[Junk XIII] Tastes Like Candies (J 8-4)

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Faille joined up with your group and has only left you a few hours a day. Sometimes, she just needs to get up to the Garden and draw. Otherwise, she's underfoot. Quiet and observant, scribbling doodles and notes in her journal, and watching. Metro sent a runner to you that he is on track. He's asked to meet with you tomorrow morning, eighth transition. The news, for all her previous reluctance, has put Parfait in a better mood.

It's just after a very fine meal. Turns out Zagnut is a damn fine cook. Evidently getting the bitch off the pipe woke her up to her dormant talents. Well, she probably got help from VB, too, but who's telling, right? As the girls are shooting the breeze, Tootsie Roll pulls out a bigass bag of glitter she scored off Trojan. The girls all start passing it around, and well, Ro aint gonna say no. Faille is here, and she looks at you, sort of asking permission.

Parfait asks quietly, "Would it hurt him?"

Starburst grins, puts her arm around Ro and says, "Hey, Jack. C'mon, man. Lighten up, let's have some fun, yeah?"

What do you do?


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    I am relieved that Metro has finally found some time for us, and truth be told I'm in relatively high spirits today — especially given Parfait's improved mood. I've tried talking with Faille a few times, just to see how she's doing and break the ice with her. Even I am reluctant to use my abilities in this place, and I am hopeful that once we can leave this place we will be able to explore her abilities a little further.

    I look skeptically at the bag of glitter Tootsie Roll just slammed down on the table, and reach into my jacket pocket to procure the rather exhaustive list Alice gave us regarding the things Parfait should avoid during her pregnancy... Glitter, as chance would have it, is not on the list — the weed, a much less known drug, is on the list along with glass and alcohol. I am quite confident this is not an oversight.

    I look to Starburst, a little confused that she wants to partake in a known psychotropic that tends people towards sexual promiscuity — with her brother no less — but that is none of my business. I turn to Parfait and whisper back, "Alice's list does not advise against it, and so long as we keep the quantities to a minimum I'm sure you would be alright." I smile mischievously and run a finger along her cheek, "why? Are you so inclined?"

    I will mention that I do not normally indulge in active psychotropics, for obvious reasons, but I will endure a small amount from time to time — especially with people I trust.
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    Parfait nods shyly, whipsering, "Barilla spoke highly of it. It sounded interesting."

    Whopper jumps up from her seat, "Ima get the dog! Be back soon, go ahead and start without me!"

    The bag gets slowly passed around, with girls joking, giggling, taking a taste, then handing it to the next girl. There are a few girls missing out, but they're down at The Bay keeping watch, so maybe they won't miss it.

    Candies who are here (in case you're keeping count): Toot, Whopper, Starburst, Chunky, Zagnut, Mirage and Payday. Payday lowers her scarf to take a hit, then leaves it down. The glitter loosens them up pretty quickly. Zagnut jumps at the chance to make out with Mirage since she can blame the glitter.

    The girls are all laughing and cutting up when Payday says, "Jack! Tell us about Oasis!"
  • Parfait has been diligent about adhering to this list, and has tolerated a great deal of stress in the name of our child. When the bag finally comes to us, I set up two doses — enough to be enjoyable without becoming uncomfortable — on each of my hands. I offer her one, and take the other with her at the same time.

    I also nod approvingly to Faille — though I did show her how much I was taking as a point of reference.

    The experience is slow to start — taking about five or so minutes to finally start taking effect — but the anticipation of the high often makes people just as giddy. I feel myself smiling more, and my body warming to a very comfortable temperature. My arm gradually finds a comfortable spot around Parfait's shoulder, and I rub it soothingly. The fabric of her loose fitting modal/cotton shirt is pleasing to the touch. The whispers in the room shift from an angered confusion to a bubbling crockpot of physical desire. I can hear them cooing as I brush Parfait's shoulder, and suggesting how sweet her scent is today... They are not wrong. It is almost refreshing to hear them speak truth so unambiguously.

    I was considering how lovely it would be to kiss Parfait right now when Payday calls my name and my focus is shot. "Hmm? Oasis? Oh! Well, there's a great deal to tell... Are you interested in the architecture? The people? The attractions? The oasis itself? My experiences there? I could speak for hours on the subject of Oasis..."
  • Payday smiles wide, which maybe you've never seen such a genuine, honest smile from her that she didn't immediately hide when she saw someone look at her. "All of it. I love your voice. It tickles my ears and makes me warm."

    Chunky slides over to Payday's side, kneeling by Payday as she continues to sit at the big table. Chunky slowly slides a finger along Paydays skin, tracing up to her neck, then gently tracing the outline of her birthmark. It's sensual and accepting and Payday only flinches for a moment.

    Toot is making a move on Starburst, by the way, obviously attracted to the head honcho. Star, who hasn't taken any of the drug, redirects Toot to Ro, saying to them both, "One time deal. Once." They nod, and slide together like magnets, lips and fingers exploring each other's faces and bodies.

    Zagnut is busy stripping away the layers of clothing from Mirage, who is submitting and only whimpering softly at the attention from an OC. It's obvious she's enjoying it, and Zagnut seems incredibly focused on seizing this moment.

    Parfait, for her part, is sliding down to the floor. She looks up at you, "Tell them stories, my husband." She starts pulling at your clothes, wanting to pleasure you as you sit there talking about Oasis.

    What do you do?
  • Did Star not take any of the drug? How odd... You would think, given her insistence, that she intended to join in. I suppose she needs to stay sober for gang business. I chuckle amused by Payday's comment — I've been complimented like that before... Who was it? ... It's on the tip of my tongue...

    Parfait speaks and it sounds like the flutter of an orchestra playing the most beautiful of chords, it consumes the entirety of my attention, and I watch her slide down between my legs. I run my fingers through her hair so I can better see her face, and nod appreciatively. With Parfait's depression consuming her energy, it has been some time since we were last together... I am "eager" for this, and I need to focus just to keep my mind on task... Oasis.

    "Well," I begin as Parfait tugs at my clothes, "Oasis is a beautiful place... I've spent many a days walking the streets, swimming in the oasis, watching sunsets, and meeting interesting people there..." So many interesting people... I talk about the way the buildings are built sandwiched between old structures to accommodate growth, and how the richness those newcomers have brought resulted in everything being so lavish. The painted row houses by the oasis, the market, the island where lovers go for privacy, the casino...

    Eventually I get into stories about how I swam out to the island once to watch the sunset, alone in perfect silence. "It is odd to think of now... I don't know that I could appreciate solitude the way I did then." I mention how I helped Rinso, Kiddo's beau, settle a long-standing debt with one of the merchants by deducing the intent of a new merchant — a lady named Nehi — and helped her become established there. I am ever so fond of that place... I will have to bring Parfait and our Son there to meet Charmin. She has been like a mother to me in so many ways...

    Mmmm... I put a hand on Parfait's, the one gripping my thigh, and squeeze it gently in encouragement. I simply do not have the mental capacity to keep talking... The voices in the room are ravenous now. Insatiable. I cannot prevent myself from stopping Parfait and pulling her up onto my lap. I must touch her... Her skin is so soft...

    I glance around the room, a nagging feeling of self-consciousness still lingering in the back of my brain... Are other people hearing these voices in the room? Surely Faille must be feeling something... How is she handling this?
  • While you're talking, Payday listens, watching you as Chunky slowly traces and kisses her birthmark with affection. Chunky's hands wander over Payday's body, never removing clothing, but caressing her in lots of places, slow, sensual touches. As words fail you, Paydays's concentration also flickers away, she begins to moan a bit louder, giving herself to the careful, adoring ministrations of Chunky. She's never unwound like this, and while Parfait's oral skills are most definitely your main focus, that moment isn't lost on you.

    When you try to pull Parfait up, she looks up from her seat on the floor and shakes her head, engulfing you instead. Humming, which is something altogether new and wondrous, where did she get that one?

    Toot is busy stripping down, pulling Ro into her flesh, enjoying the sensations of him against her. Zagnut has Mirage panting her name, whining and whimpering and writhing about on the chair.

    Faille, she's sitting, alone, in her chair, scooted back and watching. She's half-lidded, and she took the glitter you showed her, but she's not touching anyone, or being touched. She's rubbing the arms of the chair like they're really interesting, and just watching, with interest.

    What do you do?
  • I'm a little disappointed when Parfait won't come up and join me, given that I want to touch her so badly... Everyone here is so into this... Even Faille seems to be enjoying herself... I think. I can't help but empathize with her. But a few months ago, that would have been me — but sober.

    I wa-hahahwwhhhhhaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaooooowww — is this what I've been missing? Good gods. My whole body tingles. Parfait is doing this? Where did she learn that? No. Don't think about that. Think ... yes... Think about that. My mouth is moving, muttering something I'm certain is intended to be romantic... My hands wander to Parfait's hair. This is amazing. I'm powerless in her care...

    But once she's finished — it's her turn.
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    Whopper shows up, with Costco in tow, and she's already pretty loopy. As soon as the door shuts, she pushes him back onto the table, and starts pulling his clothes off. She looks at Faille and says, "Get over here! Pet my fucken dog, or else!"

    Faille blinks, then slips up out of her chair, starting to head over. She wants to head over, but perhaps she suffers the same "curse" that you do when you're intimate?

    Or maybe she should deal with her own drek, since you're about to enter super happy time.

    What do you do?
  • It is quite possible that this is about to get terribly awkward, and either Costco will be the victim of a painful injury, or he's about to start spewing personal secrets in the middle of a very, very sexual party...

    I personally hope for the spewing of secrets — it would be a shame to have Costco come to some harm in the middle of all this. I give Faille an encouraging look, perhaps the only thing I am capable of doing at the moment shy of losing myself. I am incapable of pulling myself away from Parfait. She is doing things I was not aware were possible, and every ounce of my being insists I stay put.
  • For all the glitter in her system, for all the copious examples around her, Faille is a bit timid when she moves up to the table with Costco. Even with Whopper fellating him to get him ready, Faille simply moves in to touch his face and chest. She doesn't move away when he cranes his neck to kiss her, and that seems to melt her resistance even more.

    As for ounces of your being, well you end up sharing a few of them with your wife after her efforts pay off. She giggles, proud of herself, looking up at you while cleaning you. Go ahead and fire your Sex Move, let's see what happens.

    Oh and by the way, as your vision returns, Starburst is coming over. She's got a very hungry look in her eyes, like you know what she's after.

    What do you do?
  • OOC: Let's do that sex move first... Roll+Weird. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 12)
  • There's a burning desire in my eyes as I look down at Parfait's pleased grin — I do not know where she learned these new tricks of hers, but I intend to reward her for them... At least until I spot Starburst out of the corner of my eye, with that look on her face like she's been starved... I look down to Parfait, and guide her gaze over to Star. I have waited quite some time for this moment with Parfait... There's nothing I want more than to take her into the back room and ravish her.

    It would appear I may not have that opportunity though... At least not with the privacy I had originally desired. When Parfait is done cleaning me, I try again to pull her up into my lap.
  • Parfait lets you pull her up into your arms. She is vibrant and bright, full of energy and your touch seems to thrill her to her core. "You enjoyed it?"

    Starburst is standing next to you both now, her body presses against your arm, Jack. She runs fingers of her left hand through your hair, and the fingers of her right are in Parfait's

    From the table, you hear Whopper bark, "New girl. Mustache ride, now!" Whopper is climbing up onto Costco to ride him, her skirt and top still on. He's nude and splayed out for display, while she merely moves her underwear aside and sits down on him to begin riding him like a bronco. Faille follows orders, but she's still tentative, almost... apologetic? Not that he's complaining.

    Toot is laughing with Ro, the two of them are heading back to the beds now. They're both stark naked.

    What do you do?
  • Her warmth on my lap is like the sunlight beaming down on me. I am utterly stupefied by her radiance right now. I smile back at her, and nod enthusiastically. "It was marvelous. You are marvelous." I run my fingers around her back and bring it to rest over her womb, cradling it gently as my free hand wanders up her thigh...

    In a moment of lucidity, before I lose myself in Parfait, I look up to Starburst surprised at her tenderness. Her hand in my hair feels good. My mental focus is on the rhythm I'm building with Parfait, matching the rising beat of her heart — a trick of my own I've been saving for a time such as this — but I have enough bandwidth to cock my head curiously, as if to ask, would you like something? I turn back to Parfait, to see what she thinks of our guest.
  • Starburst doesn't respond with words, she just looks down at each of you and has a gentle Mona Lisa smile. Its weird, she's calm, but it doesn't feel like she has a plan, or an agenda exactly? She just wants to be near the two of you, a stable, loving relationship.

    When you silently ask her opinion, Parfait reaches a hand up to Starburst and pulls her down for a kiss. Star doesn't fight it. Her head jerks a little, for the briefest of moments when the kiss happens and Parfait is so forward with it.

    What do you do?
  • I'm going to give Parfait the pleasure she just gave me, possibly two or three times, given her demonstrated speed with it, before I carry her back into the bedroom — I'll invite Star back into the bedroom if that's what she'd like... She's free to watch, or participate, at her leisure.

    Given that Parfait has not seized yet, I would imagine she is about to start speaking things that might be considered too private for this kind of party — but for the moment, my mind is occupied with other things.
  • Parfait scoots up onto the table, since the bulge of your baby is something you must work around. As you return the favor, Starburst gently rubs your back, touches Parfait's thigh, a quiet audience.

    Before you pull them back to the beds, Costco starts speaking between Faille's thighs, "I won't run away, ever. I want to stay here, this is heaven. I am your dog."

    After pleasuring Parfait, she follows you, giggling, taking your hand, then taking Star's and pulling her along. Parfait takes a bit of initiative and gently urges you to lie down. It seems easier for her to be on top, not due to control, just due to comfort. After a few minutes of sex in that position, she urges you up and asks you to take control as she gets down on her hands and knees on the bed.

    That's when Star, suddenly nude, moves behind you, kissing your neck and pressing herself against you. Star seems reluctant to her in your way, happy to partake as a third wheel.

    Parfait begins speaking to you while you continue to frak her, your hands on her hips, her back, all over her. She says, between panting, "Jack, I know I am sick now. I want to be good for you, for our son. In that cold place with the doctors, I saw it, my own weakness, and I felt so low. I cannot let it beat me, Jack. I need your... your help."

    She utters a string of obscenities as passion overwhelms her for a moment. She ends up laying her head to the side on a thin pillow, looking at you out of the corner of her eye, "You are my weakness, Jack. I would do all things for you. You are my strength Jack. I can do them because of you. Please... please forgive me for being sick. I want you to be happy with me. I don't want our son to be weak like me, sick like me. I want him to be beautiful and wise and strong like you."

    What do you do?
  • I am released when I hear Costco, unable to contain himself, spewing truth from between Faille's thighs. I lose myself pleasuring Parfait. She stopped me a few times to recuperate before we moved back to the beds, I smiled triumphantly each time. When she asks me to lie on the bed, I am happy to accommodate her comfort.

    It's so hard to tell if we've been at this for minutes, or hours. I can't remember when we switched positions, and I am occasionally distracted by Star's wandering hands. The whispers are a cacophony of charged encouragement, and for once we are in complete agreement. I lock eyes with Parfait in the heat of the moment as she lets her secret pains flow out of her — my triumphant smile returns. "This sickness is a demon that circles our family my love. I saw it the night we were reunited. I knew it would follow us out here on the road. It torments the beautiful woman I love."

    I lean forward, my voice suddenly filled with confidence, and whisper, "I will not have that. I chose to be with you then, and I will continue to make that choice forever. You are the only person who knows every part of me, and accepts me. You are my world. I will protect you, and our son, with my life when it comes to it." I can feel the passion building... I huff a few breaths in her ear as I near finish, "I love you."
  • Parfait shudders with her own climax, which you realize was stimulated by your words of love and devotion.

    Panting as she feels you finish inside her, she replies breathlessly, "I love you, Jack."

    --END SCENE--
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