Gods damn it... Opal doesn't like me anymore, because I slept with Primgi instead of her two Reunions ago... I mean, Primgi's practically got boobs the size of my head — how could you not hit that? ... I may have been a little drunk when I turned Opal down... I said she had "teeny-titties"... It wasn't so much that she didn't get laid as the slight that pissed her off.

    Damn temptress and her huge boobs... This isn't gunna be fun...
  • Brillo ducks his head and grins a little thankful grin, "Thank you, Kiddo. I will speak with Caesar shortly. What will... what will you do with the loft?" He's referring to your Boomtown home, since you're moving so much stuff out of it.
  • Uh... I hadn't even really considered that. It's just as much Ma' and Dad's as it is mine. "I guess I could see if Tech wants it for renting out... Our new place is kinda expensive." I walk over to Ma', and candidly asks, "What should we do with this place? I mean... We're basically moving out, right?"
  • Your Ma looks over, not upset at the interruption. She was about to head over to Loots with Tech anyways. "Yeah, we are. You got ideas, Kiddo?"

    Logitech's eyes dance with possibilities, he'll take you up on that rental offer, you're pretty sure.
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    I shrug and turn to Tech, "I know for a fact you can fit a family of four in there, and you know we've lived with more. The place is easily worth two jingle a month... Split it half way?"
  • Tech smirks, "Two jingle? Pfft, well, before we got a bit of a housing crunch, I'd have to laugh, but yeah, I can probably get that now. Sounds like you're a real dealmaker now, Kiddo."

    "Damn straight she is," Zero says with a a squint in her eyes. "And you better keep the jingle flowing, Tech. Or we'll bring. The hammer. Down." She laughs, like it's a joke. Mostly.

    Tech knows her well enough, he chuckles, "We can work out details on payment later, Kiddo."

    Do you head into Loots with them? They're just taking a moment to sit down before heading on to Sprites.
  • Yeah, I guess I can head on to Loot's for a bit... Give the place another look over before heading out. You'd think I'd get tired of sitting; but frankly, the thought of running around and settling this debt for Brillo is tiring me out already.
  • The sit down at Loots passes quickly. Logitech catches up with you and your Ma, Loot comes from around the bar to chat for a bit with you. She doesn't even complain that Junker is in here. Svenja comes in for a few beers, sits by herself at the bar for a bit. Do you drink any of the water, Kiddo?

    As the sun starts to set, Tech suggests you all head over to Sprites for some supper, his treat.
  • I don't have much of a choice, do I? I can't frakking well be here for two days and not drink... I can barely go an afternoon without pissing the equivalent of the northern bay, and I get woozy if I skip nap times, let alone drinking water... I guess I just... I dunno... I don't trust it, y'know?

    ... I gave Ma' a weird look, like I don't trust the water, and I've been eyeing my full glass out of the corner of my eye for a while now. I can't help but feel like these lakes are a bad idea...
  • OOC: Opening Brain about the water. Roll+Sharp* (Weather Eye from last advance). +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 3, 3. Total: 9)
  • Spending the bond with Zero to make that a 10.
  • The water is clean and pure. The Colony is not attached to this part of the underground lake system, hasn't been for many years. If they are driven away from the north, it is possible they could seek this out, but it is not a threat to the lake.

    Of course, if Boomtown keeps growing, and keeps using more and more water...
  • I hesitantly take the glass, and resolve myself to drink it... I need to drink it.

    After a sip, and realizing I don't have the sudden urge to kill anyone who won't drink this water with me, I relax a bit. Gods... This is ridiculous. I can't go places without frakking questioning whether or not the water is tainted anymore. And what if Boomtown does grow? They might get tainted water too — and Boomtown's a frakking trade center. Everyone would get hit.

    On the way over to Sprite's I pull Logitech aside, and whisper, "Tech... The Ascendant was hit by these people a few weeks ago... They lived by an underground lake, and when you drank the water it would make you crazy. I don't think the water you have is tainted... but if you have to start digging for more as Boomtown grows, it's possible you might find some that is."
  • Logitech frowns, "Well, drek, darlin. I don't know if we can stop growing if we want to, ya know? We have a solid filtration system, maybe your folk can come down, help us tweak it?"
  • Would that work? Could they handle that kinda volume? ... That may be the only option they have, really. "I'm not saying you can't grow — I'm just saying you've gotta be smart about it is all... I might be able to get someone down here to take a look, but I don't know when that'll be... He's kinda tied to Stitch at the moment."
  • Logitech chuckles, "Metro? Yeah, he'd be good. Tell em both to come down." He pats your back gently, "You're all welcome. Boomtown is as much your home as any place, Kiddo."

    Sprites is right in front of you now. Zero, Svenja, and Borlicks and a few others are heading inside to get a table.
  • I smile and giggle cheerily, "Thanks Tech. You know I missed you guys up north... I just worry is all." I follow Ma' and the gang into Sprite's... I know I'm trying to stay good with eating and all that, but I don't think Leah's going to let me be good tonight... Not after she tastes Butter's food.

    Good gods that woman can cook... It's not fair, I tell you — being down here alone, in the presence of sexy, sexy Butter, eating her awsome food... I miss Vee... Rinso too, of course, but Vee's cooking is getting really good.
  • Butter Nut had heard you were in, and that you were leaving. She threw together fourteen different dishes, all smaller ones, then put them out for everyone to try and share. It was a wondrous social experiment, and 'Tech insisted she sit down and eat with you all, which she did.

    The meal was incredible, as you expected. What was your favorite dish? Anything that Leah decided you couldn't have any more that surprised you?

    You ended up back at your flat on the couch and bed that won't fit on the truck with full bellies, and probably getting to sleep soon. Anything more to do tonight with Tech, Butter Nut or the Pilgrims?
  • "Never let me eat that much again," is the battle cry tonight. Gods — I feel like a beach ball filled with water and blocks of cement. "UUuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhgggg, why did I eat that fourth piece of champagne cake?"

    ... Oh yeah, because it looked like this:

    You could eat the gold! And there was no alcohol in it! I had to ask Butter five times to make sure she was positive. It tasted like heaven! I think Leah's going to have a sweet tooth... She also made me look like an ass when I took a huge bite of a duck slider and immediately gave me indigestion.

    I mean, look at how delicious this looks!

    I consider that proof positive that daughters hate their mothers...

    "Ma'," I labor to call from the bed, "I can't get up... Tell Butter Nut I loved her... She killed me, but I loved her... And tell Vee I'm sorry I couldn't ravish her one last time... She was my dying thought... And give Rinso my panties... He can't really use 'em, but ... well ... Whatever..."
  • Zero is on a couch when she calls back, "I love you, Kiddo. But I am not delivering your panties to Rinso." She's pretty happy-full herself. "You'll have to find a way to get them to him yourself."

    Svenja says from her bedroll, "You girls are a fuckin trip. This has been pretty damn fun. And it was all worth it for that food. I've never had nothing like that before."
  • Damn. There goes my master frakking plan. I struggle to lift my head up and glower at Ma' from the bed, but I'm greeted only by the sight of my belly.

    Frakking drat! She's already siding with Gramma.

    My head falls down to the mattress with a loud thump, and I wave a hand in the air dismissively. "You're lucky Leah loves you Ma', or I would give you such a staring at. That, and Butter's food killed me."

    My mind wanders back to the chat Butter and I had about Vee tending bar, and cooking in her spare time. I smile, and drool a little. "Mmmmmmm... Butter.... Hey Svenja – didn't they make food like that all the time back on..." I pause, wondering if she's told Ma', or anyone else that she's space-folk, "wherever the frak you're from?"
  • "I hail from the slums of Mars, the shittiest hole in the solar system." Svenja says. "Middle kid of seven, raised in the projects, ignored by everyone, and never had a real cooked meal until I got my first furlough and bought it my damn self. It was at the Morton's on Io."

    Your Ma probably doesn't know. Svenja doesn't seem to care. "I thought I'd buy a mess of the shit I seen on the feed, you know? A big porterhouse steak, soaked in butter before they grill it up. Lobster tails from Maine, on Earth, still fresh because they ship it live on the speed rails. And a Russian baked potato, grown on the Agri-station in geonsync orbit. And it was so fucking good... I creamed my jeans. I shit you not."

    She lies there for a bit. At least, she's quiet. You imagine she's not moving. "This shit tonight. Better."

    "Truth," your mother says in agreement.
  • I raise a fist in solidarity, and unexpectedly burp... Frakking indigestion.

    I wait a minute before asking, "you miss it back there?"
  • Svenja hisses a laugh at the burp.

    She answers after a bit, her tone flat, maybe sad, "I miss my unit. I miss three square and some creds in my pocket. I miss regular showers. I miss the Simpsons, that shit was a riot. I miss Jamal Jackson. A lot."
  • I have no idea what most of that means, but it must all be pretty awesome... I quirk a frown, and follow up with, "the girls treating you right sweetie? The showers are less regular, but at least they're entertaining, right?"
  • Svenja snorts, "Yeah, they're fine. Bitches keep trying to sneak a look or "get in" with me and shit. Zag's always like, "Oh baby, I didn't know you were in here" and shit." She sits up, "And you know what's funny? Zat e'erbody wants to fuck a Candy. Until they get a chance to, you know, actually fuck one. Then they got shit to do, an places to be. Like I'm some mother-fuckin black widow and shit. Like I'll go all praying mantis and eat their heads off. Fuck! I aint had no action in too damn long. Its no wonder the straight Candies ride bikes, only thing that don't run when its between our thighs."

    Your Ma chuckles, "Heh, that's a good one. I hadn't heard that one."
  • I smirk. Those engines are frakking awesome. "Ma' landed Dad... Why don't you ask her how to get laid? He even got an honorary Candy name!"
  • Svenja stands up now, groaning a little when she does."Yeah, your dad is one of a kind, Kiddo. I mean, don't get fucking mushy or shit, but we all know he's special." She's a hand talker, you know of course, just walking and talking.

    "He wasn't always the sexy beast he is now." Zero says sagely. "I had to train him."

    "Fine, alright, whatever." Svenja says exasperatedly. "Will you please teach me how to get laid, Zero?"

    Your Ma makes a Hrmmm sound, like she's thinking about it, then laughs, "Of course I'll teach you some secrets, Venger. I think you're a pretty girl. You just scare guys off."

    "Wait, hold up." Svenja says with a little irritation. "Mother fuckin Whopper runs around with a sword and axe and her shitass bouffant whatever all crazy eyed and that bitch got game, but I'M scary? Bitch, please!"
  • I giggle and rush to put a hand to my mouth when I feel another burp coming on... I manage to muffle it a bit, "Svenja, sweetie, do you really wanna scare the frak out of men into frakking you? ... She means you're a strong woman, and that intimidates men."

    I pause a second, thinking about what Ma' said... now I'm curious. "You had to train Dad? Like how?"
  • Svenja walks over to where you can see her. She's looking at you, too. "Hell no I don't wanna scare guys into gettin with me. But shit, Kiddo. I'm a fuckin Candy Bar. Which is kinda stupid, since I don't even HAVE a fucking Candy Bar name."

    "Sky Bar. Or just Sky." Zero offers.
  • I raise an eyebrow in contemplation, even though neither of them can really see it. "I like it. It has a nice ring to it, y'know?"

    I roll over into my side, and massage my belly to join the conversation, but I'm more interested in this "training" Ma' had to do to Dad. "Ruthie told me how you and Dad met, Ma' – she said you used to brag about him every chance you got. What "training" are you talking about? Was he not potty trained or something?"
  • For once, Svenja grows quiet, reflective. You can see it in her eyes, her own candy bar name. She's tempted. But you've seen the sly smile when folks call her Venger, too. She likes that, even if it isn't a candy bar name.

    Your Ma answers, "It took a while for him to warm to me, that's all. I had to train him to love me when I was ready for it, and let me go when I needed to ride. Tried to train him to frak whoever he wanted, since I was away so much, but he wouldn't."
  • I realize suddenly I'm talking about Dad like he's a dog, and it makes me a little uncomfortable... Dad loves Ma' all the time — not just when she's asking for it — it's just that he knows she needs her space, and he always loved the way she was when she came back from a ride. "Dad said he didn't wanna frak anyone else after you, 'cause it wouldn't be the same — he told me he just never wanted to, like nobody ever appealed to him after you, and that waiting was better than just hooking up with some random person."

    If you asked me two seasons ago what I thought of that, I'd have said my Dad was nuts. I know I'm with two people now, but I can kinda see how Dad felt... I just don't want sex as much as I used to now that I've got Leah on my mind, and when I do want sex, it just doesn't mean as much as it does with Rinnie and Vee. "But what do I know?"

    I look over to Svenja who's in her own little world, and consider telling her to find a strong man who loves independent women – but uh... I kinda stole one from her... "You ever considered talking to Proper and his boys? They're really good at their trade, y'know? Vee and me even paid for a night with one of 'em. In the short term, it ain't half bad... Most of 'em are sterile too..."
  • Your Ma answers, "No, you're right, I know, Kiddo. An' after a while, I stopped sleeping around, too. Nobody was like Ollie. I mean, later there was Ruth, but she's different, ya know."

    Svenja listens to your advice, "Payin for sex? Shiiiiiit. I'm a girl! Mother fuckin girls don't have to pay for sex back home, an I aint startin now! I mean, sure, that Velvet is one sexy mother fucker, but still. Who's got the creds for that?" She walks over to you on the bed there, drops down to eye level. She looks all serious all the sudden, "Listen, I appreciate the advice and all, really. I'll work it out. You know... I figured you'd always be a bitch to me, after the thing with Rinso. I didn't realize I was, you know, fucking up whatever you guys had goin. I don't think I ever apologized neither. So, yeah... sorry about that. I'm glad you two are good together. He's a big dumb son of a bitch, but he's pretty sweet, too."
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    Ruthie was different... I hum, and nod along in agreement.

    I blush and smile as Svenja apologizes and complements Rinso, in her own cranky little way. "No, it isn't your fault... He can be dumb some times, but I was being stupid too. We didn't have anything going when you showed up — Rinso just wished we did, and I was too stubborn to give it a shot... If anything, I should be thanking you for bringing all that to a head. I probably never would have promised to give him a shot if you didn't make it obvious he needed some loving."

    I chuckle, "and don't go dissing Proper's guys like that just 'cause you have to pay — you don't need a man to get off, sweetie, but dropping a little jingle to get the best of the best? Totally worth it. You gotta treat yourself sometimes, y'know? And for everything else, there are remote controlled vibrating thingies!" I pull a remote out of my ill-fitting pants pocket, raise it indignantly into the air, and hold a button on it for a second. The little pink thing in my jacket jumps to life, and dutifully buzzes from across the room.

    It's frakking magic!

    I hold another button and the buzzing stops. I grin up at Svenja, "but you're right — you'll work something out eventually. Frak knows there are enough horny men out there in the world. You'll score a good one eventually."
  • Svenja's eyes bug, "Holy shit! You found a fuckin vibe! Dayum! I swear, Kiddo, you are fucking lucky as all hell." You can see how much she wants it, the vibrator.

    Zero calls out, "Bitches! Sleep! We say goodbyes and ride out tomorrow!"

    What do you do?
  • I toss her the remote. "I'm good without it. Vee's really good with her tongue." I wave a hand dismissively at Ma's order, and reach for one of the pillows Vee was using to use as a body pillow. "I've gotta send a message to the Candies tomorrow, Ma' — can we do that first?"
  • Svenja grins, and doesn't ask twice, that thing is in her pocket, and she's going back to her bedroll.

    "Yeah, they're scattered, though." She replies. Then, with some curiosity in her voice, "A couple are only a few hours ride, we could save some jingle goin to see 'em. Like Kitty. What're you gonna tell 'em?"
  • I shrug, "Sure — I'm sure they'd be pissed if you didn't ride out to see 'em being this close. I wanna blow something up, and I need some bitches I can trust."
  • "The frakkin Water Cult?" your Ma asks, but it sounds more like a confirmation. "Start with Kitty, she'll be up for it. She can come see her girls up there. Sounds like a plan."

    You both chat about it briefly, then lights out and the simple quiet of Boomtown is all that you hear.

    Until, just barely audible, you hear a tiny buzzing sound in the dark.

    --END SCENE--
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