[Big Maul] Slap Dash Job (P 1.2)

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You broke off from those two, right?

Going back to the offices all by your lonesome I see. Well sure sure, it's all glass doors and then the metal door to the closet where Hottopic was working before she got that little shock.

The Muzak isn't so impressive, really. Just a black box that Hottopic left open and exposed, lots of wires and a little digital display and a keyboard. Before it all went to hell, it was just a simply computer set up to run the... whatever. Do you really care?

What do you do?


  • I'm touching Muzak where Hottopic did and opening my brain. I'd like to offer it a mouth, though I'm not sure what that means.
  • (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 5. Total: 11) xp+2 (One for weird, one for following Hood's instructions)
  • Playboy, Hottopic comes in after some time of your "talk" with Muzak. Mask speaks for you, and for Muzak, too. It's weird, but you're there, sort of a co-pilot. What you're saying is over < ahref="http://ngp.calypti.ca/discussion/296/big-maul-unwanted-silence-h-1-1-j-1-2-p-1-1#Item_92">here.

    But we can talk here, just you and me.

    It feels really good, like tingly nice, your whole body is pulsing with pleasure. When was the last time you felt really strong and wonderful, Playboy?
  • Playboy, don't forget the question above!

    After some time, you're not sure how long, Muzak is no longer talking to you. It's working again, playing this song:

    (Freedom by Nicki Minaj)

    Your body is a little sore, like you've been standing completely still for a long while. Hottopic is gone, must be back at her shop. Things must be fixed? You have no recollection of what happened with Muzak, but you must have fixed it.

    Do you go to the AMC shows?
  • I stretch out, roll my shoulders, test my voice. I guess I'm going to the food court. I have to tell Big Mac that Hottopic is thinking about Muzak.

    Strong and wonderful? I guess never. I feel strong whenever I'm hurting someone. But it isn't wonderful -- just a thing that has to happen in this world. Sometimes; not always, but sometimes, sex feels wonderful. I think that a long time ago, before I found Hood, but I can't really remember what that was like, but I think I sometimes felt wonderful then too. There was a red car with a horse on it but I can't really remember why that mattered.
  • Sure, Playboy, you head out of the small closet, and run right into GNC. GNC is one of Hottopic's assistants. He starts when he sees you coming out. Why is he scared of you, Playboy?

    "Huh... hello." GNC offers cautiously. He's young, maybe a few years younger than you. Do you know how old you are, Playboy? Not bad looking, if a bit out of shape from hours sitting and working on stuff rather than moving around.

    What do you do?
  • "How long have I been in here?" I lean in and sniff him, inhaling deeply through the two holes in my hood. "Know where Big Mac is?"

    He's scared of me because he's a timid little mouse and the last time I fucked him, it was more vigorous than he was comfortable with and I didn't stop just because he was whining about it. Don't get me wrong, he got off too, but I guess I'm not his type -- or maybe he's afraid of his type...whatever, people are confusing.
  • "I don't know when you came... in here?" GNC answers. "Hottopic asked me to check in on the Muzak... and you. Are you, well, alright?" He shied away from the sniffing, but then he looked down at your breasts, too.
  • "I think so. Seen Big Mac?"
  • GNC shakes his head, "Not today, no." He pauses, then adds, "He's prolly gone to the AMC, watching the show. It's already started." You can tell GNC was going. But now, well, he's here.
  • "Huh. New show. Yeah, OK. But then, Jet can just tell Mac himself. I guess, that's the best bet."

    So I'll grab GNC by the back of the neck, bite his ear affectionately and walk him to AMC to see what's up there. Unless he resists and runs off or whatever.
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    GNC flinches when you bite his ear, but you leave it on and he relaxes a bit.

    Please go here
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