[Junk XIII] We're on the Road to Nowhere (J 9-1)

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Some weeks have passed since the Candy Bar orgy and Parfait's treatment. She's on some medication now and while her highs aren't are frantic, her lows are nearly non-existent. All in all, a fair trade in her approximation. You've begun training with Metro for a half hour a day on how to coach and manage her condition and meds. It's very complicated stuff, and Metro isn't very effective at breaking things down in layman's terms. So it will take a bit longer.

Toot secured the okay from Star to round up a posse to ride with you. Ro was pretty thrilled with the idea. Mamba, Amazon, Payday and Whopper are riding with you. Oh, and Costco, who has a collar and chain and rides behind Whopper.

We pick up in the afternoon and you're all riding east towards Oasis, looking for Robin and his crew.

When you go out hunting for Wendys in the scrubs, roll +Sharp. Guess what? You found them! Oh wait, we should figure out what that means with your dice, hunh?
On a 10+, you got the drop on them. Take +1 Ongoing dealing with them for this fight (wait... you weren't going to, you know, talk with them, were you?)
On a 7-9, choose one member of your group who "found" the Wendys first (yeah, they're down, prolly dead).
On a miss, take -1 Ongoing with this pack of Wendys. Until they're dead, or until you lead them.


  • Costco is on a leash? ... And they call the Wendys savages ...

    OOC: Let's find me some Wendys... Roll+Sharp.
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 6. Total: 8)
  • This is my fault really... I was up late last night discussing how to control your inner voice with Faille last night, and we got onto the topic of listening to the whispers of the world... I'm reasonably certain she heard a few voices with my guidance, as we both looked to Parfait as she lay there sleeping in my lap. When not on her medication, she tends to dream particularly loudly — but tonight her dreams were very soothing, and calm.

    We went to bed pleased with the progress we'd made — but my sleep was restless. I heard whispers on the wind from the people who have died here, and of Robin's insatiable greed... Faille must have heard them too. She has certainly followed them...

    I worry for her.
  • Ro's driving the little sedan he borrowed from a friend and you're in the passenger seat, with Parfait in the one backseat. The other half of the backseat was ripped out and a small trunk was put in there. This is a hauling car, built to be fast and nimble, not tough or bulky.

    You're taking the one dirt road from Salt to Oasis, the surest way to spring Robin's trap. Except, it must have moved, because when you come upon the same open area where he chased you before, no Wendys are there.

    An hour later, you're all riding closer together when you pass by the foothills of a big dirt hill. Ahead Faille is riding ahead with Amazon when she taps Amazon and points towards a section of the hill.

    That's when she jerks back and falls off the back of Amazon's bike, a silver boomerang sticking out of her chest. She lands hard and isn't moving. Amazon looks back, like she could catch her, but ends up losing her balance and lays the bike down.

    Ahead, in the shadow of the hill, you see headlights beam from an ice cream truck. It's Robin. Whopper screams a ululating war cry and tears forward, trying to move up first. Costco has a frakkin harpoon gun hes trying to bring up.

    Over the hill you see a few bikes and a big jeep come roving, trying to sideswipe all of you. Dust and dirt spits out under their wheels, rolling down the hill with them.

    What do you do?
  • My jaw drops in horror as Faille drops to the dirt, and I immediately start gesturing towards her motionless body. "Ro, we need to get to her!" I grab the rifle my Mother gave us, roll down the passenger side window, and start firing at the oncoming trucks... It's worked before...

    Please just let us get to them...
  • Jack, it sounds like you're trying to Seize Faille by Force. Let's see some dice, sir.
  • OOC: Seizing Faille by force. Roll+Hard. +1XP
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 1, 4. Total: 7)
  • OOC: I take definite hold of her, and suffer little harm in the process.
  • Ro pulls the sedan up and spins the wheel to skid it in front of Faille's body. You hop out of the sedan to scoop her up and put her into the front seat. Parfait reaches from the back to help and holds her head.

    You haven't even closed the door when bullets pepper the hood and windshield. Ro takes a hit, so do you. Ro took a hit because he leaned forward in a haphazard attempt to cover Faille and tried to cover you, too.

    Take 1 Harm (2-Harm gang minus 1 for suffer little).

    The Wendy who shot at you is going to ram the sedan if you don't do something. He's driving the jeep and barreling down the hill at you.

    That metal boomerang is still stuck in Faille's chest, dark red blood oozing out of the wound.

    What do you do?
  • Harm Move:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 5, 6. Total: 12)
  • "Ro!" Parfait screams from behind you.

    Ro guns the engine, swerving the car to avoid the jeep. Unfortunately, the door you just swung closed wasn't latched, and the movement of the car sends you flying out of the passenger side. Parfait held onto Faille, tried to grab you, but failed.

    So now you're lying on the ground, right by Amazon as she's frantically trying to get her bike started again, screaming curses at it. That jeep is still coming down, and now you're a prime target, Jack.

    NOW, what do you do?
  • Well that certainly happened fast. I quickly get my bearings after the tumble, and bring my rifle down on the driver of that jeep — the idea is to spray through the windshield, and bring it to a halt. I need an exit strategy, and a Jeep isn't a bad idea.
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    Let's see you Go Aggro on the jeep driver pull that off, Jack.
  • OOC: Going Aggro. Roll+Hard. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 4. Total: 8)
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    You fire a few bullets off the grille and the hood. The Wendy in the jeep swerves out of your way, and slams into Amazon's bike before he bails. Amazon goes tumbling over her bike, and she's pinned. She starts screaming in pain, he leg is bleeding and probably burning against the bike's exhaust.

    You've got your jeep. What do you do?
  • Well, I suppose the cautious thing to do would be back it off Amazon, throw her in the passenger's seat, and bolt after Robin. That leg looks bad, doesn't it? I suspect we'll need to make the trek to Oasis in hopes their doctor is there...
  • You run and hop over the hood of the jeep (it has a hardtop and metal doors, not a ragtop). When you land over on the other side to get in the driver's side, you see Whopper drive by and hack up the jeep driver. He fired off a couple wild shots, but she got him for sure, with the hatchet, and screams in triumph. The battle is pitched.

    You glance over to see Ro and the sedan, they're being hounded by Robin. Parfait's holding Faille up, and Ro's trying to keep from spinning out as Robin keeps running into the rear of the sedan.

    The jeep spins back, and you see Amazon fall. If you want to head on, you're free and clear. But if you leave her, she's dead meat.

    What do you do?
  • ... Damn it...

    I can't leave her here, but Parfait and Ro need me... Damn it!

    Fine. Quickly. One swift motion to get Amazon into the back of the Jeep, then I'll go for Robin. Hold on tight... I'm coming.
  • Let's see you Act Under Fire here. A soft hit gets Amazon in the jeep. Full hit and you're able to help out Ro, Faille and Parfait.
  • OOC: AUF to save my friends, and a Candy Bar. Roll+Cool.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 5, 6. Total: 12)
  • Amazon is able to raise up, she's no dead fish, so you get her into the car, then rush over to gun the engine and take off. Your eyes are only for your friends, and how to stop Robin.

    Ro's been tagged a couple times, the car is about to fishtail when you come roaring up. He must have seen you in the rearview, because he swerves hard to the right. Robin compensates, and you're able to ram the sedan right into the driver-side front wheel, crushing it, jamming the tire into the axle and crippling the ice cream truck. The force sends it shuddering forward in the dirt, then it teeters forward for a bit two wheels coming up off the ground, then the truck slowly falls to the side, crashing onto the dirt and rock.

    Amazon has pulled out a pistol and she's covering you from the sedan. She screams, "Go frakking take his head off, Jack!"

    You hear motorcycles whining and roaring, Whopper's battle cry, machine guns BRRRAP BRRRAPPing, pistols barking bullets, screams of the hurt and dying. This fight is in the crescendo of violence.

    Ro's driving away, trying to get Faille to safety, or something. Maybe he's trying to save Parfait, too. Hard to say. He'll probably swing back around, but right now, it's just you.

    What do you do?
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    I swear Ro read my mind. The cacophony of violence has my blood raised, and the sight of Robin hounding my friends and family has me focused. I can hear the crunching of the metal on the ice cream truck as the Jeep slams into it, AMD I think that was Amazon telling me to cut Robin's head off...


    I hand her my earbuds, and insist she put them on – whether she heeds my warning is up to her. Then I step out of the Jeep, and make my way over to the truck. I reach into my pocket, produce my projector, and whisper, "Now don't move, cousin..."

    Then I flip the switch, and calmly waltz over to the truck – my pace matching the tempo of the horrible song in my head.
  • Amazon is no dummy. She puts on the earbuds, she knows you're something different.

    Half-pint Robin was trying to move. He'd fallen during the flip and was trying to crawl out of the truck when the pain wave projector sent its pulse. He clamps small hands over his ears as they bleed and rolls around on the ground like a worm.

    You've got him dead to rights. What do you do?
  • I sling my rifle over my shoulder, reach into my pocket, and produce one of my scalpels as I walk up to him. I stand tall over him as he writhes in pain, and smile, "Hello cousin." I grab him by the hair, and pull him out of the truck, exposing his neck. I crouch down to his level, and place the razor-sharp blade of the scalpel on his throat, right above his jugular. "You would attack my wife? Your cousin, and his pregnant wife?" I shake my head, and click my tongue, *Tut-tut*, "you've gone too far, Robin... You must be put down."

    I slowly draw the blade from one side of his neck to the other, cutting deep into his windpipe. "This is for China," I whisper, my gaze hard as stone as he bleeds all over my hand, "it is an injustice that your death is quick and painless, considering what you did to her. May her spirit rest in peace."
  • You hear his mind screaming even though his mouth is slow to catch up. He looks at you, eyes bleeding from the pain wave. Fear. Pure naked fear. No shame, no comprehension of others' suffering.

    This is the right thing to do. You're putting down a dog. A dog that's been beaten and shown no love, hated for being small and weak for so long it is beyond humanity. A monster.

    It deserves to die.

    The scream begins right as the scalpel does its work. The last breath comes out of his new neck-hole, the one you gave him.

    You feel a presence at the back of your neck, a crick you'd grown used to having it for so long. It releases, and pleasure dances down your spine, like a burden taken away.

    You hear bikes riding away, just a couple. Whopper is savagely hacking at a probably dead Wendy, Costco is standing by her, covering her back. He's got a gun, must've scrounged it off a dead Wendy. He's all in on this, even though he could escape, break his chains.

    Toot, Payday and Mamba are chasing the escaping Wendys, whooping and calling them names, firing guns. The fight is over.

    Ro's pulling the sedan around, coming up. You see Parfait, in the back, holding Faille's head up, but Faille's pale, so pale. Ro's stressed, but he's on instinct now, fight or flight stuff.

    Amazon is waiting in the jeep, still watching your back.

    What do you do?
  • You call Robin a thing, a dog, but I'm under no delusions. He was a person, abused, and left to his own devices. This was his way of making sense of the world — and when you pour your self-hatred out on others, you cannot truly be surprised when somebody points that loathing back on you.

    I drop his corpse and slick back a strand of my hair, unaware of the blood on my hand... I probably look quite frightful. I step up to Ro's side of the sedan when he approaches, I look to Parfait, and give her a worried look as she cradles Faille... Gods damn it all... I need her to make it. I turn back to Ro and put a hand on his shoulder, "good work... We're done here. Take the Jeep, and round up the Candy Bars. We'll ride to Oasis. We need a doctor for Faille now..."

    I hate to leave that ghastly thing in her, but it's stopping the blood... I look back to Parfait and nod, "you're alright, my love?"
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    Parfait nods. She says, "You were amazing, my love."

    Ro says quick, "I'm driving for Oasis! Amazon can ride with a Candy, right? C'mon!" He guns the engine.

    Amazon isn't walking anywhere, but there's nobody fighting near her. She can get a Candy to give her a lift.

    What do you do?
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    I smirk at Parfait's comment, but my good spirits will not return to me fully until Faille is safe.

    So long as Amazon is taken care of, and able to get to safety, I won't object to getting in with him. Oasis is a bit of a drive, but it's by far the best spot for treatment and closer than the Ascendant... I pull a handkerchief out of my pocket and start wiping my bloody hands. I quickly circle the car, and hop into the passenger's seat, then stow my handkerchief, and nod to Ro. "I'm ready whenever you are..."
  • Ro spins out in the dirt and you guys leave the wreckage and dead bodies behind. The North Candies can mop up.

    You're right beside Faille. She's sweating and pale, lying back, with Parfait holding her head up. She opens her eyes when the car lurches forward, then sees you. She looks so scared, Jack. Terrified.

    What do you do??
  • I grab a spare shirt from my bag, and rip off a long strand to form an impromptu bandage... It's not sterilized, but it is at the very least clean... I gently pool it on her wound, to absorb and clot the blood.

    Once that's done, I reach out and take her hand... Is there anything else I can do? I'm trying to stay strong for her, and not think about the danger I inadvertently put her in... After all these years, I find someone with the gift who isn't a horrible monster at heart, and this happens...

    I grip her hand tightly, "Focus on me, Faille... Relax. We're going to get you to a doctor, and we'll do everything to ensure your recovery." I am afraid to reach out and read her mind, for fear that I hurt her even further — but I wish to put her at ease...

    Perhaps just a listen...
  • OOC: Reading Faille... Roll+Weird. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 4, 1. Total: 8)
  • Tell me Faille — how can I ease your fears?
  • Faille focuses on you. She tries to say something, but no words come out. She was trying to say, Save me.

    Tell her she won't be alone. Tell her of the prophecy, that she can't die, that she is the last face you'll see.
  • Of course she can die... The whispers do not speak absolute truths — only vague niceties of the truth. It is possible that Ro pulls out a gun and fires it into the back of my head right here and now, and Faille's is the last face I see. Or we crash, and I go flying through the windshield. It is also possible my last thoughts are of her, or that Faille pulls that sharpened boomerang out of her, and slits my throat with it — or even that she will survive, and be there at my deathbed.

    I hope for the last one. For the moment, I'm choosing it to be true.

    "Faille," I whisper, "back on the roof of the Ascendant, you drew me because the whispers described aspects of me that only you could understand. There is an other like us up north, and together we are destined for great things... You are destined for great things. I've seen it both in you, and in the maelstrom." I squeeze her hand gently, "so take heart. You will survive here today. I promise it."
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    Faille looks into your eyes and finds your strength. She gently nods her head, too weak for much of anything else.

    The trip takes forever. Long enough for her blood to become a sticky mess, for your body to cramp up and hurt. But Parfait won't let go of her, she holds Faille up, desperate to help her however she can.

    After that small eternity of a bumping, rough dirt road, you see the gates of Oasis in the distance. But it is far, far away.
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    "Jack... I'm going to die," Faille whispers. "My vision was... backwards. Your face... will be the last one... I see..."

    You realize maybe she's right.

    Why don't you give me an Act Under Fire to get her to the clinic in Oasis in time.
  • My eyes well up, and I can feel her grasp slipping... but I refuse to fail. I turn to Ro, and in a shakey voice command, "pull over! I know a quicker way around!"
  • OOC: AUF to hopefully save Faille... Roll+Cool.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 4, 4. Total: 9)
  • Burning a bond with Ro to make that a 10. Phew!
  • Ro follows your directions, you take a little known shortcut, and head to Oasis, to save Faille.

    --END SCENE--
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