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Hello everybody! Welcome to NG+ (New Game Plus) — a story gaming Haven for lovers of fiction! If you're new here, leave us a message to introduce yourself and how you came to be here. We're always happy to meet new people!

My name is Adam — your friendly neighborhood administrator. I own and host calypti.ca, am an avid Apocalypse Engine fan, and am tragically Canadian.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


  • Hi everyone! I'm new to this site but played forum games with Adam and Rich on another site.
    Looking forward to a new game for the first time in a while.

    I'm a computer game artist living in The San Francisco Bay area, long time tabletop and computer RPG fan, and occasional GM/MC as well.

    Sometimes referred to as octoscott. Long story.
  • Hey, all Jim here. I own/manage a comic and game store in Mamaroneck, NY just north of NYC, and I know Rich from various indie game powows, hoedowns, shindigs and clambakes.
  • I'm Russell. I'm a biologist in Maryland, and I saw Rich's invite on the G+ community and had been looking for an AW game. I've been trying to talk my face-to-face group into a *W game for ages, but this will be my first.
  • Hello! I'm Kaillan, studying my Bachelor of Computer Science in Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently on school break, abroad in the US (Philidelphia). I've played many a game of Dungeon World, and looking forward to kicking some ass in the Apocalypse!
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    I guess I should introduce myself, since I corralled you guys here.

    Hi! I'm Rich.
    I'm a 43 year old husband and father of a nine year old son. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, (US). I work for a retirement services company as a workforce analyst. I jog often for physical and mental health fitness. I play and run numerous play-by-post RPGs and also play tabletop RPGs over Google Hangouts (video teleconference).

    I'm the host and editor of the Canon Puncture Show podcast about RPGs (that was once nominated for a Diana Jones Award) as well as the Splat World and This Imaginary Life YouTube shows. I also moderate a monthly panel show for Indie+ where I bring on people in the RPG hobby and make them say cool stuff.

    Outside of tabletop RPGs, I really love baseball, I like some video games, listening to podcasts and for some odd reason, watching YouTube video game walkthroughs for games I'd probably never play. I like TV shows like Farscape, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Almost Human and, I don't know why, Gossip Girl. I'm a trained actor and love playing RPGs as an expression of that joy.

    Evidently, I also like talking about myself.
  • Hello, I'm Mischa. I keep the computers from exploding at a tutition-free high school arts conservatory. I have a 1-year-old and a nearly 4-year-old, and my roleplaying has been few and far between.

    I've only played one face-to-face game of AW a few years back, but I've played tons of RPGs and boardgames. I've never played-by-forum.
  • Hi! I'm Chris. (Christopher Weeks or clweeks elsenet.) I'm here because Rich is starting a new game of AW and I wanted in and my employer's firewall doesn't know to block this place. :)

    I'll be 44 tomorrow (of the day that I'm writing). I have a son in his first year of college, a wife of almost 18 years and a 12-year-old daughter.

    I live in a small town just a little south of Minneapolis, MN, USA. I manage data and write associated software for a living. I'm at a new job that started a few days into the new year.

    I have always played games -- dumb kid games as a kid, started RPGs with D&D ca. 1980-81 which introduced me to other RPGs and the more serious board and wargame communities around me. I had pong in ~/76 and a Bally game/computing console a while after and then graduated to 8-bit Atari computer and then on to CPM/DOS and then into the modern world -- so I've had computers at home about as long as it was reasonable to do so. They were primarily game-consoles from my perspective. So, I pretty much like games of all kinds.

    I do essentially all my game talk on Story Games and G+ where I am https://plus.google.com/u/0/117184575738442924541/
  • Hiya, Chris!

    You guys don't even know how awesome Chris is. He ran one of my favorite games of Apocalypse World of all time (The Island, over PBP on Snails Pace).

    He's also a neat guy all around.
  • Hey Chris, good to see you again!
  • Hey there. I'm Paul Edson... jumped on here to play some Apocalypse World at Rich's invitation, and am looking forward to getting to know some new gamer-folk.

    I live in Old Town Alexandria (a suburb of Washington DC), game when I can, read games and read ABOUT games all the time. I'm 46, and have sung with the professional chorus of the Washington National Opera for 23 years, along with other gigs around town. Additionally, I currently do freelance web and database "stuff," mostly for nonprofits and associations.

    I read, and occasionally post, at Story Games, and read from many communities on G+, although I'm just starting to post there. I am https://plus.google.com/+PaulEdson
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    I'm Tod Foley aka "As If Productions". I'm a game designer and interactive developer who's been exploring emergent narrative systems since the 90s. I'm also the author of several RPG systems and adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises, most notably the "CyberSpace" RPG:

    Most recently I'm the author of a collab apocalypse-generation game called "Watch the World Die":
    and a lead contributor on an opensource surreal sci-fi OSR RPG project called "DayTrippers":

    I sometimes produce large-scale semi-scripted narrative experiences I call "Hypertheater" events, which are like a cross between LARPs and branching plays.

    I'm here because CROSSROADS was the best AW campaign I've ever seen and I wrote a fan email to Rich, which became a conversation. I'm always the GM/MC in my games. Looking forward to being a player!
  • Welcome aboard guys! I look forward to following Big Maul!
  • hey Tod, Adam was the super awesome MC for Crossroads. Cool, neh?
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    Indeed I was fairly certain I had entered the domain of that very same Adam.

    Hello, very same Adam! I've watched/heard every AW AP in the world, and IMNSHO the CROSSROADS campaign surpassed all competition by a large margin. Well played and well met, Sirrah.
  • Well that's pretty high praise, and it's much appreciated.

    I'm certain you guys will cook something up that will rival Crossroads — and Rich is a damn fine MC. I hope you enjoy yourself here, and stick around. We're always looking for new players!
  • Afternoon everyone, I'm Alan from Lancashire, England and I'm here thanks to an invitation from Rich to play in Big Maul.

    I run the international Blood Bowl league at http://funleague.net and fancy myself as something of a writer, although time that could be spent writing is usually spent playing board games, RPG's (Mouse Guard being a personal favourite) and painting miniatures.

    I have a lovely wife who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which takes up a portion of my time and I support my local soccer team - Wigan Athletic - the current FA Cup holders.

    I've been wanting to play Apocalypse World for a while, although I am struggling to decide which playbook to choose.
  • Welcome, Alan! I once owned an Orcland Raiders Blood Bowl team. Never got to play the game, though. My wife has fibromyalgia and has chronic back pain, so I have an inkling of where you're coming from. Strength, brother.

    I'm glad you made it. If you need help talking over playbooks, let me know.
  • Sorry I'm late getting to this. I'm Niko Bates, Nikos Carcosa, whatever. I've been a mostly quiet presence on Story Games, The Forge, and Barf Forth for a few years now. Rich posted about running an AW game, and I hopped on the chance.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Trevis Martin. I know at least a few of you already and Rich was kind enough to invite me here. I'm around all the usual forums, though I don't say a whole lot, unless it's a game. I've been in some amazing games with several of you, Rich and Adam in particular.

    I'm 41 in about a week. I have a son who is obsessed with Dr. Who and who turns 8 about a week after my birthday. I've been married to a lovely woman for almost 21 years.

    I have an MFA in painting, but my day job is as a LiDAR specialist for a national engineering firm. I teach art classes as an adjunct at a few places around the city. Usually art appreciation and drawing. Sometimes painting. I keep having this theory that I'll illustrate, particularly for rpgs.

    *world games are among my favorites. Particularly the original. I'm a pretty steady PBPer.

    I look forward to some games!
  • Welcome Trevis! Good to have you here.
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    Hi everyone,

    I thought I should get around to putting myself here. I'm Jeff from Ottawa. I've collaborated with Adam for years and also gamed with several of you on a variety of PBF forums. I greatly favor the by-post format and games using the *world-engine or similar.

    I'm 27, have completed most of a M.PL (city planning) and currently spend my 9-to-5 managing real estate projects for the Canadian foreign service. My remaining spare time is divided between banging away at my thesis, countless abandoned writing projects, drinking beer in national parks, and amateur motorsport, mainly autocross.

    My love for automobile racing is such that I have tried on several occasions to come up with a story game that captures it adequately- all to no avail.
  • Hi Jeff, nice to have you here!
  • New to the party, in anticipation of a posisble Remember Tomorrow game.

    Recognize some snails and yay folks here.

    I'm 40. Orthodox Christian. Married 22 years. Daughter in college. Son in 6th grade.
    I live in the hills of East Tennessee. My job is stupid, but it pays the bills. I work for a contractor for DOE/Office of Science.

    I like:
    • history in RPGs
    • music
    • Japaneses History
    • Cormac McCarthy novels
    • things nautical
    • and much else besides.
  • Hey All, I've joined up to play some FURIOUS AW. RAAAAARH. Ahem. I got recruited off of Google Plus.

    I'm 33, live in Lansing, Michigan with 5 other people in a sort of soft cooperative/housemate situation. No kids, beloved of other people's cats.

    I work three gigs right now, a 'student' internship with the State of Michigan's Dept. of Natural Resources (Real Estate Division), a supervisor in Access Services for the Lansing Community College Library, and Director of Customer Support for SlugFest Games. I'm a busy person but I'm very frequently online.

    I like all sorts of RPGs and enjoy PbP. I've also got 13 years experience working in comics and games retail so ah, don't start a comics conversation with me if you have something to do in the next ten minutes.
  • Welcome Jen! So glad to have you here!
  • Hey folks. Dave here. I too was recruited from G+ for the AW Fury game.

    Also 33, but in DC at moment with partner of nine-ish years. Before that, Boston. Before that, Dublin. Before that, the MA suburbs. I have a tiny angry terrier.

    Counselor/trainer/writer. I manage a sexual assault hotline as my day job and also right now am volunteering on the planning committee for a local LGBT writing conference/book fair. Into most *World things, open to other games though.
  • Welcome, Dave! Paul's in the DC area, too, small *World.
  • Hi. I'm John. I was invited here from some Hangout games and TavernKeeper PbP for the AW Fury game.

    I'm 46, married with two kids, both adopted from South Korea. I live in Southern New Hampshire with the aforementioned wife and kids, a Great Dane puppy, and three newly-disgruntled cats.

    I'm a software developer by day, and nights and weekends I work on my own software--mostly EpicTable, a virtual tabletop for RPGs.
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    Welcome, sir.
  • Hello all,

    Adam invited me after a conversation in the Story Games G+ community.

    My name is Aaron, 33yo software guy from Chicago, with a wife and a kid (2yo). I've been gaming in a variety of forms since I was 14 or so, but most of my friends and original gaming group are now scattered across the US.

    I am completely new to the concept of play-by-post and am excited by it. While I'm here really to experience how PbtA games play in this structure, I'd also love to run some games if this all works out well. I've figured out how to play Microscope pretty well in an online format, so could easily start there.

    If I wanted to get a feel for an AW game here, what's the best one to start reading?
  • Hi Aaron! Welcome aboard! One of the games here recently wrapped up, so it's possible something new will be starting up soon. I'm actually on the verge of having my first born any day now, so I can't guarantee my availability for the next couple of weeks, but I'm always vaguely around (and accessible in the event of troubles).

    As for where to start... Good question. I think Snowpoc and Junk World XIII are some of the best fiction on the site, but I'm biased because I was in both of them. Snowpoc is probably the most accessible place to start... Junk is bordering on fanfic of an older campaign.
  • Adam said:

    Junk is bordering on fanfic of an older campaign.

    ha ha, he said "bordering".
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    Welcome to the site, Aaron! I'll keep an eye out for AW PBP and let you know if one is starting.
  • Adam said:

    I'm actually on the verge of having my first born any day now, so I can't guarantee my availability for the next couple of weeks, but I'm always vaguely around (and accessible in the event of troubles).

    Congrats. Kids rule. My advice: ignore us and focus on your wife (?). :)

    Just wanted to ask: is this forum open to anything? Can I try to get a Microscope game going and see what happens?
  • That'll likely end up happening. :P

    The group here can occasionally get a little loaded down, so I don't know what people would be up for, but you're always welcome to propose a game, and I'll keep it stickied to the top for a week or so. You should be able to invite new people as well, should you find a few people interested that aren't on the site. If not, just ask and I'll get them started.
  • Remembered I had a membership here when Rich posted about it. Being an invite site, thought it best not to let it go to waste.

    37, dad, caregiver, nightshift security guard, English and Philosophy BAs, unabashed Southerner , horror freak. Originally here as Cache the Brainer in Big Maul.
  • Belated welcome Niko! Hopefully you can get some good use of the site!
  • Hi all,

    I couldn't resist... We have a new addition to the story gaming community! My son, Oliver Simon Robichaud. Please give him a few years to work out how to read, write, and play story games with his old man. :)

  • Welcome, welcome, Oliver Simon Robichaud. You have a most excellent father and I cannot wait to meet you someday.
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    Hey everyone,

    I cajoled Rich into an invite and he graciously gave me one. I'm ready to jump into a game if an opportunity presents itself.

    I'm from the SF Bay Area, 47 years young, married to a great RPer and I have a 17 yo son. I started playing RPGs forever ago. Being transported to another world has always been one of my favorite things and I'm glad I still get to pursue it to this day.

    Apocalypse World is my favorite game currently, but I'm open to other games which let the characters build a strong and engaging story.

    One of my favorite comments happened recently in an AW game, when another player mentioned that my gunlugger character was 'Just a regular person, but with lots of issues going on.' The crazy cool stuff can be awesome, but the relationships and how a person deals with the world, its people, and their own ups and downs is where I find the most enjoyment.
  • Welcome Duane! Glad to have you on board, will keep you in mind for future games. I really like your favorite moment / comment!
  • Hi Duane! Welcome to the community! I think you'll fit right in here.
  • Hi Duane! I'm in the bay area, too! Welcome to the site! Something will come up new sooner or later, hang in there!
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