[Snowpocalypse] Shifting Environments (H 4.8, R 4.7)

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Hadden and Rossi:

It's been a few days since your run-in with Merrell's guards and nothing has happened. Silica has been out, K2 hasn't been to work, either. You're both in the sub, it's early early.

Hadden, why did you end up sleeping here? Who are you sleeping with this morning? How did you two hook up?

Rossi, Jester found Silica yesterday, she didn't come back with him, said she needed some time alone. Why did that sound good to you? By the by, you've healed up to 3 o'clock.

There's a knock on your door, Hadden. One on yours, too, Rossi.

Hadden, it's Arbor, he was looking for you.

Rossi, it's Invert.


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    From Hadden:

    I'm here because we were discussing the idea to lure Merrell out with a new find. Bring him to an ambush, so to speak. Checked in with Squirrel and Wandering about tunnel progress, finally showed Slash the site (Steel Cigarillo? Caverna? Saint Martini?) and we talked about mom and Lashfight and dicknose. I also picked up that crate of beef jerky with the minitruck, so folk should be happy. I also busted out two of those crates of cheese balls. Trying to keep spirits up. I expect Jester handles quite a bit of that, but I'm getting a little stink-eye from one or two of Rossi's people because of Merrell. Gives me a lot to think about.

    But it's Em-Six-Teen who shared a pot of tea with me over some sketches of the area, and we wound up talking about how she came over to Rossi's gang, and the fucko Soulja Boys and the volcano. With her arm she's in no shape for gymnastics, and I'm not 100% sure she's not into Rossi, so we mostly just talked about old times, fell asleep easy. Kind of nice just to sleep for once, you know? I got so much to worry about. Being this close to Rossi all the time makes me really aware of what I'm doing, or not doing, or just talking shit.

    I got some coffee going. "Hey, Arbor. How you been, man?"
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    • Deliveries (1-barter/bushwacked)
    • Brokering deals (1-barter/shut out)
    • Obligation gig: Keeping Tindy happy (you keep her happy / you fucking blow it)
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 3, 1. Total: 7)
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  • I don't know if Jester was toning down what Silica said, but if she actually used the words "I need some time alone", then that's a huge improvement over what she normally tells me to do when I ask her to come see me... Which isn't very often to begin with... I figure she'll come if she needs me. So long as she stays away from Merrell and his bullshit goons, I'm happy.

    I get up and throw a bra on before opening the door to find Invert outside my room. "What's up?"
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    To Rossi,

    Invert steps inside. "We found where Merr's fuckers are storing their shit. And they've got a fuckton of explosives, and guns galore!" She looks real damn please with herself about this coup.

    What do you do?
  • To Hadden,

    Arbor comes in, glancing over at Em, who's lying in her bed in a sheet ("the sub gets hot at night", she said a few times, until she was jaybird naked), then back to you. "Not awesome. Plus, bad news. Oakley took a delivery out to Palmer's, and he got caught up in some shit. He radioed out on a public signal. Not sure who's radio he was using, but I figure it's Palmer's probably." He looks over at Em, nods, "Hey, Em. Arm alright?"

    She ducks her head a little, "Uh huh. Thanks for askin."
  • From Hadden:

    How's Arbor looking? In general? I'm thinking about the ice thing Silica wants to set up. I'm not keen to have him hooked on ice, but I'm super happy he's still upright. Also, I note his attention on Em-Six-Teen, like concern or nice bod or envy or what. Just so I know what the what.

    And yeah, it's weird as hell to be hot.

    I'm more on Oakley, though. "Did you or someone else hear the message? What did he say exactly?" I'm thinking about Oakley's code. And shit, Palmer and Dice.
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    To Hadden:

    Arbor's not looking so great. He walks around with no shirt on most of the time in the sub. He's cut his cargo pants down to shorts. He's sweating constantly, sometimes he twitches a bit, and he always looks like he's in a bit of pain.

    As for his attention on Em, more like... fatherly? Like he is checking in on her. It's weird.

    He answers you, "Poptart told me about it. Wouldn't be surprised if she heard it. Crazy lady is so damn secretive, she wouldn't tell me shit more."
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    From Hadden:

    Weird to see someone mostly naked outside of a bed. Not that I mind. I worry about how he's doing. Kinda wish Silica was here to ask about this. Maybe the pet shop got answers. But he can see I'm concerned, and I get the feeling he don't want me to ask in from of Em-Six-Teen. I'll find out more on both sides in a bit.

    "Well, it looks like I gotta go talk to that one," I offer a battered thermos if he wants. "You want to come with?" I hope he does, but if he want to stay with Em-Six-Teen, that's cool too.
  • To Hadden:

    Arbor answers quick, "Yeah, I'll come with. But I'm not dealing with Poptart anymore. All on you, brother." He closes the door to wait outside.

    Em says quiet, once he's gone, "Hey... thanks for the chat. And stuff." She offers a quirky little smile.
  • From Hadden:

    I nod at Arbor, like you got it.

    I check out Em-Six-Teen. "Hey, good times, yeah? It's good to catch up." She's an odd duck. Been through a lot, she's a trouper. I'll give her a sweet kiss on the cheek, cup her face. "Hang in there, sister. Let me know if you need anything."

    I'll make to go, give her time to ask if she needs. There's not much room in here, and if Arbor wasn't waiting and her arm wasn't on the mend, I'd see what the what. I probably have to duck around the whatever-that-is as I get my act together.
  • To Hadden:

    When you make that move, Em sort of flutters her eyes closed and just barely opens her mouth in anticipation. But then you're up and getting dressed and she sort of reaches for clothes she threw off last night and slowly makes for dressing herself.

    Once done, you head out to Arbor. He leads you down a corridor towards Poptart. "Hey Hadden brother. You gonna try and get your crew down here at some point, or keep them up top?"
  • From Hadden:

    Hold the line. She wants a full kiss, I'll respond and deliver. Same with her clothes, if she needs help getting situated what with having a bad wing, I'll be a gentleman, not wham-bam-thankya-mam. But Arbor is waiting and Oakley's in trouble, so I can't exactly dawdle, you savvy? I mean, right?

    Once that's sorted, to Arbor. "Brother, Handplant got a nice place. Not sure if she'd want to move her family here right quick, but long-term? Up to her. Oakley would flippin' love it down here with the heat, but he might hate crossing the lake all the time." And I stop short, I have a crazy vision of rails across the ice, moving people and stuff, all hooked into Lemma's heart in this place. Is that even really possible? Maybe so... I find myself after two seconds, shake my head fast. "CTO would like the hunting. But he's a hard nut to crack." I don't mention Silica or K2 or even Molotov.
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    To Hadden:

    Oh, the kiss, that's quite nice. She's sort of shocked when you're gentle with her, like she's not used to that. She moves shyly away when you pull back. When you offer to help her with her clothes, she says, "S'okay, Hadden. It's feeling better, just got dislocated. Go help Oakley. All good."

    Arbor listens in, nodding and making noises that he agrees as you rattle off your crew. Then, at the end, he asks, "What about the girls? K2'd follow you, at least. And I could use some more ice, so having Sil around would be good."

    You're right outside a door. Arbor stopped here, must be Poptart's.
  • I cock an eyebrow in sudden interest, and lower my voice, ”where at? What kind of guards are we talking about?"
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    From Hadden:

    I give Em-Six-Teen a thumbs-up before going. Rough or gentle or any speed in between, my dear.

    I look down at the floor, solid. "I thought K2 might. We're on the outs. It's messy, but I half expect she'll show up any day now and want to make up." And that will be some very nice make-up sex, thank you very much. I look back at him, say plain. "Silica's got some rough shit she's working through right now. But I got you a line on ice." I half-frown, half-furrow my brow. "Is it bad? Is it even something you can kick?" I feel very responsible for this man, and to him. I'm going to work like anything to do right by him.
  • To Rossi:

    Invert chuckles once, like "I got skills", answers, "Three on the outside, but they are packing serious heat, and they aint stupid. They got a fucken little minisub-type thing where they're keepin it, and they burned the ice straight to the front door, so no way of sneakin around."
  • What? "How do you know they've got the guns and stuff down there if it's guarded that well?" my tone is more curious than doubtful – but this whole thing smells like a setup.
  • To Rossi:

    Invert's elation hitches up a bit, and she looks at Jester for a second. Then, it's like "fuck it", and she says, "I slept with one of them. And the fucker went on and on about it. I think, I dunno, maybe, I could get him to let me in there. Guy's name is Toe-Hold, and he's dumb as a box of rocks."

    To Hadden:

    Arbor shrugs, "I dunno, I can prolly kick it, as some point. But the DTs are a bitch, man. Too many irons in our fires, brother. Soon. Just help me keep up and going until then."
  • From Hadden:

    "You got it, brother, " seriouslike. Just about anything. Not sure if I'd make it up to him. I've got that big ice rock cut into little doses in the minitruck kit. I'll let him know. "I can hook you up with more... But watch it." I look at him. "Happy as six hells to see you up and walking, brother."

    He's too fucking right about irons in fires.

    "Anything I should know what the what with Em-Six-Teen?"
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    To Hadden:

    "Nothing long term, with the ice." Arbor says, assuring you he means to kick it.

    On Em-sixteen, he shrugs, "She's pretty much the perfect woman, brother. She can defend herself, she's tough. .. and aint half bad lookin." He grins, like "nice job", doesn't look jealous.
  • From Hadden:

    Cool, just making sure what the what. I give him a dudegrin and knock on Poptart's door. What have I heard about her?
  • To Hadden:

    Poptart is Rossi's... mentor? Pseudo-Mom? Older friend? Whatever she is, it is well known that nobody messes with Poptart because Rossi. Poptart herself, she's an old, bitter man-hater hermit. Also, fucking competent. And, turns out, can work a radio.

    You rap on the metal door, which seals on the other side. It's locked. After a couple moments of banging, you hear her annoyed voice yelling on the other side, "What?!?"

    Arbor yells back, "It's Arbor!"

    Moment longer, then the door pops open. Poptart sticks her head out, sees Arbor, then you. This is a reminder of what she looks like:

    "What?" Poptart repeats, this time, not yelling, a little less annoyed.
  • I follow her gaze back to Jester, but don't give it any thought when she admits to sleeping with one of the fuckers... It's not like Jester has any right to judge. I nod when she says she might be able to get in and see it... This is a good idea. "We should try and get in... Take what we can, and blow up the rest. Preferably somewhere far enough away we don't get another cave-in."
  • To Rossi:

    Invert gives a quick, thankful grin, a little relieved that you didn't shame her for what she did. "Alright. I'll get on it. But they know we're around, Rossi. They're just waiting for Merr to give the word. Toe-Hold says they're gonna bury us."

    "Another explosion?" Jester asks quietly, like someone might overhear. Invert nods.
  • That's not good... I look back to Jester, and motion for him to get up. "Jessie – I need you to go find Hadden, and get folks out of here for a while – until we can sort out this shit with Merr. Invert, we're going to hit that stockpile hard and fast."
  • To Rossi:

    Jester gives you a serious look, like "be careful", but he won't disrespect you by saying it in front of Invert. He heads out to find Hadden, get people to some kind of safety. Invert cackles with glee and heads out real damn quick.

    Anything you wanna do before we skip ahead to the big fight?
  • I dont have anything else to do but grab Jester, and give him a big kiss before he heads out... I don't intend on dying out there, but I'm not stupid enough to tempt fate like that.
  • To Rossi:

    Jester returns the kiss, passionately, clutching you close, in case its the last time. He won't ask you to stay, doesn't even ask for a few extra moments. "See you soon, Rossi. Love you, Rossi. Big sexy times when you come back... so make sure you do."

    Then you're gone. You and Invert. Bringing anyone along for the party, maybe half the gang? Or sticking with Invert's little squad?
  • I hold him close hefore he leaves, and whisper, "I love you too – stay safe." Then I round up half the gang and bolt for that mini-sub.
  • From Hadden:

    "Hello, Poptart. Arbor tells me you heard the call from Oakley over the radio. Can you tell me what the what, exactly?" Poptart's a weird duck. Trying to keep it to the point, but I'm guessing she's the kind of person doesn't like to waste time with niceties. And on some level, I'm deeply curious about Poptart, and the sisters, and their difference in adoptive moms.
  • To Hadden:

    Poptart waves you both in, waiting for you to enter, then closing the door and spinning the little wheel in the middle of the door to seal it closed.

    She walks over to sit on a rickety chair she probably drug from some other section of the sub, and sits in front of a series of machines:

    "Asshole ruined the first radio," Poptart says with irritation. "But they were too sloppy to look around for all the spare parts." She huffs a derisive laugh. Then, "Your man Oakley called out thirty six minutes ago on public channel four. Said," she narrows her eyes and looks over the sheet of paper where she scribbled notes, starts reading aloud:

    "Stinky's boys are pushing hard on Palmer's. I see some of the C's out there, too. Not sure how this is gonna come out, Hadden. Skegs are outnumbered. I'm looking to skate, but it's not good. Give my share to Misty, maybe she can buy some treatment across the lake."

    Poptart looks up, like she's done reading, and says, "Then the transmission died, like he was about to say something else, but it was cut off. Tried calling back out. No response." She sighs once, "Sorry."
  • To Rossi:

    Please go here.
  • From Hadden:

    That's just shitbird's style- smash and grab without thinking or looking. Amazing that he didn't trip and split his skull grabbing for acorns. I nod absently, acknowledging at Poptart's skill. I lean absently on something that's clear, think. A three way of Stink Bug's folk, C's and Skegs all not looking great for Oakley, much less Palmer. Those fools, I hope they don't kill all the shrimps. I don't have all of his code, but it sounds like he's going to try to meet by Nedd's. I wonder if he really would give s share to Backside Misty. Weird not hearing his voice.

    I ask quietly, "We have any fast sleds can get dirtside?"
  • To Hadden:

    Poptart doesn't answer, she knows you must be asking Arbor. Arbor answers, "We don't have any, no." He clears his throat, "But Squirrel does."
  • From Hadden:

    I nod at the radio gear like amaze. "If only we could all carry those around all the time. Never lose anyone again." Then I make a clearing gesture with my hands like no time for love or dreams.

    "Okay, I'll go talk to Squirrel. If we're talking extraction, I could use an extra set of hands." I assume Poptart will stay here on the radio work, Arbor may have shit to do here? I give him a questioning look. Either way is fine and in the back of my head I'm thinking if Inessa would like Squirrel.
  • As you start to head out, Jester comes along, advising everyone they need to GTFO for a bit, Rossi's orders.

    Arbor ends up staying back to work with Jester.

    --END SCENE--
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