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Where is it that you met up with Kodak after he returned from Bubble City?

Who is with you?


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    I'm alone out by the old water-tower when Kodak came looking for me. Ma' needed a little bit of time in town for something or other, and asked Svenja to join her, so I opted to visit some places from my childhood. I taught myself the guitar, got my first kiss, and had my first "date" up here — watching the sunset. Tech used to come by just after dark and tell us to "Git off! That rickety old thing might fall apart!"

    I don't think he really cared so much about the water-tower — he always said it with a smile on his face. Sometimes Dad would be with him, smirking like the goof he is. Gods, I wondered where Hump got it from... He's really Dad's son. I know I'm gunna be visiting this place from time to time; but now that we've sold the loft, I feel like I'm leaving for good.

    I'm sitting cross legged up on top of it, looking out over the expanse of the flats in my new dress, when Kodak comes walking up. "Hey Kodie," I call, "long time no see."
  • Kodak looks up when you call out to him. He stops, crosses his arms and chuckles, "Hey Kiddo. Yeah, its been a while." He peers up at you for a moment, then says, "You know... that rickety thing might fall apart on you."
  • I squint at him dubiously, with a mischievous grin, and answer, "is that a crack about my weight? I'll have you know this thing hasn't made a peep since I climbed up here!" I pat the roof of the water-tower demonstratively — my eyes widening in surprise at the wobbly creaking of the particular plank I just slapped — I giggle nervously, and smile down at Kodak.

    ... Ok, maybe I'll just get down then ...

    I shuffle over to the ladder, and climb down to join Kodak. The whole thing is an exercise in awkwardness. I find myself trying to keep my dress under control as I throw my leg over the side to the ladder — not that I'm worried about flashing Kodak or anything, I'm still wearing leggings.

    I spin around once my feet touch dirt — I'm feeling a little flush, so I giggle to compensate. "How was Bubble City?"
  • Kodak was awkward, too. He saw you starting to come down, moved over, then almost helped you, but thought better of it about three times. When you spin to face him, he was still making his fourth decision. He moves back a step, "It was good, pretty good. Now that we aren't fighting with Tradertown goods, we're making some good deals. I picked up some new trinkets, too." He adds the last with a grin. What does he collect, Kiddo?
  • Kodak collects fly ties. Tech used to bring him fishing in the deltas south of Walmart, so he's got a lot of good memories about that from growing up. He used to make them himself, but he doesn't have much time anymore — since he's always on the road. "Any pretty ones?" I coo, nudging him with my shoulder to help lighten him up, "C'mon, walk with me."
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    The bump loosens him up, since it tells him this isn't a bitch session. He walks alongside you, looking down, actually looking at your eyes. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out these three:

    "I think they're pretty great, like little aliens." He grins again while walking with you. "So... what's up?"
  • Those really are pretty! I eye them a couple of times, impressed at their craftsmanship, and shrug when he asks what's up. "I found Ma' and Dad up north... Lost Gramma Jemma in the process... Star and me have been working to help the hold up there get back on their feet, and I think we're gunna be sticking around there for a while..." I'm trying not to mention Leah... I don't know if he's uncomfortable or not, but I don't mean to make him uncomfortable — and I don't want him to feel like I'm rubbing this in his face.

    After a moment, I add, "Star still talks about you..."
  • "I'm glad you found them, Kiddo. Real glad. I like your dad." Kodak says. Then he adds, "Your Ma still scares me a bit, though... sorry about Gramma Jemma." He seems genuine, if a bit reserved about you and your family. You two did spend a lot of time together when you were younger.

    "Star? Well, that's good, I guess," he remarks when you tell him about her still talking about him. "Good I left a good impression on somebody, right?"
  • That's kinda ironic... I'd say all the shit we've been through has left a huge impression on me, but whatever. I smile kindly, and nod. "She's running the northern Candies now... Pours herself into her work... If you find yourself up that way, I'm sure she'd be happy to see you."
  • He walks with you for a bit, not commenting on that. He did give a nod of acknowledgement when you told him about Star. He's leading you on a bit of a walk around the outskirts of town. You see the frame in the first where homes will be built soon. Also, you see a couple bubble homes, brand new ones, maybe they have people living there already.

    "I haven't really been able to make anything work with anyone, you know. Girls, I mean," he says finally.
  • I purse my lip and wiggle my head around; like, I'm not denying that, but not acknowledging it either. The sight of Bubble homes in Boomtown catches my attention... I wonder if they've got investors from Bubble City.

    Anyway, I turn to Kodak and adjust the collar on his coat, brushing some dirt off his shoulders. "Sweetie... I dunno how you've been with girls recently. We have our history, and all that, but I've kinda been a bitch to you lately... And I'm sorry for that." I smooth out the lapels on his jacket, and look him in the eyes, "what is it you want from a girl?"
  • He clenches his jaw a few times when you smooth out his lapels, doesn't meet your gaze. "Somebody I can trust. A girl who won't break my heart. Stuff like that." He's still not making eye contact. His tone isn't an attack, more like he's opening up, a little.
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    I slump my shoulders, and sigh — not in pity or frustration, just ... well ok, maybe a little of those things... That was probably a jab at me. I do feel for the guy though — I did frak Jack at the first hiccup in our relationship. "That's a pretty low bar, Kodie... What do you really want from a girl? Someone who rides with you in caravans? Someone who looks after a home somewhere? Someone smart? Someone independent? Someone who stays glued to you all the time?"

    I smile, "you deserve to find someone that makes you happy, Kodie — but whatever it is you wanna end up doing in life, you gotta find someone who wants to do that too. You gotta find yourself a partner, and you gotta put some faith in her."
  • He nods, "Yeah. I'll figure it out. Don't worry about it, Kiddo." He gently takes your hands off his lapels, and for a moment, just a moment, he's holding them. His hands are warm, just like you remember. He looks in your eyes and there's a breath that stretches on for a long time.

    Kodak lets go of your hands, "You're heading up north for good then?" He looks away, starts walking again, slow so you walk with him.
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    Ok... I've got a weird feeling in my stomach that isn't Leah related... I'd imagine the blank stare I'm giving him probably looks stupid as frak. I fall back into the moment when I feel Leah kick. "Yeah," I mutter, "pretty much... Y'know, Vee and me will be around ... We're running gigs all over the place..."

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    Q1. How does Kodak feel about me?
  • "That's good. I know Dad will miss you. Butter, too," he replies, dropping into that casual, comfortable conversational tone.

    Kodak is still in love with you. He's never stopped loving you, Kiddo. He didn't trust you at first, but then you went and slept with Jack to prove him right, and that ruined him. He's never built back the self-confidence he lost when you did that.

    So yeah, he loves you. And in a way, he resents you, too.
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    What?!?! Frak... Frak! Son of a bitch... I told him my flirting with Ro didn't mean anything! It didn't! We're just really close like that! I'm close with a lot of people I've never slept with! He just kept insisting I wasn't trustworthy! I never would have slept with Jack if he hadn't frakking pushed me like that!

    I bite my lip nervously, and slowly follow along beside him. Butter and Tech will miss me. Great. I knew that, 'cause they frakking told me themselves. If you frakking love me so much, why don't you frakking tell me that yourself, huh? Why didn't you tell me how I could earn that trust?

    I don't give a frak to fix that relationship now — but back before you called me a slut? I'd have tried!

    I look to him with a very serious look. I'm not playing around here. "What about you?"

    Q2. How can I fix the damage I've done to him?
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    He looks away, off to the flats, stuffs his hands in his pockets. "Well, Kiddo. I'd say I'd miss ya, but hell, I may end up seeing you on the road more than I have the past few Junkfalls."

    You can't.

    What was done cannot be undone. Only he can work his way out of this hole. No woman can make him decide to trust others. If he had a true and wonderful lover right this very minute, he would end up pushing them away because he'd suspect every single thing they did. Just like he did you.

    Your best course is to give him space, let him work through this.
  • I can't? Kodak is still in love with me, and I can't fix him? He's just gotta start magically trusting women he doesn't love? Or maybe he's gotta fall in love with them, and then start trusting them? Or maybe he'll never trust them? Just constantly push them away until he magically realizes he's hurting himself, and the women he loves?

    The man is frakked. I do not have that patience, and any woman who does clearly does not respect herself.

    I swallow hard, and cross my arms firmly. Gods damn it... I feel horrible. "Not for a while," I mutter, half under my breath, half laughing to myself. I rub my belly reflexively, and take a few steps. Gods... Can you imagine if Leah was Kodak's? Even if I hadn't up and left him, then slept with Jack, he never would have believed it was his. This would have been a frakking nightmare. I never would have developed the relationship I did with Vee, and I may actually have had to raise this kid alone...

    Thank the gods for Rinso and Vee... Gods I miss them so much. Why the frak am I sitting here thinking about Kodak? They've been so good to me... Kodak needs to be more like that. "I mean... Maybe after the baby comes, yeah. Probably. I move around a bit too much..."
  • You walk again for a bit, drifting in and out of conversations with Kodak. He keeps you at arm's distance, but is still cordial. This conversation seems to have helped his mood, if only a little.

    Eventually, you're at Sprites, coming from behind it. Delicious smells waft out of the kitchen and fill you with hunger, probably Leah's. Kodak asks, "You want to get a bite?"
  • "Good gods yes," I huff ravenously, "I could eat a whole plaguedog."
  • Kodak chuckles at your reaction and heads into Sprites with you. The conversation is light, dancing on old times and talking shop about life on the road and making deals. Kodak shares some tips on working in Bubble City and even gives you a few contacts in Tradertown.

    The dinner rush winds down and you're still chatting. The silences stretch on a bit, and the conversation feels like it could die out at any moment. Then, Butter Nut comes out to sit with you both for a bit.

    What did you end up talking about? Who joins you before you all call it a night?
  • We talked about everything. I caught up on how he got the water filter for Boomtown — with Jack's help — and how they're looking for a town sheriff, and how the Libs have been stepping up to keep things safe here. I told him how these frakked up water cultists blew up our water filter, and how some of them apparently think I'm some sort of savior. Then I told him about finding Ma', and what happened with Dad, and how Stitch cured his cancer, then about the party we threw when he left the infirmary...

    Butter nut came out right around that time. I think she's got a sixth sense when it comes to folks talking about Dad... She's always underfoot. Twix was here with a guy named Cineplex, which threw me for a loop. Did you know she split up with Majesta? Scandal! I was kinda hoping Ma' and Svenja would walk in — but they never showed up. I guess they were off doing Candy stuff or something... Maybe Ma' was helping her pick up.

    Anyway, I'm wrapping up with, "so with Gramma Jemma's memorial up by the Ascendant, that leaves her shack in Salt open. It sounds like Ma' and Dad are going to move out there once Ma' has her baby..." I look to Butter, "you should totally come Visit. Dad can't really sing much above a whisper at the moment, but I know seeing his old friends would make him so happy..."
  • Butter Nut lights up, "Oh, I have to go! I would love to see your dad, Kiddo. An Humphrey, too. I'm gonna miss you guys. You're the best folks from the Valley. We had some good times, you know?" She pats your hand.
  • I may have shivered a little bit when Butter Nut pats my hand. Her palms are soft like olive oil. "Well, come with us! I'm sure there are a bunch of merchants in the bay that would kill for business with Kodak. You've worked every day I've ever known you, Butter! Hop in a truck! You're like family to us!"
  • Butter Nut gives you a little grin, "Kiddo, I can't just go. I've got too much going on here right now. I'd love to go, really. If I would ever just up and go, it would be with you and yours." She reaches out both hands and puts them on yours gently.

    Her tone grows serious, "I promise that once you and Zero's babies are born and you're all set up in Salt, I'll take off a few weeks and make Cheetos ride me up to see you. For a nice long visit. I'll cook and everything! Will Vee be there?"
  • Damn... I guess asking her to up and leave everything twice in her life probably is a bit much. I smile and nod when she agrees to come visit us up in Salt, "Of course Vee will be there!" ... I hope Vee will be there... I guess I didn't exactly ask her if we could move out to Salt with Ma' and Dad. At the very least we can take a few weeks to be with the family once the babies are born. "Vee's my honeybee! The only reason I didn't bring her along this time is 'cause I didn't think I'd be away very long — but once Leah's born? Forget about it!"
  • Butter Nut beams, squeezes your hands, "I'm so glad you've found someone to make you happy, Kiddo!" Kodak shifts a bit, looking away. You get a feeling Butter just did that on purpose, but her tone is so sweet.
  • Uh... Okay... I may feel bad about messing with Kodak, but I'm not going to apologize for who I love – that he is going to have to sort out on his own. That doesn't mean I'm going to rub it in his face, but I won't hide it either.

    I smile back to Butter, my eyes narrowed in bemused suspicion, "anyone special in your life Butter?"
  • "Oh, Kiddo, you know me. Married to my work!" Butter Nut answers with a grin.

    Kodak adds with a tut tut, "She's got a bunch of Libs chasing her, Kiddo. Don't let her fool you."

    Butter giggles, "They're just after my recipes!"

    "Sure they are, Butter." Kodak says.
  • I giggle knowingly when Butter deflects Kodak's remark, and smile at her mischievously. There hasn't been a time in my entire life when Butter hasn't been chased by somebody – not always for the better – and Butter didn't play dumb about it.

    I may have been among those ranks... Briefly... But I was way out of my league at that point, and now I just girl-crush on her... 'Cause I mean, how can you not crush on a creature as beautiful as Butter Nut? It probably doesn't help that I'm madly in love with a girl who looks just like her...

    ... Awe... Now I miss Vee again...

    "Butter Nut – breaking hearts through men's stomachs for as long as I can remember," I tease, "well, you'd better come visit – a partner in tow or not."
  • Butter Nut assures you she will, then Kodak asks her about the desserts, which distract her for a bit.

    Your mother never shows, but a few locals come by, including Jonamac and McIntosh. Seems like Jon and Mac are checking in on Butter, maybe? She enjoys their attention, but plays it cool. She makes sure everyone keeps talking about you, saying their goodbyes and all that good stuff.

    The night is a proper send-off for you, Kiddo. Boomtown isn't going anywhere, and you know enough of the people here that you can come back when you like.

    --END SCENE--
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