[Snowpocalypse] Clinic Visit (H 5.3, S 5.3)

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To Hadden:

Solace came back some time later, picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, carried you unceremoniously out into the snowy, cold night. Your head was swimming, time dilated and stretch and snapped and bounced around in your head. The echo's of Shelly's sobbed in your head, Jax's dying eyes burned into your vision.

After some time of being jostled, lost in your head, your body betraying you still, you entered a small hospital, one level, brick and concrete. The Emergency Room entrance is covered slick with ice, but deeper inside the place there are rooms with some electricity, when the generator is gassed up. Like tonight. You hear it not far away, chugging along.

Solace pushes open a double door and brings you into a kind of theater. No lie, there's a table in here, and up, behind plexiglass, are seats. No audience members, not yet, but there could be. The lights in here are painfully bright. The brightness that makes you curse your eyelids when Solace drops you onto a gurney.

With quick, practiced movements, he checks all your pockets, pulls off your shirt, then he straps you down with leather straps, the kind for psychos and trouble patients. Not that you can be any trouble right now. But he must be a planner.

Then, he leaves. Leaves you alone. Utterly alone. Immobile.

What do you do?

To Silica:

Your dad always was a pillar of the community, wasn't he? I'm sure Jax thought he was doing right by you and him when he turned you in. When he told your dad in the dark of night that his long-lost daughter had returned home. How easy it was for your dad to convince those two to back him up as he barged into Jax's home to get you. To bring you back.

But really, all he needed to do was kidnap Hadden, hunh? Interesting.

Well, you know this place like the back of your hand. All the nooks and crannies, the hidey holes, the places you do not want to be trapped in. Not like he posts guards, because really, who would mess with the big Doc? Sure, he's got a couple orderlies, but they're probably still easy enough to avoid, right?

How is it that you snuck into the top level of the Operating Theater, Silica?


  • Silica

    Of course. The place wasn't touched by the fire, father's fucking luck. How the hell has he lived? Nobody knows he's a fucking monster... that time I cried myself silly to old lady Jezzi about him, the one time I admitted what he was and how he treated me she slapped my face for lying about "the beloved Doctor" and dragged me screaming home.

    But I know the way. Through the basement across the way, father never figured out that I was playing over there. That parking lot, half-frozen with ice, opens up nearly a block and a half away... you wouldn't expect it to meet up with the clinic. That's my way in... through the courtyard, up the snowdrifts and old dumpsters to the roof.

    The old louvered windows to the crawl space attic are long since corroded through and it's easy enough for me to squeeze through... good thing I'm skinny.

    But once I'm inside... the smell of antiseptic and old blood gives me chills. The sound of that generator... he runs it through the night to keep his samples warm... still keeping those fucking samples.

    I nearly hyperventilate and have to just sit still for a couple minutes before I can go on. It's simple to reach the operating theater, nobody'll be upstairs at this hour... it's still before dawn. And the lights in the operating theater are on, I can hear their quiet sizzle even from here...

    That's where I go.
  • To Silica:

    The hum of the theater is just like it always was. You creep in through a side entrance, top of the stairs down the side hallway. The place stinks of bleach, enough to hurt your eyes. The cracks in the tiles are still ruddy, there are still memories of the people who've been operated on here. Your father perfected a concoction of a particular brand of anesthetic, one that makes the patient immobile, but often allows them to speak, and most definitely allows them to feel. Trapped in their own bodies, your father would carve on them for samples, for your education... for fun. Never once did they remember the harrowing experience. But your father knew. It always gave him that knowing smile. The one that everyone mistook for a kindness.

    But you know. You know his smile, Silica.

    Crawling on the industrial carpet, a dingy brown decades older than you, threadbare with worn tracks from the people who have come to learn, or to watch over the years. The lights are focused on the gurney where you see Hadden. Shirtless, strapped down, immobile. His face is a mask of anguish, his eyes closed against the burning light.

    You hear a different kind of humming as well. It's the "London Bridge is Falling Down", one of your father's favorite songs. He's in the prep room, washing up. In moments, he'll be walking through that open space on the left to begin... whatever he's planning to do to Hadden.

    As you know, there are two doors out of the operating theater, the one to the scrub room, the other is a double door that swings and locks, big enough to wheel in a gurney.

    What do you do?
  • From Hadden:

    It was easy.

    It was an accident.

    I murdered Jax in his own home.

    He's gone, part of the shimmer maybe, but gone from here. Gone from his Shelley, his family. I feel sick. He was Silica's maybe friend, but he treated me like a guest. But this Doc sent them for me, for us.

    And Jax is dead by my hand.

    Rossi, is this what you meant? Oakley, can you forgive me?

    I can't stop thinking about his eyes... they just... dimmed and he was gone like a single melted snowflake. The pattern, the shape, the form just lost. The meager can of whatever a few hours ago threatens to come up, tamp that shit down.


    They drew first. I'm not the asshole, Solace.This Doc character is.

    I gotta do something for Shelley, for Tindy, for Squirrel, for mom... Arbor. Jester. Lemma. K2. Handplant. I got people need me. Merrell got needs seeing to. No way I'm gonna let this pissantDoc do what he pleases.

    At least Silica got out.

    It was easy.
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    I stand at the back of the seating, there's only like three rows of seats, you could probably sit forty or fifty people up here if you filled every chair, but that doesn't happen much. Father's experiments are pretty much for his own enjoyment.

    I try to control my breathing, keep cool... but that song. Fuck that fucking song, every step is difficult. My hands shake and I gotta smack my palm against something to make it hurt, wake me up a little.

    There's not much time, move SIlica, fucking move!

    I hurry down the six steps the the glass, I know the way, they lever open from the bottom and it's easy enough to slip down to the floor... much harder to get back up. I push the glass open, slip down feet first and hang from the edge to drop onto my feet.

    I cringe at how near that singing sounds, staying still for an instant just to make sure I haven't made a sound... then I cross the floor to the chair, both hands on Hadden, his arm and chest.

    I get my face right down to his ear, "Hadden I know what you're feelin' ok... I'm gonna fuckin' get'cha outta here."

    Nothing else to do, I start working the straps free.
  • From Hadden:

    Hands on me, I flinch. But they are cool, seeking. Her voice in my ear.


    Never did I ever think that she'd be pulling me out of a hole. There's naked raw gratitude on me face and I almost wonder if this is a drug hallucination. I keep my trap shut, but I want to talk, ask questions. I'm listening to asshat singing his dead song, watching her work the straps. Test my range motion at my fingers, toes.
  • You know your father is right there, silica. Let's see you Act Under Fire to get Hadden free in time.

    Hadden, why don't you give me a roll+Hard to see how well you can fight off the lingering effects of the toxin?
  • [OOC: roll+Hard.]
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 7)
  • Acting under fire:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 10)
  • Silica, these straps are a bit easier to work from your side than they ever were from Hadden's. How often did he strap you down? Or did he even need to do that?

    Hadden, you can move, but anything more than walking will be Acting Under Fire for a bit, several minutes at least.

    The straps have to be pulled tight before the notch can be wriggled free. It hurts for a moment, Hadden, that sudden pressure on those dark brown leather straps before they pop open and blood rushes to numbed fingers.

    Silica, you just get the straps off and you're reaching down to help Hadden sit up when the water stops. Your father is drying his hands, putting on the thick gloves before he comes in here.

    You both struggle to get Hadden up, and right as his feet hit the floor, you hear the Doctor's voice as he enters the operating theater. "What the... Amber?" His voice changes from shocked to outraged. He starts moving forward towards you both, but there's a good ten feet for him to cross to the gurney, "Who is this man, Amber? Is he your supplier? Jax told me you're an ice-walker, before this man shot him to death!"

    What do you do?
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    I help pull Hadden to his feet, both of my hands on his forearm, takes all my strength to get him up. He can see the fear on my face, but also a rare determination, my eyes are wide and a little bit wild, "come on Haddie, we gotta burn!"

    Then... then father arrives and it's like a wave hits me. I shudder and my knees go kind of soft. I still have a hand around Hadden's wrist and he feels it tighten tight, probably would hurt if he wasn't doped up.

    I can't look at him, I look down at the floor between our feet, Hadden and I... I can't handle this... Hadden I can't...

    Without raising my head I say, "don't matter... don't fuckin' matter what I am!" i spit out the words. Then he's coming towards us, "I ain't your fuckin' daughter!" I probably sound terrified, my voice shaky and weak and all I can do is manage the briefest of glances at him as I say the final word.

    I pull on Hadden's arm, urge him to take a step. We're walking out the fucking door.
  • From Hadden:

    My voice is a little raw, and I'm holding myself up half on Silica and half on the gurney. Then the fool walks in, I stand taller, keep myself twixt he and she. "I'm Hadden, her operator. Honest work. Jax's blood is on your hands, wretch. Call yourself a doctor." I shake my head at him, dismissing and a little pity. I watched that man die.

    A quick flick of the eyes around this place, then stabbing at him, intense. Angry. Standing straighter, betwixt them, a hand in front of Silica like don't you fucking touch her. "I want my property back your man stole and we're going to GTFO. And you're gonna let us motor with a fucking smile on your face and a thanky-kindly. Last time you stood in my way, Jax died. Now what's your choice?"
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    Silica's father walks forward slowly, not impressed with you, Hadden. "The toxin's effects haven't worn off, Hadden. You think I believe you're any threat?" Then he looks at you, Silica, "Amber! Come here right now. If you do, this man can go. Otherwise, he will fill my sample bank."

    What do you do?
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    His words stab at me, 'Amber' he says... it took all of my courage to run into the night years ago, I couldn't face him... had he said one word to me then, I would have given it all up and come back to him, head bowed and begging for forgiveness.

    Hadden is shaky, he's still got the silver tongue but he doesn't have the swagger to back it up, and Father ain't gonna be swayed... what can we do? He can barely walk, I can't carry him...

    A pitiful and childish squeak gets caught in my throat, "no..." looking down at the floor I shake my head. "don't hurt him..." In my mind I'm telling him how it is, laying it out there cool... like you won't fucking hurt him!

    But as I open my mouth to speak it feels more like I'm asking him... begging him... no fuck Silica! You're supposed to be over this fucking bastard! Nobody's going to save me are they? I look at Hadden, he can see the desperate terror in my eyes.

    I let go of Hadden's hand and take one step towards Father, like I'm being drawn there by some irresistible force. I raise a single hand, palm forward, desperate.

    "Let us go," I shake my head, I know he won't.
  • Silica, your father looks at you with disapproval, ignoring Hadden. "Hadden can go. You will stay."
  • Silica, when your father gives you a command, it counts as a non-physical attack for 1-Harm.
  • Harm Move on Silica:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 4, 5. Total: 10)
  • To Silica:

    You feel his sheer will pressing you down. Down into the girl you were, small, unable to break free. It's just like it was, Silica, and it hurts. Take 1-Harm to your psyche.

    Also, you are completely panicked and unable to resist his commands for the rest of this scene.
  • Silica

    I glance back at Hadden, this look on my face... defeat, regret... I can't even speak.

    Then I turn back to Father, pin my eyes shut and nod a little 'yessir' nod and start to obediently go to him.

    Screaming on the inside... but I just can't refuse him... years of hurt and shame and pain force my body to obey, even as I try to hide my tears.

    At least Hadden will be safe... but I doubt this even so.
  • From Hadden:

    What the ever loving fuck?

    "The lady said no, Doc." I put my hand on Silica's shoulder, holding her. "She's with me. We're going home. You don't get what you want."

    Silica, you're stronger than this. You're not a little kid!

    I step forward and slap him in the face. Talk to him like a kid. "Shame on you!"
  • hey Hadden, I'm going to need you to Act Under Fire to pull that off. Those toxins are still affecting you pretty badly. The will is strong, but the body isn't quite.
  • [OOC, Act Under Fire, roll+cool]
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 5, 3. Total: 11)
  • Hadden, it takes a supreme act of will to make your body respond. It feels like you're walking through a heavy snowstorm, and your arms are numb and leaden. You slap him, hard, then tell him to be ashamed.

    His head snaps to the side with your blow, and the smack is audible. He looks back at you with a red mark on his cheek, anger flaring. He's never had to really fight someone, but he's in much better shape than you right now, so he comes up to shove you to the ground.

    You hit the floor, Hadden, dazed for a moment. But the good doctor doesn't follow up with a kick or keep punching you. No, he turns on a heel and heads out of the room, "Seems I'll need to reapply the anesthesia. Amber, come here, you can be my assistant again." He leaves the room, walking briskly.
  • Silica

    Hadden defies father and I just cringe, turning away defensively. No... no no... I take a sharp breath as Hadden hits him. I lashed out and accidentally scratched father once... he repaid me for it.

    I cover my mouth with a hand, eyes wide. No... oh no no... I say barely out loud.

    "Hadden.... I..." I can barely make a sound, little more than a squeak... and Father calls after me, my instinct tells me to obey. I must obey... there's a fight going on inside me. I look back and forth from the open doorway where father lurks, back to Hadden... who I so desperately want to spare.

    But how? What can I do? I'm just a child and he's my father and I'm all alone...

    What's my name again? "Amber..." I whisper. I turn away from Hadden and begin to follow Father.

    Oh no.
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    From Hadden:

    "Silica?" I look at her like she's grown a second head. Pull myself to my feet. If that door doesn't lock, maybe she can help me push the gurney against it? Grab her before she goes, hands on shoulders, looking into those blue blue eyes. Where is she?

    "Let's burn!"
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    Hadden, that might, just might reach her. Why don't you roll HX with Silica, the girl you thought you came here with, see if you can save her from... herself.

    Or... you could Read her, maybe?
  • Silica

    He gets me by the shoulders, it's not like I resist, but there's an urgency in me. My body's been taught not to refuse father's command. I know what happens.

    Hadden looks into my eyes and just for a moment I remember.
  • [OOC: Reading Silica, roll+sharp]
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 2. Total: 5)
  • Hadden, the effort of fighting the toxin leaves you completely drained. Your knees buckle, and a moment later, you're falling. You catch yourself from going head first into the tiled floor with one hand, but you're done, Hadden. Legs are locked, unresponsive.
  • Silica

    With father out of the room I look back into those eyes... he doesn't look good... Hadden collapses and I try to catch him. But he weighs twice what I do at least and all I can do is slightly soften his fall. He saw how fuckin' weak I really am... I never wanted Hadden to see this... that makes it worse.

    We fall to the cold tile together, his head rests on leg with hands on his shoulder and his head, "Hadden I'm..." words which I never speak get stuck in the back of my throat and I struggle to speak, "I'm s... sorry... Hadden... I should never have..."

    Both hands in his hair, feeling his warmth. If only I could take him over my shoulder like a fucking hero and carry him home. I'm just making this worse.

    Father will be back any moment, won't he? I glance at the light spilling through the door. My hands curled up in his hair like grasping at something... I bend over him, desperate... I feel so small.
  • Silica

    Suddenly I take a sharp breath and lean back, looking into those fucking lights.

    Rosie... why did you leave me here? Don't leave me...

    My sister... why do I still keep hoping that she'll come through that door... years I waited. Years.
  • Lost. Calling my sister.
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 6, 2. Total: 10)
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    To Silica:

    "Amber," your father calls from the other room. "Put Hadden in the restraints. Just like I taught you." It pulls you away from the lights, pulls you away from your sister. She's a world away, just like before. You're here with Daddy Dearest. Just like before.

    You don't do anything for a bit, Silica. Just trying to find a way out of here, a way back to the other side of the lake. Then you hear his voice call sharply as he appears in the room again like some dark angel, "Amber! Put fucking Hadden in the restraints! Do I need to remind you the last time what will happen if you disobey me? Do you want to suffer, young lady? You've most certainly earned it."

    And you do what he says... don't you, Sili Amber?

    It isn't easy, Amber, but you manage to pull Hadden up to the gurney. Hadden, you're in and out of consciousness now, and it feels like you're flying for a moment, dizzy, lights so bright like the aurora... but wrong.

    Then you're on the gurney, Hadden. And Silica is putting your hands in the restraints again. Her father is walking up behind her.

    "Good job, Amber." He says as he holds a syringe up to the light, tapping the glass and checking the liquid inside for bubbles. "Let's get to work on your friend here... see what makes him tick."

    The needle is coming closer Hadden. He finds a vein with expert ease and slides it in with a whisper. Then liquid sleep rushes in, and you're fading away. Only Silica's ice blue eyes looking down at you. She's trapped. Like Tindy trapped. Like Mimsy. Like Arbor. All the people you touch, you can't protect them, Hadden.

    Amber, you see the light fade in Hadden's eyes as he passes out. As he succumbs. He gives in to the sedative. Gives in to the inevitable. Just like you.

    --END SCENE--
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