[DRYH] Creep (04)

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After spending your time in your room, ah, playing more gin rummy, it's about two in the morning when you head downstairs and out of your house. The place is quiet, your family (except for you) sleeping peacefully. Bianca has resumed her natural form, and pads whisper quiet behind you, her hand on your back as you head down the carpeted stairs, the click click click of her shoes nearly non-existent on the kitchen floor. Out the back door into the shadows, then alongside the house, across the street towards the Andrews.

The Andrews house is a bit bigger than yours. Or Eileen and Kurt's. Probably the biggest on the block, if anyone is counting. The Andrews probably are. They have big six foot hedges in front, but the second story looms high. There are light sensors around the front, but Kurt showed you a place near the garage in the back where you can sneak in.

Do you tell Bianca anything about this little escapade? Also, how's it feel when she walks so close to you now? Anything different?


  • (During the afterglow, I will spend my Coin of Hope to reduce Exhaustion to 2.)

    As we make our way across the street, around the back of the garage, I'm intensely aware of Bianca. I know it was her, not Penny/Kaley, that I just gave my boy-cherry to, and I'm tracking her like a Predator. I didn't tell her anything particular about the "escapade," because, really, what is there to tell? We sneak in, she snacks, we sneak out.

    I concentrate on making myself "not there" for any of the Andrews we might encounter. Still experimenting, but my success with Heather last night makes me bold.
  • I think masking your arrival from the upper floor of the Andrews is a Pain 2 endeavor. Not incredibly hard, but could be taxing. Bianca will follow your lead.
  • Okay. Just sticking with the dice I have to roll. Here we go:

    Discipline: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 1, 6, 4. Total: 11)
    Exhaustion: (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 6, 5. Total: 11)
    Madness: (Rolled: 1d6. Rolls: 5. Total: 5)
  • Pain: (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 1. Total: 5)
  • You just barely pull it off. But nobody wakes when you enter and head upstairs.

    Exhaustion dominated, so that pool goes up by one. Bummer about that Coin of Hope, but better than a 4 Exhaustion, right?
  • We head up the stairs. I've been here before, for obligatory "neighbors pretending to be friends" parties and, yes, "play dates" back in the day. I know where Bud's room is. I lead Bianca to the room, still staying "cloaked"... I whisper, "bon appetit," flip on the GoPro.
  • Bud got the second biggest bedroom in the house, against the read of the house, with his own bathroom. You head past Todd and Amanda's rooms and Bianca opens Bud's door when you whisper to her.

    The inside of the room was once exquisitely apportioned and well designed, but now, the left-hand side of the room is cluttered with weights and a small gym. There are posters on the wall of different exercises, men posing to show off well-oiled, muscular bodies. Of course, Bud's a big guy, but he hasn't reached the point of defining muscles, "getting cut".

    He has a big waterbed, satin sheets over his big body. Up on the over-sized headboard are big bottles of various drink mixes and supplements. The lug is sawing logs on his back, the bed gently, ever so gently swaying with each snore.

    Bianca looks back at you, at the camera, giving a wicked little grin. She steps up to the bed, places a foot on the side-rail, stands up on the side-rail, then gently steps onto the bed.

    You see the bed move with her weight, but Bud doesn't stir or wake. Bianca sits down beside him, her feet turned out, sitting on her knees with her legs tucked behind her. She reaches a pale hand out to touch his forehead, a gesture that looks affectionate. She must play with her food.

    Bianca closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath. She purrs softly, "This one... this Bud, he dreams of being a monster. Hunting. He likes being strong." She opens her eyes and looks to you, giving you a smile of pride at her little power.

    After taking in a soft breath, reaching up to hold her hair back, Bianca leans in to kiss Bud's pimply forehead. She doesn't hesitate, doesn't seem to find it gross. The kiss lingers, her lips press against his forehead, parting an inch or so.

    Bud gasps, moving in his sleep, reaching for the sheets. His meaty paws grab fistfuls of the sheets and he clenches his entire body. All the while, Bianca is making a soft suckling sound, her eyes flutter with the same kind of pleasure you saw earlier.

    It lasts for a couple minutes, but it feels like forever, doesn't it? Bud never wakes, never cries out. But he stays clenched up through the entire episode, only relaxing when Bianca finally stops her little kiss, raising up, and smiling for you, for the camera. Bud slumps, sinking into a deeper sleep, but Bianca simply wipes at her mouth with the back of her hand. There is some viscous sludge around her lips. She licks it with her tongue, and her eyes flutter again.

    She looks somehow brighter in the room, for a moment. It fades, but you definitely saw something change after she fed. She walks off the bed, drops to the floor and whispers to you, "May I have another?" She licks her lips again, this time being demonstrative, showing off a little for you, for the camera.
  • Is Bud still breathing? Just checking before we move on.
  • Yes, he's still breathing.
  • Whispering again, "Not full?" Alright, on to the next... Todd's room. This is definitely disturbing, but not more than the movies I watch all the time, and I'm focusing on the angles, the GoPro and the Flip.
  • Bianca shakes her head no, smiling. She offers up a finger with a tiny bit of grayish sludge on the tip, silently asking "do you want a taste?"
  • Not ready for that yet. Not Bud, at least. Amanda, maybe, if it goes that far. "Nah. Not yet. Still full from dinner." My best attempt at an impish grin.
  • Bianca giggles at that, then reaches for your hand, lets you lead her into Todd's room. Todd's a big-time "gamer", his room has a futon couch that he sleeps in, and the rest of the place is a shrine to his giant plasma screen and rack of console games, along with a Steam box. There are Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo posters plastered everywhere. Todd's room smells like Cheetos and stale Mountain Dew.

    Your little dream-eater Bianca stalks over to kneel on the floor beside Todd, brushing his damp blonde hair off his forehead. She whispers to you, "This one could be handsome," She kisses his forehead gently, then suckles at the spot. Her hand continues stroking his hair affectionately as she drinks from him.

    Todd stirs, moving fitfully. Bianca pulls back, moving her hand away, looks up at you nervously. He hasn't woken up yet, but he seems to be.
  • Shit. I put my finger to my lips, motion for Bianca to back away toward me. I'm ready to try some mojo against Todd if he does open his eyes.
  • Bianca moves away, then stands up near you. She angles her body slightly between you and Todd, subtly.

    Several tense moments pass before Todd begins smacking his lips, his eyes screwing up. He opens his eyes in the dim night, sees you and Bianca, then reaches up to rub at them, like it hasn't completed registered.
  • Well, I guess I have to try something again. Shit. Okay, nothing to see here, right? Or, as long as I'm playing around with Todd's head...

    No Bianca here. Instead, for a split second, it's just Bud, naked, hand on his cock. Then I fade the image out. Nothing to see here.
  • Let's see how this goes... wow.

    Pain 2. Wondering why it isn't higher? Don't ask.
  • Discipline: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 6, 6, 3. Total: 15)
    Exhaustion: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 1, 1, 5. Total: 7)
    Madness: (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 4. Total: 8)
  • Pain: (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 6. Total: 8)
  • Nice work, Benny. You succeed, and Discipline dominated the roll.

    Todd throws an arm over his eyes, "Fuck, Bud! This shit is NOT funny! Get the hell out of my room!"

    Bianca looks over at you with surprise in her eyes, but keeps quiet. She did not expect that.

    Do you leave, or push the issue? Todd's totally bought into this illusion of Bud, you can even sound like him, if you wish.
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    Ha! Looks like this isn't the first time Todd's woken up to Bud's pud. Don't want to push it, though. We'll head out the door. I whisper, "Had enough?"
  • Once you're in the hallway, Bianca whispers back, "I can go without for a while if you need. But I would like more. There is a sister, right?" She gives you a wicked little grin, "Girls have the most wicked imaginations, you know."
  • Why not? I mean, a "girl" has to eat, right? On to Amanda's room. I do kinda wonder what she wears to bed.
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    You slowly open the door to Amanda's room. There's an air purifier blowing loudly, and the place smells lightly of the perfume she always wears. Smells like honeysuckle and vanilla.

    There's a vanity and a large wardrobe against the left wall, and a huge four poster bed against the right. The walls are adorned with paintings, local artists. Mostly abstract stuff, but there is a connective tissue of obelisks and monoliths. Different backgrounds, some realistic, others fantastic.

    Lying in her bed alone, looking beautiful without her normal scowl, is Amanda:

    Bianca moves into the room, pulling you with her by your hand. She whispers lightly, "Isn't she pretty?" She pulls you to the side of her bed, then clambers onto it and pulls back her alabaster hair so you can watch her press her pale lips against Amanda's forehead.

    After a moment, she turns her head to look at you with those coal black eyes, "She dreams of flying, Benny. And horses with wings. It's very nice. I'm sure she'll be delicious." You notice Amanda doesn't stir in the slightest. Bianca asks, "Do you want... to share this one?"
  • Horses with wings? Amanda has hidden shallows, apparently.

    I consider Amanda's offer for a long moment. "No, I don't think so. Not tonight, anyway. I'm confused enough..."
  • Bianca's lower lip pooches out for a moment in disappointment. She lets go of your hand, then turns to suckle at the forehead of Amanda. Again, she takes great and obvious pleasure in the feeding. After a few moments, she reaches a hand up to cup Amanda's face.

    You stand there, watching her finish off Amanda's dreams. It's done in a few minutes, then Bianca looks up, wiping at her mouth with abandon, devouring every drop of the substance she's drawn from Amanda. She stands on wobbly legs, leaning into you. "Take me... home." She giggles, drunk on the stuff.
  • We'll creep out the way we crept in, through the blind spot, back to my house. Holding Bianca's hand, steadying her as we go. We sneak up the stairs to my room, and we're home free. I put Bianca on the bed so she doesn't fall down, then fall down into my bean bag chair, put a hand over my mouth and laugh as silently as I can. For like a whole minute.

    "Man. Did you see the look on Todd's face?" If I wasn't still scared shitless, this would be really cool.
  • Bianca doesn't hold back her laughter. Lying on the bed, she laughs and kicks her feet, "He was horrified! I haven't seen a look like that in... forever!" She giggles for a while with you.

    Suddenly, like she remembered something she nearly forgot, she looks up, "Would you like to know a secret?" She waits to see you look at her, grins, then says in a lilting tone, "Guess which one of them had a dream... with you in it?"
  • I give a sly grin back. I knew Amanda secretly had a thing for me. "Sure, Bianca, sure... who was it?"
  • She snickers, "No no no, silly. You have to guess. It's no fun if I just tell you." She sits up, leaning forward to watch you.
  • "Alright, alright..." Just being silly, "Was it... Todd?"
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    She rolls her eyes, "I wouldn't know now, would I? You're so terrible, Benny." She scoots to the edge of the bed so her legs hang off the side, swings them back and forth slightly.

    "It was a trick question," she reveals imperiously. "Bud and Amanda both saw you in their dreamscapes. But since you're so smart, I'll leave it a mystery." She gives you a cocky little grin, like she holds to keys to a kingdom.
  • Wait, what?

    "Wait, what? Bud and Amanda? Okay... tell me. Tell me!"
  • Your eagerness delights Bianca, and she watches you for long moments, relishing in your attention. She looks up at the ceiling, "They both find you attractive, Benny. Amanda has seen you, in your room. I saw it, too. And Bud... well, Bud wants to make you do things. It's not very nice. And he dreams about that, too. It's because he hates being gay, but there's no reason to take it out on you."
  • Oh... my... God...

    I splutter. I stammer. I twitch. Bud... is... gay. The fact of the dream is disturbing, but the ammunition it provides is fanfuckingtastic. Revulsion and elation in nearly equal parts courses through my brain.

    "Bianca, that is both disturbing and awesome. Well, you've eaten your fill, right? Do you need to sleep?"
  • "I would like to rest. This place," she looks around, gesturing with a twirl of a finger as if to indicate the whole world. "is draining. Will you come up here and lay with me?" She moves back on the bed, laying on your pillow.
  • Well. In the last few hours, I've gotten laid for the first time, by "Kaley Cuoco," (and I'm fully aware of the scare quotes in that mental sentence); I've taken my Nightmare girlfriend to suck on some bully brains; and I've found out that one of the biggest bullies in school is a closeted queer. In the last day and a half, I've had the strangest and the worst experiences of my entire life. I've run faster than anyone should run, made a bunch of people see what I want them to see, and seen something called the Mad City that makes no fucking sense.

    "You rest. I'll come cuddle in a little bit."

    Laptop. Google "Mad City". Google "Mother When". Google "Ladies in Hating". Hell, Google "King with a candle on his head."
  • Bianca pouts for a moment, but gives up and snuggles into your pillows for a nap.

    After some searching around on the web, you find a couple links to a story about a mental patient, a guy named Ernie Shale, from 2011, who was committed by his parents after claiming he was visiting "the Mad City". He claimed nightmares were out to get him, and stated he could bring his art to life.

    He died of a cardiac arrest after a week of insomnia.
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    Shitshitshit. Apparently, I'm gonna die. Okay, keeping it calm. I switch to my special email tab, fire off an email.
    To: Jorge.Mejias@hushmail.com
    From: BennysEye@gggmail.com

    Dude, how's it hangin'? Listen, I'm working on something, and I'm wondering if you can dig up more info using your special talents. Ernie Shale, DOD 5/23/11. What was the real story? Gimme a quote if it goes past our usual arrangement.
    Other than that, I'm gonna wait a while before cuddling up. Don't want to be too easy. I'll work on homework, whatever...
  • You work on homework, surf the web, goof off. Whatever. Then crawl up into bed with Bianca?

    She sleeps soundly, barely breathing. And you? You just lie there. Completely Awake. For the rest of the night.

    --END SCENE--
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