[Big Maul] Test Subjects (H 2.4, P 2.6)

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Hottopic and Playboy,

Hottopic, after your conversation with Muzak, Playboy comes in with a very drunk and very passed out VK ganger. You think his name is Shuttlebus. He smells like grain alcohol and vomit.

Playboy, GNC and Ball Pit aren't here, just Hottopic. And that little fuzzy toy, which keeps looking at you.

Hood says, "This is a stupid idea, Play. Only feeding the monster when you should be killin it."

The music playing outside is a soft, wordess tune. Chopin.

What do you do?


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    "Why's that, Hood? What you have against Muzak? You know he keeps us safe."

    I'll set Shuttlebus down on Hottopic's table if it's obvious where he should go, or just on the largest clear surface if not.

    "OK, this guy isn't using his body very effectively. We might as well before he ruins it. Would this be OK, Muzak?"

  • "Guess we just need Doc Martens... Bodies are pretty complex." In the meantime, I do my best to clean Shuttlebus up a little, at least minimize the stench.
  • Playboy,

    Hood grumbles, "Keep Muzak where it is needed. Here. Get it walkin around, gettin ideas. Badness."


    You can clean him up, no problem. At least get him down to stale sweat. He'll need some new clothes. You got any that would fit a guy about Jake Busey's size?
  • Of course I don't have any clothes that would fit Shuttlebus. None of my crew is that big. Trying to think who's close that might have some for trade.
  • Alright, so now what, you crazy kids?
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