[Snowpocalypse] Have You For Dinner (H 4.8, S 4.5)

edited April 2014 in Snowpocalypse
To Hadden and Silica:

As night comes along, Merrell comes back home, with Mimsy. Lashfight has cleaned up the house, and herself, and Slash stored the bird you didn't use. He gave you two space to cook or whatever, and before you know it, everyone is sitting around the rectangular table. Merrell at the head of it, Mimsy at his right, and empty seat to his left (it was Tindy's, now it's nobody's). Lash sits at the spot that would've been beside Tindy, and Slash is seated at the end (but not the foot of the table). One of Merr's gang (that one-eyed gal called Stiffy) is down there across from Slash. Where are you two? You can sit opposite or squeeze in together.

Merrell starts in with, "This bird is good, Slash." He nods to the compliment. Then, Merrell asks you, Hadden, "Who's your friend, Haddy?"

What do you do?
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