[ESC] Let's Go to the Movies

edited April 2014 in ESC
Raleigh, you zip over to the Usenet Movies portal with Bloo and Fiery. Bloo leads you to a small darkened theater where a handful of folks sit watching an old timey pre-reel, some Looney Tunes short. You spot Patty right away, and she's glued to the screen, really watching it.

Once the short ends, the red curtains that take up almost the entire theater except for the screen, start moving back. It's a 360 theater, evidently. The real movie will start soon. The three of you are in the aisle nearest Patty.

What do you do?


  • I'm going to jump into the same random public profile I had last night — rich white party-boy — and see if she's here for the movie, or out looking for us.
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