[Junk XIII] Tech Catch-Up (K 9-6)

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After the meal at Sprite's, you head over to Logitech's office. You find him sitting in there with Junk Radio tunes playing. With Motel6 DJing, what song is on when you enter?

Grand Seville is in here, too. He's leaning over a big map with a bunch of scribbled notes and figures. Tech sees you and calls out, "Ah ha! I wondered why today felt like a special day! Kiddo!" He rises from his chair to come round and hug you. Grand doesn't get up.

What do you do?


  • It's this old Bluegrassy tune called "Palisade" as sung by a guy called Parker Millsap — I recognize it 'cause Dad used to love it. Tech's a salt of the earth kinda guy... Anyway I've got Leah leaning against my shoulder rather than the sling, since I figured Tech might wanna give me a hug... I smile and wrap my free arm around his waist, "It's good to see you again, Tech! Gods! How've you been?"

    I nod over to Grand, even though he didn't get up. I never did talk to the guy much — seeing as he keeps setting up hotels, rather than apartments and the like.
  • Tech squeezes you in the hug, then gently touches Leah's head. "Good. Busy, but good. You see the clinic? We're getting ahead of things, Kiddo. All looking up. Rented your place. You want the jingle? Have a seat." He gestures to an open chair.
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