[Junk XIII] Knock Knock (K 8-8)

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You awake in late morning to the sound of arguing outside the shack. You need to pee. You're hungry as hell, and you slept a little funny on your side because your lower back hurts.

It's Gobstopper. She's been talking, and your sleeping brain heard it, but now she's raising her voice, which is what causing you to stir, most likely. "I don't give a good frak who you are, piss off. They aint takin visitors. Now go on over to Ollie's and when she gets up, I'll let her know you're waiting."

Then you heard a familiar woman's voice reply, hard as nails, "I'll give you ten minutes, then I'm coming back." It's Cherry.

Gobstopper doesn't come knocking, but you hear Cherry stomp off.

What do you do?


  • Why are my feet wet? ... What the fuck was that?

    Oh... Oh frak... "Junker, you bastard..." I mumble, groggily, "c'mere..." I dunno who decided that women should hurt when they have babies, but if I ever meet him, I'm gunna frak him up something fierce. Gob's voice first thing in the morning doesn't exactly help, either — but that's frakking small potatoes compared to the anxiety that rushes into me when I recognize who she's talking to.

    What the frak is she doing here? I jerk up to a sitting position (as quickly as Leah will let me), and bite at my thumbnail nervously... For at least a good two or three minutes... My mind is racing. I eye the boomstick and the pistol sitting on the nightstand next to me.

    ... I've gotta piss...

    Ok, so I'll do that, pack up my shit, take it over to Ollie's, order something to eat, and hopefully this doesn't get fucking messy... She wouldn't have asked to see me if she wanted to kill me, right? ... Or hurt Leah? So frakking help me, if that bitch pulls a gun on my baby girl I'll paint the walls with her frakking blood.

    ... Ok... Piss first, pack, then Ollie's...
  • After your daily ablutions, you head out of the shack to find Gobstopper pretty much pacing right outside. Junker lunges up to her right away, and whatever worry on her face evaporates as he slams his body sideways into her shins so she'll pet him. It seems he really likes her, too.

    Gob drops to a crouch and rubs his back and belly with her hands for a moment, then remembers she was waiting outside for a reason, "Hey Kiddo, didn't know you were up. Hey listen, you want me to grab you and your Ma some foods? You can just hang out here, relax and drek before we go." She seems a little urgent about you staying, but she is trying to play it off.

    Junker, for his part, is licking the cake make-up off her face. Evidently, he likes the taste of it. You see pock marks of old acne scars on her cheek.

    What do you do?
  • Junker, you frakking traitor.

    I watch Gob petting my frakking dog for a while, and almost don't catch her comment about relaxing here before leaving... I look her in the eyes, "I heard Cherry, Gob... If I don't see her now, she's just gunna get annoyed and come looking for me. That's something I'd like to avoid." I've basically got my shit with me, ready to go — my boomstick and pistol strapped and loaded, my pack full and slung over my shoulder...

    Gods, why did this bitch have to show up? I thought she wanted to be left alone! Why can't she just frak off?

    I whistle for Junker, "c'mon Junk, let's go get some food." I take a deep, nervous breath and work through the plan in my head: I'm not taking any frakking chances here... If she breathes funny, I'm ready to throw down.
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    Junker wines a little, reluctant to leave Gob's loving caresses, but he trots up to walk beside you. Oddly enough, Gobstopper follows, too. She keeps her distance, but whether you want it or not, it seems she's got your back.

    You push open the front door and find Cherry off to the right, sitting with her back to a wall, a perfect view of the entire cantina, including the front door. A dusky-skinned young girl is barely visible over the table, her wide eyes are just above the edge. She has beautiful curly brown hair and even from here, you see Rinso's eyes on her.

    Cherry has a bowl of porridge in front of her, eating one-handed, slowly. The other hand is under the table. She sees you, and Junker, doesn't look away. There are no smiles, no waving you over, none of that. But you know she's waiting for you. She sent for you, of course.

    What do you do?
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    Does she think I'm frakking stupid? I'm not meeting her, in front of her frakking kid, under her own frakking terms, just so she can put a gun on me and threaten me. That kid with her... The one with Rinso's eyes... Her soft gaze is a stake through my heart... I can't fucking believe that idiot slept with that bitch, and she's a frakking breeder... It can't be. What I would believe though, is that she probably gave that poor kid a frakking gun.

    Her and Fox... I dunno what the frak they did, but they both lost their frakking minds.

    So no – I'm not going over there. I walk over to the bar and order some food. I give whoever's serving a look, like I expect trouble, and wait patiently for someone to say something.

    I am not going over there. I'm not! I'm not stupid enough to bring my baby girl anywhere near that crazy bitch.
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    It's morning, so the crew is different. Redenbacher is behind the bar, but also working at the grill in the back. Redenbacher shrugs, like "I know, but what am I gonna do about it?" He fixes you up some food. Gob takes a seat at a table not far away, trying to play it casual. She fails, from your POV, but its weird, right? She's most definitely got your back here.

    None of the Candies are up other than Gob. A few of the lightweight newbies are passed out on a table, one of them still topless, some food on her leg, her hair a complete mess. Nobody is gonna touch a Candy unless she's dying.

    Since you're keeping an eye on her, you see Cherry give you a minute, then head over. She comes up to take a stool next to you. "When are you due?" She sits down, her hand is off her holster. The little girl is still back at her table.

    What do you do?
  • Gob having my back is frakking confusing... Years of Ma's criticisms are running through my head though, and I'm wondering if she told Gob to watch over me — 'cause she doesn't trust me or something — or if Gob's here of her own free will... I don't know what to make of the latter — the thought of Gob giving a frak about me is something I can't comprehend. I dunno... Maybe Ma' told her I'm a frak-up, so she's here to make sure I don't get myself killed... or Kitty told her to watch over us...

    Whatever. Everyone knows Cherry's bad news. If she's here to help, I'll frakking take it — but I'm not gunna rely on it, y'know?

    I swallow hard when Cherry takes the stool next to me, and look at her out of the corner of my eye... That's right, keep your hand off the gun. "Mid-spring," I answer calmly. What the frak is this?
  • "Good. Good weather, should be easier delivery." Cherry says it like it's fact, like she knows. "Should make for a better temper for the kid, too."

    Then, like somebody flipped a switch, turned off her casual conversation ability, she turns to you, "See what we're having? A nice chat, yeah? Let's keep it nice. I like you, Kiddo. So let's keep it nice. I want to find Rinso.... where is he?"
  • I've gotta just ignore it... She's trying to get under my skin — she wants that. I can't frakking give her what she wants... Great. First she wants to frak with me, and now she wants Rinso. Great.

    I turn my head away, but keep her in my peripheral vision, and quietly answer, "last we spoke you didn't want anything to do with him... What changed?"
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    Cherry answers flatly, "She asked questions a father should answer."
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    I grind my teeth, and clench my fists into tight little balls. My heart is beating so fast and hard it hurts. I shake my head, "and any father will do I suppose? Like the father of my girl? Better the one you threatened to kill last you saw him, right? Or you've just now decided that Rinso's that girl's father?"
  • OOC: Reading Cherry. Roll+Sharp. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 5. Total: 14)
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    No more bullshit. I want frakking answers.

    OOC: Holding 3 advanced.
    Q1: Is Rinso really that girl's father?
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    "I didn't decide it, Kiddo." Cherry replies in a clipped tone. "It just is. He wouldn't have anything to do with Ivory, said he wasn't a breeder. Well... now we both know he was lying, yeah?"

    She leans back, "S'funny. If you hadn't come hunting for him, I probably would've stayed put. But she started asking questions. She heard you, damnit. She's sharp, sharped than I ever was."

    "And here we are." Cherry says like its a foregone conclusion. "I'm not threatening you, but I am telling you that I want to find Rinso. He needs to see her, speak with her. He doesn't know she exists, ok? I stole his frakkin cum, a whole mouthful of it. Made a deal with the devil for her. And she's worth every bit of it." She looks back over her shoulder at the girl.

    "Her name is Rinna."

    Rinso is the father. Technically. Cherry is the mother. Technically. You know from the days at the Pods that Ivory was the expert on artificial population control. Cherry must have taken Rinso's seed to Ivory and bought herself a vat grown kid.
  • Sounds an awful lot like this bitch decided Rinso was that girl's father to me. Sounds like she sold her frakking soul to make sure it would be true. You say technically, but really? What's the frakking difference? Rinso was born that way... He never knew the people that made the egg and seed that produced him, but that doesn't mean he's any less of a person. Rinso never had someone looking after him. I know he'd want to be here for this kid... That conversation we had back in Trench made that crystal frakking clear to me.

    I look over my shoulder to Rinna... It's not fair that she's stuck in the middle of this. It's not fair to anyone. Not Rinna, not Leah, not Rinso or me... It's not Rinna's fault though... She didn't ask to be born. That's all Cherry's frakking fault.

    "What happens after you see Rinso?"

    OOC: What does Cherry want from Rinso, other than these answers? Is this an ongoing campaign to make Rinso Rinna's father? Or is this a few questions for a seed-donor?
  • Cherry replies calmly, like she's already planned this out, "I think that's up to him, right? I mean, up to me, I'd have a father for her. But if he wants out, so be it."

    It's an ongoing campaign. Most def. She doesn't want Rinso for herself, not exactly. She wants her daughter to be happy when she isn't.
  • It was up to you, you stupid frakking bitch! You could have saved her the torture of not knowing her frakking father if you'd just found someone who was frakking willing! I'm so mad I'm shaking. This is so, so frakked up. Rinso never had a frakking choice in the matter! But that didn't frakking matter to her, did it?

    I can't even bring myself to shoot her... Rinna deserves to have a mother — a real one, preferably, but we don't get to chose those either. If Cherry threw down on me I'd waste her here and now — but right now all I know is those eyes looking over at me from the table don't deserve my ire.

    I spin around on my stool to face her for the first time since this conversation started. "What happens if I'm the one who doesn't want you in his life?"

    OOC: That Q is my last hold.
  • "Kiddo, I hope that isn't the case." Cherry says with a serpent's smile, "You're a mom, just like me. I don't think it will come to that."

    If you're in her way, and can't back it up, she will kill you. If you can back yourself up, then she'll go away and look for other options for Rinna.
  • I wonder how Rinso would feel if he knew Cherry threatened me like that... Would he care if he found out Cherry screwed him over like that?

    "He's at the Ascendant," I answer calmly, "and consider this a warning, mom to mom: this is a favor to Rinna — not you. You can sit here and threaten me all you want; but if you so much as touch a hair on my daughter's head, I will bring down the fury of a thousand junkfalls on you," I take a few breaths to let the fire in my eyes die down a bit, "and Rinna will be spending a lot more time with her dad. We clear?"
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    "Crystal." Cherry's answer drips with derision. "I'll head up there with Rinna. I appreciate your cooperation, Kiddo."
  • If not for that little girl, I'd shove the boomstick down her throat and wipe that smug look off her face here and now... Rinso would make such a better parent for Rinna than she does... Part of me considers paying Gob to make sure the bitch has an accident on the road... But Vee's delirious screams when her phantom limb kicks in flood my head, and how she screamed she didn't have a Momma... I couldn't do that to Rinna... It wouldn't be right.

    I wait for Cherry to get up from the stool and head back to her table, then I go back to finishing my breakfast...

    I'm suddenly not as anxious to get back home... Or maybe I am. Maybe I want to beat them there... I dunno... I just wanna sleep in my Honeybee's arms. If I'm lucky, maybe Rinso will be there too.
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    Cherry leaves, just heads over to fetch Rinna and she's gone. Gobstopper comes up to sit beside you. She sounds... neutral? But a hint of concern, "Yo, you alright? That drek looked intense. You need me to follow her out?" Gob knows who Cherry is, but she sounds confident she can do that, if that's what was needed.
  • I shake my head with a bit of a vacant look in my eyes. I don't think Cherry is going to hurt me – not today at least – and Rinna's eyes just sapped the fight right out of me... "Can you get Ma? Tell her I'll grab her some food... I wanna go home."
  • Gob nods, and she does just that. You're left alone for a bit. Redenbacher turns on Junk Radio, and DJ Dior is reading off some morning announcements. Local stuff, some weather notes, things for sale, community work needed. Then, she gives some notes for travelers.

    "Yo, all you Ferrymen, truckers, bikers and such. South to north is looking clear today. But roads east are a bit tricky. Some painted men have set up traps along the main road. Repeat, watch out going east, best stay clear of trips to Oasis or take alternate routes." She pauses, then you hear pages flipping, "Alright, that's the morning. Let's kick it up a notch, this is an ancient tune, a live set from the Violent Femmes. Enjoy, Junkers!"

    KitKat and Mallowcup come dragging in with your Ma. Your Ma looks better off than they do. Kitty goes to slap awake the two newbies, who are named Prospects One and Two, of course. Gob is here, she's hanging by the door.

    Your Ma comes right up to you, "Ran into Cherry?"
  • I didn't hear most of that Junk Radio announcement, and only barely ordered Ma's food before the music started. It kinda sounds like Dad's stuff, if he only wrote songs based on 8 bars of music.

    I'm slowly eating my food when Ma' comes up and asks if I ran into Cherry... I nod, and then the floodgates kind of involuntarily open. "She's looking for Rinso," I answer, kind of disconnected from it all, "she stole some of his cum a few years back, and paid Ivory to make her a baby... A little girl..." I look up at her, "she's cute. Has his eyes..."

    I look calm on the outside, but I'm burning up on the inside. Can't frakking break down though... Not in front of the Candies. I look back to my food, and take a few more bites. "She said the little girl started asking questions about Rinny... Wanted to know her "dad" — seemed wrong to punish her for being born, so I told 'em where he was." I put my fork down, "your food's coming... I wanna get home, Ma'..."
  • Your Ma clips, "We should kill that bitch and give Rinso the kid. She's no Ma, and that's coming from me." She seems to sense your mood, puts an arm around you. "If she's coming up north, we can take care of her. She won't frakkin touch you, baby. I wanna be a gramma!"
  • Ma' might as well have been speaking in that language Patrick sings in that's so beautiful... It sounds nice, but frak if I know what she just said... "You wanna what?" Cherry's got this reputation like she's untouchable... I have no frakking idea how Ma' would swing that kinda thing — and if she hired someone to kill her who wasn't up to snuff? She'd just come looking for all of us. Which, y'know, simplifies things for me... But I was hoping to avoid that.

    I look over at Ma's hand around my shoulder, then up at her, "I don't want my family to get hurt over this, Ma'... I don't give a frak about her, even if Rinso decides he wants to take care of that little girl — I only give a shit about my family."
  • Zero hugs you again, "Dumbass, Rinso is our family. If he's in trouble, we'll save his hunky ass. Drek, Kiddo. You have baby brain." She pulls you up off your stool gently, "C'mon, my little bitch. Let's hit the frakkin road. I wanna see how my franken-truck rides." Then she kisses your cheek.
  • That... Admittedly feels pretty good.

    I look up at Ma' and hazard a haggard smile. I kiss her cheek back and nod. "Sure. Let's go."
  • --END SCENE--
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