[NU] Cinch the Driver

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Cinch the Driver


Cinch is a woman in her mid 20's, you might call her tall, her shoulder length hair often up in a meager ponytail, often dyed pink or baby blue. She hides her cool, dark eyes behind her ubiquitous chromed goggles. She wears a combination of utility gear, often with a little splash of color, a light camo vest and a belt clipped with carabiners. She wears a too-large magnum on her hip and an occasional belt of ammo from her fifty. Mostly cause it looks bad ass... well, she thinks so.

She's lived a charmed life ever since that traveler gave her his name so many years ago. Cinch takes risks cause life hasn't deemed her fit to punish for them. She trusts because through some miracle she hasn't yet been burned... not in a way that scars. She's no fool, but the risks she's taken haven't made her regret.

Cinch has been known to bust open a decades-old case of whiskey scavenged from some distant cellar (her share of a good haul) and share it for freebies with who the fuck ever and ask nothing in return but a little gas and a place to crash.

To most she seems unrealistically optimistic, unreasonably generous, and impossibly confident in a way that's not quite reckless. She takes that attitude to the roads, somewhere you need to be, or not be? Talk to Cinch. It's a fucking thrill, right? Outsmart most, outrun the rest.

Looking for a free soul in this world of scars and broken metal? Long as the engine's purring or the music's playing loud, Cinch is happy.

He still lives as long as she carries his name.


A no shit driver: when behind the wheel…
…if you do something under fire, add your car’s power to your roll.
…if you try to seize something by force, add your car’s power to your roll.
…if you go aggro, add your car’s power to your roll.
…if you try to seduce or manipulate someone, add your car’s looks to your roll.
…if you help or interfere with someone, add your car’s power to your roll.
…if someone interferes with you, add your car’s weakness to their roll.
Good in the clinch: when you do something under fire, roll+sharp instead of roll+cool.
Weather eye: when you open your brain to the world’s psychic maelstrom, roll+sharp instead of roll+weird.
Daredevil: if you go straight into danger without hedging your bets, you get +1armor. If you happen to be leading a gang or convoy, it gets +1armor too.
Collector: you get 2 additional cars.
My other car is a tank: you get an additional car. Give it mounted machine guns (3-harm close/far area

Rue the Gunlugger: +1
Thirds the Ruin Runner: =0
Robinson the Savvyhead: -2
Clarity the Touchstone: =0

Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
Oddments worth 2 barter
Long coat
Leather shirt, boots
Pants, couple of t-shirts
Chromed goggles
Leather driving gloves.

The tank:
Cinch's Jeep
Mounted machine guns (3-harm close/far area messy) +1 Armor (Included below)
The jeep is aggressive and a workhorse, powerful but also loud.
Power +2, Looks +1, 2-armor, Weakness +1

Her other vehicle is a motorcycle, a large black custom model:
Cinch's Bike
Power +2, Looks +2,0-armor, Weakness +1
The motorcycle is fast and responsive, sleek and muscular, but also cramped (only room for one, really)


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