[Big Maul] Breadcrumbs (P 2.1, SnS 2.1)

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You left Velcro gasping and went out of the Food Court in your spiffy new boots looking for Hottopic. Smartest place to find her would be the shop, right?

She's got a storefront near the AMC, so you head down that way, past the kiosk run by old Aveda, who nods but looks away, finally coming up to Hottopic's workshop.

Standing right by the door is this little toy.

You see GNC inside, working on filing down some scoring off some batteries. Ball Pit is in there, too, but she's sort of dazed off into nowhere, has a small bottle of Jack in her hand as she sits in a lawn chair.

The little toy moves as you come up to the doorway, which is really just an open passage. It steps in your way. Now, it's less than a foot tall, maybe half that. But it's right underfoot. GNC hasn't noticed you yet, Ball Pit doesn't notice anybody right now.

Oh and by the way, Sweet N Sour and Violence Kings are coming your way.

What do you do?

Sweet N Sour,

Shedd hangs back with a few of the VKs while you take the rest on patrol. Best place to find Hottopic is at her shop, of course. You'd heard that Godiva assumed room temperature last night among a few others in the big fight at the AMC. Funny thing, none of yours did the deed, or none owned up to it.

As you come walking past the kiosk owners, they all cast eyes down and hide a bit from you and yours. Are you all walking or riding? What happens on a patrol afar normally? Do you head out into the air or patrol in the Maul?

You see that little red dude, too, the toy. And Playboy, who is standing between you and Hottopic's shop. You don't see Hotty inside, but she could be in the back. Who knows?


  • I step over the toy, mostly ignoring it, and enter the workshop. "Hottopic?"

    I figure either Hottopic can answer if she's just ducked down behind some equipment or whatever -- or one of her people can if she's out right now.
  • Playboy,

    You step over the toy, which turns to walk after you silently, legs moving awkwardly. It follows you as you walk inside the shop, past work areas and power strips and into the overall smell of ozone and grease.

    GNC looks up, starts like he didn't see you come in. "Hey, Playboy... you need something?"

    That rouses Ball Pit. She peers up from between stray strands of hair that fall over her face. "PB... you fucking murderer."
  • Sometimes when people call me a murderer, it presages violence on their part. It's a thing worth keeping in mind. And so I swivel my head around to make eye-contact with Ball Pit. I'm just assessing what she's about right now. I'm not putting two and two together yet about whom she thinks I killed. I'm trying to hold her gaze when I repeat myself. "Hottopic?"
  • Playboy,

    Ball Pit isn't moving, but she's committing violence with her hateful eyes. She's sitting there is a worn lawn chair, half-drunk bottle of alcohol in her dirty hands. "Why did you murder Godiva, bitch? Why? He was wrong, what he did to Hotty was fucked up. But he didn't hafta die for it." She takes another swig of the bottle, then spits out, "You think Hotty's yours or somethin? Zat it, beeyotch?"
  • "Who's Godiva?"
  • Playboy,

    Ball Pit cocks her head in a lazy move of disbelief. "You broke his neck last night! Are you being a bitch... or are you just stupid?"

    "Should watch who you call bitch. PB, let's mash this one. Teach her manners."
  • "You always want to kill things. We'd be alone if we killed everyone."

    I turn to GNC, "Hottopic isn't here, then?"
  • Playboy,

    GNC shakes his head, "No, she left on errands this morning. She will be back later on." He seems nervous, but well, you make him nervous.

    "Are you fucken ignoring me?!?" Ball Pit says angrily, pulling herself clumsily out of the lawn chair. When she finally stands, swaying there in front of you, she barely comes up to your boobs. She's still got the bottle, and while her eyes scream hate, her body isn't going to follow through very well.

    That little red toy, it walked up to your left leg and just slapped your boot. It is a tiny thing, so you scarcely feel it, but it raring back to slap your leg again.

    What do you do?
  • As I scoot the toy away from my leg with a careful, sliding push, "Do you guys know what's up with Muzak? His tunes have been different the last day or two."

    If Ball Pit swings the bottle at me I'll take it from her.
  • Playboy,

    Ball Pit is just scowling, not quite brave enough to lash out. GNC answers with a shrug, "Dunno. Ever since it went down and Hotty fixed it, it was off. I figured she had to, I dunno, change the music or something."

    As you're talking, this little toy up on a shelf that's connected to a Speak n Spell or something and some other wires and gadgets, looks like this:

    It starts speaking in a shrill, metallic voice, "Playboy! Hottopic is in danger! Please proceed to the AMC, second floor, splicing room!"
  • I look at GNC. "Is this thing to be trusted?"
  • Playboy,

    GNC is gaping at the thing when he answers, "I don't know, but I'm going." He puts down his stuff and pulls a small bat from a corner, "BP, stick around, alright?"

    "Stick aroun?" Ball Pit replies as she starts moving out of your way, "I'm fucken goin!"

    Also, that toy, it jumps in the air, and you hear some odd little sounds as the parts move. It turns into a cherry red sportscar and starts driving towards the door.

    Sweet N Sour and the VKs are gone, they moved on, somewhere else now.

    What do you do?
  • I'll move toward the theater. My long legs mean that I can walk at 5MPH -- other people have to trot to keep up when I'm moving with a purpose.
  • GNC trots. The toy is able to keep up, but just barely. Ball Pit ends up getting sick and throws up after a couple minutes, but GNC doesn't pause.

    You both come into the AMC, and Coming Soon sees you from his little counter. He remains seated, but when you walk with a purpose, people get nervous. He's probably going to tell somebody you're here.

    Then you bound up the stairs, leaving GNC slightly behind, down the hall for the door. You see that dancer Mari with one of the Dillards raiders, they're walking back from somewhere. She sees you, then steps in front of the room where the robot said Hottopic was in trouble, saying quickly, "What's going on?"

    "Get out of our way!" GNC yells, raising his bat for emphasis. The Dillard is not letting that slide, he's moving up, but he was a step behind Mari. This could become a fight real quick, Playboy.

    What do you do?
  • (I don't have a perfect impression of the surroundings, so let me know if I'm doing something obviously dumb.)

    It'll be a fight if it has to be, but for now I'd rather let that be between Dillards Dummy and GNC. I keep walking and just slip past Mari and into the splicing room. I'll use as much force as needed if she gets in the way, but as little as possible.
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    Hey, let's draw a little map, why don't we?

    (Crocs is the Dillards raider, the little red car is behind you).

    If you're shoving Mari out of the way to enter the Cutting Room, let's see you Act Under Fire. Crocs and Mari don't want to let you in there.
  • Sure thing! (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 9)

    But please know that I'll escalate to violence without much more cause than being slowed down.
  • Sure, Playboy, you end up shoving Mari out of the way, then Crocs tries to grab your hair and pull you back.

    The door opens, and that little car zips inside underneath your feet. As Crocs is pulling your hair, he's saying, "You aren't fucken wanted here!" So you elbow him in the chest, hard. Then GNC cracks his bat in the guy's back, and he staggers back.
  • (Was I premature in jumping into the other thread?)
  • (Was I premature in jumping into the other thread?)
    It's ok, I posted the lead-in a little earlier, and then got caught doing other stuff.
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