[Junk XIII] Traveling (J 9-4)

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You're on the road in your "gently used" RV, heading to Bubble City. Faille, Ro, Parfait and Nugget are with you, of course. Toot will catch up with you at Bubble City or so. Ro is riding up top in the turret, has already complained about bugs in his teeth and how he needs a helmet.

Parfait is behind the wheel, you're in the back with Nugget and Faille. Faille is busy pretending you wants to scribble the outside, but there's next to nothing on the paper.

Why haven't you let Faille drive? What's your favorite part about the RV so far?


  • I'm resting Nugget on my chest, playing patty-cake with his hands as Parfait brings us through the well-groomed roads up to Bubble City. Faille has never actually driven a vehicle before, as I understand it, and I've noticed that the RV is a particularly hard vehicle to handle. I've promised her that once we've gotten the engine fixed I'd teach her, and I do intend to make good on that promise.

    I must say, for a fortified castle, Pixajoy certainly knew how to live... The whole vehicle was clean, top to bottom, and the access to filtered water from the tap is otherworldly, the large tinted windows and amazingly comfortable seats in the front make you feel like a king... My favorite part, however, is without a doubt the enormous bed... I cannot imagine why Pixajoy did not take it with him, but this is an unbelievably comfortable mattress. I will sleep like a baby tonight, I believe ... Though hopefully longer than Nugget does.

    I slip Nugget off my chest and gently onto the mattress beside me, then roll over and face Faille, "is something troubling you, my dear?"
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    Faille looks over, her face a bit glum. She looks down at the paper, back up at you. Then down to the paper again.

    "I can't stop drawing Ro," she confesses. "He asked me to draw him last night, and I did. But I haven't shown him. I. I can't."

    She reaches under the journal to pull out a neatly folded sheet, hands it to you. You open it up to see a silhouette of Ro, pretty accurate. But there is something like Toot, and she is broken apart. There are words between them, showing the gulf that will be there someday, keeping them apart. What are those words?

    What do you do?
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