[Big Maul] Custom Move Ideas and WhatNot

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If you've got ideas for custom moves for The Breeze and the Big Maul, post them here. Go crazy, have fun!

But ONLY post after you've finished your character.


  • Thoughts on The Breeze:

    Niko said:

    The Breeze is somewhat resisted via a roll+Weird. How about something like:
    10+ Resist, MC pick 2
    7-9 Resist, MC pick 1

    · You don't take -1 Forward (this stacks)
    · You don't take 1Harm AP
    · Another option I can't think of. Maybe, you don't pass out. The penalty and harm are from cramping muscles and nose bleeds.


    AsIf said:

    Well, "Open your brain" is a +Weird roll that "succeeds" in freakyhoohah. I think we're looking at something more nuanced, along the lines of...

    Roll +Weird to try and ride it, interpret it, or utilize it (this mirrors "open your brain").
    Roll +Hard to try and resist it, fight it, delay it (this mirrors "act under fire")

    Meanwhile, the whole syndrome should proceed on a countdown clock. Here's a first pass at a "breeze-clock":

    1-3 distraction, inability to concentrate, irritation
    4-6 minor twitching, trembling or fumbling
    7-9 significant twitching, probably shouldn't drive
    10 noticeable but discontinuous muscle contortions
    11 continuous muscle contortions
    12 you're a walker
  • WPTunes said:

    When you HERD CATS, roll +Cool. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1.
    * You totally don't come off as an asshole.
    * You get them all heading the same direction, for now.
    * You don't get distracted by the effort.
    * Take +1 forward to your next attempt to herd the same cats.
    * Kittens! I love kittens!
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    I found this in a thread at barfforth and thought something like this might be applicable here...?

    When you do your circus thing, choose one other PC, then describe your act in detail (pulling a rad stunt for the Daredevil, making an introduction for the Ringmaster, etc). Even if the actual in-character action only lasts a few seconds, please oh please chew the scenery. Then, your chosen PC and the MC simultaneously vote thumbs-up or thumbs-down (depending on whether they think your audience will like your act). Both thumbs up - you're high on good vibes from the crowd, take +1 forward! One up, one down - you're a little distracted today, give +1 Hx (or -1) to the PC who voted for you. Both down - it's a tough crowd, take -2 on your roll, but mark experience for pushing through.

    Some other interesting food for thought there too:

    Of course, I'm tying Jet's shows directly to his monthly income, and his payment of rent is a NPC-related requirement for his story. So maybe Jet's circus move would have a monetary aspect to it? I'm thinking it may be kinda like the Hardholder or Hocus' beginning-of-session moves where they get their money for that session? Except for Jet it happens once per month.
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