[Snowpocalypse] Meeting Halfway (L 5.2, R 5.2)

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When you dig a tunnel in the Great Lake in search of someone or something, roll +Hard.

If you succeed, you get where or who you wanted. On a 7-9, choose a member of your group who you lost to the ice. If you fail, choose two who have succumbed, and also, you've run into a threat that stopped your progress.

Rossi, please make the roll above. Lemma, you're able to help Rossi, if you choose.


  • Yeah, I'm digging a hole looking for her, driving myself as long as I can go at a stretch. Jester is, too. Now that I know she's down there, I can aim the tunnel to try to meet them where'd they'd be digging. If they're still alive to be digging.
  • Aid, +Hx

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 1. Total: 6)
  • OOC: Rolling. Roll+Hard. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 2, 4. Total: 9)
  • Rossi, make your choice. Who did you lose to the ice?

    Lemma, who was hurt by your operation during the last moments, when everyone was excited, hearing the voices of the people who were trapped underneath? Marmot? Tamedog? Jester? You?

  • We lost Zippo. He was one of the guys Wandering brought in, who spent years addicted to ice... He didn't have shit for fat on him when we ran out of food, and he died curled up in a frozen ball, desperately clawing at the ice down in the fish tunnels, trying to get something to eat.
  • Yeah, I should have taken a shift sleeping. One of the big pieces of ice shifted in a way I wasn't expecting while Tamedog and Marmot were setting up the next one.

    I had enough time to snap the cable on and start the winch to stabilize it so it didn't crush them, but not enough to get out of the way when the cable went taut.
  • Lemma, as Tamedog and Marmot move up to help clear the last bits of ice so everyone can crawl out, you save them by snapping that cable. But then, the cable snaps taut, and the whole chunk of ice rolls towards you, then onto you, crushing your left leg. And you're fucking stuck. Take 1-Harm AP (I'll roll Harm next post).

    Jester's there, right away, climbing out of the van. The yelling woke him up. You made him take your sleeping shift, the guy worked his ass to the bone and slept hard. He's trying to get the winch to pull the ice off you, "Lemma, it's stuck! I can't get the ice off you!" This chunk is several hundred pounds, and the pressure is crushing your leg.

    Rossi, you're near the front of the digging line. You heard Lemma's crew working, and everyone formed up, pulling away chunks of ice and passing it down the line to clear the way. Even folks down at the sub have queued up in excitement. You see that girl Marmot first, and Invert crawls out as soon as there is daylight. She's smaller, so she worms past you, then helps you up.

    You see Jester, lit by the headlights of a big van. He's trying to work a winch to pull a bigass chunk of ice off Lemma's leg. Lemma is in severe pain.

    What do you do?
  • Lemma's Harm roll:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 5, 2. Total: 8)
  • (take the 1-Harm, Lemma. Nothing in the above post changes)
  • Son of a bitch... I'm running for the chunk of ice, and motioning for people to follow me out. I'm not exactly at full strength right now, but a few days of swinging a pickaxe will definitely give you some strength.

    Speaking of a pickaxe... I'm going to split that ice in two, hoping to take some of the weight off Lemma's leg.
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    Rossi, give me a straight up roll+Hard. On a 7-9, Lemma takes some more Harm before you free her.

    Or, you know, Oh Yeah! would probably work better.
  • OOC: Oh Yeah! roll+hard. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 10)
  • Alright, Rossi, you swing that pickaxe like some mythic heroine, and split the ice enough that Lemma can fall free. Her ankle is twisted, and her leg is going to be one big bruise, but you saved her from any permenant harm.

    Rossi, you feel a pair of arms wrap around you as Jester practically tackle-hugs you, "Rossi!" He lifts you up in the hug, and reluctantly puts you down because, you know, Lemma's hurt. But he's basically glued to you.

    Lemma, Marmot has dropped down to her knees and she's checking your leg, asking you to push against her foot, checking to see if it is broken or sprained, all that fun "injury-checking" stuff.

    The gang is spilling out of the hole, too eager for common sense. No fighting, but they're desperate for air and the light of the sun.
  • I drop the pickaxe pretty hard once I feel Jester's arms around me... I'm fucking exhausted, but I somehow gather the strength to slip my arms around him, and not weep. He smells as bad as I do... Weird how that's a relief. I fumble my hands up to his cheeks and give him an impassioned kiss. "Jessie," is all I mutter before he puts me down.

    Fuck, that was a close one.

    I look down to Lemma, whose leg isn't anywhere near as bad as it should be, and mutter, "It's good to see a friendly face... You want me to take a look at that?"
  • Rossi,

    While you're waiting for Lemma to answer, Jester leans in to nibble your ear, "I'm going to do so many naughty things to you, Rossi. Soooo many things." He's giggling a little, then settles on kissing the nape of your neck.
  • I bat Jester back — playfully of course — then turn back to Lemma; because I've got to focus, and my mental faculties aren't all here right now.
  • I sag down on to the floor and let Marmot finish running the basic check up. I got off easy, all things considered.

    "Good to see you too, Rossi. Especially those last couple seconds."

    I pause. That was some impressive work on that boulder.

    "Thanks for that."

    She want to look at the leg? I'm not sure what she thinks she can do with it, but I'm not going to wave her off after what she just did. I roll my pant leg up and let her check it out, too.

    Ugh. It's swelling around the ankle, and it's going the reddish-purple of a fresh bruise. Looks like a sausage with toes.
  • I ease my way down to my knees and hover over her leg for a second, debating whether I should risk fixing her up, or just let her power through this... It really doesn't look that bad, but having her up and on her feet puts us all in a much better way.

    I opt to risk it, and gently rest my hands on her ankle... "Try not to move," I whisper softly, "sorry if this hurts..."
  • OOC: Healing Touch. Roll+Weird. +1XP.
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 6. Total: 12)
  • Lemma, the feeling of whatever Rossi does to you, it's odd. At first, there are pins and needles, like you sat on your foot for too long. Then, you can literally feel it mending, which is tingly and makes your stomach gurgle a little. After a couple seconds, the bruising is gone, and your leg feels amazing, stronger than before really. It's a miracle.
  • I wiggle my toes, flex the ankle.

    "Well, that's... interesting. How does it work?"

    I scramble to my feet.

    "Looks like you did as much rescuing of me as I did of you. How about we get your people fed?"
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    Members of Rossi's gang are still working their way out of the tunnel. Marmot is pushing them away from the van, and you overhear a few asking for food. Folks are relieved, but they're still damn hungry.
  • I shrug when she asks how I fixed her foot, not bothering to try and come up with an explanation. I wish I could answer it, sort of... I don't want to take it for granted or anything, but I'm also not overly interested in trying to hammer down why I'm some kind of healer... I let her get up, and slowly rise up next to her. "Food sounds good... We've been out for a while." I can practically feel my stomach doing somersaults.
  • Rossi, Jester reaches into the pocket of his jacket, pulls out a baggie of dried apricots and pushes them into your hand. It's obvious he saved them in hopes of giving them to you. Not enough for anyone else to eat, so he's being private about it.

    Lemma, you and Marmot don't have enough food to go around, but Marmot will try to split up the bits of food to share if you order her. She's perfectly happy to tell them tough luck, too. Tamedog works on getting some ice melting with the heat of the van and sharing that at least.

    Where are you all going now? Heading down to the sub, finding some shelter off the lake?
  • Fuck the shit out of going back to that sub. I turn back to Jester, wrap my arms around him, plant a kiss on his lips and whisper, "take me anywhere that isn't that fucking cave."
  • To Rossi:

    Invert says, "Boss, I'll get the gang out and we'll hole up around Crossover, alright? They need food and we've got a few favors to trade in." She sighs, "It's gonna be a long fucking walk..."

    Jester kisses you right back, "Deal, baby. Underlake's shut down right now, but you know me, I have friends on shore. You wanna grab some chow at Red Brick maybe?"
  • I nod emphatically at the suggestion of the Red Brick — which is kind of weird, because I hate that place — and turn to Invert, "talk to Lemma about getting some food before you head out. I'll meet you guys out at Crossroads once I've got an idea about how to best fuck up Merr's day — make sure our new hardware comes with us."
  • To Rossi:

    Invert nods, looks over to Wandering, "Send four back down for the hardware, let's hang out until that's done. Em, make sure they hustle, yeah?"

    Wandering just came up because he was carrying Arbor out of the hole.

    To Lemma:

    Wandering brings Arbor out of the big cave hole you dug. He looks down at the big unconscious man and asks you, "You got any ice? He's going through rough withdrawal."
  • To Rossi:

    Please go here.
  • Ice. I don't like the stuff-- Even if it doesn't ruin your life, it messes with your head, and I have to stay sharp.

    Still, it might be wise to keep a couple of cubes in the van for emergencies. Maybe we could pick some up.

    "I don't have any here, but we could try to pick some up. I know someone to ask."

    I make the next sentence an open question-- Arbor doesn't even look like he's in shape to weigh in, but Wandering and Rossi probably have opinions.

    "Is this the kind of problem you want to solve with more ice, or less ice? Now that we're out, we can get him fed and hydrated, maybe push him through it."

    Speaking of which, I know we don't have enough to go around, but I wave Marmot to divvy out what we've got. Just keep people from passing out; we'll get more when we're safe.
  • It doesn't even take me a second to answer that question, "Less. If you can get him clean, I'll find a way to make it worth your while."
  • Arbor doesn't have enough energy to object, but Wandering answers for him, "Let's get him clean."

    Marmot says, "Lemma, we don't have enough food to go around. And we need to secure the sub, too."
  • "Right. Leave what we have. I'll stay and get to work. Probably better not to move Arbor, and anyone else who's bad off. Maybe you could run home and bring back some supplies? We'll stock the sub with some food so this doesn't happen again."

    I'll make this an open question, too. "Anyone who wants to stay and help, we'll get food to you. If you can't wait, ride with Marmot as her security."

    I'll pull Marmot aside. "Hope you don't mind splitting up for a bit-- seems like we need to do a lot at once. Use anyone who's with you to help haul things out. Some food, but also any more gear you think we can use to get this place secure."
  • Marmot nods, "Yeah, I'll split off a few and fetch food and supplies. Be safe down there." She pauses, then adds, "Probably smells like fifty kinds of sweaty ass." That makes her chuckle.

    Very few gangers want to stay down there, but Invert assigns a few to follow you down and keep guard, Lemma. Tamedog is coming with you.

    "Hey Lemma," Tamedog says when it's just the two of you crawling down the hole for the sub, "Never imagined I'd be crawling down a hole with you, eh?"
  • "It's a reversal, yeah."

    I grin. Tamedog's a hard guy to impress, but I think this will do the job.

    "Get ready. You're going to like this. Not all the good stuff is hidden thirty stories up."

    Once I give Tamedog a tour, I'll settle in to work. Get Arbor somewhere comfortable and as much of the food and water as we can spare. Start plotting out what the new entrance will look like. Cycle out the air filters. (It does smell like sweaty ass down here.)
  • Lemma, please go here.
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