[Snowpocalypse] Exeunt (H 5.5, R 5.5, S 5.5)

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To All:

The four of you (a still slightly stunned Jester included) barrel out of the clinic and book it towards the docks. Both of your sleds are in the same general direction when you first come out of the clinic, but as you near the lake, you'll either need to split up, or get one sled, then the other in turn.

Dawn is here, but there's a light dusting happening outside. The gunfire didn't go unnoticed, you can hear voices calling out to each other, someone saying it came from the clinic, Solace is heading your way as well. You see them, about eight men and armed women, dark dots against the snow, coming around buildings towards the clinic.

red dots are the three people you see coming towards the clinic

What do you do?


  • Ok — Fuck this shit. I left this fucking town years ago to escape the bullshit my old man was bringing down on me, and if these fucking people would have just fucking paid attention for a second, they might have fucking done something to help me.

    I have no fucking love for these people.

    They want to fuck with me? I reach into my duffle bag and pull out my assault rifle, and stalk up to them. "Clear a fucking hole," I bark as we get close enough to yell over the wind.
  • Silica

    My hands still sting from the recoil of that shotgun. I stick near Hadden, feeling somehow responsible for him. Like he's caught up in my shit, his blood on my hands.

    The image of father nightmarishly dances in my head, berating me, a scalpel to Hadden's neck... blood everywhere. Then a mess of gore and blood... that's all he is now... a small part of this nightmare now past.

    But then the fuckin' guards move in on us. Of course they heard the fightin' in the cold night. Rossi steps up, "oh fuck, Haddie let's hit the down-low." I try to lead him to cover, out of sight. I know this town, still... for all its changes. I've made this journey before.
  • Reading the sitch
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 4. Total: 9)
  • What is my (our) best way past?
  • To Silica

    You take a scan, and knowing the place like you do, you realize you would be better off peeling back and heading away from the Dollar Store, letting them head to the clinic while you scale the snow drifts and skirt around it. Once you're over their "wall", it's pretty easy going, since everyone stays in the "wall" at night and nobody has ventured out so far this morning.

    To Rossi:

    Are you laying down some fire here?
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    From Hadden:


    This isn't me. I'm so out of it. I want to leave a couple jingle for Shelly for Jax. Watching Rossi, thinking about Doc and Poke. Pain and drugs have me dragging my feet in the snow. The cold wakes me a little. Silica knows where to go, she's leading me. I hope I can hang onto the sled. Both the sisters have my blood on them, blood looking black in the moonlight, starting to fade to red with the sun.

    I'm tired. I'm slow. Am I a burden? Eight people? Solace is an asshole, I'm not an asshole.

    Rossi, be careful. Where's Jester? Where am I?

    How much of this am I saying out loud?
  • I'm not shooting unless they do. It looks like they're out for blood — eight people with fucking hunting rifles — but who knows.
  • To Rossi and Silica:

    Hadden is blabbering a bit, but he's moving. Jester is with you, but he hasn't reloaded his revolver, just shoved it into a pocket.

    A couple shots ring out, and you hear Solace, evidently the right-most red dot on the map above, he yells, "There! See em?" Visibility isn't great, the shots are wild.

    You've got a couple choices. Push forward and drive them back or find another way.

    What do you do?
  • Silica

    "Rosie, let's hit the wall... give 'em something' to think about and let's burn!" I loudly hiss, trying not to be heard by the 'enemy' out there. If she looks at me I gesture with a thumb towards one of the dark streets back past the clinic.

    Hadden doesn't look so good... hold it together, man. I'm going to have to sew him up later, probably... shoulda scavenged the clinic... probably a lot of valuable shit layin' around.

    I take Hadden by the arm, both hands around his bicep, "come on, let's go!"
  • I nod in agreement and push Jester over with Silica and Hadden, "make a break for the wall, I'll hold them off, then double back to you."

    Then I raise my rifle and start firing shots.
  • From Hadden:

    The reports snap through the haze and I focus with an effort. Silica's got me, Rossi's on point... "Jester? We gotta get safe, man." How's he looking?

    I hurry after Silica. Well, I try to. We must look a sight, tiny Silica pulling me and Jester along like a puppy sled.
  • Rossi, you draw their attention with that big gun. Several of them hit the ground, start trying to get a bead on you. Why don't you try to Seize their full attention by Force here?

    Silica, if you want to go, you can go now, but it'll take an Act Under Fire. If you wait for Rossi and she seizes definite control, then you can skate without a roll.

    Hadden, Jester is standing by Rossi, watching her fire that rifle, his eyes blinking, flinching with each shot.

    What do you do?
  • OOC: Seizing safe passage for Silica, Hadden & Jester. Roll+hard. +1XP. Adavanced.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 12)
  • Silica

    I retreat to the side of the street, get us some cover from sight and fuckin' bullets. I turn back and see the clinic in the distance. I wish we'd set the fuckin' place on fire. Place makes me sick, I look away.

    But reaching the corner I hear Rossi out there raising shit.

    I hesitate and lean back around the corner, "heads down, I can't just fuckin'..."

    Can't just leave her alone I was gonna say, I mean... she came back for me right?

    But then I see what she's doing.
  • From Hadden:

    The look in his eyes, shit. "Jester, man, come on!" I retreat with Silica, I'll tug Jester along to cover if I can.
  • OOC: Ok, so it's all 4, and I'll take definite hold of their safe passage twice — I want absolutely no contention that they get the fuck out of this place.
  • Hadden, Jester is pulled along, and Silica leads the way.

    Rossi, your assault rifle is made for intimidating idiots like these, and they have no desire to eff with you. A few early shots ring out, but you nail one and tag a second, then they're all hunkered down, pants-shitting.

    All four of you are able to GTFO.

    You clamber over the icy wall, which isn't easy, takes a few tries. But once you're over, you can pretty much slide down, the thing is one sloping wall of ice, really hard to scale. On the other side, it's eerie quiet and abandoned. There were homes here, people lived in the burned out shells that are left. There's rubble where a gas station once sat, the brick outline of a big bank building, and old red and black ice marking where people and machines once were. Now, it's a dead zone.

    I assume Silica and Hadden on one sled, Rossi and Jester on the other. Where are you headed? Do you travel together?
  • Silica

    Rossi saved our asses... she came.

    It comes time to part ways and find our sleds. I stop to look at my sister. A little nod. Like we're cool. I hope so.

    "He's gonna be ok," I walk over to her, saying. "You got a place to be? I'll lay a trail..." I tilt my head towards the sled, offering to lead the way.
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    It feels kind of weird to just come running into this place I "grew up" — guns blazing — and to have done all the things I told myself I would do if I ever came back... Now that we're almost to our sleds, ready to part ways again, I stop by Silica and consider what to do next...

    I shake my head. "Don't really have a place to stay other than Crossover with the gang. That's probably the best bet right now." I look over to Hadden, making sure he's going to be alright... He is in rough shape. I'm not sure he's going to heal just right without some extra medical attention. I look back to Silica, "I've got some beef with the Pier I've been putting off for too long... We should get him checked out."
  • Silica

    I look out over the ice as she talks, nodding a bit. But then she mentions the pier and I look at her. It's obvious that's a reminder of my own problems.

    I raise my hands, "I ain't goin' to the fuckin' pier..." a glance at Hadden, who isn't looking so hot. "But they got a doc don't they... can you take Haddie up?"

    Seems like the best solution.
  • I hem and haw for a minute, knowing full well Hadden probably wouldn't be much better with me around — masked or not — at the Pier... I sigh and add, "I saw the poster with your sketch on it... Looks like we're both not welcome there anymore. I'd just as soon roll in there with the gang and take what we need to fix Hadden myself. It isn't like that bitch Poke knows what to do with it all anymore." I shrug, "let's get to my gang first... He's not getting any worse for the moment."
  • From Hadden:

    Bleary, leaning against a wall for support, "Rossi," I've got my hand pressed on my neck. I feel like frozen shit. I killed a man. Silica and I fucked. Underlake and the fam. Jester and the sub. Their dad. So much to say to my friend. Not running at the top of my game. "Thank you." I owe her. I want to sleep.
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    I look over to Hadden like a deer caught in the headlights; but I manage to nod, and half-jokingly reply, "I don't know what the fuck you two were doing out here – but don't go doing shit like that again, you hear? My heart can't take it."
  • Sounds like you all are headed to meet up with Rossi's gang, then?
  • From Hadden:

    Oh, Rossi, it's okay. Your heart will be fine, you lucky girl. My name is gonna be mud out here, but I'm walking out. Gotta live with what I did.

    Vaguely, still making an effort to focus, "Gotta get these meds back to Roxy. I didn't know who we'd find here. You think Roxy knew?" Not looking forward to the sled ride.
  • Silica

    Hadden and Rosie talking like that, I feel like shit. Beat up, bloody with more than my own. Ain't slept... Hadden mentions that he didn't know... I shoulda fuckin' known. I knew. Shoulda said something... I almost speak up but I just fucked up, right?

    I notice Jester standing by himself... just like me. I should talk to him.

    "I look like shit, huh?" I say, walking over to him as I slick my hair back on one side with the palm of my hand. "You don't gotta let my sista drag you round the fuckin' world you know?"

    A little smile and glance back at Rosie. Just breakin' the ice.
  • I shake my head, "not everything's a fucking conspiracy Hadden... Chill. The fucker's dead now. We can leave this shithole behind us."
  • To Silica:

    Jester would normally compliment you, or make some joke about how many things look worse than you right now. Normally. Right now? He doesn't. He looks over when you mention Rossi dragging him around, and he says, quiet, sort of flat, "I asked to come. I told her I would be able to handle it." He looks at you with eyes that are lost, "She's my wife. I will follow her anywhere."
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    From Hadden:

    I nod, but the nod keeps going a bit too long. I'm tired, dirty, bloody, and my head is full of snowdrifts. "I'm not thinking straight." Does Rossi know Silica and I fucked? I open my mouth and shut it a few times. I close my eyes and rest against the wall or whatever. Feels good to not move. Tired.

    Without opening my eyes, "The spirit is willing but the flesh is drugged near senseless. GTFO?" I hear Silica and Jester talking, but I'm not focusing.
  • Silica

    "Your fuckin' wife?" I almost shout back, loud enough for Rosie is Hadden to hear, for sure. If she turns her head she sees me grinning at her. I turn back to Jester, "no fuckin' way..." But it's good, right? I should say something... uh... I glance at Rosie and back but you know, I just don't have the energy to be a little bitch right now.

    I exhale a breath I was holding while thinking of the right words. I stretch my arms out at my sides and drop them. I take a step closer to quietly and seriously say, "hey, uh... I been meanin' to talk to ya..."

    He can probably tell by my face that it's something serious, somber at least.
  • To Silica:

    Jester keeps looking at you. His tone is flat, not snide, but the words are odd from his mouth, "Yeah? What the what, Silica?"
  • Silica

    Without thinking I reach out and gently take his hand in mine.

    "I... your mom wanted me to tell you," I look into his eyes... that feels weird so I look away but that feels weird too so I look at him again. "Mel... Melancholy... she said she wants you to be happy... with Rosie. That they... they love you." I look over at Rosie, talking to Hadden or whatever, "and she wanted to say goodbye..."

    A glance down again and I realize his hand in in mine. I awkwardly let it go and return my hands to my sides.

    I kind of sadly shrug, "that's all.... just... had to fuckin' tell you that."
  • From Hadden:

    I open my eyes. "Wife?" I grin like a fool. "Congratulations! I'll have to owe you a dance, though." I close my eyes, think about Rossi's sweet rack. Oh, well.
  • To Silica:

    That... well, Jester was not expecting that. His jaw tightens and he looks from eye to eye, wondering for a split second if this is some smartass joke. But it's not, he realizes that. His eyes well with tears, and he just gapes for a moment, the naked pain of his mother's loss so clear and raw.

    Finally he lets out a breath that you see float up past his eyes. He squeezes your hand, his voice soft, not even hearing Hadden's congratulations,"Thank you.... thank you, Silica."

    Take 1 Experience Point for fulfilling that dying request.
  • Silica

    Hard to look at him, but it feels more happy than sad, somehow. He's gettin' to me, or maybe it's all the shit we just suffered through. I nod, my eyes wet... I gotta say somethin' or I'm gonna bawl.

    "You uh..." I look out at the lake, "gotta stop gettin' your ass jumped... ok? We both gettin' cut an' shot at way too fuckin' much... that cut throat shit..." I shake my head slightly, "that shit ain't for chassie fuckers like us."

    I wonder how... why Rosie does this shit... some day I'll ask her. But you know, I'm just sorta telling him to be careful.... cause he's family now right?
  • To Silica:

    Jester nods, but his heart isn't in it. "You stay safe, Silica. Hadden will take care of you now. He's good people."
  • Alright, Hadden and Silica, should we skip ahead to a new scene? Where are you headed?
  • Hadden and Silica, please go here,
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