[Junk XIII] New Beginning (K 9-5)

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It's been a couple months since you gave birth to Leah and your Ma gave birth to Ollie, your youngest brother. The whole family has moved out of the Ascendant, heading south to Salt. Your Ma gave you Jemma's shack, and she, Ollie and Hump built a new place. Where is it in Salt? Right beside you, or somewhere close or what?

You're woken first by Junker, barking at something. It's dawn, just barely. Of course, Junker woke Leah, who just started crying. Someone lying beside you just stirred, murmuring that they will take care of Leah. Who is it?

Let's see you roll your Moonlighting, Kiddo. I want to know how things are going for you.

Speaking of which, let's see how much of your crew you've retained.

Roll+ Hot. On a 7-9, choose two folks who are here or near Salt and working for you. On a 10+, choose three:
* Svenja
* Bega
* Brillo
* Caesar
* Amazon
* Trojan
* NPC not listed

On a miss, MC chooses who is on the crew for now, and they're all out on a job.

This isn't to say the unchosen won't arrive, but something has prevented their arrival.


  • OOC: Let's get those rolls out of the way:
    Moonlighting (Roll+Cool):
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 4, 6. Total: 13)

    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 1, 5. Total: 7)
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    Salt is growing pretty quick, but Ma's like family to a lot of the folks here — she grew up here for frak's sake, carries the name and all that — so she got priority on a spot about two shacks down from Gramma Jemma's. Really we're just squatting here while we get the jingle to build our own place out of town. Maybe convert Jemma's place into a proper clinic.

    Svenja left the Northern Candies, and the Ascendant, in search of "greener pastures" and wound up, in all places, at Salt with us. I think she liked the outing with Ma' and me more than she let on. Omo up and came with us too — abandoning her job at the clinic to follow Rinso while he opened his, citing his "drek grammar" as the main reason he couldn't make a run of it alone. I had to giggle... Rinso does have some pretty shit writing.

    In any case, Cherry and Svenja have been running protection (Bodyguarding: 1-barter) for a supply run I negotiated with Boomtown (Brokering Deals: 1-barter), and I got the last of my kickbacks from Proper and Star (Entertainment: 1-barter, Enforcement: 1-barter) — which is an arrangement I'm not sure I want to keep going anymore... I mean I'm not one to turn down money for keeping the arrangements going, but Leah's taken up so much of my time I don't think I'll be able to focus on anything other than her in the long-term.

    I was perfectly happy sleeping when Junker started barking, but now that Leah's crying I'm wide awake... Well, as awake as a sleep deprived mother can be I guess. She's doing better at sleeping through the night at least. I slowly roll over, sniffling in the cold morning air, and kiss Vee on the cheek, "it's ok, honeybee, I'm up. You got the last one." Then I grab my shirt, slip it on over my head, and go to grab Leah. I slowly lift her out of the crib, swearing she's grown since I last put her down, check her diaper just in case, and then gently rest her head on my shoulder, "It's OK, sweetie," I whisper groggily, "Mommy's here." I kiss her cheek gently, and go find Junker to shut him up.

    What the hell is he barking at, anyway?
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    VB rolls back over and tries to go back to sleep, trusting that you're able to handle it. Rinso's working out at the crack of dawn. Svenja accused him of "getting fat", and now he's doing what she calls two-a-days, which is some pretty furious work-outs. VB joins him for running sometimes, but she's been doing late night long runs lately, making sure you've always got someone nearby to help.

    You pick up your daughter. Leah's not wet, but she is not happy to have been woken up. She has your temper, it seems. She keeps crying, even though you kiss her cheek and hold her the way she normally likes. You head to the front door to check for Junker, who likes sleeping in the open space under the shack. Junker is a meter in front of the house, barking and dancing side to side.

    There's a snake outside, slithering back and forth like it's looking for an opening. Junker is keeping it at bay, but the thing is probably poisonous, and he seems keenly aware, and loathe to jump right in. They've hit a standoff.
  • I sigh, and slowly bring Leah over to the bed so Vee can watch her while I deal with this frakking snake. It's kind of a harsh awakening being here in Salt again... Dealing with snakes, and outhouses, and boiling water for baths, and all that — especially compared to the Ascendant's indoor plumbing, and environment controls... I kinda miss it, but then I also really love the space we've got here. Vee's brought me on a couple of walks with Leah around the area... It's been really quiet, with almost no Wendy sightings to speak of. Even the Valley's been really quiet...

    I guess I should be thankful that the most excitement I see lately is the occasional snake I have to kill with a shovel. The frakking things are just everywhere. I grab the shovel sitting by the door, and head out to deal with this. "Good boy, Junk — I'll take it from here..." I'm sure someone'll want this snake's head for the antivenom.
  • Junker pauses when you come close, but he's extra protective lately. He keeps barking, moving to the side to flank it, keep its attention.

    Alright, Kiddo. Let's see you deal with this snake. Roll me a Seize by Force on that sucker.
  • OOC: Hrmm... SBF on the snake's head. Roll+Hard.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 4, 5. Total: 10)
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    • Suffer little harm.
    • Inflict terrible harm.
    • Take definite hold of it.

    I kinda feel bad frakking that snake up like I did... It was so busy dealing with Junker it never saw me bring the shovel down on it. I chopped its head off so quick it went rolling off down the road. I grabbed a bucket over by the corner of the shack, and carefully put the head into it for later.

    The trick here is that snake heads can sometimes still bite you after they're decapitated, so I'm being really careful not to get near it. I let it bleed out and properly die before disposing of the body over by the meat shack, and stowing the head away for later. I don't like snake meat, especially poisonous snakes, but there's no sense in throwing out food...
  • Kiddo,

    As you're finishing up, Junker moves over with you, sniff the dead snake once. Then, he exhales real sharp through his nose, as if to say "I'm done with this shit." and trots back over to the shack.

    It's funny, right? You watch him walk over there, and that's when you spot a pair of eyes, shining out from under the shack. Right where Junker came, where he sleeps. They're watching you calmly.

    It's another dog.
  • What the frak? ... Junker, you hound! I squat down and whistle for them to come... Not all dogs know what a whistle means, but they can figure that shit out pretty quick. "C'mere!" I call, summoning it with my hand, "Junk who's that you've got with you?"
  • The other dog doesn't come. Junker looks back at you, tilting his head in confusion. That's when you hear something. Whispery quiet, coming from the dog. The other dog. Lots of little noises, really.

    It isn't coming out. What do you do?
  • Oh shit... Dad, is this your doing?

    I slowly rise up off my haunches, which is getting much easier now that I'm not lugging around 35 pounds of baby weight anymore, and put the shovel away. We've got a little bit of spare meat from last night that I was saving for breakfast, but business has been good enough that I think we can afford some food from Oliver's. I check on Vee and Leah before heading back out to offer the meat to Junk and his ... ahem, house guests.
  • VB is sitting up in the bed now, one of Rinso's big shirts thrown over her top. She's tickling Leah and talking to her in whispers. She looks up, "What's going on out there, Momma?"

    You grab the spare meat from... where do you keep it in this shack anyways?
  • The meat's hanging in the storage closet — it's a pain to keep that stuff hanging around out-side because Junker can just get at it. First though, I slip over to Vee and Leah on the bed for just a minute, smiling wide and whispering, "hey sweetie pie," to Leah before giving Vee a kiss on the cheek. "Snake troubles, and I think Junker's found himself a girlfriend... We've either got puppies, or rats," I huff with a bit of a giggle before brushing some of Leah's silky-soft hair out of her face, "and if it's puppies, I'm blaming Dad." Feeding a litter of Danes would frakking suck...

    Anyway, I give my girls a kiss before heading over to the storage closet and grabbing that hunk of meat. Then I'm back outside, trying to coax our guest out from under the shack.
  • VB turns her head for a lip-to-lip kiss, nothing dramatic, just, that's her preference. She's sitting there, without the leg. She doesn't wear it in the house, especially not around Leah. VB says, "My bet is puppies. I love puppies! At least, I think I do, since the pics I saw on Venger's tablet were amazeballs."

    You head back outside. The meat works to get the mother to stick her head out. Yes, it's puppies. Six. The momma is some mutt, but she makes cute babies. Maybe, with Junker's stock, they might be worth selling? OR giving away. They aren't weaned, you're pretty sure.

    Your Dad is up, He's standing outside his new place, "pretend smoking", which is where he has a stick in his mouth and is thinking and chewing on it. He's not looking your way. He totally came out to check on Junker, probably the puppies, too.
  • Well, I'm not turning down a lip-to-lip kiss... I'm a little worried that she won't wear her leg around Leah. I'm not sure why she's avoiding it, but I'm sure she's got her reasons.

    I give the pups outside a good look over, and pet the mother once she's eating the meat I brought out. I won't say I feel a kinship with her, 'cause that would be frakking stupid, but she's got this goofy grin on her that I totally understand... Almost like she's saying look what I made! ... They're cute, alright. Vee'll love 'em.

    I stand up and brush off my knees, then spot Dad playing coy over by his place... He always was a terrible liar. I narrow my eyes and bite my lip in mock persecution as I stroll over to him. "What are you doing to my dog?" I jokingly call when I'm in earshot.
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    Your Dad turns and tries to wear a mask of surprise when you accuse him, but then the grin spreads and he shakes his head, "Now, I did'n do nothin. That lil lady came runnin up to Junk and put a hoodoo on 'im. Aint my fault they made a love c'necshun." He chews on the stick a bit more until you're close enough for a hug, which he pulls you into. He feels stronger here, like the earth and the work is putting meat back on his bones.

    When you step back, he looks down at you, "Lost th' weight, it seems. Gonna hit the road soon?" The door to their place is open. You see Rinsa in there, laying on the floor, coloring.
  • Ok, that made me laugh... Or maybe more accurately: snort loudly, and then fail to contain my giggles. I fall into a hug with him, and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Well, you're training 'em. I did a shit job with Junker, and I'm not keeping six little pups around untrained — especially not if they turn out like Junker..."

    I pause a minute when he comments on my weight, spotting Rinsa down on the floor coloring, and shake my head. "I hadn't planned on it just yet... Business is good enough that I can coast for a while, but I may need to chat with Star and Proper soon... It's just not right that I'm still getting kickbacks for their hard work when I'm down here taking care of Leah." I nod over towards Rinsa, and add, "you taking care of her now? What's Ma' think of that?"
  • Ollie looks in at her, his gaze lingers on her as he answers, "Your Ma hated the thought of her. Least till she outshot me at th' range. Now... she's the damn queen o' Salt." He puts an arm around you, "Things work out, ya know. An I'll train the pups, better'n Junk, since their ma listens. heh."
  • Leah could outshoot Dad at the range... Dad hates guns. I wonder how Ma' convinced him to bring Rinsa out shooting... Actually... No. Scratch that. I'm good not knowing. I smile up at him, and look back towards home. There's a lot of new life in Salt today... The world feels kinda new, in a weird sort of way. "I think I'm gunna go down to Boomtown, and let Butter Nut know we're settled in Salt. I might bring Leah along... You want me to say hello to anyone?"
  • Your Dad smirks, "You still tryin' to get her up here? Kiddo..." he laughs, not derisively, it's a playful laugh. "Tell 'Tech I said hey. An give Motel th' rest o' my smokes, yeah?"

    Rinsa looks up from her coloring at you. She's kicking her feet in the air and was humming until she heard your voice. Now she's looking at you with those deep eyes of hers. No expression for a moment. Then, she waves with the hand holding a blue crayon.
  • I smile wide and hum with pleasure when he asks if I'm trying to get Butter up here, "Of course I am! That woman is ... She's something special." I will get her to open up a restaurant in Salt, or die trying.

    ... Which I really hope isn't necessary. I pat Dad on the shoulder and wave back to Rinsa, then walk over to see what she's up to. "Hey sweetie! Whatcha drawing?"
  • Your Dad chuckles, not saying anything more. He's joked about what you want from Butter Nut before. How did you take that?

    "A shadow dwagon!" Rinsa calls back, like it's just a thing you need to draw. She pulls the page up from the floor to display it. It's, well, for a four year old, pretty decent. You see the blue and black dragon, wings and all. There's a guy in its clutches, bitten in half, he's a skeleton now. And blood, all around the dragon's mouth and the ground.
  • Back in the day, I took Dad's chiding pretty hard... "I do not love Butter Nut!" may have been screamed indignantly within earshot of Butter... Now, I know he's just teasing. Besides! I've got Vee — a younger, sexier version of Butter Nut — now.

    I giggle at Rinsa's enthusiasm and crouch down next to her to get a better view. It's a pretty bloody picture for a four year old — but I seem to recall having some pretty violent drawings at age four too... Especially under Ma's influence. "Hunk stomping stupid guys" was a popular one for a while. Hunk loved that... I tussle Rinsa's hair and give her a kiss on the top of the head. "Your mom shouldn't be on the road too much longer sweetie. Are you anxious to see her when she gets home?"
  • "Uh huh, I misses hur bunches, Auntie Kiddo." Rinsa answers quick and emphatically. "Why was Junka bawkin so wowd?"
  • Awe... I smirk to myself at her cute little lisp, and look out the door back towards Gramma's shack. "Well a snake came slithering in this morning, and Junker needed to protect his pups! He needed to wake me up so I could help him take care of it. He likes making a lot of noise when he's excited, too..."
  • Rinsa grins really, realllly big. Then she looks down at the paper quickly and says, "Junka's got puppies! He's a boy dog, Auntie Kiddooooo!!!" She starts giggling. Then she drops her crayons and rolls over laughing at the ceiling.

    Your Ma appears from the bedroom, lil Ollie attached to her breast, eating away while she holds him. She looks up at you, gives you a nod, "Mornin, Kiddo."
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    Ok, that was cute... I'm giggling along with her a second, not really willing to get into the specifics about how babies are made with a 4 year old — but then I can't help but wonder if she's confused about how babies are made 'cause Cherry kept Rinso hidden from her for so long... Like she just doesn't know how she wouldn't be here if not for Rinso...

    Well, I'm not going down that rabbit hole... "Did Ollie show you the puppies? They're really cute!"

    That's around when Ma' comes out, feeding Ollie, and I wave up at her. "Mornin' Ma'!" I get up and give her a kiss on the cheek. "Had a snake wander over to the shack this morning... I think it was poisonous, so I was gunna run the head it down to Kim later. You feel like going for a ride?"
  • Rinsa continues giggling, but she somehow communicates that yes, she's seen the puppies.

    Your Ma nods at your information about the snake, unperturbed, "One thing I always hated about Salt. All the damn snakes. And yes, I wanna ride. Ols, will you watch the kids so's we can get out for a bit?"

    Ollie responds from behind you, "O'course." He chuckles lightly, "S'pose we can have a lil sing-a-long, right, Rinsa?"

    Rinsa hops up to her knees with sudden energy, eyes alight, "SING A LONG! Yes! We gonna do Ima pepper?!?"

    "Heh heh, no doubt, darlin." Ollie responds as he walks back inside.
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    I smile to myself at Rinsa's enthusiasm for the sing-a-long, and stop Dad as he walks back inside. I give him a kiss on the cheek again, and let him keep going. Then I look back to Ma' and nod, "I've still gotta get Leah squared away for the morning, so don't rush or nothing. I'll come find you in a bit."

    Most of my morning routine's a little boring — feed and change Leah, eat, check in on Rinnie... Today I guess I'll be filling up the bike though. I think I might take Leah with me... Give Rinnie and Vee some alone time for a change... They've been right patient with me, so I think they deserve it. Not that I don't trust Dad or anything, but I'm not going anywhere dangerous, and Leah's got a bit of irritation on her hands and feet — like really dry, red skin — so I wanna bring her over to Kim's clinic. Rinso said it's probably nothing, but I wanna get it checked out... Mother's paranoia, right?
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    VB has a shift cooking at Ollie's coming up, but you get the feeling she's going to wait for Rinso to come home and take advantage of what you've given her.

    Let's pick up with your Ma on her ride and you on yours, heading to see Kim. How does Leah ride on your bike, by the way?
  • I thought Vee might. I gave her a big kiss and told her to enjoy herself while I'm gone.

    I've got a sling that Cherry gave me for carrying Leah. It's basically a big sheet of cloth that ties over my shoulder, and holds Leah close to my chest — nice and snug. It's great for a little privacy during feedings too. It's purple. I think it looks sharp... I tend to ride a little slower with Leah, just to make sure I can respond to the road safely.
  • Let's pick up at Kim's.

    The place is busy, like always. Looks like inoculations going on. A queue to outside, folks getting meds.

    Duracell will take the snake head, offer some meds in return if you need it. Do you?

    That's quick enough, and here you are in Boomtown. What do you do?
  • Well, I was going to make it quick, but the queue for inoculations has me a little spooked. I pull Duracell, tell her about the head, and before asking for payment ask, "What's with sticking folks? There some kind of sickness going around?"
  • Duracell, who looks a little less dead tired than normal, pats your arm. "Sweetie, it's alright. We're actually ahead o' the game. Kim's getting people shots to prevent 'em getting sick. These're boosters." She gives you a reassuring look, making sure you understand what she means.
  • I frown at Duracell, not so much annoyed as insulted she thinks I don't know what a needle is for. I shuffle Leah around a bit, and kiss her forehead to apologize for moving her, then answer, "you only give out shots when there's sick going around. What are you boosting against?" What if it comes north to Salt? I don't want Leah catching whatever the frak that is!

    Gods... I'm supposed to be on leave from this shit.
  • Duracell purses her lips, like she's considering things. "Kiddo, there's no need to fret." She pats your arm lightly, changes the subject, "Your baby is looking real healthy and happy. Two months now, right?"
  • OOC: Reading Duracell. Roll+Sharp.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 4, 4. Total: 11)
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    OOC: Holding 3.
    Q1: Is Duracell telling the truth about there being nothing to worry about?
  • No, Kiddo. She's lying, because she isn't supposed to tell anyone why they are getting booster shots.
  • I frown a little harder, now I'm getting annoyed. Regardless, I soften my voice and step closer to keep things private. "Duracell... I grew up here. My parents helped found this place. I've got a daughter I need to think about now... Can we step outside a second? Maybe talk truth for a while?"
  • Duracell holds tight, like she doesn't want to leave. "Why don't you chat with Tech or Braeburn about it, if you're worried? I've got, you know, work."
  • I shake my head, "I don't wanna go through the frakking libs, Duracell. You know what's going on. I'll let you get back to work just as soon as you tell me what the heck is going on here!"

    OOC: How can I get Duracell to tell me what's going on?
  • Duracell argues back, "Logitech is NOT a Lib, I don't care what folks say. They're working together, is all."

    You need to guilt her into it. Thinking your kid is in danger. Or, threaten to start a panic if you don't get answers. You realize that she wouldn't take a bribe, which is rare.
  • I take a deep breath, and lower my voice again. This isn't getting anywhere... "Duracell... Look — when I was up north, I got Stitch to stick Leah with everything she could think of that she might encounter out here — but if you guys are giving out boosters for something, and not telling folks what they're getting stuck for, then you're putting every place these folks visit at risk of exposure. My newborn daughter and brother — hell, my whole frakking family — all at risk because they have no idea what to be ready for. If you won't tell me, then I'm going to have to send everyone here for shots, rather than maybe getting some medicine of my own and helping out as best I can."
  • Duracel closes her eyes, not liking this. She looks down, "Maybe you should, Kiddo." She looks up at you again. "It's for the water. Tech and Kodak thinks it might have impurities, so they developed a vaccine. With Kim, and somebody else, but Kim won't tell me anything more."
  • But... But this water was supposed to be pure! This makes me nervous. "I need to talk to Kim... We had some problems with water up at the Ascendant, and the solution was not something you guys want to undertake. I need to know who that person was that helped Kim, Duracell... It's really important!"
  • Duracell frowns, "Kiddo, honey. Kim is running that line of folks while I sit here and chat with you. I need to get back there." She looks really uncomfortable about this, but offers, "Can you come back in a few hours? I'll see if we can move through the line and I'll free her up. Alright?"
  • I lower my voice to a forceful whisper, and add, "Duracell, I'm not joking — the water troubles we had up north are the kind of thing that don't get better with a needle. I need to talk to Kim now!"

    OOC: How can I get Duracell to pull Kim aside right now?
  • Duracell exhales through her nose angrily. "You young kids are so damn pushy..." Then she lifts a finger, "Take your lil girl inside. I'll get Kim."

    You wore her down.

    After a few minutes, Kim comes back, "Is Leah sick?" She doesn't know what's up, Duracell must have not said.
  • I don't give a fuck if Duracell thinks I'm pushy... She doesn't know what the fuck happened up at the Ascendant. I wait patiently for Kim, but Leah's not coming out of her sling just yet. "Leah's got some rashes, but that's not we need to talk... What's the deal with this injection, Kim? Who helped you make it? We had water problems up north, and an injection couldn't fix it..."
  • Kim looks around to make sure nobody is looking. She starts looking at Leah like that's why she's here, but answers you, "Tech and Kodak were afraid of the water. Turns out they had some kinda robot that they found, it helped them create this innoculation. I did some tests, it looks harmless, actually boosts a person. Should help prevent some water-borne diseases, even if there is no, what'd they call it, colony."
  • I rock a little on my feet to soothe Leah, and rub her back gently. "The colony I know almost blew up the Ascendant, and forcefully made people drink water that made them go nuts... Kim — if there's a threat in that water, it's a threat to the whole of Salt Flats. I need to know so I can help get people mobilized against it. Have you had folks coming in here getting sick from it?"
  • Kim shakes her head. "No, not one change. Nothing. Caesar sent word back about the signs of the cult. I've kept a close eye." With practiced hands, Kim is putting some salve on Leah's body, she giggles a little like it tickles. She likes Kim.

    "I'm not some bumpkin, Kiddo. Stitch is a miracle worker, but I know my shit." She looks down at Leah, then back up, "Sorry."
  • Well... Shit. I smile down on Leah as she giggles under Kim's careful hands, and nod apologetically to Kim when she defends herself... I didn't mean to doubt her. I'm just a little paranoid is all. I don't want those frakkers coming back — ever. I kneel down next to Leah and give her a kiss on the cheek. "You forgive Doctor Kim, don'tcha? Yeah, you do! That's my girl."

    Then I sigh, and look over to Kim and shrug, "Sorry to push you like that doc... Old habits die hard I guess. If there's anything I can do to help keep folks healthy, you know I will."
  • Leah giggles, then makes an air bubble and gasps at the wonder of that, then gurgles a little. Kim's ire drops a bit, and she pats your arm. "I know things were crazy up there. We're trying to keep it from happening again. In no small part, we've got you to thank for it."
  • Maybe I am just paranoid... It's bad enough that I still feel nervous whenever we get water from a source I don't trust. Maybe I've just got too many balls in the air. I need to relax a bit... Enjoy my family, and just focus on starting my life here. I nod, "It's all in who you know... What do I owe you for everything?"
  • Kim settles up with a small trade, not even close to a barter, sends you and Leah on your way. Leah's still in a giggly mood.

    Where do you do?
  • Well, that was a bunch easier than I thought... I'm totally going to go get some food from Butter Nut's! It'll give me a chance to play with Leah while I wait for food.
  • You've got Leah up on a table at Sprite's when Butter Nut comes by with a dish for you and a small bowl of little raisin-like things for Leah. She puts a hand on your shoulder, smiling, "Kiddo! Gods, she is amazing!"

    She hugs you, then leans down over Leah for a closer look. Leah, for her part, seems stymied by Butter Nut, and gapes at her.
  • I'm singing the "Itsy bitsy spider" and miming a spider crawling up Leah's tummy when Butter comes up behind me and puts a hand on my shoulder. I look up at her and smile, "thanks sweetie!" Butter's such a kind woman... I turn back to Leah and kiss her tummy, "who's that Leah? That's Butter Nut! She's the awesome lady who cooked you all those yummy meals when you were in Mommy's tummy!" I smile brightly down at her, and lightly tickle her sides to get her giggling, "say thank you to Butter for all the yummy food!"

    I turn back to Butter, all smiles, and add, "so when are you coming up to Salt? You know we're all missing you!"
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    Leah giggles. She's unable to resist your tickling. She lightly bats at your hand, then looks over at Butter Nut. Butter seems transfixed when your daughter looks at her.

    "She's got your nose, Kiddo. Your adorable little nose." She smiles, then looks up at you, "She's going to be a real heart-breaker, you know." She smiles at you, then reaches out a finger to touch the tip of your nose.
  • Frak... Am I blushing? Son of a bitch...

    I huff a breathy laugh, and look back down to Lean with a contented smile, "she's something special alright... Already broke her Uncle's heart when I took her away for a feeding." I almost wonder what's on her mind... There's something about that look. Butter's a complete mystery to me...
  • OOC: Reading Butter Nut. Roll+Sharp.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 2, 5. Total: 10)
  • OOC: Holding 3.
    Q1: What is Butter Nut really feeling right now?
  • Butter Nut smiles at you for a moment. It stretches on for too long, and she breaks away, brushing a stray hair behind her left ear, looking back down at Leah, "When are you heading up north?"

    She's happy for you, proud of you, too. A tiny bit jealous of you, since she's a little lonely.
  • I shrug, "no rush. Ma'll probably be riding up before the day's out, and I'll probably join her unless you wanna tag along and need a day or two to settle up here... Rinnie'll probably be a little grouchy if I steal his baby girl away any longer than that though."
  • Butter Nut furrows her brows for a moment like she's figuring things in her head. "I don't want you to put you or the baby out, Kiddo. I'm sure a ferryman'll be along sometime and I can catch a ride."
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    I frown, mostly amused by the fact that she thinks me chilling in the town I grew up in would "put me or the baby out". "Or I can just chill here, catch up with Tech, and a few other folks, and bring you up free of charge... It's really no trouble if you think you can make it work... Hell, I could even come back. I'm sure Dad's dying to see you!"

    Q2: What does Butter wish I'd do?
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    Butter Nut narrows her eyes for a second, which is comical on her open face, and answers, "Your dad's belly wants to see me."

    She wants to go. If you, just you brought her up there. She'd go for that. Riding with a baby and no sidecar, that would freak her out.
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    I giggle again, "Butter... Whose belly doesn't want to see you? You're like family to us! Quit selling yourself short." I lick my lips and put a hand on her forearm, "I'll tell you what. I'll head home for a couple days — however many you need to get sorted — and I'll come back with a sidecar, alone. Sound good?"
  • She nods, a couple times, then laughs a bit, like nervously or something. She grins, touches Leah's arm lightly, the turns and heads back to work, "Nice seeing you. Catch you in a couple days, Kiddo!"
  • I'm watching Butter as she walks away... I mentioned that woman confuses the frak out of me, right? But gods she's hot ... I giggle to myself, and give Leah a raisin, then whisper to her, "Butter was also Mommy's first crush... But now Mommy's got another pretty little girl to occupy her time!"

    Q3: What does Butter intend to do?
  • Leah's eyes are wide with excitement, like she knows that she's the little girl.

    Butter Nut intends on having some fun away from work. She's worked so hard for so long, she doesn't even know what a vacation is. She knows you are interested in her, and while she's not trying to play "homewrecker", she really wants to feel attractive, and being near you does that for her in spades. She hasn't had a pretty girl interested in her since Chiclet. And that was ages ago. She's always been a little bit curious.
  • Well that makes me feel frakking weird... I mean, don't get me wrong, I've got a girl-crush on Butter like it's nobody's business — but I've spent the last 7 years of my life telling myself it's not happening. I don't think I could stop myself from drooling over her, but acting on it would be weird as hell... Especially considering that new scar of mine is still fresh, and stings from time to time.

    Anyway, I'm going to eat this delicious food, and share a couple raisins with Leah, and try to relax a bit before meeting up with Ma' to head home. Maybe I'll drop in on Tech to show him Leah...
  • Kiddo, please go here.
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