[NU] Thirds, the Ruin Runner

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Man, mismatched wear. Grimy face, quick eyes, strong hands, wiry body.

Ruin Runner Playbook is here.



Weird-1 **HIGHLIGHT**



  • sawed-off (3-harm close reload loud messy)
  • big knife (2-harm hand)
  • multitool — Choose an extra option on a hit with Good enough!
  • detailed maps — Some battered and antique, some rough and hand-drawn, giving +1 forward when navigating terrain.
  • oddments worth 3-barter
  • fashion suitable to your look including at your option a piece worth 1-armor (you detail): made from tires, denim, handmade coathanger mail- very tailored, piecemeal, lots of range of movement.
Armor is something like this, without the gasmask, based around motorcycle armor:

image image


Scavenger: when you dig through remnants of the old times, roll+sharp. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:
  • you find something worth 1-barter
  • you avoid serious trouble
  • you find a salvage-rich area, giving you +1forward the next time you return
  • you're quick about it
Good enough!: when you try to repair something, roll+sharp. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:
  • it'll work more than once or twice
  • you don't cause serious long-term damage to it
  • you don't take -1forward with it 'cause it's crap
  • you don't have to strip something else for parts
An eye for detail: you get +1sharp (sharp+3).

They'd be crazy to follow us in here: you can roll +sharp to get the effects of going aggro, without going aggro. You and your enemy have to be in dangerous terrain, but you don't have to interact in any way. If the enemy forces your hand, the landscape counts as a weapon (2-harm AP far area).

Ruin Runner Special:
If you and another character have sex, they gain 1-hold. They can spend it to have you arrive, right there, anytime.


  • Robinson, you've traveled with me in the wastes. I find the stuff, you fix the stuff, sometimes I break it before or after. I got the lay of the land, you got the know-how. It's good. Hx+2.
  • Cinch, we hooked up that time in the Ruins, when you helped me out of a spot. Hx+1.
  • Rue, you sent me on a wild goose chase. It's a firing range, ripe for the pickings, you said. Like a fool, I believed you. I lost two weeks and a good set of boots, plus I got shot at. Hx-1.
Everyone else, Hx=0.

Cinch Hx +1
Clarity Hx +1
Robinson Hx -1
Rue Hx 0


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    X O O O Advance

    __ get +1cool (max cool+2)
    __ get +1hot (max hot+2)
    __ get +1hard (max hard+2)
    __ get +1weird (max weird+2)
    XX get a new runner move
    __ get a new runner move
    __ get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
    __ get a gang (detail) and leadership
    __ get a move from another playbook
    __ get a move from another playbook

    __ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
    __ retire your character (to safety)
    __ create a second character to play
    __ change your character to a new type
    __ choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
    __ advance the other 4 basic moves.
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    Sun holds 1 over me. She can have me arrive, right there, anytime.
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