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    Guild Leader
    Veil: Skinner


    Skinner is: woman, cunning, stern.
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    Claude is the face of the "cult". He maintains the normal meeting-space, ritual supplies, library and the well of eyes. He is open and calm while not working but all serious when the lights are on him.

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    Leechcraft: Bragon
    Weathered, Lamed, Deceptive


    Transport: Cinnamon Socks
    Expert with horseflesh and gondola. Skittish, superstitious, fat.


    Security: Bricks the Doorman.
    A HUGE, CHISELED brute from Charhollow. Despite his ROUGH exterior and COARSE demeanor, his eyes suggest a vicious intelligence. He's a true believer in the cult, and in that regard, is deeply religious. He delights in tormenting Cinnamon Socks, which is why Cinnamon tends to stick to the places Bricks isn't.


    Network Una
    Una is a cold and beautiful woman. She always has informants, allies, and other sources of information at hand.
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    Name: Vauri
    Look: Woman, slim, dark & athletic
    Homeland: Dagger Isles (Daring)

    Lurk: Athletics—Finesse—Stealth
    Leech: Alchemy—Appraisal
    Slide: Stalking
    Vice: Faith, content

    Assets: Poor, favors Contacts

    Vauri sometimes will take jobs without considering the larger implications. She has a weakness for rubies. She was arrested for stealing from the wrong Revium Lord.

    Vauri gets along excellently with her sister- half-sister, really, but no matter. As children, Vauri was better at playing the "good girl," taking the heat for Volette's antics to bear a lighter punishment.
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    Ring the Cunning, from Akoros. A local man; lean, scarred and grey.

    Cutter ()
    Slide (Culture)
    Whisper ()
    Lurk ()
    Spider (Education, Tinker)
    Leech (Alchemy, Appraisal, Rituals)

    Vice: luxuries (content)

    I've just been released from the jail where I have lived for these last fourteen months. I was tutor to the children of Kurth Skyhold, but my many petty larcenies -- mostly taking the form of accessing the family wine cellar, but also stealing fine miscellanies here and there, caught up with me. Now their children will have to grow into their ignorance.
  • Volette

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    Female, Wiry, Dark

    Cutter: Bladework, Reflexes
    Slide: Insight, Stalking,Streetwise
    Lurk: Athletics

    Vice: Drugs - Content

    Homeland: Dagger isles

    Trait: Wild

    Assets: Volette favors Arms.

    Volette's hold on her temper is tenuous at the best of times. And she cultivates the "just crazy enough to carve you into little pieces" image. She's done a lot of work as a collection agent. After Vauri was imprisoned Volette ended up beating the tar out of the eldest son of the chief constable. She's been leaning on him to repay gambling debt and he said something... unfortunate.

  • Phinimage
    Is a stern, weathered man from Skovlan.

    Cutter: Presence, Blade Work, Vigor
    Whisper: Summon
    Lurk: Security, Finesse

    Vice: Content with Drink.
    Trait: Rugged.

    Assets: Arms

    Phin has been involved in organized crime for a very long time. His no-nonsense nature has been known to get him in trouble though, as he picked a fight with local law enforcement while inebriated a few nights back, and was incarcerated for assaulting an officer of the peace.

    I don't really have a background set up for Phin yet, beyond him being somewhere in his mid-to-late 40's. Maybe he has a family for cover... Who knows!

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    Frog, a squat, cunning man.


    Whisper: Channel, Sight, Tempest
    Spider: Investigate, Strategy
    Cutter: Reflexes

    Homeland: Skovland (Ruthless)

    Vice: Lovers (current: Content)

    Assets: Frog favors Tools
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    Name: Milos
    Look: Man, Scarred, Cunning, Rough
    Homeland: Skovlan (Brave)

    Lurk: Security - Stealth - Awareness
    Slide: Streetwise
    Cutter: Reflexes - Brawl

    Vice: Gambling, Content
    Assets: Tools

    Milos was in one of the first gangs of line bulls put to work on the Iruvian lines. He's heavily tattooed, both from Skovlan, and from the newly minted tradition of tattooing among Skovlaner bulls. He was arrested selling chits and electroplasm through the black market, but kept his mouth shut.

    He's likely on the books as an Acquisitions Agent. He also brings practical knowledge of ghosts.

    Loot: 2 coin, lightning hook
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    Coin Tracking

    Started with 6
    Week 1:

    Claims: +1
    Jobs: +7
    Spending on Income/Fortunes roll: -2
    Upkeep: -2

    Current Total: 10
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