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You come rolling in with Zero after the OG Candies and Svenja handle the refugees. After passing the checkpoint, you head up to the flat up on Deck 11. When the door opens, you hear your father strumming a tune. What is it?

Zero grins wide, and starts heading to their room. VB is asleep on the bed, completely zonked out. Hump isn't around, neither is Topps. Rinso isn't here, either. He's probably on shift at the infirmary.

What do you do?


  • It's one of his own — one he used to sing a whole lot when Ma' was gone, about "Missin' my Babe" — and it's like I'm climbing the steps up to the loft over the garage back in Boomtown all over again. My heart is singing, and I'm tense from the excitement. I watch Ma' head over to their room, and take a moment to appreciate the sensation of being home again. The smell of the linens, the view from the window, the quiet hum of the air filter through the vents, the feel of the carpet on my feet...

    I eye the bed, with my Honeybee in it, and every ounce of tension I've had since I left leaves me. I close the door behind me, quietly slip my pack off my shoulder down onto the dresser, slide out of my new jacket, and waddle my way over to the bed. I gently climb into my side of the bed, and shuffle up to her, gently brushing some hair out of her face to get a good look at her.

    I can feel my eyes beginning to mist up. I bite my lip, and admire the beautiful woman I've been dreaming about since I left. I don't wanna wake her if she's tired... I could just lie here like this forever...
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    So we're clear, she was lying face down, a sheet draped over her nude body. The Leg isn't on.

    After a moment, she stirs. You hear her murmur something softly. Then, she opens her eyes to you. She takes in a sharp breath of surprise, "Kiddo?" She scoots closer, pressing herself against you, "Gods! You're here!" She starts kissing your face, little quick kisses, her hands on the sides, not letting you go.

    "I missed you! Imissedyou Imissedyou!" More kisses, until she hits your lips. You taste strawberry, it was lip gloss before, now faded, but just enough.
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    Oh FRAK ME I missed this. I melt in her hands, and giggle contentedly as she plants kisses in a trail to my lips. When she finally gets there, I pull her into a tight hug, and hold her there. There's another part of home that I missed — the taste of strawberries. Even woken from the dead of sleep, my Honeybee is the sweetest, most beautiful person in the whole frakking world.

    When we finally come up for air, I whisper, "I missed you too, hon... Gods, I missed you..." I kiss her a few more times, deeply and passionately. I shift a little to let Leah get comfortable, then continue my quest to never let go of her again. "Tell me everything I missed. I wanna know everything you did."
  • VB whimpers into your mouth as you kiss her, she surrenders to your touch and affection, shifting with you to make sure you're comfortable.

    She begins catching you up as she starts pulling off your clothes, kissing your body as she reveals every part of it, practically worshiping it, "Well, we have water again! I made a bundt cake! Topps is here, and Hump is miserable about it because she wants to go and he won't leave his family. Rinnie is learning doctor stuff. I found a couple running partners, they're pretty nice. Council meetings suuuuck, you can totally have them back."

    VB has made her way to your pants, and slowly unbuttons them. She refuses any hesitation, insistent and delighted in exploring you. "Rinnie and I are good together, but we both miss you, more than your heart can hold, Kiddo. I'm so glad you're back." She scissors her leg between yours once she's stripped your naked, and works her way back up your body.

    She gives you a little verbal roadmap of your body as she kisses her way up again, "I missed you so much. There's dirt in your belly-button! Oh my, your boobies are so big now, I really like them, baby. You still smell sexy, did you know that?"

    Then she's in your arms again, "Did you get all the baby stuff? Is Boomtown still standing without us? Do you wanna talk about your trip, or just snuggle and stuff?"
  • My eyes are practically crossed, and my whole body feels tingly as Vee works her way down to my pants. Water, and bundt cakes, and Topps... Oh yeah! Topps! Hump is miserable? Where does Topps want to go? If it's Salt, that won't matter... Rinnie... Doctors... Council... "Mmmm... Oh? Oh... that feels good."

    I watch her as she comes back up, listing off parts of my body, and complimenting it... Given these compliments are coming from VB, I couldn't possibly feel more beautiful than she's making me feel right now. I smile, and let her get comfortable in my arms. "We can do both, I think... Ma' and me talked a bunch, and Boomtown is trying their best to grow without us... I sold the loft, and got a shitload of jingle for it. I think we'll be good here for a while, at least. I paid off a debt for Brillo, who's downstairs with Caesar watching over the baby stuff."

    I take a deep breath, and start listing stuff off, "I paid the Candies to handle the problem with the water cult, I visited Simon's grave with Ma' and extracted Olimpia into a datapad, I saw Jack and Ro... Of all people... Did you know he's married?" I smile, and give her a kiss. "Other than that, people kept wanting to touch my belly, and I got propositioned." I make a sour face then giggle, "but you and Rinnie are the only ones for me, my sweet Honeybee!"

    I smile warmly, and slide my fingers up the side of her belly to her breasts. "There's a whole bunch of shit we should get caught up on... But I missed you so much, Hon... It can wait."
  • VB's eyes close in pleasure as you touch her in the right places. She says in a sort of pleasure-zoned-out voice, "You abstracted Olimpia into a whats-it?" Then she melts into your touch, maybe she doesn't really want an answer.
  • I smile to myself as she melts in my hands. The familiar tone of her voice when I hit those sweet spots speaks to the baser part of my brain and I just stop talking as my hands wander down to her inner thigh. When I'm with Vee, everything else seems to melt away. I feel safe, and loved. Gods I missed this...

    I move in and start building her up for more fun. I bury my face in her neck, kissing a line up to her cheek. "I love you," I whisper sweetly, as my fingers take up a comfortable rhythm, "and I don't wanna leave you ever again."

    Tonight is going to be fun...
  • "Oh gods, I missed this, Kiddo," VB says breathlessly. She arches her back, and reaches a hand down to your wrist. She likes "holding on" sometimes. "So happy you're back, momma. I love you."

    It isn't long before she hits her peak, her head thrashes from side to side and her taut tummy muscles contract as she whimpers and moans into your mouth. After she comes down, she giggles and kisses you back, nips of adoration.

    She whispers a single word, "Shower."
  • I gasp as I remember the detachable showerhead, and an impish grin spreads across my face. I nod happily, and peck her on the nose, "shower!"
  • VB sits up, then helps you get up off the bed, smiling and giddy with excitement. She tells you to go on ahead, she needs to get her crutch. That's new, right?

    Do you head on, or insist on waiting for her?

  • I grunt, belabored with effort as I rise from the bed, but smile wide when I'm finally on my feet. Why does she need a crutch? I'm her crutch. I walk over and slip her arm over my shoulder, "c'mon Hon — you have no idea how much I've been wanting a hot shower."

    Unless she's not grabbing a crutch, and she wants some secrecy, I'm happy to help her navigate the apartment.
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    She wanted some secrecy. "Aw, boo! I was gonna sneak and comm to the infirmary, tell Rinnie you're home. You ruined it!" She stands on one foot (of course) and says imperiously, "The goddess of love demands that as punishment, you must give me another wowgasm! Rinnie does NOT know how to lick me down there, man!" She hops over to comm Rinso.

    What do you do?
  • I smile, and nod. "I guess that's acceptable punishment." I kiss her on the cheek, and waddle my way over to the bathroom... "Don't be long, my little honeybee... I owe you a wowgasm!"
  • The cascading water is warm and perfect. There's a hint of something in the water that's new. It's pleasant, even to Leah. What is it? VB joins you, and the two of you luxuriate in the shower and the warmth, each other, soap, all the wondrous bits of this home.

    VB hops around to wash every inch of you, taking delight in your body, loving every part of you. She asks little questions: how is Butter Nut? did you see anybody new? Is Dior enjoying being a DJ? Did you run into anyone around Trench? Little stuff, just keeping you talking while she plays with your body.

    Eventually, the shower has to end. When you both exit the bathroom, covered in towels, you see Rinso there. He's in drab blue scrubs, he's been waiting for you. His eyes look a little tired and worn, but his smile is genuine. "Kiddo!" He exclaims while rushing forward to scoop you up. He takes care not to mash baby, just wants to hold you.

    What do you do?
  • Nothing is in the water — or that's what Vee said, anyway. It's soft and pure, like no water I've ever felt, or even tasted. I could drink this stuff. Apparently she had the same confused expression on her face when Metro announced he basically distilled the water before remineralizing it with the bare-minimum requirements to make it drinkable safely. It's so soft... No wonder Vee's skin feels so smooth.

    I waddle out of the bathroom and spot Rinso sitting there on the bed. My face lights up and I giggle as I run up to meet him. I practically jump into his arms, and plant a kiss on him. "Hey baby," I whisper as I hug him back, "miss me?"
  • Rinso lowers you easily, still holding you up slightly, just low enough to look into your eyes. "I missed you like a star misses the night in the morning." Then he plants a big wet kiss on you, gently sets you down.
  • "Awe..." I whimper, my lips pursed into a half-pout, half-smile. I kiss him back and hug him tightly when he sets me down. I reach out for Vee to pull her into our little huddle, and kiss them both on the cheek. I look up to Rinso, "tell me you've got the rest of the night off, baby... I need some private time with my lovebugs."
  • Rinso chuckles, "Hell yeah, I do." VB leans up to kiss him, then turns to kiss you.

    How is the private time for you, Kiddo? Does it bother you how much in sync VB and Rinso have become? They are really in tune with each other now. They are in no way excluding you, but all of the petty stuff VB did to punish Rinso is over and done with, and they are really close again. Maybe more than ever.
  • I missed them so much that it didn't even register — until you mentioned it, of course — but no, it doesn't bother me... I actually feel a little more at ease knowing they're happy together. I love them both so much — I don't want them to fight. I'm just happy to be in their presence, and be loved...

    One thing that did register is how Cherry will likely come waltzing up here any day now and throw a monkey wrench into it all... I'm trying not to think about it while we get re-acquainted though. That can wait until tomorrow morning."
  • Some time later...

    The three of you are lying in bed, eating some grapes and peeled fruit slices that VB saved from Chefs. Your father and Zero come in.

    Ollie says with a smile, "Hey, darlin, yer lookin happy. S'pose you gut a hug left in ya fer dad?"
  • Boy, it's a good thing I slipped into a shirt and panties... I look over to the door as it slides open, and I shoot Dad a beaming smile as I climb out of the bed. I giggle and squeeze him tight, "sorry Dad — I just got a little preoccupied." I give him a kiss on the cheek for good measure.

    "Oh!" I say, jumping out of his arms and fumbling for my pack, "I got you something! C'mon in!" I tug at the drawstring on my big backpack and shuffle some dirty clothes around to find the violin I stuffed in there. I peek impishly over my shoulder, and slowly spin around with the case in my hands. "Surprise!"

    I bite my lip and hand it to him.
  • Your Dad's smile drops with his jaw. He stares at the violin for long moments, speechless. Finally, your Ma says to him, "Take it, dumbass. Gonna make your lil girl stand there holding it out forever?"

    After being admonished, your father reaches with delicate hands to take it, looking at the violin with reverence. He looks up to you when it is in his hands, says in his raspy voice, "Looks... better'n a cigar box." He chuckles once, then pulls it up to his chin, takes the bow and begins to play.

    He plays something for you, Kiddo. Something he played when you two were alone, on nights when the Candy Bars were out riding and the storms would come and he wanted you to be happy, and to feel safe and loved. What is it?

  • I'm convinced Dad can play any instrument you put in front of him... He once sat down at a harp, having never seen one before, and played a tune he wrote. Music is just in his blood I guess. It's in mine too, but not like it is with him and Hump. I stand there quietly watching and listening, loving every note... There's something about Dad's music that just brings me back to when I was a little girl. I don't know if I'll ever feel grown up around him when he plays for me — but I can't wait for him to play for Leah... She's going to love it.

    When he finishes, I'm all smiles. This one sounds so much better than that tinny cigar-box he made before. "Beautiful, Dad..."
  • Ollie grins, ducks his head in thanks. "S'pose this is better'n my old one. I'll keep it, fer now. Till yer lil one's ready to play it. Kay?" He winks at you and grins.

    A moment later, as you're talking and catching up, the door from the hall opens. It's Humphrey and Topps. They come in to give you and your Ma hugs and hellos, and you get to catch up with them, too.

    VB excuses herself to go down and get some food for everyone. Ollie and Zero sneak into the shower together, closing the door with you Ma... giggling. She actually giggled right before she closed the door. Weird, right?
  • I give him a kiss, and waddle my way over to the bed so we can chat for a bit. I giggle appropriately when I see Hump and Topps enter, exchanging hugs, and catch up. I wanna know what's up, what their plans are, all that stuff. I let Ma' take Dad into the shower, and ... Giggle? That's ... That's not something I'm used to hearing Ma' do.

    Well... Ok, that's not true — I know when Ma' gets giggly, but I've usually got my headphones in long before that happens... Seems they've been getting busy too. Good for them.

    A thought occurs to me, though — the lounge is empty right now... While I have a minute, I grab Rinnie by the hand and turn to Hump and Topps, "Hump, could you go get Junker? He's down in the bay with Brillo and Caesar. I didn't know how he'd take the lift, so I didn't wanna bring him up here..." That dog can pull and I don't wanna fall or anything with Leah... If they agree, I'm gunna pull Rinnie aside.

    "We've gotta talk about Cherry..." I know I said I'd wait — but he deserves to hear this from me now.
  • Hump smiles wide, "You brought Junker? Oh hell to the yes!" He grabs Topps by the hand and pulls her along.

    Rinso follows you into the lounge, excited at some alone time. He nuzzles against your neck until you give him that last sentence. That gets his attention. He steps back, looking down at you. "Uhhh... I told you everything, babe. I'm all yours, I swear."

    What do you do?
  • I shake my head calmly and step closer to him, putting a hand on his chest. "I believe you," I whisper softly, "or at least I would if you had all the information..." I kinda choked on those last few words, so I clear my throat and repeat it. "I ... I didn't know this for sure until just a day ago, baby, which is why I didn't tell you until now; but I met Cherry on the road North... She's coming here with a little girl named Rinna."

    I take a deep breath, "Cherry lied to you, and had Ivory make Rinna for her using your ... Uh... Stuff." I bite my lip and shift uncomfortably. I'm really afraid to say this next part... I'm afraid of what is going to happen. "You're technically her father, and Cherry wants you to be Rinna's Dad." I pause, and shake my head. "When you see this kid, Rinnie... She really does look just like you... I didn't have the heart to tell that little girl she wasn't allowed to meet you. You're such a sweet man, and I know you're going to be a great dad... I just... I'm afraid of what Cherry and this little girl mean for our family..."
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    Rinso listens, and you know, if he weren't from the Valley. If he wasn't vat grown himself. If he hadn't met Ivory and heard about his wonders of science. If all that wasn't true, he might laugh right now. It is a crazy tale, for anyone else.

    But he knows you wouldn't pull his leg about this. He walks away, just a few steps away, sits down in a chair, sort of falls into it, like he's so overwhelmed that standing is a chore. His shoulders lump and he looks back up at you. The shock is so plain on his face.

    "That bitch..."

    The anger hits him, like out of nowhere. Then it passes.

    "She... she looks just like me?" He asks with this awe and hope in his voice. Then, a random chuckle, "Poor girl. I'd be an ugly woman."

    He closes his eyes, shakes his head, it's all too much. He can't process this all right now. He manages, "I'm all yours baby. Cherry will never frakkin touch me again. I swear."
  • I bite my lip and slump down next to him, taking his hands in mine. I shake my head seriously at his joke, "Baby... You have the most beautiful eyes." I hazard the best smile I can manage, "I'm not worried about Cherry. Ma' and me will tear her to shreds if she threatens you." I put my hand on his cheek, "I'm worried about our little girl not having her Daddy, because her half-sister's bitch mother couldn't find a willing man to have a baby with..."

    See, It's not that I don't believe him... Right now, I do! But it's not right now I'm worried about... I'm worried about when he sees that little girl, and he knows the truth, and that instinct kicks in. The instinct I've run headlong into with Leah... Or worse — what if it doesn't kick in? What if he takes one look at that little girl, and nothing clicks? Even I saw Rinso in that little girl, and melted... What does that mean for Leah?
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  • Rinso reaches up to put his hand over the one you have on his cheek. "We can make this work, babe. If Ollie can raise you and take care o' me and Vee, then I'm sure I can love Rinna and our baby, too."

    He looks at you for a long moment, then adds, "Maybe Rinna can fill a hole in Cherry that nobody else could. I mean... she's reaching out, right?" Rinso swallows, like he's still reeling a bit.

    With solid eyes, he reassures you, "I will not abandon you, or our baby. I swear."
  • I grab his cheeks, and search his eyes for rock bottom. Even now, knowing that, isn't enough. Dad told me all about finding out about Ma' being pregnant with me, and how he wanted to be there, and be a Dad, and how it didn't really click until he saw me for the first time. Rinso could be on the precipice of that realization. If he really and truly won't abandon us, then I will do anything for him.

    OOC: Is Rinso telling the truth?
  • Yes, he is. He means every word. He's waited for you his whole life and now he has you AND a baby. He wants it more than anything.
  • A smile cracks my lips, and I can feel some tears forming... Gods, of all the times to cry. I sniffle, and giggle nervously. "I'm sorry baby," I whisper as I wipe the moisture from my eyes before kissing him gently on the lips. "Cherry won't touch you. I made it absolutely clear to her that if she touched you, or our baby, I would end her in the most painful of ways."

    I kiss him again, "we'll make this work," I whisper softly, "we will, as a family. I promise." I turn over to listen and see just where in this "shower" Ma' and Dad are, just to see how much time we have... I dunno if Rinso is up to it, considering the conversation we just had, but if I can bring his attention back to the moment, then I want to show my man how much I missed him.
  • Uhm, he's a guy. If sex is in the cards, his attention is yours.
  • Then I suppose his attention is mine.

    ... Until Leah kicks him in the gut while I try to mount him. It may have been the nervous sexual tension, or maybe just the fact that I'm so relieved he's here for good, that I burst out laughing, and it takes me a minute to recover...

    Ok, maybe two minutes. If he's still game after that, then I suppose I am too.
  • You get your two minutes. Evidently Ollie and Zero are going to waste alot of water.

    Rinso is super gentle and lets you guide the way. He's enjoying what he can get, and maybe a tiny bit nervous about hurting you or the baby. But after you're able to find a good position, he just lays back on the table and plays with your breasts. Because, you know, they're kinda huge now.
  • Well... If the water's fixed, why not? Y'know?

    It's interesting that he's so gentle now. I mean, he's always been a little gentle, but now he's treating me like I'm made of glass or something — the window kind, not the drug — so I have to remind him he can relax a little. The days of overbearing sensitivity are starting to fade a little, and so long as he doesn't rub me raw, I'm down for a lot of shit...

    And by "down for a lot of shit" I mean things got a little freaky. Let's just say I was wondering what that crud in my bras was, and Rinso's manly grip kind of cleared that up for me... I made him clean up his mess. I had fun. It occurs to me Rinso's never had the ... ahem, pleasure of drinking a mother's milk. I guess everyone's got a first. Kissing him after the fact was a little weird, but I was a little too preoccupied to realize why it would be weird until it was too late.

    After a little exploration, when I started getting tender again, I gently moved his hands down to my hips and rode him home. Turns out I missed him a little more than I thought. I'm keeping an eye on the shower and door in case we have to cut this short... Ma' and Dad can waste as much water as they want, and I don't mind if Vee comes back, but it'd be nice not to be caught in the act.
  • Rinso laughed and laughed when things come squirting out of you for a change. And yes, he's mystified when you offer him the chance to suckle from you. It's an odd sensation, feeling the pressure, hearing him do this. He isn't like some kind of milk fiend, but yes, he enjoys it, sort of intimate in a way.

    Once you assure him that you aren't going to break and Leah won't mind, he does grip your hips firmly, and grunt and push up into you until finally he releases all the pent up tension of waiting for you, panting your name and professing his love.

    Go ahead and fire that Sex Move, why don't ya?
  • OOC: Sex moving. Roll+Hx.
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  • Yeah...

    Right as Rinso is in the middle of his climax, the door opens, and your parents come in. You're "riding", so you get to flash them both, yay. Your dad averts his eyes, mostly for your benefit, but your Ma walks right in. She's buck naked, and the woman looks good for her age and state of pregnancy. She's got a big grin on her face.

    Rinso, he isn't aware for a moment, but then, he sort of can't stop, you know, finishing. He doesn't want to throw you off him, so he sort of sits there in your juices. And his. He hands you your shirt.

    Your Ma asks, "You two done?" She's chuckling.
  • I reflexively stole the shirt from Rinso's hands when I heard Ma's voice, and covered myself... "Shit!" is all I can mutter as I hold it over my breasts, in a meager attempt to cover a pair of softballs and a beachball with a handkerchief. I'm blushing brighter than the sun on a hot summer afternoon. I struggle to push myself off Rinnie, and hand him his pants...

    "Yeah," I mutter, "uh... Sorry..." How the hell did we end up on the table? We could've frakking managed the couch. It's probably just as well... Leah's apparently feeling rather excited herself. Once we've got some clothes on, I give Rinso a kiss on the cheek, feeling embarrassed, and try to giggle it off. I'm not really used to changing gears like that during sex... I really hope Leah doesn't interrupt us too often. Then again, I suppose being in a threesome means we can sorta share the responsibility, so long as Leah isn't hungry...

    I walk over to Dad, heading over to find my pants, and give him a kiss on the cheek, "sorry Daddy..." Boy... It's good to be home again? I shake my head, and can't believe how I completely lost track of where I was... That was frakking stupid.
  • Your Ma... you're not one hundred percent sure, but you think you caught her checking out Rinso's ass as he walked out. She's still laughing as she grabs a shirt and puts it on.

    Ollie, well, he's not mad, just maybe a tiny bit shell-shocked. He chuckles once, standing there in his towel, with that huge Y-scar on his chest from the surgery.

    --END SCENE--
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