[Snowpocalypse] FTD (H 5.2, S 5.2)

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Hadden and Silica:

After finally finishing up, dressing, covering hickeys, bite marks or scratches, you know, whatever, you head into town. The pick-up is at the general store, what was once a Dollar General. But the place is locked down, folks with guns outside, protecting whatever good's inside.

Silica, you know this place. this is where you grew up. You know those guards, too. Hell, as a kid, you played with the younger one, Jax. He'll probably recognize you any minute now. What was your relationship with him like... you know, as little kids.

Hadden, why haven't you been across the lake in so long? What is it about this place that makes doing business so dangerous?


  • Silica

    Ridin' fast to make up time, not much talking after our little stop. I can't keep the little crooked grin off my face though. How fuckin' much I needed that. How could we fuckin' wait so long? Now that heat behind me on the sled... Hadden.

    Jax is a coupla years older. He was actually a nice kid... his dad used to come to see father. I don't know the fuck why, something medical. But Jax would be left hangin' around for hours. I think he liked me, even though he was more Rossi's age. There probably woulda been somethin' there if the situation were different.

    Of course that was well before the ice... don't think he's seen me since I broke free and turned cold.
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    From Hadden:

    The sunset over the ice is pretty. Lots of colors in the sky and air, bouncing off the ice like a thousand thousand diamonds or something, pulling at me to pay attention. I've got my goggles back on, keeping her hair out my eyes. But occasionally meld close along her body like a reminder, keep a hand on her thigh to feel her leg muscles move and shift with the sled. Holy shit, she is electric. But not too frisky, don't want to fall off the sled. Some other time... can you even get in a good fuck while driving a sled?

    Benton Harbor just around that curve in the river. Crazy little town run by the Whirlpools. They looted the crap from a Pre-Freeze warehouse, sometimes make it go, sometimes let out the magic smoke. Not a one of those jerks like Lemma, but a monkey with a machine shop will make anyone should run. Boffins from the clinic think they run the place, then a little war later and a shitload of the place burnt down. Some of it still burns. Place gives me a weird vibe in a bad way.

    I heard they keep slaves here, too. I don't like that at all, it makes my liver curl.

    So yeah. Roxy gonna owe me.
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    You know somethin' I like? When it came time to up and leave, Hadden's pullin' on his pants, shirt, jacket, gloves, couple pairs of socks, boots... goggles... hat... it's hard to hide my smile as I slip on my shirt and jeans and tennies. Stretch out my back and glance back at him with this look on my face.

    I like that shit.

    Then up on the sled and Hadden's all over me, yeah this is better... when he touches me I kinda press slightly into him, just a touch... that energy!

    I kind of wish he was drivin' actually cause my body's fuckin' worn out... think we did Haddie some good... maybe settle his fuckin' mind or something. And fuck I feel good though... singin' on the inside... probably hummin' some old rock song as we roll, bendin' a few extra corners cause they just feel fuckin' good.

    But then yeah... this fuckin' place... I do hope this is payin' good Haddie... fuck this place.
  • From Hadden:

    Humming along with her, sounds like something of Squirrel's. "I got next dibs to drive." Fella could get used to this speed.
  • The pair of you head up the Dollar store, and Silica, Jax does a double take, like he knows you, but he doesn't know you, know you.

    His partner is swapping out goods with you, Hadden. They're offering good swap for your barter, three value for two trade. Burning or no, this is good jingle.

    "Hey..." Jax says, trying to look under your hood, Silica, without reaching out to touch you. "Do I know you? You look so familiar."
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    Guess I got the hoodie on, I almost say fuck it but Hadden give me a look and I put it on. Come on, who's gonna know me? Well.. answered that one.

    But Jax ain't gunnin' for me so we good. He gets kinda up in my space, shit he's gotten big... kinda like when we were kids. I was a little skinny string bean of a kid (not that anyone knows what the fuck a string bean is) and he was kinda chubbity chub. But he grew up nice.

    I tweak him right on the nose, playful, really, and chirp, "fuck you think it is, Jumpin' Jay?" Wonder if he remembers his old nickname? I wonder if he knows my new name... this should be fun. He sees a smile under my hood.

    At least there's a few memories that don't suck.
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    From Hadden:

    Looking over the swap, playing it cool. What else they got on offer? And I'm thinking about making jingle, Roxy's cut, keeping gas to get back, covering for Silica, even if they want ice. I got some spare oddments might be worth trading.

    Sounds like she knows this guy. We'll see what the what.

    I look at the sky. We spent enough time nailing each other we probably gotta stay the night. Can't keep a satisfied smile off my face. I'll ask about a bed soon enough... Hope they got a something with a bit of privacy.
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    To Silica:

    Jax cranes his neck, looking down at you. Recognition dawns and he smiles wide, "Holy beefaroni! Amber!" He grabs you up into a hug, lifting you off your feet, forgetting his station as a guard or anything else. It's warm and sudden and genuine. And brief. He lets you down quick and gentle, steps back, but keeps a hand on your shoulder, "Wow, you stayed pretty! Am, who's yer fella?" He looks over to you, Hadden.
  • From Hadden:


    Here I was, gonna call her Marshmallow. Looks like she got roots here. Could be good for biz. I glance at her sidelong, like 'Amber?'

    I look over to the guard. Nod like yo. "I'm Hadden." Stick out my hand to shake.
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  • From Hadden:

    Jax has heard that Hadden's got a solid minitruck, perfect for hauling bigger shit across the lake. He's always looking for work, seems to know everybody, deals fair. He's a charmer, too.
  • Silica

    Jax says my fuckin' name and I'm about to lash back with some unappreciative comment, but he's huggin' on me before I say a damn word. Shit... gotta grit my teeth and take it... it's brief enough that my uncomfortable squirming doesn't turn worse.

    That hand on my shoulder does keep me on edge... fuck he's gotten tall... but I try and keep a little thin smile on as Hadden makes introductions, saving me the trouble.

    "This is my boy Jaxxie," I say, spinning out from under his grasp and patting Hadden on the shoulder blade to urge him forward. "Doin' some business round the hood today, Jaxxie... kinda keepin it on the down-low." I pull my hood up a little bit with a tug, letting him know I don't really want to be recognized.
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    Jax gives you a nod, Hadden, one of respect. He looks to you, Silica, not sure about you laying low. "Your dad would kill me if I didn't tell him you came home, Amber. Where's your sis?"
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    From Hadden:

    I look to Silica, like how we playing this? I got my own family trouble, I understand crazy shit. I wonder what their dad is like?
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    Can he tell he might as well have just punched me?

    "Not a fuckin' word!" I say, suddenly serious, gesturing to one side with a sweep of a hand. "Jaxxie I don't wanna see nobody knows me, allright? You... are... it." Head shakin' a little. No way.

    I raise my hands, maybe I reacted a little too sharp, "Rosie's settlin' down with some fuckin' guy... gonna have a dozen kids or some shit like that..."

    I kind of smirk... tryin' not to show how fuckin' seriously I don't want to fucking see my fucking father.
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    "Amber," Jax says, looking also to you, Hadden. "He looked for you and your sister for years. Why are you..." Then it dawns on him, like he figured something out. His eyes grow large and he says, "You're... hooked on ice, aren't you? Amber. Dang, girl." He reaches over and takes your arm with his hand. His fingers close tight without squeezing too hard.

    Jax looks to his partner, then to you, Hadden. "I can't let her skip out, Hadden. Amber's own dad is here. He needs to see his youngest daughter. She's never even met her brother. I hope you understand."
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    From Hadden:

    This guy Jay? Jaxxie? got no moss growing under him.

    Aw, shit. That pulls at me. Family is important. She's got a brother. Rossi's got a brother! I look at his partner, at him, at Silica. I'm thinking about Slash and Lashfight back Underlake. "I hear you, man. But look, we've had a long day crossing the lake, maybe we get a meal and a good private night's sleep, yeah?" I put a hand very lightly in Silica's back, like I'm here, I gotcha, but not so much she'll bolt.

    There's concern on my face. Conflict, too.
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    No no... fuck no. He grabs my wrist which gets a little surprised chirp outta me... and talkin' to Hadden like I'm not fucking here? Fuck you... typical fucking asshole!

    I pull away, about to actually raise a hand and try to scratch my way free with whatever strength I can when Hadden softly touches me... brings me back down... I settle down on my feet.

    I look at Hadden a second, then back at Jax. There's fuckin' fear in my eyes and I seriously say, "Jax..." a glance at my wrist.
  • From Hadden:

    I catch her look. Flick my eyes to his hands on her. "What the hell? You know we gotta say here the night anyway, dude." I jerk a thumb at the setting sun. Who wants to sled across the lake at night? "What say we all be cool and talk about it in the morning? I mean, I'm hoping to do a trade route 'cross the lake regular. Hate to think we're so unwelcome you're gonna nab my girl here and we're not even done with biz."

    I can write these guys off easy. There's other shitty little towns around the lake.
  • Sure, Hadden. Roll me a Manipulate based off your rep here.
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    Fewer words out of my mouth the better probably, "yeah Jaxxie, come on... for real? We just crossed the lake... you know?" I try to show how tired I am, which isn't really much of an act.

    Tired of your fucking bullshit...

    I say quietly, trying to remember the... kind boy he was, "don't gotta be like this..."
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  • Jax takes a deep breath, then lets it out, nodding like he's decided. He lets go of your shoulder, Silica. "Alright, Amber. Hadden. You two can sleep at my place. Got extra room, it's no problem."

    Jax's partner has been pulling out trade from your haul and offers up a good barter. Jax aims to finish off his shift and take both of you back to his place, which he says isn't far.

    What do you do?
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    Fuck... just great. You know sometimes I gotta do shit I don't like? Done plenty... thing is, most of the time fuckers don't care how I feel about it right? But things like this I gotta try and look like I'm ok with this. Fuck you Jax, second you see ice on me you treat me like shit... like I can't make a fuckin' choice in my life? Fuck you.

    Well.. I don't say any of that out loud and hopefully not too much is on my face. I just give Hadden a darkish look. Up to him to handle this shit.

  • From Hadden:

    Yeah, I relax when he drops his hand. But I keep my hand on her back, still. I don't like it people grabbing people. I keep it off my face. She can probably feel tension in my posture.

    I look down at Silica, I got questions for her she don't want to answer. But not in front of this guy. I know she got a past. I'm worried for her and Rossi- what kind of shit is this for them down the line? We might be able to run out in the night, but they might follow. Can't fake her dead again. And she's got a brother she's never met. Her blue blue eyes, wearing an expression I haven't seen.

    "Appreciate it, now." I finish up with his partner, secure our shit and Roxy's meds in the saddlebags. I know she's got a key for that... probably should make a dupe. I look around, there's gotta be some place we can get alone. And no, not like that. Well, maybe not. Probably not, thanks to Captain Cockblock here. "C'mon, marshmallow, let's let him to his shift." What else nearby? Anything offering quiet, not suspicious place to talk?
  • Silica, what else IS around here? Other than the Dollar store and your dad's clinic, of course.
  • Silica

    I'm just annoyed enough to start to say, "marshma..." but I cut myself off and shake my head.

    The neighborhood is worse off than I remember. A lot of the old buildings look like they've been destroyed in a fire a couple years ago, knocked down, maybe for scavenge. Bunch of "new" little places build of of the remains of the last.

    I try to calm myself, "hey Jax is Tin City still servin? We need a bite." Old place Rossi and me used to run to fetch food before she took off. After that it was harder for me to get out. Good warm food in half a tin can, usually... probably better in my memory than reality... lot of things are like that.
  • From Hadden:

    She doesn't look like an Amber. I'm still touching her lightly to reassure.

    I'm here.
  • "Yeah, Tin City is." Jax replies. "Why don't you two grab a bite and wait for me there?"

    You head out from the Dollar store down what was one a paved street, now only a collection of broken payment and chunks of asphalt hidden under permafrost. The burned and blackened houses and buildings to either side are a mockery of what once was. Fires in such a frigid place, what a mess.

    At the end of the block, a few men and women in thick coats and hoods, stands Tin Can. A silver mobile home that inexplicably survived the Big Freeze more or less in tact. The little smoke stack spits out black smoke and people move about inside, eating the food served and enjoying a warm moment or two between sleep and work.

    From the small windows, Hadden, you can see that the place is set up, more or less, like an old timey diner, like from old magazines. A bar with stools, several small tables with mismatched chairs, even a couple booths against one wall. Decorated in zebra stripes and bright yellow, pretty garish, really.

    What do you do?
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    From Hadden:

    Nice little setup. From the Freeze to a local burn, this place is hanging together. I can smell some food and my stomach responds- we've had a big day and I smile faint at the recollection.

    I've got her alone. I look around to see who's in earshot, pull off to one side of the street to talk. Careful what I call her. "We're a team, now. What do you want to tell me and what don't you want to tell me? Doesn't have to be all at once. I need to know what the what." I want to hold her so she don't bolt, but I think the opposite would happen. So I keep with a solid touch.
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    Uncomfortable. I feel strange being here. Even all burned up it's still full of (mostly shitty) memories. Can't help but look back at Jax, he's fuckin' shit as far as I'm concerned... fuck I even let him touch me.

    Hadden pulls me aside as we walk, it's a little bit startling. His touch is welcome... can't say comfortable, it's weird... but not unwelcome. And he can tell I'm on edge huh?

    "That fucker's so full of shit!" I spit out, suddenly able to release the tension. I lean out and look back towards where we came, half-expecting Jax to have followed. I take a difficult breath and continue, "and he is not takin' me there..."

    Hadden can tell this is serious shit. I point up the street towards where the clinic is... (I wonder if it survived the fire?) "I ain't got a fuckin' dad, there's just... a piece of shit that fucked my mother, ok?" I ball my hand tight, hitting myself on the thigh, a little growl of frustration.

    I'm more angry than anything, but he can see real fear somewhere inside. The kind that goes way back."Fuck.... just fuck this place... and... and that ain't my fuckin' name!"
  • From Hadden:

    I'm talking low, calm, steady. "Silica. Silica. Here and now, Silica. Not then." I knit my fingers in hers, grounding her on me. "We can't cross the lake at night, right?" Weird to think of little kid Rossi and little kid Silica, playing dolls or shoot-em-up, going exploring in scrapers.

    I've got a piece of shit fucking my mom, too. I think it so loud she can probably hear me.

    "And you gotta eat and sleep, yeah?" I can go in and get food for us both, but we can't sleep in the open... Well, I can't. Whoever she's running from gonna know she's here one way or the other. Deal with it now or deal with it later.
  • Silica

    He holds my hand, feels good. Which is weird cause I hate that kind of shit.

    I lower my head a little, speaking a whisper. Not bragging here, it's just the way it is, "I could cross the fuckin' lake... not sure you could make it."

    Even so it's dangerous. Cold isn't the only danger in the darkness.

    I hold that look a couple seconds then step back a bit and give a little defeated shrug, "let's just get somethin' to eat."
  • From Hadden:

    Serious, a little sad. "I know you could." Sometimes you hear about things in the darkness. Dogs, men, bears, or worse. I don't know which is worse- thinking of her alone on the lake, or thinking of her leaving me here alone.

    "It's just you and me here, Silica." A tiny quirk of my mouth as I think about calling her 'marshmallow' again. I look in her face, searching for answers. I don't like seeing her look defeated. She needs that fire. Icewalker needs fire, that's a good one. "Want to tell me now or later?"
  • Silica

    He's gettin' a little too much up in my grill, I lose my cool for a second and suddenly grab Hadden by the shirt, pushing him a little, "I just shouldn'ta fuckin' come here!" If I were bigger it would be threatening, but not really.

    I look up at him, holding my breath, slowly release my hand... shit. I shake my head slightly... didn't mean to do that.

    "What do you wanna know? It doesn't matter why does it?"

    Simple truth. I'm terrified of the man... my so called father.
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    From Hadden:

    I'm a little surprised, sure. Keep my balance. Stay an even keel. "Silica, ya doofus, if it's this much to you, then it matters to me. You wanna drop it, I'll respect it. Still gonna feed you and fuck you and fly you home safe." I'll give her a little of the space she thinks she needs, but I'm still in her bubble.

    I point to the diner, the clinic. "I just wanna know what the what we're gonna walk into so I know how we're gonna walk out."

    I look aside at a snow-covered burnt skeleton of a house, then to the light and warmth and people in the motorhome. I don't think she'll hear my words that I don't want to see her hurt, or a fear I'd lose her to some hardhold spookhouse across the lake. So I just kiss her face, once, like I'm here, feel my strength and warmth, we're a team.

    I ask, curiously, no judgement, "Don't you want to meet your brother?" I'm thinking about Rossi, too.
  • Silica

    Don't you see I'm upset here, Hadden? I mean... fuck. Do I gotta say what happened?

    He goes to kiss me and I just turn slightly, he gets my cheek or my forehead or whatever, maybe that's what he wanted. But this is all fucking weird... he's touchin' me like... like... he's supposed to be. I don't hate that but it's something makes me fidgety.

    "No..." I close my mouth tight. I shake my head for a second before raising my chin again to say, "if there's some poor fuckin' kid in there... Hadden he ain't my brother just cause that fucker is his dad... not my problem."

    I don't feel good about what I'm saying. I look off towards the lake, the cold death shining pale in the setting sun. If it were just me, I'd be gone... cross at night, don't fuckin' care. But Hadden.

    I let out a held breath, wiping eyes which aren't quite wet but I feel like I gotta, "this place is gettin' to me... thought I was over this shit... but..."

    I stop, reach out to hold his hand and lean slightly away against the wall. I look up in his face and say one word, like it explains everything.

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    From Hadden:

    I nod, sadly. I don't get it, but I get it.

    "I gotcha, Silica." I mean it two ways.

    I nod at the place "Come on, we need food and sleep." I'll walk in with her, if she wants, holding hands. Am I an anchor or baggage? I have thoughts swirling in my brain.
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    Soon as we break from out little hiding spot I keep my self to myself, not holding hands like that.

    "I'll get my shit together..." I weakly promise as we take a few steps. Deep breath.

    I want to run the fuck away... instead I pull the hoodie back up and walk along at Hadden's heel. Hiding and not hiding... come on. Not like everyone knows me... it's been like five years. I'm not a kid any more. Right?
  • You step up the pair of ice-covered stairs and pull open the metal door to enter Tin City. People look up, but nobody greets you. Nobody seems to recognize you, Silica.

    I assume you'll grab the lonely booth in the corner, away from the five souls inside. After a few minutes, a woman comes over. She's wearing a powder blue dress and looks like she hasn't been outside all day. She brings small glasses of water, puts them in front of you, "We got stew, roast and canned surprise. What are you paying with?"

    Hadden, you realize she's addressing you, not really looking at Silica. You also feel like the folks already seating and eating are listening in.

    What do you do?
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    From Hadden:

    Red Brick it ain't. Not even a crappy tape deck. Not dropping a whole jingle, sir. No indeed. But hey, liquid water, right?

    "Got some smokes for one of each?" I'm slouched out a little big, jacket unzipped, arm over the empty back of the seat by my go-bag. If I look a little bigger and more interesting, they won't see her.

    I'm aware all eyes or ears on us.
  • The server nods, "Sure, I do. Be right back." She heads back to the kitchen for a while. You distract them, Hadden, and they don't seem to notice Silica.

    After a few minutes, the food arrives. It's not great, but it is warm. Any more conversation here, or should we skip to Jax's arrival?
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    Yeah I'm happy to disappear into the booth in the corner. Place brings back memories, though... standing at that counter, craning my neck to see over the top.

    Why are we waiting here for fuckin' Jax? What am I going to do? Hadden... I should have known better. Why'd I fuckin' show him who I am.

    Hadden... I wonder if Hadden sees me lookin' at him like this.

    Let's skip ahead.
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    For about half an hour, you eat the food, spend time not talking, people watch you, but nobody bothers you. Jax walks in, looks around, heads over to your booth. He grabs a seat beside you, Silica.

    "Hope you don't mind if I squeeze in, Amber," The server lady, who ignored you after dropping off the food, comes out, fawns over Jax a little, asking how Shelly is, how things are going for him. He makes a bit of small talk back - Shelly is great, they're still trying, work's work. He makes some joke about work, then asks for "the regular". She scurries off, smiling. Seriously, she didn't look like she was capable, but she found a way for him. Her face didn't look that much better with one of them on.

    "Sorry it took a while, hope you weren't too bored." Jax says. "So Amber, how's life on the other side of the lake? What's your sister's guy like? A dozen kids, huh? Man, I could really see that. She loves kids. That's so great."
  • From Hadden:

    I pick up the thread of the conversation, smooth. Silica looks likes she wants to GTFO. "His name's Jester, a righteous troubador. Plays guitar, harmonica, sings. He's funny, too, make ya laugh. It's really something to see them happy together." I glance at Silica, put my foot by hers, take it back. "What was Rosie like back them?"

    I am going to so get it, and not in a good way, if I call Rossi Rosie to her face.
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    Sittin' there kind of uncomfortably annoyed, but I gotta deal with it if fuckin' Jax's gonna get off my case. He makes me move over to sit... fine whatever.

    I answer Jax, "I'm gettin' by fine, JJ, makin' steady flow with my boy here." I kinda lean over and pat the table in front of Hadden, like bap... that's my boy.

    Hadden explains about Jester, yeah... and again reminds me of something I should do, but that's another thing. "We all good, JJ, don't worry 'bout us... you take care'a your business, all right?"

    Yeah I smile all casual like that settles things... he'll just leave us be now right? I lean back glance nervously at Hadden across the table as he asks about Rosie.
  • Hadden, Jax listens to you describe Jester, and he seems pleased about it, like he approves. Before he answers you, Silica cuts in. He grins when she sort of tells him to back off, but you can tell he's not going to back off.

    Silica, Jax just keeps smiling at you, his shoulder touches yours and he keeps staring at you. It takes him a minute to connect the dots between your sister and calling her Rosie. He doesn't object or try to correct you, but it's weird.

    The server arrives with his food, Jax takes a big bite or two. "Amber's big sis was always protective of little Amber. She never got along with her dad. I know he always wanted her to take over the clinic some day. She was always getting in trouble, too. Nothing like little Amber here, she was the sweetest kid."

    He leans over to you Hadden, talking in a mock whisper, "You're a lucky guy, Hadden. Always had a crush on Amber here. She's a good friend." He takes a few more bites of his food, then wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "Well, no time to waste, right? I'm sure you want to get some sleep before you head out in the morning." He stands, starts heading for the door.

    What do you do?
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    Big 'fuck you too' ironic smile when he says I was sweet and I say with a laugh like I do, "I ain't never been sweet... fuck you."

    Pleasant enough sitting here talking about shit but you know there's tension hanging over us. I don't stop him from calling me fucking Amber just cause I don't want my real name getting back to fucking father.

    He gets up to walk to the door and I just can't take the bullshit any more, I meet Hadden's eye across the table for a second before calling after him, "enough of this bullshit... Jax, I ain't gonna go see him."

    I got one foot on the floor to the side of the booth, like I can take off if I gotta... but I want to see what the asshole has to say.
  • Jax turns around, disappointment clear on his face. He doesn't look heart-broken, but yeah, Silica, he was hoping to have you see your dad. "Alright, Amber, that's alright. But I'm telling him you're alive... and healthy. I'll wait till ya leave, alright?" He looks to both of you, then opens the door and heads out, calling, "Let's go."
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    From Hadden:

    I'm fascinated by the glimpse of Silica and Rossi's childhood... I got some satisfaction on my face when I'm looking at her when he's talking to me. I feel a little lucky. We sure got lucky on the lake. But I can tell she's wanting to snap or motor or both. I'm about to be in damage control mode with calling him out in front of all the people, then he just folds. I keep the surprise off my face for Jax, but when I look to Silica, she can see some approval, respect... and a little proud of her that nothing got whack out of shape.

    We do need sleep. I'll stand up, take my bag. Look back to Jax here, say it like it is. "Appreciate the room, guy, and the favor."
  • Silica

    I keep my eyes on Hadden as I slip off of the bench seat of the booth and stand... tentatively following. This feels weird, why'd he drop that so easy after the big deal he made out of it earlier... guess I put up a good act.

    Yeah... yeah I rocked that, and find myself smiling as I see that look on Hadden's face.

    "Just one night."
  • Let's skip ahead.

    It's late at night, the pair of you were given a room in Jax's place. He introduced you to his girl, basically his mate or wife or whatever. She was very reserved, borderline rude. They chatted with you for a bit, mostly Jax telling stories about him running around with Amber as kids. While Silica is not happy about this place or her childhood, it's obvious Jax thinks it was a great experience, and feels like the two of them were the best of friends.

    They put you up in a small room with a single mattress. Are you sleeping together? How's that going? You're both up around 2 AM. Why is that?

    You hear the front door open. Their home used to be a small town office, and they converted the place to bedrooms over time. You've got a small metal desk in here, no window, the mattress and some weird inspirational poster of an eagle on the wall with some old certificates and plaques.

    What do you do?
  • Silica

    Shelly huh? Yeah I don't think I care for her... she feelin' jealous?

    In the other room I take a couple minutes looking at the pictures and stuff, read some of the words. I stand in front of that bit picture, a hand flat on the wall next to it. I feel smart and quietly say to myself, 'albatross.'

    Sleeping together? Well yeah, don't think it's like that... I don't think we're fucking. Not even sure we're kissing. I'm not in the fuckin' mood. I just find a cool spot, use my pack as a pillow and try to sleep... unless Hadden has somethin' else to say about it.

    I'm not a light sleeper, really, but I'm on edge here. Probably Hadden's up first, I'm not my best when I'm tired... like when this same shit happened at Wonky's cousin's place... fuck. Don't think about that shit.

    I glance at Hadden, make sure he's up. "What is it now..."
  • From Hadden:

    I wasn't expecting anything like sexytimes, given the mood this place has us in... but I'm still a little surprised when she doesn't want to sleep by me. I sigh- much rather be nailing her to the mattress and pissing off the neighbors than worrying about tomorrow. I guess it's too warm for her? Maybe I'm too warm for her. More likely she's not in a touching mood. Be nice if she were. I sleep better with someone.

    Sleep doesn't come easy, and I'm a little restless and on edge, expecting anything. I don't dream.

    There's a noise. Could be nothing, but I'm awake and aware. Listening. Maybe it's just the kid sneaking back in after goofing off out late? I glance at Silica, make sure she's up.

    Whisper, "Dunno." I give her a questioning look, point at the metal desk, jerk a thumb at the ceiling tiles, lace my fingers together and boost an imaginary Silica. Not much option for me to GTFO.
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    I get up to a crouch, nodding to Hadden... yeah. Get my shit together, step up on the metal table as lithely as sleepy Silica can manage. Then step on his shoulder, hand on his head. Gonna boost me up through the ceiling? Sure. Whatever the fuck is goin' on I'd rather be gone... ish.

    Guess I push one of those big tile up and out of the way, see if I can shimmy up on something.
  • From Hadden:

    A quick peck as I hoist her, not goodbye, just good luck. Lift her up, help her get secure to a sprinkler pipe or beam or whatever. Pat her leg, get the tile back in place.

    Weird that this time I'm putting her into a hole in the air.
  • I'm curious how this pans out for Silica. Sil, why don't you Act Under Fire here? Succeed and you're out of sight when the door opens.
  • Silica

    Scramble up, grab hold of one of those crossbeams and slither up there. Hadden slides the tile back in place behind me... ok, quiet... breathe...

    Wake the fuck up.
  • Act under fire:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 4. Total: 11)

    Hadden help?
  • Silica,

    You shimmy up and Hadden slides the tile back. You've got an inch or so you can look down in as the door opens. You see this.


    The door opens quick and a light in the hallway comes on. It's bright, sort of makes you squint. Jax is there, with a couple of other thick men. One of them you recognize from the Dollar store, Jax's partner. Behind them is a man in his late fifties with silver hair and a very intense gaze.


    He looks right at you, then past you. "Where is my daughter?" His tone is as intense as his look, bordering on anger.
  • From Hadden:

    I look at Jax, then his partner. I nod once, small, assessing, wondering about the woman downstairs also. Sloppy.

    I give out a stifled yawn, since I just woke up."Not here, obviously. She bolted, doesn't want to see you. Did she leave me the sled?"

    I expect he thinks I just woke up and saw she was gone.
  • "How long ago?" he asks with that same glare.

    Jax throws in, "Sled's still outside, she'd be stupid to try and leave on foot."
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    From Hadden:

    Casually, "Jax, what time we all went to bed last night?" And I'm wondering why he's not letting on she's an icewalker.

    I get up, start getting my shit together quick. "If she's out there on foot, we need to find her."
  • Jax answers, "About four hours ago."

    The older man turns on Jax, and even though he's a head shorter, Jax shrinks away from him a little. He glares up at Jax, "How did she leave here, Jackson?"

    Jax spreads his hands out, "It's my house, Doc, not a prison. I told you she didn't want to see you."

    Jax's partner taps Jax's shoulder, sort of a cuff, "Told you to fucking tranq them, idiot."

    Silica's dad tells both men, "Tranq this one." Then he walks out of your line of sight, and Jax and his partner start coming into the room.

    What do you do?
  • From Hadden:

    "Whoa now. Jax, I'm a guest in your home. Is this how's it's going to go down? I don't want that." I look to the other guy, my eyes hardening.

    "You, though. I don't even know your name."

    I draw a pistol.

    "I aim to walk out, find my girl, and GTFO. You choose if I do so shooting."

    You listening up there, Silica?
  • Sounds like a Go Aggro. Lets see a roll.
  • edited May 2014
    [OOC: Go Aggro, roll+hard, marking XP, taking advance]

    (Rolled: 2d6-1. Rolls: 4, 1. Total: 4)
  • edited May 2014

    Fuck... I hear his voice and it all rushes back, I try not to panic... breathe... slow... ok. Come on Hadden, you can get outta this... you're the better man right? And fuck... I ain't ten fuckin' years old you piece of shit. That ain't me no more.

    "Tranq?" I know what that means well enough... puttin' him to sleep?

    I try to get my shit together, check myself... do I have my pistol? Fuck... the silencer don't fit this stupid revolver... fuck it.

    I peer through the crack in the tile, trying not to make a sound... get a look at the guys... try not to look at him.
  • Reading the sitch:
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 7)
  • I wanna help Hadden, I really do... but it's fucking him down there. I gotta know what is my best way out of here?
  • To Hadden:

    They move on you, hoping to overpower you. You fire off a shot that takes Jax right in the upper chest, sending him back and down. But his partner had a tranq gun ready, and he fires one right in your damn neck. It hurts like a bitch! Your eyes swim for a moment, and the sudden increase in your heartrate sends that paralyzing agent quickly through your body.

    Doc lets those two do his dirty work, and he's already leaving you, heading outside. You've only got a second before you're down for the count.

    What do you do?

    To Silica:

    Looking around up here, you see a bunch of support beams. You can crawl along them to an external vent, pop it and you're out the back. Easy peasy.

    What do you do?
  • edited May 2014

    Oh shit! I know that shit... Hadden I know how that feels... the little yelp of surprise that escaped my throat is gratefully hidden by the sound of the scuffle, the gun. I'm just this side of terrified... teeth clenched, almost gotta bite myself to bleedin' to keep quiet.

    Keep your shit together, Silica... "Hadden..." I pull back from my vantage point, i can't bear to see any more.... but I listen. They're jackin' him huh? Takin' him back to the fuckin' clinic? What the fuck for?

    If Rossi was here she'd take care of this like now... drop down and do some commando shit, right? I heard stories of what she done... but what the fuck can I do? I can't do shit...

    I slip across the ceiling beams and to the, trying not to lose it, trying to to break down and just give the fuck up... Fuck you Jax... fuck you doctor... you gotta take Hadden away too?
  • From Hadden:

    Oh no, not again.

    Jax! I'm sorry. Silica? I.

    I open my brain.
  • Alright, Hadden, let's see the roll.
  • [Open brain, roll+weird, mark XP]
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 5, 1. Total: 6)
  • edited May 2014
    To Hadden:

    The toxins take hold of your senses, and it hurts. The paralytic poison forces your muscles to lock up, and you weren't ready for it. Pain wracks your body and your attempts to open yourself up to the shimmer, to the aurora, they fail utterly. You lie there, twitching slightly and trapped in your own head, unable to move.

    Jax's partner looks down at Jax, then turns to you. He takes a swift step forward, then kicks you in the ribs a couple times. "The name..." he kicks again, "Is Solace, you fucking asshole!" He kicks you a couple more times, until the Doc calls for him. He leaves angrily.

    You lie there on your side, looking out into the hallway, eyes wide open, and watch Jax. Watch him dying. Your ears work, they hear Shelly come running down the hall, hear her sob as she pulls his head into her lap. But his eyes are still on you. You see the light fade from them, Hadden.
  • Harm roll (1-Harm for the kicking)
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 6)
  • edited May 2014
    To Hadden:

    You take 1 Harm from Solace's boot.
  • edited May 2014

    I hear the shouting as I slip out of the duct-cover and sprawl into the snow. I stumble to my feet and in a panic I flee up the street, turn a couple of corners... I know this place but it's alien. Everything feels different... and the evening chill mist clinging to everything makes it worse.

    I run. I can't fight him, I can't face him... I run towards the lake, towards the sled, run like I did years ago... leave this shithole behind... there ain't nothin' for me...


    It hits me like a bullet... if I leave now I lose him. But... who the fuck cares, right? He's just another guy...

    I reach the sled and put a hand on it... body shaking not with cold but with fear and mounting regret for what I may do.

    Silica go... just fucking go!

    But I can't bring myself to get up on that seat... I just stand there... it's chill silence all around. Still darkness... but somewhere close is the one fucking guy that gives a fuck about me... the only one...


    I turn, face streaked with glistening tears.. I turn back towards that fucking place, fear plays with anger on my face. I know so well what it's like to be abandoned here...

    I won't run away again... not alone.

    I'm coming for you Hadden. I won't leave you.
  • --END SCENE--
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