[Snowpocalypse] Oakley Rescue Mission (H 4.9, S 4.5)

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Hadden and Silica:

You're on Wonky's sled heading towards Palmer's, shushing across the icy lake, Silica driving, Hadden right behind her, arms around her tiny waist.

Silica, why were you up on the lake's surface? What did you find? Lunch is overheard again, how did that make you feel?

Hadden, what went through your head when you saw Silica and waved her down. What have you told her about this?


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    Why the fuck am I up on the lake? You know I've been sayin' since the start of the start that sometimes i gotta get away. People shinin' too bright that I can't stand it. I never understood what the fuck though... but now it's startin' to make sense. It's all part of this thing that's happenin' to me... I gotta figure this shit out.

    I traded another brick of ice for a couple of big cans of fresh gas... meanin' to bring one back to the pet shop but for now I got some to spare.... and I wanna figure out this fuckin' sled. Didn't find shit... well... findin' myself? Or somethin' like that?

    So there I am out on the open ice, not a fuckin' soul in sight. I'm carvin' corners out there, throwing big shinin' tails of ice out behind me as see how fast I can push this thing... and then Lunch is up in the sky. No big thing but I'm relieved. A little satisfied smile in the corner of my mouth as I see him... I don't fuckin' wave or some embarrassing shit. Just feels right, you know?

    And then Haddie shows the fuck up out of nowhere... did he follow you too, Lunch?

    Fuckin' bird.
  • From Hadden:

    Holyshit this is fast!

    Stopped by Squirrel, not as much time for social niceties. I do mention I might know a girl for him before I ask another favor. He says Brother Rat has the good sled out, TCB. But he has a grin on and takes me out to point out someone going fucking nuts out there, throwing giant roosters of slush. Isn't a rooster a bird? And whaddaya know, there's a bird right here. Crazy big snow owl, somehow just watching. Makes me think about Slash and the fam.

    Turns out it's Silica, driving like whoa.

    What went through my head? First is that she's not very on the DL with her purple dreads streaming out like a comet and where'd she get a mag sled like that and why am I always driving? Next is she looks happy... or at least relaxed enough to not look scared, or maybe she's just letting her guard down. It's different for her. I also wonder about K2, if she's been on the back of Silica's sled. And I smile to myself with a dirty thought.

    Fistbump to Squirrel, promises of beers for the next movie night- I wanna know if there's anything good in that last payout. Be good for all the site folk to have some good times, chillax. Need to start seeing to bring other people over soon... I wonder if Palmer would relocate? That's a real idea to think about.

    She pulls up or something, "I need to get dirtside to find Oakley. I can call shotgun?" Put a shiteating grin on.

    It's a fucking thrill to go this fast, and you know I'm holding on to her. Got my mag snowgoggles on to keep the sting out of my eyes. This close, riding, I can't help but practically be up her ass, no way to really be classy without falling off.

  • Silica

    The fuck? Hadden just show up out here in the middle of fuckin' nowhere? Like it's meant to be... I glance up at Lunch... yeah, somethin' about that owl and chance meetings. Hadden might'a caught me hollerin' like nobody's listening, though... as they might say.

    "Sure thing Haddie, you don't mind ridin' my ass?" I feel good on the sled. Pulled some of Wonky's bullshit chrome off with a screwdriver so it looks a little rough, but better. I'm a little rough, right?

    And you bet I fuckin' show off the speed, take some turns, make him fuckin' hold onto me... yeah... eventually I slow enough to ask, "why you all out on your own?"
  • The edge of the lake is coming up, Sil, so you pop up on the streets and continue zipping along towards Palmer's. The buildings are flying by, and this is even more exciting than the safe, even lake surface.
  • From Hadden:

    Why our paths always crossing like this? Seems like we always driving, driving.

    "Be happy to, Silica." and I wink. She gives me a line like that, I'm taking it. "Your sled gotta name?" It's pretty sweet. Needs some color.

    I gotta hold on to her tight so I don't fall off. She's not complaining.

    "Whoa!" The buildings zipping by so fast, fast. Is this what is was like back before the Freeze? I'm probably laughing a bit, hold one hand out to feel the speed, then quick quick grab back to her when my balance fails. Can I tell if she likes it? I pretty much gotta snuggle close.

    Game face on. Needs must. "Oakley sent a message by radio. There's some shit going down with Stink Bug, the C's and the Skegs all three. I gotta idea where he's at, or at least where he might leave a message."
  • Silica

    We're riding fast through the streets now... little faster than we oughta, right? He's lovin' it... I let out a "woooo!" a time or two, feeling his energy. Do I like it? Yeah well... I kinda grin quietly to myself and shake side to side a bit to nuzzle in. This is so backwards. The sled is huge... practically tiptoeing on the pedals to reach... and Hadden holding onto me. Funny.

    He lays out what's what and I suddenly hit the brakes, sliding to a stop in some street or other.

    "Whoa you fuckin' serious?" I hold on tight as we skid to a halt then rise up on one foot a little so I can turn and look. I pull on my long hair with a hand, "look I ain't exactly dressed for town, Haddie and summa those beasty fuckers ain't friends of mine... and you know we're ridin' a skeg's sled that I ain't come by propa, right?"
  • From Hadden:

    Too soon, it's over. I kind of whuff into her as she stops. In other circumstances...

    "What the what, this is a Skeg's sled?" I look down, around, make sure nobody's spotting us. "We have got to get you a paint job or something... Either way, gotta get it off the streets?" I give her a look like serious. "Yeah, the C's don't bother with me since they too up in they religion. I've been not talking to the Skegs after what they did to Jester. But if Oakley's in a crossfire all three, I gotta see what the what. Palmer, too."

    I very carefully am not laying a guilt trip. I grip her a tiny bit tighter, once. "I kinda wish we we just joyriding. But I gotta see to Oakley, right?" And I'm thinking she told me to ask her for help some time, and I'm thinking about Handplant asking me to help save Silica, and I'm thinking about Oakley's terrible luck.
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    Interrupting, I kinda look at him then down at the sled, "yeah where the fuck you think I got it?"

    Jester... why does he keep comin' up? Reminds me.... and yeah I'm very aware that my leg is right there up against his warm thigh.

    I step over the seat, leaning my ass on the handlebars to face him, feet on the seat between his knees.... yeah we're in the open but I don't see nobody. I lean forward a bit to speak quietly, "look Haddie I got your back right? Whateva' shit we in we in it together right? I ain't checkin' you here, just lettin' you know what's the deal."

    I sit back up and raise my hands slightly like, it's his call.
  • From Hadden:

    Ain't no choice. I nod at her like yes indeed. Appreciate.

    Why is she always flashing her legs at me? I keep my eyes on her face. "Oakley was around Palmer's about 45 minutes ago. I'm pretty sure he's trying to make his way to Backside Misty's, but I didn't hear all of his message." I think for a sec, close my eyes to check the map. "What say we hide this sled, whatever its name, by Lemma's? That's close ish. We might want to check by the university, too." And I'm thinking of scav spots, too. "What other ideas do you have? Anything in your saddlebags?"

    I got nowhere to put my hands in this conversation without starting something, so I'm probably a little more animated than usual.
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    He's a little fidgety huh? Makes me smile ever so slightly, "you know I got my shit here..." I reach a foot around the side and kick my bag with a heel, "you walkin' us into a fight here, Haddie?" Can't help but look a little nervous, "we can stash this shit, sure... get my bolt on..." Referring to my lightning bolt shirt of course.

    I sit there a second looking out towards the West. Finally, slap a hand on my thigh and add, "Oak's tryin' not to be seen... maybe cut through the village... snow's deep further West right? He ain't goin' that way unless he's me."
  • From Hadden:


    So she catches me checking her out again. Can't blame me when she pulls a move like that. "Might be good make you look less like an icewalker- Never know who we're going to meet. Bring your iron, but I aim to not get in a fight with three gangs. " I crack my knuckles.

    I look at her straight on. "Silica, I doan know who all would take bloodguild from me to clear you. But think on it, yeah?" I think about the Pier, and Poke, and Rossi. Makes me sad a little. I want to help them both.

    I nod, agreeing with her. "Oakley hates the cold. He'd never take ice if he could stay warm instead. Maybe the tunnels?"
  • Silica

    That's good... if my iron's in my hand I fucked up. He makes that what.. offer? To pay for what I did? Gotta see my shakin' my head a bit, "don't think you can pay off what I done in nothin' but blood..."

    Hope I'm wrong. Hadden can make magic with words right?

    "Tunnels make sense but..." I fuckin' hate tunnels, "yeah they do make sense but we ain't the only ones think so."
  • From Hadden:

    I set my jaw a bit, don't like the sound of it. What the fuck went down at the Pier they want her dead? She sees me looking at her with a different light. Our little icewalker has teeth, can't forget. Set it aside, gotta see to Oakley.

    "Let's get the sled secure by Lemma's, yeah?" I have a feeling she's right about the tunnels... "Or if you got binocs, we take the Danryan and see what the what."
  • Silica

    He's got a plan, not much of one but it's Hadden right? It'll work out.

    I hop off the sled set a foot against the tread while the motor idles and I pull out my lightning bolt shirt. I squirm into it, hands over head, and pull each sleeve with a little tug. Shake my head and slip on my shades. I give him a little how do I look smirk before stepping back up and over, settling my ass back in between his knees...

    "Let's do this fuckin' thing!" I call, head tilted back. I slap him on the thigh then gun it.

    I don't know what we're up against but fuck it. We gone!
  • Alright, let's see some dice!

    When you head into gang territory looking for someone or something important, roll +Sharp. On a hit, choose options. On a 10+, you find what you're after. On a 7-9, choose one of the below options
    - You can't find it/them
    - You find what you're after, but there's trouble

    Hadden can help here, but it feels like it's Silica's roll.
  • Silica

    So we drop off the sled first and head in on foot?

    Either way...

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 1, 1. Total: 4)
  • Hadden and Silica,

    You hide the sled near Lemma's and walk up to Palmer's. It's a crisp afternoon, sun reflecting off the snow and ice right now, blinding in spots. The first thing you notice as you get a couple blocks away is the smell of smoke.

    After picking up the pace, you come upon the smoking ruins of Palmer's. There are bodies laying in the snow, a mix of Cs and Stinky's guys. Whatever they did to try and get at Palmer's place didn't go their way. But then... Palmer didn't come out of it, either.

    Hadden, you spot Oakley's body, riddled with bullets, his pack stolen. He's been left out with the others, an impromptu air burial. No way to tell who got him, but he was most definitely stripped down.

    Palmer's place is still burning, but half the roof is missing. anyone in there is slagged.

    What do you do?
  • Silica

    As we near I slow, my energetic walk suddenly becoming a slow, slow advance. Then I stop when I see the dead. My hands come up to my mouth, "holy shit..." is all I can manage to force out, a little whine escapes the back of my throat, almost a child-like sound.

    That looks like Oakley... that fuckin' looks like him. I look over at Hadden, obvious worry on my face like... is that him? Is that... It's everyone, dead and left out like it don't mean shit.

    I stand there still for a second, sort of following Hadden's lead here. Though I start to slowly realize I oughta be checkin' our back and shit right?

    Wake the fuck up Silica.
  • From Hadden:

    Too damned slow!

    "Oh, no... no, no, no.." I can feel the wail come out my throat, soft but building to loud.

    I dredge my feet closer to make sure.


    I hold his hand. He's cold... at least he wasn't still warm? He hates being cold.

    I feel myself crumpling. Shaking with grief. Tears, freezing my cheeks.
  • Silica

    He's hit hard and goes to his friend... it hurts. Really hurts to see Hadden so crushed. Maybe if I hadn't stopped... maybe if I'd guessed better where... I can barely speak and there's no way he hears me... "Hadden... I...."

    I shake my head and second guess myself... shouldn't have stashed the sled... that was fuckin' stupid. I raise an arm to shield my face from the terrible heat of the fire... and I don't want him to see my face right now...

    I'm a fuckin' coward sometimes.
  • --END SCENE--
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