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To all:

A gaggle of folks have shown up at Squirrel's little HQ. You've had to be careful to keep things cool since Merr's thugs are still looking for Tindy. In fact, a trio of them came through while you were waiting.

Hadden, how did you guys avoid the notive of those guards?

Rossi, you're woken up by Em. She lets you know Sil and Jester are outside.

Silica, you, Jester and Em come into this place, with AC/DC playing per usual, now long after Nose-Pick, Inessa and a few of Rossi's old gang came in. Inessa and those gangers are keeping Tindy company, and you and Jester are sort of standing around with Squirrel, right?

Hadden, Silica's here. Silica, Hadden's here, pacing a bit, lots on his mind.

What do you do?


  • Silica

    Still ain't on terms with Squirrel. So keeping my distance.

    You know what? I ain't gonna march up to Hadden just now. Not yet... ok Poppy? I don't gotta rush it right? But if he sees me he sees me lookin' back.

    Just hang with J for a bit, figure out what's goin' on and what needs doin.

    The fuck is Rosie?
  • To Rossi:

    "Hey Rossi," Em says quiet, "Need to get up, girl." She's standing near the door, not afraid, just giving you space.
  • I'd just gotten to sleep, too... There isn't much in the way of quiet in here, and if I never hear AC/DC again, it'll be too fucking soon.

    "I'm not moving my head off this pillow unless someone's dying," I grumble back, my voice muffled by the down-filled linens, "what is it?"
  • To Rossi:

    "Jester's here." Em answers. "He's here for you. 'Nessa and some of the others are watching Tindy. Sil's here, too."
  • That lifts my head off the pillow — there's a confused look on my face as I try and find her in the light. "What? Why isn't he watching Tindy, like I asked? Why's Silica here?"
  • To Rossi:

    "He's here for you, Rossi. That's why" Em replies simply. "Sil's here because you're family, I guess. Maybe you should ask her."
  • From Hadden:

    Are you kidding me? Blasting ancient metal ACDC and a zillion twisty ice passages, all alike? It's easy to hide just about anything in the tunnels, and Squirrel's a cucumber to smooth shit over. We heard 'em coming, jumped in a bolt-hole, waited for the all-clear. Didn't take too long, just longer than I'd like.

    Silica's giving me the eyes something fierce, and my attention zeroes in on her. She looks somehow off maybe from her usual self. Something's not right. Of course she's hanging back like too cool for school. Maybe she'll tell me this time.

    How's Jester looking?
  • I push myself up into a sitting position, and start fighting with my bra's underwire — the fucking thing never stays put when I fall asleep in it... "Fine," I grumble, clearing my throat, "just make sure someone comes to get me if Tindy blows a stitch or something..."

    After I'm sure I'm not gunna fall out of my bra, I grab my coat and shamble out to find Silica and Jester...
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    To Silica:

    Rossi comes out of a side room, looking tired, a little rough.

    To Rossi:

    A worried Jester comes over. He obviously wants to hug you. What do you do?
  • Silica

    Somethin' big's happening. Feels like. Hadden's lookin' back... makes me smile a little on the inside. I kind of walk around the perimeter of the place... I missed the music. How long's it been since I heard real music? Too long.

    Seems like I got some kind of memory to go with a lot of places... good and bad all mixed up. He brought me here... guess a lot of shit started then.

    Maybe I should just walk up and fuckin' say something to him... but... you know it's always been like that. He's gotta come to me right?

    I nibble on my lip and think about what I'd even fuckin' say...
  • Silica

    I raise my chin to Rosie, just let her know I'm here. But I ain't gettin' in between them right now. No way.
  • I take a cautious step back when Jester comes running over, and that knot in my stomach comes back in full force when I see he wants to hug me... I nod back to Silica, and turn back to Jester, nervous. His mother's ring is burning a hole in my pocket... I don't even remember reaching in to thumb it...

    I take a step forward, and whisper, "She's safe, you know... I saved her for you."
  • To Rossi:

    Jester opens his mouth, like he's going to say something, but then, he just pulls you into a hug. He grips you tight, loosening if you wince. He whispers into your ear, "Dammit, Rossi. I'm yours. I messed up, just forgive me. Please."
  • From Hadden:

    I remember Silica dancing here. "Push it," my brain whispers to me. A brief, hungry look dances across my face. Why does she always hang back, will she come to me? "Never," the whisper says. And she's doing the lip thing again.

    Then Jester's motion catches me, his hat's colors at odds with the rest of the white greyness of the place. Looks like he's doing okay.
  • I did tense up at first... Then I got that fucking tingly feeling you get in your nose right before you cry, and my eyes welled up. Fucking ass... How the hell am I supposed to keep my fucking spine if he keeps hugging me? After a few seconds, I'm putty in his arms — I put an arm on his hip, and sniffle lightly as he asks me to forgive him...

    Why the fuck do people ask forgiveness for wanting things? "Jester," I whisper back, "I don't own you... I love you, and admire you — but if I don't make you happy, then I want you to go do what makes you happy. No bullshit." I pull back from the hug and put a hand on his cheek, "do you understand me?"
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    To Rossi:

    Jester holds on tight for a bit, listening, not responding. "I lost my shit, Rossi. I just... I don't want Tindy, just didn't want her to die. I felt guilty because if that kid's mine, then she was out there because of me. Regardless of her choices, I was there, too, you know? I want us to have a family, but I can't push it on you, that's bullshit. Just help me make sure the baby has a good life, with somebody else who will love it. That's all I really wanted. I'm yours. I give myself to you. You make me happy. Just don't push me away, don't run off anymore." He pulls back to look into your eyes, wiping a little tear off your cheek. "No bullshit. We're a team. Okay?"
  • From Hadden:

    Watching Jester and Rossi, happy, makes me think not of Silica or K2 or Tindy, but of Lashfight. One part of my expression crumples and I look away from everyone, quiet. Ready to go.
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    I raise an eyebrow when he suggests I help him make sure the baby has a life with someone who loves it. I get what he's saying, but this is still going above and beyond the call of duty for either of us... Shy of standing in the way of gunfire, we're not in a position to help. In as soft a voice as I can muster, I calmly ask, "like her fucking mother? Why do you think I've been here fighting with Hadden to not roll in there and blow up the fucking place? Hadden can take care of this, Jester... It's not like we're equipped to keep Tindy and her kid alive long term..."
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    From Hadden:

    I make an angry noise between my teeth. Not liking the thought of the place blowing up with mom and Lashfight in there, baby or no baby. But I get my shit together. And Rossi's nonsense about keeping people alive is pissing me off. Not like we have a nuclear reactor and a medico or anything. I rub my neck. I need a massage, I feel the knots.

    Keep cool. "Who wants to come with to TCB and save some folk?" I look around at the group. Rossi, Jester, Squirrel, Em-Six-Teen... Silica.
  • To Rossi:

    Jester nods, "Well, now that Tindy's alive, sure. So, you want to just go back home then?" He glances over when Hadden asks who wants to go with him. He says, "You don't have to fight anymore. We can just go back to the sub together."

    To All:

    Arbor's with you, Hadden. Em's down for this, too. Inessa's staying back with Tindy (and Squirrel, who looks thrilled), and a couple of Invert's gang are around, too.
  • From Hadden:

    I look over at Silica. What's she doing? Still hanging back?
  • Silica

    I got nothin, you know? No shit, no gun, no home, no... nobody? I look around at the fuckers volunteering... then he looks at me.

    I tip my head a bit and shrug like 'why the hell not,' as I look back at Hadden and those eyes of his. Find myself rubbing the fingers of my hands against my leg, like I can still feel his blood slick on my fingers. If Hadden knows me he can see that something's a little different. Can't really put it in words.

    "You want me, Haddie, you know I'm freelance," my mouth hangs open a bit as I think about what that sounds like...

    And smile at him.
  • From Hadden:

    My mouth involuntarily quirks and I head over, drawn. "You know I want you, marshmallow." She's freelance, she says.

    I'm close. I put my hand on the back of her cool neck and kind of cup her head, keeping her blue blue eyes on me. A little nod of the chin. "You okay?" I'm setting her up. I know something's up. I know how she likes to answer.
  • Silica

    He comes right up, wraps a warm hand over my shoulder, round my neck. Come on Haddie, people are like... watching. I almost squirm out of the way until he asks if I'm ok...

    I take a sharp little breath and look up at his face, hesitate."Never..." I answer kind of like a reflex. I take a breath. Close up like this he can see that I'm hurting. My face is a little raw from the driven frost, from being thrown down on the ice. I'm searching for words, feels like everyone's watching us even though they're not.

    I raise up my hand to touch the back of his, still on my neck, "but fuck... Hadden... I..." the tiniest little squeak of a cry escapes but I hold the rest in. My eyes shine with wet, "I don't give a shit... you're here. I wanna be with you."

    I just look up at him, my eyes trembling. He makes me feel small... in a good way.
  • I'm watching the exchange between Hadden and Silica... I can't hear what they're saying, but it sure looks like they're saying something important... I shake my head, and nod over to them – guiding Jester's gaze. "I think those two are in love... I don't think I've ever seen Silica that close to someone."

    I put my hand on Jester's chest, and look up into his eyes. "I wanna stay nearby in case things go south; but as soon as everyone's home safe, I wanna get the fuck out of here."
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    To Rossi:

    Jester glances over at them both. "That's really cute... sure, let's hang around here for them. She is family." He is serious, not trying to admonish you. He'll be happy if his kid gets a family, and he'll work hard to make that happen
  • From Hadden:


    She's been hurt before. She's been hurt recently. And here she is... coming to me again. Seems like we pull each other out of holes all the time. Her answer, raw and honest, maybe the second most open she's ever been, and I'm almost surprised speechless. I feel a rush in my brain as I stop thinking about other people I want and start thinking about how she needs me.

    She's cool and trembling under my hand and there's really real real pain and hope in her face. I want to kiss away her tears or some romantic shit, but I feel everyone watching me. Watching us. Not paying attention to them. I feel caught and lost and hunting in those blue blue eyes. So I say the only thing that feels right, in the here and now.

    "Me too."

    And I draw her to me and kiss her with passion enough to make other people's toes curl.
  • I nod and raise my voice so they can hear us as we walk over — but then they're kissing... So I stop Jester and grab him by the coat, "Oh... Uh... Hmm... Ok... Jessie, let's uh... Give them some privacy..." Fucker sure doesn't seem to mind that Silica's big, older sister is standing right here...

    ... Good for them, though...
  • Silica

    Oh yes...

    He kisses me, right here in front of everyone... that means in front of Rossi. He pulls me up to my toes and off my feet, I throw myself up into his arms into his mouth. Into his eyes. Fuck yes, Hadden!

    Don't give a fuck who's watching, this is it... my body hurts, my world was pretty soundly broken just a couple of hours ago but I don't give a fuck.

    "Hadden..." I say in a breath stolen between kisses... I drop down for a second to look into his eyes. Can't find anything fuckin' clever to say so I just glance down for a second before leaping up on my toes to hungrily kiss again.

    I know what I am.
  • To Rossi:

    Jester throws an arm around you and leads you away, "for privacy". He pulls your chin up so he can kiss you, but pauses, smiling, "You just totally saved the life of a woman you mostly hate. Because I asked you to. That's... pretty awesome." He kisses you then, sweet, and promising.

    When you pull back, you realize he's looking at your hand, your left hand. The one missing a ring. He shifts uncomfortably, clears his throat, but says nothing about it. But you saw it.
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    Hey, there's that knot again!

    Most people would have felt the ring in their pocket and put it the fuck back on... Not this girl! ... I suppose it's for the fucking best, though... I follow his gaze down to my hand and stop him from walking once we're in a hallway alone. He deserves to hear this...

    "I took it off on purpose, Jester... I saved Tindy because if you're that kid's father, and Tindy knew the truth — that you are the only reason she's even alive right now — then you deserve a chance at being happy... You deserved the chance to put your mom's ring on a girl who's able to make you happy." I pull the ring out of my pocket... It feels like it's freshly forged, and heavy as lead. I hold it up to him, and whisper, "if a family is what you need to be happy, I could have given you that by handing Tindy that ring... Not that I don't want the ring — just that I'd give you up, if it made you happy. I don't trust myself with kids Jester... I don't. Just look at what happened to Silica. I don't want to fail a kid like that..."

    I look up into his eyes, "this ring belongs on a woman who can give you everything you want... Say the word, whenever-the-fuck you want, and you can have it back."
  • To Rossi:

    Jester sees the ring, and you catch an elation, that it exists, that it is still around. It's the briefest of looks, but you see it. He listens, nods, takes the ring from you to hold in his palm. Still looking at it, he asks quietly, "What do you need, Rossi? What do you want?"
  • From Hadden:

    I'm lost in Silica for a delicious moment. Her ass in my hands, her legs and arms wrapped round me. That kiss, fire from the icewalker. I'm almost drunk on her. I catch the faintest smell of something, of someone... but whatever. She's here.

    Don't want to let her go. But needs must.

    The next breath is a few heartbeats of looking at her, intense.

    Then I nod, look at everyone. "Let's go get 'em."

  • What do I need? What a fucking question to ask now.

    I let loose a deeply held sigh, and answer, "I need to know that when our time comes – whenever that may be – that you won't regret our time together. I know I make you happy now; but if I had my way, I would never have kids... And I can make that happen, if I really want to... But I would never forgive myself if I killed a kid of yours, and it scares the shit out of me to even think about being a mom. I would do it for you, but is that really what you want?"

    I look up into those deep eyes of his, earnestly and honestly, "you've given me more than my fair share of happiness Jester, and if you want to be a dad, then you deserve to find someone who will give you that. The world is a harsh place, but what if our time together was just to make you ready for that responsibility? Don't throw away your future on me – I love the life we have, as it is, and I love you enough to let you go if it means you could lead the life that will make you happy."
  • To Rossi:

    "I will never regret our time together, Rossi, not for a second." Jester says it quiet, taking your hands in his. You feel the cool metal of the ring against the back of your hand. "Sure, I want kids. But I also want a threeway with Invert, or maybe a fourway with Em, too. And a tuba! And an unlimited supply of condoms. And all the chocolate I can eat." He smirks. "I want a robotic foot and a jet pack." He chuckles, "I think you're supposed to want things. But not having them doesn't mean you aren't happy with what you have."

    Jester looks into your eyes, and the smile fades, and he gets serious. "Until science proves me wrong, I'm responsible for making sure that baby girl has a good life. I don't need to raise her, but I'm not going to shirk my duty to make sure she doesn't have the kind of childhood you had. You're going to have to let me raise some extra jingle, and put up with her being around for visits from time to time, and I'm putting half a foot down on that."

    He swallows, "And if you want to make it so you don't have kids, Rossi. Then I support you. I will not abandon you." He holds up the ring, like a brass ring on a merry-go-round, "Are these terms acceptable?"
  • I listen to him go on and on, smirking to myself at his wishlist of things gets longer, and more absurd. Then my smile fades with his when he gets more serious... I had a feeling he would want that, and part of me — the selfish part — wants to know whether that kid actually is his, once and for all. Maybe if I were a better person, I would just let him live in his delusion... Presuming Tindy even let him.

    I look up at him when he asks me if the terms are good or not, and I whisper, "what if it's not yours? Then what?"
  • To Rossi:

    "Well..." Jester says, looking at you, then the ring. "Well, I already have a little connection to her, so I'd still want to help out, if they she needs it. But knowing it isn't mine, I'd feel..." He drops his voice a little, "A little relieved. I mean... I liked Tindy alot, but I didn't want to make babies with her, you know?"
  • There's no fucking winning here... Even when the kid isn't his he wants to play fucking daddy to it. How can he look me in the eye, and sincerely tell me he doesn't care if he's ever a dad?

    "Is it really that fucking important to you, that you help out with this kid? Even if it's not yours? Because I could ask Hadden to put up the jingle for the tools I need to do that test..."
  • To Rossi:

    Jester looks at you, searching your eyes. His shoulders slump a little, he admits, "Yes, Rossi. it's that important. Even if it isn't mine." He licks his lips, looking away, "Listen, I doubt Tindy even knows who is the father. I know she had lots of guys, alright? I want to do this, even if I'm not her father, even if Tindy says it's somebody else. I've thought about it all this time, and I can't stop caring about that kid. I know... I know it pissed you off when I asked for help with Tindy, too. But I kinda knew then that me raising it would ruin us." He's still holding the ring, but he seems much less certain you'll take it now.
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    Hold 1: How could I get Jester to not get involved with that child at that level.
  • Silica

    Hadden finally lowers me down to my feet, says some fine sounding words that I don't really hear. I stand there for a second in that beautiful haze you have after such kissing.

    I take a deep breath, smile at him for those few heartbeats he mentioned. Yeah... it's like we can her them beating. But I notice some asshole watching, I shoot him the bird and say, "hey fuck you!" But I can't hide my smile.

    Feels like I'm floating.
  • To Rossi:

    You've got a few options here.
    1. Threaten to leave him. He'll choose you over the kid. He's trying to get both, but like he said earlier, he's "yours".
    2. Hint (lie) that you might want a kid of your own
    3. Make him believe that Tindy does NOT want him around, at all
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    I huff an exasperated sigh, and bite the inside of my lip... This is fucking stupid. I'd bet everything I own that Tindy didn't even consider Jester as a father for her kid until I up and said it. If Jester walked in there, she'd probably try and convince him it's Hadden's, so she can steal him away from Silica...

    The other option... A kid of our own, or leaving him to find another lover who'd give him what he wants... If he'd really drop all this for me, then maybe I don't have another option.

    "I need some time, Jester," I whisper softly, "time to think about this... Kids... When I said I'd marry you, I didn't think having kids meant that much to you. You told me this wouldn't be a problem," I close his fist around the ring, and hold his hand in both of mine, "but it clearly is... You need a baby..."

    The thought of being a mother sends me into the startings of a panic attack...

    "Just... Let me think about it."
  • To Rossi:

    Jester looks like he's about to object, to just sublimate his needs and lie and let things roll over, just be with you. Even opens his mouth to do so.

    He doesn't. He sighs, sad and a little defeated that this is so difficult, that things are so tenuous. "Alright, Rossi. I'll give you time. Just don't leave me without a word. That's fair, right? I owe you my life, and I love you more than anything. You're all I have in the world. I'm sorry this isn't easy." He puts the ring in his jacket pocket, then sort of just looks at you, like he's not sure what's next.
  • I nod in agreement, and kiss him gently on the lips. "I'm sorry too... I shouldn't have led you on like that..." I put a hand gently on his chest, and whisper, "I'm going to help Silica and Hadden... Why don't you stay here, and be safe?"
  • To Rossi:

    Jester nods, knowing he'd just be in the way. He doesn't head to Tindy's room, opting to head over to Squirrel's radio and look over his selection of music.

    To Hadden and Silica:

    Arbor laughs when Sil yells at him, and then it's time.

    To All:

    The three of you head out of Squirrel's HQ, off to save Hadden's baby and take down Merrel. It'll be easy, just pay your way to the top.

    Easy as pie. Right?

    --END SCENE--

    and it's end game, too. Take some time. Reflect. I'll open a new thread for epilogues tomorrow.
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