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To Hadden and Rossi:

We pick up in Squirrel's little HQ. Nosepick led you here, Rossi. Squirrel was happy to see you, and he made sure Tindy was hidden away in one of his warm rooms. He gave you some food, fresh cooked fish and made sure you were good and warm. He asked about Silica, about Hadden and the sub, most everybody, really. How friendly have you been with him?

Hadden, you, Em and Arbor snuck through the new tunnel that Lemma designed as a hidden entrance to Underlake. Arbor just pulled you up, and you knew exactly where you were. The three of you just walked into Squirrel's HQ to see him, Nosepick... and Rossi, of all people.

Squirrel comes running over, "Holy shit!" He comes right up towards you, Hadden. Then past you, to snatch up a surprised Em into a bear hug, "A pretty lady! Just like you promised me, Hadden! I'd given up on you!" He turns in a couple circles, holding Em tight, like a dog with a bone. Em looks at you, Hadden, freaked out and not sure WTF.

Then he puts her down, cracking a smile. Then, he turns to you, laughing, "I'm shitting you, man. C'mere!" He reaches for a hug, pulling you in close. Evidently he and Arbor have already done their reunion, which is prolly how this all started.


  • From Hadden:

    Aw, man, Squirrel! I grab him like anything, hug tight tight. "Like six happiness, Squirrel." For a second, the smell of fish, of labor's sweat, and I'm laughing like a kid again. "Em-Six-Teen here would break you in half in ten seconds and you'd die with a smile on your face. I actually want to introduce you to one of Rossi's gang, Inessa. I think you two would line up." I give Em-Six-Teen a reassuring look, she's a trooper.

    Oh, Rossi. I'm torn to see her geared up again... I like seeing her do the medico thing instead of the other thing.

    I share a handshake with Brother Rat. I miss Sister Rat. But he's here now, and needs must.

    Then I clear my thoughts, and sober. Ask Squirrel, "What news of Tindy? Lashfight? Mom? ...Slash?" I'm worked up to an edge. "Nutless?"

  • Nosepick shakes your hand, Hadden. He's growing, getting stronger. He offers you a grim smile.

    Squirrel gets down to business with you, pulling you over to the table where Rossi is sitting. "Rossi here saved Tindy. Got her in a warm room, but it was all Rossi. Lash is with her new man, like the, ah, the letter said. Mimsy's not good, brother. She's been seen around with bruises, limping. She's been trying to make friends, and Nutless keeps shutting her down. And your uncle... he's running things hard. Killed all the merchants. All of them who wouldn't take up a weapon. All we got now are miners, assholes with guns, and scared folk."

    Rossi, Em-Six-Teen comes over to check on you, "Hey, Rossi. Where's the... the scarves?" She's not asking like the scarves were a bad thing.
  • From Hadden:


    I got two thoughts, abattle insome muddy emotional reactions. One is a question seeking truth, simply WTF? The other is a statement of truth. "Imma kill him." Rescue mom, Lashfight.

    Aw fuck, the merchants dead? I can't even wrap it.
  • Conversation with Squirrel was quiet... I've said pretty much everything I have to say about what happened, and I'm not in it for glory or anything. I kept it to thank yous for the food, and telling him the truth about what I knew about what happened — which isn't a hell of a lot, if you ask me — and how I don't know where Silica is, or the particulars of the sub beyond who's got hemorrhoids, and who doesn't. The whole time I'm eating, trying to figure out what the next step is...

    I sink down in my chair when I spot Hadden and Em enter the room, but I guess I've got enough of a presence that they spotted me anyway. I offer Em the leftovers of my food when she comes over, and shrug when she asks about my scarves. "No point in wearing them anymore, I guess..." I look over to Hadden out of the corner of my eye, then add, "what're you guys doing here?"
  • To HaddenL

    "Bout fucken time, Brother." Squirrel says.

    "Damn right." Arbor agrees.

    To Rossi:

    Em answers as she sits. She sits right by you, takes a small bite of the fish. "Haddy wants to save Tindy, but I guess we took too long. Now, it's for the baby." She swallows the bite, "Where's Jester?"
  • The mention of Jester and that fucking baby tickles that knot in my stomach, and I avert my gaze out of reflex... "I sent him to find you and Hadden when I left. He was hell bent on making sure Tindy and the kid were safe... Fuck if I know where he is now." Em can probably tell that I really don't want to talk about this anymore...
  • To Rossi:

    Em gets it. She reads you pretty well. She just puts a hand on your back, rubs your back softly while munching on the fish.
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    From Hadden:

    I look at Rossi, sharp, concerned. Raise my eyebrows like really? I sure as hell want to talk about it. But no time. Slash is dead. Make time.

    "Jester's likely keep his head screwed on." I make a brushing motion with my hand. "Baby momma safe. Gotta get the baby baby. And I need some creative way to make Merrell die slow slow. Get my mom safe, away from asshole. And Lashfight too, from whatever hell she's been married to." I slam my fists on the table. FUUUUUUCK, why didn't we end Merrell before he closed down Underlake? And I stop. And I think. Maybe someone in Rossi's gang tipped him off. My eyes glitter. Am I paranoid? Or wrong?

    Set that shit aside. There's work to do.

    "Squirrel, where is he now?"
  • I clear my throat loudly when Hadden suggests Merrell die slow, and interrupt before Squirrel can answer, "don't waste time Hadden... If you want the fucker dead, do the deed and be done with it." Don't twist the knife, even if the fucker deserves it...
  • To Both:

    Squirrel answers, "He struts around the guard stations most of the time. Rest of it is back at hamlet." He purses his lips, thinking of how to say this. "Baby will be raised by Mimsy till it's old enough to mine. Then here, till the end of it's days."
  • From Hadden:

    I stop pacing. "Not happening, bro." Final. Breathing slow, steady. Forgetting to blink.

    I look at Rossi, searching her, confused. "No time to waste. Maybe I'll just set him on fire."
  • To Both:

    Em answers casually, "Fire works on most everything."
  • I roll my eyes and abruptly get up from my seat, crossing my arms defiantly, and closing the distance between us. "Just shoot him, Hadden... You've got people depending on you — like my fucking sister. Get the job done."
  • From Hadden:


    I close my eyes. Take three short breaths. Open up again, staying clear. Jester's a lucky man.

    Staring at Rossi, intense. Nodding. Remembering. "Get the job done and move on. We got shit to fix." Slash, man... Burning Merrell alive won't bring him back. Be fun, though. I unzip my jacket, keep the holsters free. Shrug a time or two.

    "I'm going to Hamlet."
  • To Both:

    Arbor gives a "Hell yeah." He's falling in with you, Hadden. Rossi, Em is waiting for your reaction.
  • I'm kind of a little surprised that Silica isn't here, actually... I don't know what their thing is, but letting Hadden up and go to shoot Merr with so much riding on it doesn't sit well with me...

    I grab Hadden by the shoulder, and lean in to whisper, "Where is Silica... And did you not fucking see Jester? What are you doing about this kid? Just turning Hamlet into a warzone, and hoping the kid gets out alive?"
  • From Hadden:

    Dammit, Rossi, make up your mind!

    Been a while since I've been this close to Rossi. "Silica's working, earning. No, I did not fucking see Jester. I'm going to go to Hamlet, get my blood out, all of them, then the warzone."

    Still my eyes on hers. "My brother's dead." Flickers of pain appear before they solidify back to flat resolve. "I don't want to lose any more of my family." My thoughts are on my dad for a quick moment.
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    Boy, that sounds fucking familiar, "I'm not suggesting you don't... You don't put the people you love in danger. I haven't heard from Silica in a while, and I'm just fucking worried is all... I don't know how often you go off killing people for a living — but it helps to have a plan beyond "I'm going to have a Merrell BBQ"... Fuck..." I lower my voice, "listen... Tindy can't fucking move for a week. She needs bed-rest and constant monitoring. Can you send Em back or something to get some people? Jester, or someone? Just... Maybe tell her not to tell Invert or anything."

    I seem to recall Invert not thinking too fondly of Jester...
  • From Hadden:

    My voice wavers the tiniest bit. Rossi known me since forever and I wonder how transparent I am to her. "You know exactly how often I go off killing people, Rossi."

    I rub my eyes. Really try to take her advice. "Brother Rat, you're fastest in the tunnels. Can you head back, get CTO? Also find Wandering and Inessa, tell 'em there's action and I could use their help. And ixnay on Invert."

    Tindy's safe, Mimsy's looking after the baby... my daughter? Probably in Hamlet.

    I twitch. Steel myself for any answer. "Squirrel, where's Lashfight married off to?" Maybe get her out first... I chew my lip a little, trying to plan.
  • "That's not what I asked, Hadden," I answer, my tone a little perturbed, "look – I don't want to be watching over Tindy anymore. Can you just get Jester, or someone to come here and look after her while you deal with that kid? I'll dig you a fucking hole from here to Merrell if that's what it takes. "
  • From Hadden:

    Quietly, "Soon as this is over, I got Tindy... and my kid. I can ask Silica for medico help." I'll draw Rossi into a tight hug if she doesn't slice off my nose. "Thanks for saving Tindy." Try to keep steady, lock the weeping-with-relief part aside for now..
  • To Both:

    Squirrel answers you about Lashfight, Hadden, "Merr stuck her with that Sk8r thug Hardbag. He brought over a few assholes a few weeks ago, like he's building up folks to do something."

    Nosepick hears what you two are saying, "I can make it through that tunnel quick quick. Lots faster than big ole Arbor." Arbor rolls his eyes, but he doesn't disagree. If you two don't disagree, he'll take off right now.
  • Thank you, Rossi, for saving the life of someone everyone cares deeply about — everyone wants to be with Tindy and her fucking kid. I set my jaw and narrow my eyes. He wants to hug, but nothing he's saying makes any sense to me. "What if the kid isn't yours? You and fucking Jester are both blinded by your fucking dicks, I swear to fuck. What about Silica, huh? Didn't you fucking cap some asshole to keep her safe? What was that shit I saw back in Benton Harbor? And every time I see you two staring at each other in the Sub? Now you've got Tindy, and some fucking kid you think is yours, and everything else is fucking penguin chum?" I think my voice is steadily rising...

    I thought Hadden would tell it to me straight — but I'm not liking the answers I'm finding. There's a sharp look of betrayal on my face — like someone threw back a curtain revealing everything everyone has told me lately is a big fucking joke. "That's what you want? A fucking happy family with Tindy? Even if the kid might not be yours?"
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    From Hadden:

    I don't get her anger.

    Try to explain, count out on my fingers. "One, if the kid's not mine, then I still would save them from Nutless. I remain deeply in your debt." I look at Arbor also when I say this last. I owe them both. "Two, I don't know what's with me and Silica. I'd still take care of her even if she doesn't want me. Three, nobody I care about's penguin chum in my book. Nobody. You hear me?" I'm thinking about K2 and Em-Six-Teen, Rossi and Jester. "Four, do you even know what Tindy wants? Did you ask her? She wants to leave and raise her baby solo. Jesus on a pogo stick, Rossi, can't I care about people's futures?" I'm thinking about the baby, Squirrel and Inessa. Nini. "Or try to make good on my own obligations though my inaction?"

    "What do you expect me to do? I'm trying to take some fucking action here. Now, asswipe's killed my damn brother and married my sister off to some meathead, and he's probably beating my mom, too. I'm trying to take care of everyone I can. But I gotta make priorities." I'm not building in volume, I'm not. But there's fire and desperation in my words. No time to mourn Slash.

    "What the what, Rossi? You're my friend. Help me understand where you're coming from! I'm not mad at you, I'm confused. Why are you mad at me?" A hint of a plead there. Searching her face. Wondering, as always, what would've happened between us if things went differently.
  • Hey Hadden, I think you're trying to get a Read off Rossi here, right? Let's see some dice.
  • [OOC: Read a person, roll+sharp.]
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 5)
  • Rossi, you get to ask two questions of Hadden, and one of another person in the room. They will all answer truthfully.
  • I'm taking deep breaths, but they're not calming me down... I can feel my face getting red as i talk — this isn't good. "Why am I mad? I'm mad because my fucking husband cares more about your fucking step-mother and her fucking baby than he does about my fucking life — because he thinks he's the father of her baby. I'm mad because I can't give him the life he so desperately wants and deserves, but she can. He even wants me to spend every fucking piece of jingle we've got to find out if it's his, because he wants it to be his that fucking bad..."

    I storm over to the table where I've left my gear and start slinging it over my shoulder to move out. "Meanwhile, you're talking about how it's your obligation to care about this kid, and how you promise you'll take care of Silica, even if she doesn't want it... Silica doesn't like taking help from people — and in case you haven't noticed, she was fucking distraught when you were bleeding out over my dad's fucking operating table... You think I can just let you run into Merrell's territory, with a fucking gun duct-taped to your hand, when you're the only person I've ever known to get Silica to stand up to our abusive shithead of a father? You might as well be family to us Hadden — and fuck you, if you think that doesn't mean something to Silica."

    I finish grabbing my stuff and close the distance between us again, "Tindy. Needs. Bedrest. I don't give a fuck what she wants right now. She needs it, and that baby will need her, and so help me fuck I will see to it that they both survive — because that's what my husband wants... Now get me someone to fucking take care of her, so I can keep you alive for my sister."
  • From Hadden:

    Wow. Take it all in. Let her let go. She really knows how to get me.

    "You can put my ghost in a candle if you think it's a good idea to leave Jester with Tindy." I lean in closer a hair. We might almost be touching. "He's your husband and you goofballs are in love. Would your Jester be Jester if he didn't give a fuck about a maybe-baby of his? Would Rossi be Rossi if she didn't care about Silica? Would Hadden be Hadden? We're on the same side, Rossi!" She's mad at Jester, taking it out on me. I'll take one for the team, that's cool. I didn't know she wanted to be a mom. What if she's preggers now?

    "For Tindy, Brother Rat gonna get some people to watch her. She's been in all but solitary for near on nine months, she needs company and bedrest and her baby. Hell, Squirrel's got great movies and tunes here. They can watch with Inessa. They'll be fine."

    I think about dad. "Me, I wasn't fine when your fucking greasebat of a father wanted me in actual pieces. But you and your sister both saved my fine ass. I'm not fine now. I'm trying to do something to save my people, and something I should've done years ago. Now I've got my mom, sister and maybe a daughter to save and punch that slimy warthog's ticket."

    Some of my steam goes out. But not the fire.

    I also think about Rossi. "I worry about you sometimes. Ever stop to think that people want to keep you out of danger? You're a badass, and a medico, people look up to you, and you've got people who love you." I close my eyes, briefly, let out a little hoo of air. Slash is dead.
  • I have nothing to say to that... I just stare at him blankly, as he spews forth reasoning I can't grip. I especially can't understand him thinking I'm being protected from danger... That's fucked up. I can see the conflict in him though... I was kind of hoping he was still feeling raw. That's part of my point... "Why the fuck are you worried about me? You're the one who's got more jingle than bullets, and you're opting to go shoot some mother fucker over a baby? Just go give some poor guard food for a month, and we'll sneak your mother out... Fuck, pay a second one to take you to Merrell when he's taking a shit... You could probably afford to buy the stuff you need to find out whether that baby's yours."

    OOC: Spending hold 1: How can I get Hadden to use his money for solving his problems, rather than bullets?
  • From Hadden:

    I stare at her a little confuzzed. "What do you mean, why am I worried about you? Have you even met me?"

    Then the rest of her words hit me. Jingle. I don't think that I could buy out a whole fucking underwater boat. I'm in the black, but I'm not dripping with it. I always figured that I couldn't afford to bribe Merrell's people, between the Odysseyii and now the underwater boat.

    "Do you think that would actually work? Just because he's richer than Trump doesn't mean it trickles down, does it..."

    OOC: It's forest for the trees. He doesn't think enough about helping himself, he spends his money for other people. In this case, just point him in the right direction. Remember that he's in big grief right now, and feels ineffective when it comes to Merrell.
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    My face crumples in confusion, and I shake my head in disbelief, "He's put the entirety of Underlake on lockdown... You could dangle a steak in front of an Undercity guard before and they'd take you anywhere... Now? Why the fuck not? Just drop jingle to have some guards bring your mom, your sister, and the baby somewhere we can collect them — when we're sure they're safe, if you really fucking want to, we can bribe a guard to let us in, and we can go take Merrell on in the flesh. I'll even let you put the first bullet in his head if you want. Getting your family out should be your top priority... Don't lose sight of that." I pace around a bit to clear my head, and awareness of everyone else in the room floods my senses... I look back to Em, a little ashamed, and hang my head.

    Maybe I should just get her to bring Jester here...

    OOC: Hold on the crowd: How can I get Em to bring Jester here to look after Tindy?
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    To Rossi:

    Assure her that you won't go in guns blazing to solve Hadden's indecision for him, that you aren't sending her out of the line of fire to "keep her safe" or some other bullshit. If you intend on buying your way out of this, and the request for her to get Jester is legit, then she'll do it.
  • I take a few steps over to Em, and summon her over with a wave. "Em... Can you do me a favor?"
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    To Rossi:

    Em moves closer, close enough for a whisper, if you need it.
  • I do lower my voice, "Hadden's gunna get himself killed if you show up here with a fucking gang... Can you head back and just get Jester to take care of Tindy? Leave Invert and the gang out of this... I don't want to turn this into a fucking gunfight..."
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    To Rossi:

    Em's mouth quirks a bit. She looks at you for a moment. Asks, "What're you gonna do, Rossi?"
  • "Hopefully get Hadden to drop a fat stack of jingle for his family — failing that, I'll kick his ass, and go get Jester myself..."
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    To Rossi:

    She cocks her head to the side, "Promise me I get in on the action if you start kicking ass and chewing bubblegum?" She's half-turned to go already.
  • I nod, "I'm not going to war over this fucking kid... Hadden wants to overthrow Merrell by force, he can fucking pay Invert to do it... Then I guess you'd be all out of bubblegum."
  • To Rossi:

    Em chuckles, "I like bubblegum. Like the Bazooka Joe shit, it's the best." She puts a hand on your shoulder, squeezes once, then heads off for the same hole she crawled through to get here.

    Arbor totally watches her ass as she goes. You realize he's been watching her pretty much this whole time.
  • From Hadden:

    Well, shit. Why didn't I think of that?

    I'm lost in thought, not paying attention to everyone. Rossi's right. If I go in guns ablaze, what of the fallout? I remember what happened last two time I drew iron. Wasn't pretty. Fuckballs, what if I miss?

    I'm sitting on eight large right now. Eight. That's what those Soulja Boys offered for their stupid jenny and the whole city turned upside down. Why can't I do the same in Underlake? My mouth quirks a bit. Not sure I can make with a volcano, though. Think of mom. Think of Lashfight. Think of the baby. Set Merrell aside. Priorities.

    Time to start this dance. "Squirrel, who's the guy brought those books and food to Tindy before?" Always good to keep up a bribed relationship.
  • To Both:

    "It's that big gal Sapient." Squirrel answers. "Heard she was sweet on Tindy, but I dunno."

    It's just Squirrel, Arbor, and the two of you in here.
  • From Hadden:

    A wry grin pushes away the clouds, but not entire. "Well, it's probably not hers, at least." I look at Rossi, consider giving her my pistols. Stand up, dust off my hands. "Imma go talk to Sapient." I think of the stout woman I saw all those months back, taking Tindy away. I look questioningly at Arbor, asking if he knows anything about Sapient before I burn.
  • To Hadden:

    Arbor falls in with you, glances back at Rossi to see if she's coming. He offers up, "Sape is gruff, but as long as you listen to her, treat her with respect, she deals fair. She's a pragmatist, you know? So she works with Merr because it pays the bills. She'd flip if the wind was blowing the other way, you know?"
  • From Hadden:

    I exhale a short breath, decisive. A tiny shake of my head at my short-sightedness. Slash is dead. "This wind's gonna blow indeed."

    I look to Rossi again. Approval? Curiousity? Invitingly?
  • It looks like Hadden's got a more practical head on his shoulders again... Good. It looks like they're ready to head out — I make my way over to him, and whisper, "you know what you're doing?"
  • From Hadden:

    I think briefly of Silica. "Always." I wink, relax my features a bit.

    I purse my lips. "Staying here or coming with?" I really want here to come. I really want her to stay.
  • "Always" — huh... He's like the fucking polar opposite of Silica... What is it people say? Opposites attract? Apparently, your mileage may vary. I nod, and point back behind him suggesting we head out. "That depends — are you gunna talk to my sister?"

    OOC: Hey Hadden, How can I get you to stop beating around the bush with Silica?
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    From Hadden:

    "Sometimes all I do is talk to her," I quip, then feel the eye-rolling. "Hopefully when all this shit gets flushed, she'll talk back."

    OOC: Get Hadden and Silica alone together after people are safe and Merrell's out of the picture and convince them both to talk about the whatever-they-are-together. I don't know if kids and domestic life are in the cards. Tindy, K2, and even Em-Six-Teen complicate things. Also, Hadden doesn't want Rossi to kick his ass or lose respect for him, but are Silica and Hadden really cut for an exclusive relationship?
  • I shake my head in disapproval, and add, "do you want me to come? I really don't want to be here when Em gets back with Jester... "
  • From Hadden:

    Tugs my heart she don't wanna be with her Jester. Sadly, "Course I do." Wait a beat. "But ya boy got first dibs. Go fuck his brains out, remind each other how lucky you lovebirds are." I look a tiny bit mischievous. If I swatted Rossi on her ass to get her moving, would she let me get away with it?
  • My eyes narrow at that suggestion, and I cross my arms defensively. "Yeah, Hadden — because I want to fuck a man who wants to spend the rest of his days with Tindy and her fucking kid... Let's just go." I push past him and start walking...
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    From Hadden:

    I roll my eyes and don't move, stop her short, start talking with my hands. "Did he actually say that? He married you. We all have a past, and —" I stop short, mouth open.

    "Rossi, I'll give you a jingle if you shut up with the dramatics and go be happy with Jester and work your shit out."

    [OOC: Angling for a manipulate, obviously.]
  • I stop dead in my tracks, and slowly spin around on my heel to face him... "Did," I pause a moment, searching his face to make sure I heard him right, "did you just bribe me to go make up with my husband?" I'm not sure I believe that's what he said...

    I remember Poptart telling me once that men would pay several months worth of food and shelter for a ring to bribe women they liked into marrying them... Hadden can probably see that I would never take a bribe like that to be with someone — the thought of it disgusts me — but he would also know that when Jester and I aren't fighting about Tindy's kid, I do actually love him... In fact, the whole reason I'm upset is because I would rather he have the family he's looking for than waste his time barking up that tree with me... I am not mother material — ask Silica.
  • From Hadden:

    I say simply, "Yes."

    Rossi, you've pulled me out of the fire so many times. But this time, girl, you need to leave the irons down and do not leave your man so he can be with a maybe-baby-momma. You've taken the mask off. Be you. Love conquers all, even fucked-up I think I got a girl pregnant but maybe I didn't.

    I half-amusedly think about their kids would never lip off or act out of line. Auntie Rossi...
  • I stare at him silently for a few seconds, dumbfounded at the proposition. I sigh loudly, and massage my temples. "Hadden... This is why we didn't work out... You can't buy someone's love, and expect sex to solve your problems. Jester wants a family — and you saw what my family did to Silica and me... This world isn't made for kids. I'm not made for kids. I don't fucking want Jester to waste his time chasing a pipe dream with me if he's already a fucking father..."
  • From Hadden:

    I put my hands on her shoulders, gently. "Rossi. Listen to me very carefully. Shut up."

    "I know better than you think that a body can't buy love. And that sex can cause problems just as well as solve 'em. You know, in your heart, that's not what I'm paying you to do. I'm paying you to go kiss and make up and work your shit out. You are already in love, now go act on it."

    "And don't give me the line about why we didn't work out and the world's not ready for kids. That's utter bullshit and you're lying to yourself. You are a strong, amazing, and angry woman. You will be great fierce mama. Your father's the fucko the world doesn't need. Like the world doesn't need Merrell."

    "We didn't work out because I can't make you as happy as Jester can. To quiet your anger. To see the hope. Why else build the hold? Why else be a medico? Why else save a new mother? Why else save an innocent man? If you're scared to be a mother because of your own upbringing, then hello and welcome to the human race. All parents screw up their kids, just in different ways."

    "And what if you're wrong about the baby, Rossi? What if it's mine? Hell, what if it's someone else's? And if it is Jester's, deal with it, yall still in love and people already have all kinds of crazy family polygons."

    "Don't you throw away your love. Now take the jingle and go enjoy what you two have."

  • Holy fuck that was a lot of words... I'm just staring at him with a stupid look on my face, and trying to understand it all. It's hard to do, when you're physically exhausted from hauling someone through the tunnels while getting shot at... I can't help but feel that rebellious spirit bucking in me... I want to tell him to fuck off — that he doesn't know the first thing about me and Jester — but our history stays my tongue.

    Instead I just stand there, stewing in my own anger for a few minutes, until he reiterates that I should take the jingle and go make up with Jester... I'd be lying if I didn't say I was considering it. "I don't want your fucking jingle Hadden... What are you going to do? Stay here and make me wait for Jester?" I pause, and shake my head, "Why don't you ask Silica whether I'd make a good mom? You know what she loves saying more than anything else? Never."

    OOC: Pending MC approval, I would say Hadden threatening to stay here and wait for Jester to come, so Rossi has to sort this shit out with everyone here, is sufficient leverage for that angled manipulate.
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    From Hadden:

    I consider dropping it. If she's dead set to throw her happiness away... And I'm still worried about real, actual now dangers to my mom and Lashfight and the baby. Plus I gotta deal with Merrell and his crew this very fucking night and I would dearly love to have Rossi at my back. It would be easy.

    I admit I think about Rossi needing rebound fucks if she and Jester are splitsville. I'm not perfect. It would be easy.

    My smart ass wants to say something like "Fine, let's wait here for Silica and she what she says. Then we'll wait for Jester and ask his opinion." I know which buttons to push. It would be easy.

    Exasperated. Is she that scared of "Rossi. I am your friend giving you good advice. Stop with the anger. You love Jester. Stay here and be with him. Don't let Jester arrive and only have Tindy's shoulder to cry on. Don't let Squirrel and Em-Six-Teen tell Jester that you knew he was coming and left him. Don't let Silica show up and we're gone."

    "I'm outta talk time. It's do time. I'm going to go bribe people to save my people. You choose what you gunna do." I drop my voice a little, half to myself. "The right thing or the easy thing."

    I give her a hopeful and scared and confident look, and make to head out. I want her backup... I know she needs to choose to stay.
  • I sigh loudly, and let him walk past me... I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider walking away. Just going into the tunnels, finding a way out of here, and going fuck knows where... Hell, even just going with Hadden to make sure he'll be OK. Get him back safely for Silica.

    Fuck it. I'm tired, and my mind is fucking racing. I'm going to the back rooms to feign sleep. I walk over to Squirrel and mutter, "I'm going to catch some shut eye. When Em gets back with Jester, send them back to check on Tindy. If anyone suspicious shows up, let me know and we'll move on."
  • To Rossi:

    Squirrel puts a hand on your shoulder, "Sure, Rossi." He looks over at Arbor, "Can you show Rossi to my bed?" He looks back at you, "It's comfy, honey, not too smelly, either."

    To Hadden:

    After Rossi heads on, Squirrel looks over. "Hey Hadden. You wanna say hey to Tindy?"
  • My mouth opens to say something, but the skeptical side of my mind snatches the words right off my tongue... "Your bed? ... I don't wanna put you out, Squirrel..." Because I'm not sleeping in the same bed as him.
  • To Rossi:

    "You aren't putting me out." Squirrel says. Then, he adds, "There's a spare in there, too. I'm not gonna sleep for a while, and I promise: no funny business. I like not being shot." He chuckles a bit.
  • From Hadden:

    Mmm, that Tindy.

    "Yeah, Squirrel. Right quick." I'm watching Rossi.
  • ... Fine whatever. I point over at Hadden when he agrees to see Tindy, "no funny business, you. I see that fucking look... I'm not sowing her up again, and I'm not lying to Silica."
  • From Hadden:

    I give Rossi a look she totally deserves for even suggesting. "She like, just gave birth, Rossi. What do you take me for?" Six weeks at least for gymnastics, and I dunno if either of us wants. "I'm going to go say hello before I see to business."

    I don't know how to help Rossi. She's got so much pain.
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    To Rossi:

    Arbor leads you down a passage, not far, into a room with a bigass map of the caverns up on the wall, a stereo, a pair of beds, some footlockers, a nice bar with some booze and a wash basin. Not much, for the head of the mines.

    To Hadden:

    Squirrel leads you into the hot room. Last time you were here, you took K2's virginity, right? You see a very weary Tindy. She's laying still, maybe dozing off. When you come in, she opens her eyes, looks over. A pained smile crosses her lips. "Oh... Hadden. You're here."
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    Uh, Hello? "I take you for a man Hadden, and don't think I don't know your mind... Just... Take it easy. I wouldn't be surprised if some fucker used a machete to get the kid out..." Not my idea of a good time.

    Then I follow Arbor out to the beds, and collapse.
  • From Hadden:

    I sit by her, gentle. Touch her hand, smile light. "Just real quick. You need to rest. I'm glad to see you."
  • To Hadden:

    "Haddy, I'm so... so happy to see you. The visit. The books. You saved my life." She reaches for your hand, holds it. "Kiss me?" she offers a thin smile. She's still pale.
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    From Hadden:

    Feels good to hear her say that. I brush her hair aside and plant a tender kiss on her forehead. "Medico's orders, no funny business." I chuckle a little. As if.

    "Someone else will be along soon. You're safe. You're with friends of mine. Get some honest rest." I'll put on some music or something, low. Ish.
  • To HaddenL

    Tindy quirks a brow, "You mean Jester?" She nods once, accepting it, "Rossi said he is the reason she saved me. I thought... us. Is there no us?"
  • From Hadden:

    I sigh a bit. I'm hoping it's not Jester. "He got to her first. I got here too late." I stop for bit, staring at nothing. If it was all me, she'd be frozen dead. Maybe I'm wrong about Rossi and Jester. That's very sobering, and sad.

    I never thought Tindy was into the monogamy. The months alone must've been hell on her. "Back on the cruise ship, you said you wanted to leave, raise the baby, and just see me from 'time to time.' Didn't sound like you wanted an us. " Didn't feel good then, doesn't feel good now. And of course, I'm thinking about Silica and K2, playing that conversation back, remembering.

    I pat her, get up. "You rest. I'll bring someone along soon." I mean her baby.
  • To Hadden:

    Tindy looks away, then laughs a thin laugh, "No, yeah, you're right. Sorry, Hadden. Just... got real lonely in there. Made an ass outta you and me." She looks back and lies, "I just wanna raise my baby. I'm free, now it's her turn."
  • From Hadden:

    That laugh isn't very Tindy. Makes me want to take care of Merrell even more, putting this bright, lively woman in a cage to break her. I hear the lie in her voice, makes me turn and focus closer to see what the what.
  • To Hadden:

    Tindy feels your gaze, but lies back down, "What's... your plan, Big Man?"
  • From Hadden:

    Project confidence. "Like that old song- laywers, guns, and money. Except no lawyers, whatever those are."
  • To Hadden:

    "Good." Tindy says, clenching her fists, then wincing slightly. "Blow his useless cock-off." She swallows, "Just be careful."
  • From Hadden:

    I laugh, laugh, laugh.

    "You know I will." I regard her form. "You rest. Eat when you can."
  • To Hadden:

    Tindy nods, tired and worn. She rolls over, then grunts in pain, lies back on her back. "Can't even sleep right..."
  • From Hadden:

    I want to stay, to console her, to guide her to sleep. It tugs at me. Tindy. But time. Slash. Lashfight and mom. The baby.

    I feel pulled in several directions. I need to talk to Silica, and to K2. When I get back. Time. Slash. Lashfight and mom. The baby.

    "It'll get better. Close your eyes and listen to the music." I fiddle with the volume so it's not toooooo loud.
  • She closes her eyes, and falls asleep in a few minutes.

    --END SCENE--
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