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Its been three days since you figured out the Sky Mote and Butter left you alone. Your van is up and running now.

Let's build this damn thing, why don't we? First of all, pics or it didn't happen. Secondly, choose options below for the van.

Lemma's Van
* Strengths (choose 1 or 2): fast, rugged, aggressive, tight, huge, responsive.
* Looks (choose 1 or 2): sleek, vintage, massively chopped, roaring, muscular, flashy, luxe.
* Weakness (choose 1): slow, sloppy, guzzler, skinny, bucking, lazy, unreliable.

Above are the default options. If you want to modify it, we can do that as a workshop thing.

Enough about your van. I assume at some point you headed back to your sub after finishing up with the van, right? Well, some fucker went and closed the hole. Seriously, blew the memorial down, closed up the entire tunnel in the process. Also, Underlake is closed off, entirely. Nobody allowed in, nobody going out. No communications, the tunnels to Crossover and Pier are closed off. Trade is halted. Even the mines are closed off to the outside.

The Skegs are at war with the Cs and Stinky's dog sledders. They've marked off territory and it overlaps. Been rough, losses on both sides. Dubstep's called you on the radio a few times, checking in and stuff. She sounds brash as usual, but she does check on you regularly, or check in with you. Keeps telling you she likes chatting, stuff like that. How is that going for you?

Let's pick up in that sweet van of yours, Lemma. Marmot's there with you, right? You're headed out to the lake with some equipment, stuff you need to get back to the sub. What is it?

Guess who owned that shit? Tamedog. You just picked him up, with his gear and all. He's in the back with it. MArmot's up front. He hasn't made conversation, not really.

So what's your plan?


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    Let's go with: rugged, vintage, slow. It's basically a contractor's van on treads, big winch on the front, retractable spikes for bracing. The body looks like this:


    Dubstep's got me a little nervous. My life's not danger-free, but I go in with a plan. I'm not built for trading bullets at ninety miles an hour. Dubstep... kind of is, though, isn't she? She almost seems cheerful.

    Clearing a collapsed tunnel is different from digging a new one, or I'd be here with Squirrel and the miners. What we've got to do is clear the debris, which means shifting the bigger chunks out of the way.

    That's what Tamedog had-- a high-torque hyrdaulic spreader-cutter he uses for getting into collapsed spaces. It's usually concrete and steel instead of ice, but the principle holds.

    We'll pry the big chunks up a couple inches with the Jaws, wrap them with the van's winch, and haul them out. Cutting torches and flares for the little stuff, or for getting the big pieces in the right shape.

    When we're done, they might have even done us a favor, widening the entrance enough to drive through. Stuff I was going to hire Squirrel for.

    That's hours off, though, if not days. Probably days. I hope no one was down there, or that they brought some food.
  • Lemma, with Underlake shut off, you can't get back to the entrance to the sub anymore. Not if you don't want to fight your way in. So you'll need to figure out a way to locate the sub from above, and make a new hole down to it. You've got good equipment to still do it, but Squirrel and the miners won't be helping you.

    How are you finding the sub?
  • Ah, shit. Well, that's just trigonometry, isn't it? Of course, I have to guess at some of the angles and distances, but I'm pretty good at that.

    One other wrinkle, though: I could of course drive us to right over where I think the cavern is, but straight down is no way to dig a long tunnel. You want a slope that gives you somewhere to stand.

    Well, I do. Tamedog is all for rappelling into a sheer crack if it saves some time. We'll compromise at a steep slope. Which means driving in pretty tight circle looking for a good spot to start digging.

    Heck, he might get his wish. I'm aiming to breach the cavern from the side, but since it's way better to go closer to the center than to miss, I'm erring on that side. If I'm off a few feet, we could bust in through the roof.
  • Let's see you figure this one out, Lemma.

    When you're trying to locate just the right spot in the haystack, roll +Sharp. On a hit, you've got it figured. On a 7-9, something gets in your way. On a 10+, smooth sailing and you get what you wanted.

    On a miss, you think you got it figured, but you've made a beeline for something else entirely. Uh oh.
  • (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 4. Total: 9)
  • Lemma,

    You've found the best spot to start the work, and it's slow going. After half a day of work, Marmot calls out, "Lemma! Someone coming up on us! Over the ice!"

    You were down in the ever expanding hole, the van still up on the serface, the battery driving Tamedog's tool.

    What do you do?
  • Ugh. We're exposed out here. I cut the power and start climbing up.

    "Who's it look like? How many?" I call up.
  • "Just one dude. Want me to shoot im?" Marmot calls back. She's probably joking. Tamedog hasn't stopped working.
  • "We'll make that the backup plan." I haul myself over the lip of the hole. Probably good for Tamedog to keep working. No need to panic, probably.

    "Wouldn't hurt for you to be in the van with a gun until we know what they want, though."

    The light's making me squint. I pull down my goggles and scan the ice where Marmot's looking.
  • Lemma, you see a single guy walking across the ice, bundled up. He's got a funky hat that helps you recognize him. It's Jester. He's heading right towards you. Nobody is chasing him.
  • All right. Annoying, maybe, but not dangerous. I glance at Marmot, just a quick stand down, and then move out to meet him.

    "What the hell are you doing out here, Jester?"

    I mean, this is the middle of freaking nowhere.
  • Marmot nods, but keeps the gun nearby. Jester hustles up to you, pulls down the scarf over his face. "Lemma! Hey! Are you digging for the sub? I've been trying to get through to Squirrel, but that place is closed up tight. Can I help?"
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    I nod.

    "Sure. Leave anything involving the pneumatic jaws to us, but there's plenty of lifting and clearing to do."

    I think back.

    "You were down there with the gang, right? When did the collapse happen? Is anyone still down there?"

    So yeah, I can set him up. Tamedog, Marmot, and I set up the jaws, crack out a chunk of ice the size of a refrigerator, and use the winch to haul it up the shaft. Jester can come in and clear the smaller debris.
  • Jester answers without hesitating, "Rossi's down there. Most of her gang. They got in a fight with Merr's assholes, then the explosion happened..."

    "Wait," Marmot cuts in. "If they were in the explosion, then they're probably..."

    Jester holds up a hand, "No fucking way Rossi's dead. No fucking way! She's down there, protecting your sub and it's been three days now. Running out of food, probably sca... worried about who's coming for her." Jester sort of dismisses Marmot and moves up to start helping with lifting and clearing.
  • I nod. "It's possible. The entrance tunnel was the weak point, not the cavern. Probably pinched it off like a balloon. There's air in the sub, and... well, some food."

    I stop. Not going to run the odds in front of Jester.

    I shoot a look at Marmot and shrug. "Either way, the answer is to get this hole dug as fast as we can. We should take some shifts resting so we don't have to stop for the night. Marmot, you want to grab a nap?"

    The back of the van should be warm enough, and I packed a sleeping bag and some rations. We can run some lamps off the batteries, too, as long as I have gas to charge back up.

    Three days already. That's not good.

    Back to work.
  • Lemma,

    Go here.
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