[Big Maul] Where the Fuck is Cache (C solo)

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It's never quiet anymore. Even when Muzak isn't playing, I hear music. Even when the Breeze isn't blowing, I hear the Storm. The Breeze is just a spin-off of the bigger torrent. The tsunami surging off the coast of the collective unconscious. The winds blow through my ears. Lightning flashes behind my eyes anytime they close, but there's no rain in this storm. It's all dust and electrical fire.

Since I woke up, I don't see people anymore. They're already dead, but haven't bothered to sit down. Falsely animated corpses, walking on borrowed time. The countdown starts as soon as we're born, and numbers drop off every second. I hear them all, screaming in their hearts. Crying in their heads. All voices swept away by the Breeze, and funneled directly into my brain. Hard to focus with that kind of noise between your ears.

Twenty I's in my head
Twenty I's in my head
Twenty I's in my head
They're all the same
They're all the same

The only one with any kind of resonance is Playboy. She's got two voices in her skull. They harmonize. She's the closest thing to calm I get, watching her sleep. The only one who isn't fully dreaming with her eyes open. She can see, if only she knew to look.

Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP! Too much noisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoisenoise!

Her chest rises and falls. Nostrils flare under the hood. Zippers strain and relax. Strain and relax. Strain and relax. Strain and relax. Relax? Are you fucking kidding me? I can't relax with this goddamn storm in my head. Why won't they shut the fuck up! Stay fucking quiet! They all think too loud. Why can't they hear it the storm pouring out of their heads. Their thoughts clogging my ears. I can't hear myself think for all their thoughts. SHUT UP!

Next, Hottopic, but she hardly sleeps. Even when she does, she's dreaming of machines. I can't crack that one. Not yet. Open her legs, and I'll open her mind, but not now. She's still awake. Wait until she sleeps. She never sleeps.

The dust swirls in, clouds my eyes, grates beneath my lids. Climb up the service ladder, take to the roof. The Breeze is blowing, and I tune in, ride the storm. Gentle Breeze, carrying me away. There's a fence here, couldn't Dance away if I wanted to. But the Breeze blows on. The tiny jingle carrying away the songs stuck in my head.


  • ((OOC))

    As far as I'm playing zir right now, most of Cache's conscience was blown away by the Breeze. Ze's willing to do a good deal to attain zir goals, including attempted torture, and possibly murder. We haven't gotten quite that far, but there are certain people who are seriously pushing their fucking luck.

    To be perfectly honest, ze's not in anyway certain of what ze's capable now. Every day since ze woke up has been a learning experience. New abilities emerging. New depths willing to plumb. Ze is a new person.

    They feel like they're waking up. There's something there, like a new muscle, and until it's flexed, ze has no idea what it'll do. It's as if the Breeze completely cut out part of zir personality, and replaced it with a sapient part of itself. There's a definite "otherness" to the Brainer moves. Of course, I could simply have read Silverberg's Dying Inside too many times. I am enamored of the worm.
  • Playboy moves around, and she picks good places for sleep. I often have to hunt for an hour or so before I actually find her. I'm trying to figure out if I can somehow... mark other people. Tag them with my brain. Let the Breeze blow them toward me when I need them. They're so much easier to utilize when I don't have to find them.
  • When I try to think back to what happened to me when I took my walk, it's a haze punctuated with nauseating violence. All very NSFW.

  • I know how to fix Mari!
  • Mari is holding up under the suggestion. She's clean, and entirely obedient. Of course, I haven't asked her anything desperately horrible, so we'll see how far it goes.

    I've gotten her to collect as many subjects as she can. I want to see just how far I can push the suggestions. I want to see if I can make a bodyguard, to start. I need to craft these suggestions carefully. When Jet checked the books, I felt my connection to him snap. I'm attaching my brain to that of my subjects, and when they fulfill the suggestion, the connection is gone. I'll try something like Protect me from violence for the next week. That should do the trick, and Mari seems to be carrying the month-long suggestion perfectly. Don't want to push my luck when making people put themselves in harm's way.
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