[Snowpocalypse] Up And Atom (L 4.2)

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It's taken a few days after you got supplies, but you've got the radiation shielding up. Layers of lead and wood. You've set up some of those defenses you mentioned, of course. Now you've pretty much got the shop ready to crack the case on the Sky Mote. Marmot is trying to mask her excitement, this is the biggest moment in her life, probably.

And Nuke and Butter are here, pestering you for updates. No way to hide it if you do crack it open, and this isn't something you want to get wrong.

What do you do?


  • I've always meant to show Butter what's in there. That was the deal. All the precautions are for if she's still not satisfied.

    So, let's do it. Get everyone else to stand back. Goggles up, torch on, reaching around the main shield, using the lead arm braces.

    Let's crack it open.
  • You crack it open the Sky Mote to find it is in relatively good shape. Sure, some damage from impact, but the core of it is good.

    This appears to have been a multi-functional device. There are pieces that look like they're part of an upload-download relay complete with a nearly complete broadcast download antenna. But this is on the surface, there are integral parts that seem substandard.

    The power source was primarily solar, and you've got the guts to really improve the sky kites, or maybe make up something new. Also, there are lithium-ion batteries in here, for when the satellite was in the dark. They're light and very powerful.

    The two pieces that are most interesting are what seems to be the position control system. It has logs for thousands of entries of who knows what (in Russian), and a bunch of data. Also, there is a particle acceleration system in here, meaning it might... might... be the core of what was once a rail gun.

    Marmot is asking questions, like she can't help it. Butter and Nuke are watching quietly, tracking everything. It's obvious this is a gold mine... if you can make it all work and understand it.

    Butter asks after waiting for a small forever, "Well...?

    What do you do?
  • I'll handwave past the communications and power systems for now, just saying enough to show Marmot how I know what's what. Useful, and valuable, but not mind-blowing. I want to walk her through it in detail. Hopefully I'll get a chance, later.

    Let's not mention the particle accelerator at all, for now.

    "Look, it was listening to something on earth, with this part, and making recordings, here. I'm not sure of what, yet, but..."

    Let's show Butter what she wants to see. I'll clip some wires onto the data storage and dump it into my deck, get the logs scrolling across my screens, and start digging into the data.

    How can I make sense of the data?
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    Butter is watching, looking at the data flow. "Yes! Like I said. It knows. It knows the truth of the world, Lemma! It knows why the world broke."

    The data is in Russian, of course. So translate it, with a person (Hadden speaks Russian, so does Molotov). Or cook up your own translation device, which will take lots of tries, since it isn't just words, but data, too.
  • I'll explain that to Butter. My impulse is to get Hadden to help, but I can't say the challenge of making a translator doesn't appeal to me.

    But mainly, it seems like Butter might get what she wants out of this, and I want to keep it that way. So.

    "To get it translated, I'd like to bring in Hadden. I could maybe do it myself, but it would take time, and I'm not sure how much."

    "So, can I call him in?"
  • Butter claps you on the back, nods, "Yes, bring him in. We'll trade for whatever translation, but he doesn't get his grimy paws on this. Get me?"

    She looks over her shoulder at Nuke, "Nuke, you wanna head back? I'll be along shortly, just want to watch this a bit more."

    Nuke looks a little surprised, but he shrugs, "Sure, Butter, sure." He looks to you and even Marmot, "Thanks for putting us up." He heads for the door.
  • Okay, that went well. I'll use the radio to see if I can raise Hadden.

    I wonder how Butter sees the rest of the wreckage. If she really only wants the information, I could definitely use the rest... and probably no one else can. Delicate question to raise, though. Maybe start around the edges.

    "Yeah, he shouldn't have a problem working for hire. That's kind of his deal."

    Her mood's pretty important, here. I'm watching for reactions.
  • Read a person:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 5. Total: 12)
  • First hold: How can I get her to let me keep parts of the Sky Mote?
  • Butter's mood is good, like a big weight was lifted. She really, really believed in this. She relaxes a bit, saying, "Nuke, send a couple runners to find Hadden when you get back. We've almost got it." She smirks, "See? It wasn't so bad. I just had to lean on you to get you focused. You pushed this out for what? Months? Then I stand on your damn neck and BAM, three days. And look! Look what we have! Lemma, I know I was a bitch to you. Marmot, you, too. But you can't argue with fucking results."

    If you want to keep parts aside from the data logs, then you'll need to straight up lie to her about what they are. She'll want half of any scrap that's valuable, and a full share of the data, since you both can have that. So you tell her the rest is ruined or shit, she'l trust you now.

    Of course, if word gets out that you ended up selling or using it... well...
  • Half of the scrap is actually a pretty good deal. I've always meant to deal fair with her. And maybe I'll try buying some of the rest of it.

    As for the not-apology...

    "I never argue with results. Sometimes argue with my neck getting stood on, though."

    I look at the streaming data and smile. She wasn't the only one curious about this.

    "So, what are you going to do with this?"

    Second hold: What does she intend to do?"
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    Butter shrugs about what you would argue with, like "yeah, I would too, if I were you. But, I'm not."

    "The scrap will be used for whatever we need, o course. The data... well, it will show us how the world died, like I said. We can change our ways, Lemma. We can make it all work again if we don't fuck it up, Marmot."

    She's going to start a new religion. She plans on leading it.
  • Of course. Butter as a High Priest. Lovely.

    On the other hand... well, making it all work again if we don't fuck it up is the closest thing I've got to a creed, too. Never needed a satellite's data logs to tell me that, though.

    All right. She's happy. Her goons are gone. Hadden's on the way over to satisfy some longstanding curiosities of mine.

    Starting to wish I hadn't given my last couple beers to Invert. Still, time for a break.
  • Alright, Lemma. Crisis averted.

    Time for beers? Where do you want to go?
  • Wow, she's happy enough that we can leave? Then yeah, it's time for some fresh air. I'd been wanting to go talk to Poke at the pier-- see if I can liquidate that angel stock, for starters, and maybe discuss her employment situation.

    Picking up some drinks and a shrimp skewer would be nice, too.

    I'll see if Marmot wants to come. She could probably use a drink, too.
  • --END SCENE--
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