[Snowpocalypse] Murderlize Them (R 4.8)

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To Rossi:

You, Invert and her squad, plus some other roughnecks from your big gang have gathered up and made your way back up to the Underlake Mines.

Invert is walking with you when she says, "I can find Toe-Hold at Market. If you drop the mask and shit, I'm pretty sure we could both go. I mean, two girls? Who fucken wouldn't want that, yeah?" She gives you a wicked grin. "We sweet talk him into a threeway in the mini-sub, everyone else follows us there, then we fucking murderlize all those assholes and run off with their shit!"

What do you do?


  • I don't like the idea of raiding a cache without my mask... Last time I got into a fight without it, it fucking sucked. That, and I'm not the best at convincing guys I'm sexy... I mean, I guess I'm hot enough, but I'm not exactly graceful or anything.

    I don't know that I see another option though. Besides, it's not like my gear would be off or anything... At least, if I do things right it wouldn't be. I stow my mask in my pack, and let my hair down... I really don't wanna fuck Toe-Hold, if I can get away with it. "Sure." I turn to Wandering, "take the boys out to the site, and find a good place to hide. Wait until we're actually in there, and wait until you hear gunshots or something before actually attacking."
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    The crew follows orders and heads off to the eastern caverns, then waits. You and Invert start heading towards Market, just the two of you. Walking through the winding paths of caverns back to the bustling market.


    As you're walking side-by-side, Invert looks up at you, peering, "You good with this? I know you're with, you know, Jessie and all. And I dunno if you're like," she hitches up a bit, "You know, into girls? It's just for the job, Rossi. I'm not hitting on you... okay?" She's trying hard to get a read off you.
  • I don't much care if she's telling the truth about hitting on me. It doesn't change anything. "Don't worry. It's not like I've never tried being with a woman before — I just didn't get much out of it." And that wasn't for a lack of trying, either. "I can deal."
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    Invert lets out a breath she was holding. "You and me both, Rossi." She sucks her teeth, then adds, "Whatever it takes to get the job done, right?" But she's not looking for your answer. She knows it.

    You both stroll into the Underlake Market, and walks past food kiosks and little stalls selling food and clothing, until you reach a small bar. There, on a makeshift stool with a couple of Merrell's thick-necked goons, is the one Invert points out to be Toe-Hold.


    "Hey Toey," Invert calls, her voice rising into a more girlie pitch. She slips her left hand into yours, gripping once, then relaxing.

    Toe-Hold turns halfway around in his seat, "Innie," he says with a grin as he finishes a shotglass of some dark liquid. "Who's your.. friend?"

    "This is my bestest girlfriend, Toey..." Invert answers as she leans over to kiss his cheek. Toe-Hold grabs her out of your grasp and up onto his knee, lifting her like she's a child. She yelps, not in pain, but a girlie yelp of surprise. It comes out pretty easily. She's not bad at this.

    "Who're you, baby?" Toe-Hold asks you as he reaches up to nuzzle Invert's ear.
  • Urgh... Dreads?

    I offer up a restrained smile, eye Toe-Hold up and down a few times, then answer in a breathy whisper. "I'm an old friend of Innie's — we go way back, and we like a lot of the same things..." I move a little closer to him, "Innie couldn't stop talking about you, you know — said I had to come out here and meet you."

    ... Just shoot me now...
  • Toe-Hold's brows raise in question, and Ivert giggles and kisses his jaw, "She's pretty great, right?"

    He nods, then looks to his compatriots, who are blown away by this. Then he pats his other knee, beckoning you to it, "I've got another one just like the one she's on. What's your name, baby?"
  • Not baby.

    "My sis calls me Rosie," I say as I slide onto his lap, "like the flower." I look over to his compatriots for a second, making a face of obvious disgust at their presence, "I don't know what a handsome man like you is doing hanging out with these guys... Innie was telling me you should be surrounded by pretty ladies." I'll leave it up to Invert to suggest we head to the sub, and focus on backing her play with sex appeal... I wouldn't want to throw up in my mouth or anything.
  • The conversation continues with Invert and Toe-Hold talking about you rather than to you. It's disgusting. Toe-Hold speaks about you like you're an adornment, an accomplishment or a trophy, mentioning, "He's never done two before," and how you've got "much bigger titties" and it's just. You're meat. You're meat to him, Rossi.

    Invert is playing it up, and she's good at this. She's reaching over to touch your shoulder and your thigh, and she's all up on Toe-Hold, rubbing his dick through his pants and licking his ear and you absolutely cannot tell what's going on in her head.

    "Toey..." Invert says after she convinces the idiot to shoo away his buddies. "Take us to that private place Take us both. C'mon, Toey. I promise we will blow. Your. Mind." He's rbbing his stubble against her lips as Invert whispers this to him. Then he looks over to you.

    But can you pull this off? Can you Seduce this guy to fuck you in that mini-sub?
  • Normally, I'd be flipping the fuck out and threatening to kill someone for thinking I'm just "meat" — but I know this asshole's about to die, so I don't mind quite so much. I could never do what Invert's doing right now... It's just insane. I'm going to lead him along, though. If he wants his prize, he's going to have to work for it.
  • OOC: Seduce this skeezy motherfucker. Roll+Hot.
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 6. Total: 10)
  • Yeah, Rossi, turns out you can do this. Good for you.

    Sure, it takes a little making out with Toe-Hold at Market. Then, as you're heading to the sub, he stops and pretends he doesn't believe you two are actually gonna do it, so Invert moves up on you and pushes her little tongue in your mouth, gropes you all over, then laughs a little when you respond a bit. Was it as bad with her as the other girl? Girls? Who was the last girl? Or the only other, whatever? Kill her, too?

    Then the deal is sealed, and Toe=Hold, hard-on and all, waves both of you through the pair of guards standing outside. They don't know you, you have never seen these two. But they are armored up in riot gear, sitting behind fucking shields and they've got some big-ass machine guns. I mean, the kind of shit you put on vehicles, not carry.

    Toe-Hold moves to open the sub up, but the stocky guard, he says, "Yo, Toe. We gotta pat 'em down."

    To that, Toe-Hold looks at the guy, and he's like, "What? No man, these are my bitches. I'm just gonna show 'em."

    Stocky guy's like, "Fuck you, Toe. We pat them down going in. We pat them down going out. Or you don't bust a nut in there, fucker. Rules is rules."

    No arguing from Toe-Hold now. He looks to you both. Invert slowly pulls out her big pig-sticker, hands it over. She doesn't bring out her little shiv, though, so she must have it hidden real good.

    What do you do?
  • I slowly make my way over to the Stocky guy, opening my bag, and slipping my bag of jingle on top so when I get to him I can whisper, "I don't have anything in here."

    The jingle is his if he believes it.
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    Thick guy snags the jingle, waves you on. Other guy, he feels Invert up, "just to make sure". Toe-Hold complains, a bit, but that's it. Just words.

    Then Toe-Hold gets the "green light" and he's twisting the big crank to open the tub up. You see some ambient light in there, the thing is powered, if you can believe it. "Head in and get comfy, girls."

    He moves up past you both, "I'm gonna hit the head. Taze, close the door, yeah?" Stocky guy closes the door after Invert and you enter.

    The interior isn't so bad. Central area has some skins on the floor, windows out to the ice. Several side areas off this section, probably where they stash the guns. You can see several wooden crates against a wall.

    What do you do?
  • As soon as Toe-hold heads for the bathroom, I dig into my bag, pull out my assault rifle, and hand it to Invert — then take my sawed off, and check to make sure it's loaded before heading for those crates...

    I head back to Invert, trying to ignore that kiss she planted on me earlier... The first, and only other girl, I ever kissed was a pissed off redhead named Alexa I found at Red Brick. I was high off Poptart's talk, and looking to wave the feminism flag... I think that was probably the stupidest thing I could have done. I'm not a lesbian. I tried for a while, but Alexa just didn't do it for me... I didn't kill her, either — thanks for assuming I did. For all I know, she could still be alive. Invert's kiss was much better than Alexa's... But she was faking it.

    I turn to Invert, and whisper, "when he comes through that bulkhead, end him and find a good place for cover."
  • Invert nods, taking the assault rifle, extending the stock and checking the banana clip, then loading it up. She moves over by a wall, then drops down to a knee, lining up the shot at, well, crotch level, waiting for Toe-Hold to come out.

    Your sawed off is loaded, so you head over to the crates, right? They're olive drab in color, with red letters on them, in weird symbols and stuff, doesn't look like the writing around town. Most of the crates are closed, but one is askew, and inside you see several assault rifles and clips of bullets. This place is a mother load.

    In a tin can like this, most noise echoes, so you get the treat of Toe-Hold humming a little tune, and the sound of him pissing. He doesn't wash his hands. Then, the door opens up and he starts to walk out.

    It takes a second for him to see Invert in the dim electric light of the mini-sub. She waits, you realize she waited for him to see her. She doesn't say anything, but then he starts to open his mouth. That's when she fires a burst, squeezes the trigger and hits four out of five bullets, right in his thigh, stomach and yeah, his dick, which was still hard. Blood sprays behind him and you see it because he hits the ground fast.

    The sound. Holy shit, you're all three deafened by the sound. No bullet ricocheted, you don't think, but your ears are ringing. You've got the door covered, right? They're probably coming in soon. Invert is moving up to Toe-Hold, a bit woozy on her feet, drawing out her shiv to make sure he's dead.

    What do you do?
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    My eyes are on that fucking hatch when the gunshots sound... If the sub is airtight, it might not have sounded off out there – but if it did, I'll be ready for it.
  • Invert stumbles a couple times as she closes on Toe-Hold. The fucker is probably already dead. She drops to her knees in the pooling blood, and "makes sure".

    So we're clear, your head is swimming, your ears are ringing so bad you cannot hear anything right now. It will pass, you hope.

    The door hasn't opened yet. Maybe they didn't hear?

    What do you do?
  • I let Invert "make sure", and quickly size up the situation... If they didn't hear, then maybe the gang outside didn't hear either. Fuck this sucks... I should have plugged my ears or something...

    Once Invert's done shanking Toe-hold, I start sizing up the situation... We've got to kill those fuckers up top, and get rid of this shit — we can keep the ammunition and shit, but the explosives have to go.
  • OOC: Reading the Sitch. Roll+Sharp. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 2. Total: 5)
  • The door to the outside pops open.

    A smoking canister comes rolling inside, spewing noxious gas as it rolls on its side. Your eyes are already welling up with tears, and your throat is itching, nose starts running, too.

    What do you do?
  • They have fucking tear gas... They have tear gas, and shields, and machine guns, and bombs, and ammo out their fucking ass — and I've got a fucking shotgun. Yay.

    I hurriedly take my fucking mask out, and slap it on. I'm not going out there to get fucking shot... I'm going to power through this, and threaten to blow this fucking sub to kingdom come. I'm scrambling to find these explosives, if they're even down here... If I can just be quick enough... Maybe I can fucking salvage this.
  • When you are hit with tear gas, roll Hard
    On a 10+, you can do 2 things before the gas hits, maybe it will get you away from the gas. maybe not.

    On a 7-9, you can do 1 thing before your world becomes filled with mucus and pain.

    On a miss, you take in a deep breath and fall over in agony. It's going to leave welts on your skin, your vision will be effed up... for a while.
  • OOC: Custom Moving. Roll+Hard.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 1. Total: 10)
  • Rossi,

    Invert drops to the ground, crawling for the bathroom, trying to wash her face or something. Somehow, you're still up, mask helping a little, not not much. You stumble over to find a smaller crate, full of C-4 explosives and detonators. Your world is black now, your throat is burning, your whole world is excruciating pain.

    But you've got those fucking explosives. You can make your way to the door by memory. It will hurt to talk, if you can bark out the words. If they can even hear you. You are in soooo much shit, Rossi.
  • You think I don't know that? I will not let these assholes fucking take me to Merrell, so I can be his little bitch, or whatever. I grab as much of the C-4 as I can, and wire up as many detonators as I can... I climb up to the hatch, and let them see it.

    I don't care if I can talk — I don't care if they think I'm in shit, either — I have nothing left to lose. My thumb is hovering over the fucking detonator. My intention is clear: Leave, or I'll blow this whole fucking place up.
  • Oh. My....

    They can probably see you. They're blobs through the viewport. They get it.

    Question is... do they do what you obviously want?

    Let's see you Go Aggro here.
  • OOC: Going Aggro. Roll+Hard.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 6. Total: 10)
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    They disappear from your field of vision, probably running away. Or hell, do you even care?

    You open the valve and fresh air floods in. You fall out of the sub onto the cool ice. But that's all you've got left, Rossi.

    Everything goes black. You're out.

    --END SCENE--
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