[Junk XIII] Truly, Madly, Deeply (J 8-5)

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You've just finished with Parfait's first "session" with Metro. The man is rather alien. You got no surface thoughts off him, as if he's in perfect control, wholly focused. Parfait took a liking to him, opening up rather quickly about dark thoughts she'd scarcely shared with you. How do you feel about that? Any jealousy?Metro explained this was merely an exploration, that he woul have no treatment suggestions until your next meeting. Just talking seems to have elped Parfait a little.

You're supposed to meet with Topps and Humphrey at Chefs. One of the Candies is tagging along for some reason. Who is it and do you know why? Are you worried that Ro hsn't been around much today?

You spot the happy young couple sharing some noodle bowl and laughing. Topps waves you two over. Parfait slips a hand into yours, "Thank you for this Jack. Such wonders I could never explain to the tribe."


  • I would not describe my feelings of Parfait's openness with Metro as jealousy — perhaps concern is better. I had hoped I could be that load-bearing stone for her, be the man she could confide in, but it is clear this will take some effort. I will have to speak with Metro about how I could slip into that role when we are on the road — especially since she desires to keep travelling.

    I wasn't worried about Ro's distance until just recently... I had figured that perhaps the intimacy of the Candy party a few nights ago has sparked a need in him for some independence. Specifically when I spotted Tootsie Roll following us from not too far behind. I sense Ro on her mind — overwhelmingly so — and I suspect she's between a rather large rock named Starburst, and an exceptionally hard place named Ro.

    Parfait's hand in mine pulls me back to the moment, and I look over to her with a smile as she thanks me. "Anything and everything for you, my love! I'm glad you're enjoying our travels!" I slowly walk over to the table where Topps and the young Humphrey are seated, and join them.

    "Topps my dear," I say reaching for her hand to kiss it, "and Humphrey," I offer him my hand to shake, "Topps has said nothing but amazing things about you. It's been a long time since I've seen you last."
  • Humphrey grins, and stands up to shake your hand, "Topps said you saved her life, a couple times. And talked her into coming up here. I owe you, big time." He's got long, thin fingers, perfect for playing a guitar. His voice is smooth, quite unlike his father's, but beautiful in its own way.

    You all sit down, and VB comes by to your table, "Hey guys!" She does a double take. "Jack? Holy frak! When did you get here? Oh, Kiddo's out on a long haul, she'll be so pissed she missed you!"

    Toot grabs a stool at the bar, but she's nearby.
  • I chuckle to myself as I shake Humphrey's hand, and we sit down in unison. "I'm fairly certain Topps has that the wrong way around, and getting her up here was more your doing than mine." I smile, "I'm simply glad to be of assistance."

    I get comfortable, and am still holding Parfait's hand when VB comes over. "VB? Good gods, you look as wonderful as you ever have! We've been here a few days — we actually saw Kiddo on her way south. She seemed well! How have you been?"

    I eye Toot out of the corner of my eye... Hmm...
  • VB's eyes light up, "You saw her?!? How is she?" She's seems intent on that info before any other formalities.

    After that, she answers your inquiries about her, "I'm great, a little bored without a good place to run, but great. Thanks for saving Rinnie, Jack. He told me all about it."
  • Well that isn't exactly the response I was expecting, but I'm happy to relay that information none the less. "She was well when I saw her — if perhaps a little bit more..." I pause, and gesture in an expansive manner for effect, searching for tactful words to explain myself, "motherly than I remembered her. That was a pleasant surprise. She was ecstatic to see Ro and I. We spoke for a while, and she seemed anxious to get her work done and get home to you and Rinso."

    I know her mother was anxious to get home as well... I smile as she thanks me for saving Rinso, "think nothing of it... In an odd way, the universe has paid me back for my services that night." I look over to Parfait and smile, then shake my head as if I've just remembered something. "Oh, VB — this is my wife Parfait. Parfait, this is an old friend of mine, VB. She's Kiddo's..." I look to VB, "Girlfriend? Wife? Kiddo wasn't clear on that... She was quite clear you were together though."
  • VB answers with a snicker, "I'm her girl. Rinnie's her boy. Rinnie gets two girls and no boys. Hi Parfait, you're so pretty!" She leans down and hugs her.

    Parfait draws back a second, then she returns the hug and replies warmly, "You are also pretty. I am glad to meet you."

    Humphrey clears his throat, and VB hops up to take your order. What do you get for Parfait? What about your order?
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    "Girl" and "Boy" — it sounds so impersonal, but who am I to judge? I smile back up at her, and nod, "so you're all together then. That's wonderful!" Much of the menu here is leafy that I don't have much choice in the matter for Parfait — she prefers meat in her meals — so chicken and egg pho it is, for the both of us. I haven't had a good soup such as this in a long time.

    After she leaves I turn back to Humphrey and Topps, "so what will you two be doing now that you're together again?"
  • "I'm hoping she'll stay here..." Humphrey begins.

    Topps interrupts, "But I'm not sure. I mean, we grew up in the south. I wish we could go home." He looks at her, a little surprised at her statement. Its obvious they haven't talked this out.

    Parfait says, "As long as you're together, it will all work out." She says it simply, like it will be true.
  • Hmm... It is something of a predicament. Finding someone who wants the same things you do in life is not easy — I wandered the flats for years before happening upon the woman of my dreams by accident. It is true that with some time they will likely come to some arrangement, but coming to an understanding about how to achieve that together may be difficult.

    I smile at the young couple, and ask, "Humphrey, you're staying here for your family I take it?"
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    Humphrey nods, "Yeah. We have a place with an amazing view! And VB is learning to cook, Rinso is working at the infirmary, I'm playing a few gigs. We can have a nice life here." He's saying it as much to her as you.

    Topps isn't convinced. She gives this half smile of "yeah, that sounds nice... for you."
  • He is truly young, and it's obvious family is important to him... I would not consider the poisonous aura this place emanates conducive to a nice life, but that is his prerogative... I wonder if two screaming babies will change his mind. I smile warmly, and look to Topps, "sacrifice for a relationship, especially in the matter of where to set down roots, can be strenuous — but there's no reason that a place you might call home today will remain home forever."

    I turn back to Humphrey, "and given that your family is about to grow, do you think you'll be sharing the same place for long?"
  • Humphrey blinks a couple times, this has not even occurred to him. He recovers to say, "If I can get a steady set of shows, maybe play for Proper, I can afford a place for us both."

    "But I already have a place, Humphrey. Back at Salt." Topps says, in a compassionate tone, but sort of annoyed that he's being persistent about this. "You can come stay with me. Play at Ollie's, play for the radio."

    Parfait becomes suddenly, intensely interested, "Play for the radio?!?!"

    Topps turns with a smile, "Yeah. He could play live for the radio. He's great."

    A little confused, Parfait says uncertainly, "I thought you were... it was a joke?"
  • It may occur to you that I am a man who leaps without looking — I ask the whispers on the wind for their input on my actions, to be certain, but without really knowing what's going on I am at the mercy of my own intuition and assessment of a situation. I have not been disappointed by my choices so far — but I am blessed that I can ask the whispers for their council, and that I can hear the voice of a person's mind. Humphrey and Topps do not have that luxury.

    I look to Parfait inquisitively, "joking about what, my love?" Then to Humphrey and Topps, "it is not our place to decide these things for you, and I'm certain whatever decision you come to will be for the best — but as a man who has spent a great deal of his life alone, the only council I can offer you is this: comfort and opportunity can be found just about anywhere, but the embrace of someone you love is difficult to find. Many things in life are temporary — be sure to hold on tightly to the few things that make your life better."
  • Humphrey listens, he's interested in your advice. It's hard to tell if he really likes it here, or if he's afraid to return to Salt for some reason. Maybe a bit of both?

    Topps breaks the sudden silence by saying softly, "We'll work it out." She puts her hand over Humphrey's, and all the suddenly, it's like his troubles evaporate. Humphrey smiles, a little bashful, but definitely touched by her... well, her touch.

    VB brings everyone's food and refills glasses. What's the dinner conversation like, JAck?
  • Well, when you put it that way...

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    Dinner conversation is quite simple: I asked about what life has been like here, what Kiddo and VB and Rinso have been up to, then the topics move to our travels... Where I met Parfait... I didn't have a chance to answer before VB came over and rescued us with some more drinks.
  • Hump's sort of worried about going south with just Topps. He doesn't want to leave his dad and mom after they all just got back together.

    Topps makes some jokes about Rinso and VB going at it all the time, like allll the time, but Hump laughs it off, nervously. Like Hump doesn't exactly want to talk about his "sister" VB having sex with anyone.

    Parfait really, really likes this food. She's said so maybe six times.

    Any plans after the meal, Jack?
  • It is admirable to stay close to your family; but being the kind of person who cannot stay in a place such as this for more than a few weeks without a good reason, I am obviously skeptical of such a viewpoint... Leaving home is something of a right of passage. I can see now how Topps saw him as "young", as he is still tied to the nest — but eventually he will tire of the close quarters, and the discomfort of hearing VB sleeping with Rinso at every opportunity ...

    ... Wait, all the time? This is an interesting relationship Kiddo finds herself in. I recall the comment Zero made about Kiddo having her hands full, and not wanting to burden her. After the meal, I have two intentions: one, to speak with Tootsie Roll... I suspect she has been patiently waiting here to do just that. Two, I will speak with Butter. She never struck me as the kind of woman who was attracted to men in the past... I know I shouldn't pry, but now I feel inclined to do just that.

    I smile as Parfait compliments the food for the sixth time since she's started eating it, and offer her the remainder of my food as a reward for her appetite returning. "Enjoy it my dear, I'm going to go see what Tootsie Roll is following us around for." I turn to Topps and Humphrey, realizing I could probably help young Humphrey as well as VB... I point at him as I stand up, as though I've just remembered something, "would you mind if I come calling on you later, Humphrey? I have a proposition for you that bears privacy."
  • Humphrey nods, "Sure, Jack. We're on deck eleven." Parfait watches you leave, not concerned about it, really. Topps draws her into some conversation and you're free to head over to Toot alone.

    Toot is sitting alone at the bar, its a bit early for a drink. She's been watching you in the mirror the whole time, her back to you. But she realizes she's been caught now. She swallows back a drink and turns around in her stool. "Hey Jack! How are you doing, you sexy beast?"
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    I give Parfait a kiss on the top of her head and nod to Humphrey, as I walk past him to the bar. The thought of a Candy Bar having any subtlety just doesn't make sense, and so I'm somewhat surprised Toot thought she was being stealthy. I smile back at her, amused by her compliment — I believe she's looking to disarm me. "I bet you say that to all the sexy beasts," I joke, "I am good Tootsie Roll, thank you. Is there something I can do for you?"
  • "For me? What? I..." Toot starts off, looking around. Then, "Ro's pretty flash. How long you two rode together?"
  • I smirk and chuckle to myself — he is rather "flash", isn't he? "A few months now." I sit on the stool next to her and keep the conversation casual, "so I take it you've been thinking of him recently?"
  • Tootsie Roll shrugs that off, "What? Naw... just asking. I mean. He seems real tight with Star, and he's good to you an Parfait, just seems like a real good guy, is all."

    She waves for another drink from the bartender, "You know why Star made him off limits?"
  • "He seems real tight with Star..." — meaning his own sister? I should hope so. I smile, amused at how she tries to avoid the truth in the conversation, but doesn't skirt the conversation itself. Thankfully, I can hold her answers to a higher standard than that...

    I nod, "He is definitely good to us — a true friend. I would imagine Star made him off limits as a familial gesture... I've heard stories about the Candy Bars and their treatment of men in the past — perhaps she was trying to save him from becoming like Costco?" I look over to her and smile, "what do you think of Costco's arrangement with Whopper?"
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    Q1: What is Tootsie looking for in a man?
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    Toot sips on her drink, buying time for her answer. "It's more like Whopper's arrangement with him, you know? I don't wanna bad-mouth one of my sisters, but that's not my thing. Not at all."

    She changes the subject of that, like it's uncomfortable for her, "So, why wouldn't Star wanna share with her sisters? I mean... what if one of us could make him happy? I mean. Hrm, drek. I shouldn't be talking Candy drek to an outsider, much less a cock. Frak...."

    She wants someone who'd ride and raid with her. Somebody to tell her stories and tell stories about her. Somebody handsome and famous like she wants to be. A partner in crime. It probably isn't Ro, but she thinks he might be.
  • I order two cups of tea, and turn to Toot. I shake my head, "consider that last thought struck from the record, and between you, me, and these cups of tea, I think the idea of Ro being "shared" is the issue... Say one of you could make him happy — as a hypothetical situation — and that person were to tell Ro what she thinks. What do you think would happen? Ro lives on the road — do you think he would stop travelling? Do you think said Candy would be free to up and ride off with him?"

    I lean against the bar, and lower my voice, "consider the Candies that have come before you... I'm aware of very few Candy Bars who have taken long term partners. Kiddo's mother, Zero, being one of them. They are well known in their own rights, and being a Candy is something they're known for, but often times they're known for what they did outside the Candies..." I narrow my eyes, "does that make sense?"
  • Toot listens, frowning. She's not used to hearing folks telling her no. Even less used to listening to them. "It's a life, being a Candy."

    She switches subjects on you, "Not to sound like a bitch, but what's the deal with your girl? She's... different."
  • Did I say no? Hmm... That's not particularly what I meant. I'm about to comment again when she brings up Parfait, and I think it might be better to circle back around to Ro. I lean back instinctively when she asks about Parfait being "different" — I am not naive, I know what that word truly means. I take a deep, cleansing breath and answer, "I suppose that depends on your definition of different... Parfait and I grew up together in a village that was often plagued by a seemingly endless Wendy presence." Ha — a euphemism. "Life there was very different... She did not have the same luxuries as someone from, say Oasis, or Boomtown grew up with. She is like me — she hasn't really fit in much of anywhere her entire life. She suffers from an affliction that we've come here to treat."

    I look her in the eyes, "she's given up everything to be here with me — and she did so without reservation, or misgivings, or even being asked. She saw the life we could have together as an opportunity, and something she wanted, so she took it. Why do you ask?" I shrug indifferently at that last bit — was odd then to think at how insistent Parfait was that we be together — and yet I cannot do anything but respect her for that devotion now.
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    Toot shrugs, "Girls saw her at the infirmary, she doesn't look sick on the outside. She seems sort of far off, not like Faille. More like... horribly sad and drek. But hey, if she's all yours, that's flash, Jack. I know Star said the two of you were like a bonfire o love."
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    About that... It seems so odd that the leaders of the Candy Bars be so obsessed with love in such a way. I've always heard the Candy Bars are these incredibly sexist she-hulks of man-hatred. It seems so odd to have one of them — their leader no less — worship the love of a couple as such. Especially an openly married couple. I wonder if Starburst chose this life for herself, or if she was thrust into it...

    Forgive the parlance...

    In any case, I shrug in return to her comment, "Parfait is mind-sick, but the assistance she's receiving here is helping her cope." I smile as I look over to her, proud of her achievements with the session today. I only hope we can maintain this... At least so she can enjoy herself for a time.

    I turn back to Toot and add, "you know... Ro and I are engaged to take care of a problem that's been plaguing the Salt flats for a while now — a raider between Cat and Oasis who wears the paint of a Wendy raider ... a man named Robin. I don't suppose you'd be interested in riding with us? I would imagine Ro could use the company... And it may be easy to convince Starburst a ride-along is merited if it's express purpose is protecting her brother."
  • Toot grins wide at your idea. "That sounds frakkin great, Jack! But like, maybe you don't ask for me directly? Star's already mighty pissed that I asked about Ro, uhm... earlier. But hey, Wendy hunting sounds flash!"
  • I raise an eyebrow, "What do you mean, you asked for him earlier?" I resist the urge to correct her when she calls it "Wendy Hunting" — we are not hunters — and wait for her response.
  • Toot waves her hand, like clearing the air, "Ah, never you mind. Candy stuff. But yeah, I can talk three or four girls into riding with us without taking too many Candies away from our security work."
  • I look at her dubiously through my brow, half smirking — but I let it slide. "Toot... In the interest of full disclosure, many of my childhood friends were abducted," another euphemism, "by the Wendys, and took to the paint... Robin was one of them. I have no love for the heinous man that was once my cousin — but I am not seeking barbarism. We are above that, yes?"

    OOC: Last question, What would Toot do to Parfait and I if she found out I was the son of a Wendy, and that Parfait once wore the paint?
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    Toot quirks a brow and answers, "If you want to take him down, as in kill him, we're your girls. We can make it a quick, clean kill, no trophies." She gives you a sly look and adds, "If you've got like, family reunion drama, you might wanna look elsewhere, ya know?"

    Right here and now, she'd probably beat on Parfait to make sure she isn't a threat and leave her be. Tootsie Roll already considers her sort of pitiful, but sweet. Hard to get any glory from killing a non-combatant, even a Wendy. But you realize she's capable of accepting Parfait, if she had time, and the truth.
  • Then I suppose we will have to be particularly careful about what information is revealed to Tootsie Roll in the near future. "No drama," I answer, "not after what he's done... I would simply like to avoid becoming that which we are out to kill." I clear my throat and grab my tea, signalling for VB to come over. Before standing I turn back to Toot, "in the event Star is hesitant to have you along, please let me know — It would be a shame if our planning and efforts yielded no results."
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    Toot nods, "Sounds good, babe." She reaches down, pats your on your ass, snickers, then stands up and heads out.

    --END SCENE--
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