[Snowpocalypse] New Backdoor (L 5.3)

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I give Tamedog a tour, I'll settle in to work. Get Arbor somewhere comfortable and as much of the food and water as we can spare. Start plotting out what the new entrance will look like. Cycle out the air filters. (It does smell like sweaty ass down here.)
Yeah. Tamedog is blown away. When you show him that it isn't a big pile of scrap, that you have it working, he's speechless. "Holy shit, Lemma. This is... incredible."

Tamedog carries Arbor down with some help, puts the big guy in a cot. He gets the gangers clearing places out for work, gets to chopping away ice at the filters while you get things running. Pretty soon, the sub is back to normal.

As you're working on the power plant, Tamedog joins you. He shakes his head, "How long have you had this place, Lemma? And what the hell are you gonna do with it?"


  • "Just a few weeks. The bad news is, I didn't find it. Merrell did, and I followed his trail. He stripped everything he thought was useful out of here-- he just didn't know the reactor was salvagable."

    "Which makes the question of what to do with it tricky. This much electricity could solve a lot of problems for a lot of people-- but any asshole with enough guns is going to want it for themselves. So."

    I wave at the remnants of Rossi's gang. "I'm trying to get it secure enough that we can hold on to it. Build up a community. Heck, if you're looking for a place to stay..."
  • To Lemma:

    Tamedog listens in. He's a good enough listener, not the greatest talker. Like you in that aspect, he says what he thinks, doesn't dance around it. You mention Rossi's gang, and he looks around at them, sort of shrugs as if to say "they're so-so".

    On the topic of staying there, he narrows his eyes skeptically. More of a "are you serious" than a WTF. "I wouldn't turn down a place with power and gainful employment." He pauses for a moment, then asks, "What about this aren't you telling me, Lemma?"
  • "Other than the fact that as work spreads, plenty of very dangerous people are not going to care who found it or fixed it up? That's it. That's the whole deal. This is ours, if we can hold it. Going to need help for that, so I'm asking around. People I trust."

    I shrug.

    "Been in a lot more danger since I found it than I'd been in before. But I know you don't mind a little danger."
  • Tamedog mulls it over for a few moments, in his head. Finally, he nods once, "Alright, let's make this happen, then." He reaches up to touch your arm in a gesture of camaraderie, "We need to get some Underlake miners digging because there has to be some food out there in the lake. That Arbor guy is Underlake, I'll see if I can get him to tell me a few folks he trusts. I mean... you can't tell me that a bunch of miners can't get out of Underlake, you know?"

    He starts to head out, but pauses, "You should get some rest, Lemma. You've been burning it at both ends. Lucky you didn't lose a leg at the end there. So grab a cot and some z's, alright?" He seems like he's waiting for you to agree before he'll go.
  • He has a point. I have some thinking to do-- I made a promise to Poke, for one thing, even if I got distracted-- but I can do it lying down.

    "Yeah, we were trying to get some help from the Underlakers before they sealed the place up. If you can get word through, do it."

    "And I'll take a nap."
  • Tamedog agrees and leaves you be. You get some very well deserved rest.

    --END SCENE--
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