[Blades] Milos Jobs (M 1.3)

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Let's work on "Jobs":

Take your Guild dice pool for Shadow. You have Shadow 3, so you roll 4d6 and I (the GM) will roll 3d6.

We get 1,1,3,5
GM gets 2,2,5

We review the table.
Step 1, the Client.
I spend our 3 to say (in character) "Skinner! We got contacted on the DL by Sophia, a refugee from Skovland!"
Paul (sorry, paul) does step 2 and says "Yeah! It's a (spends a 1) Santification from the cult!"
Now we've got 1,5 and you've got 2,2,5.
You spend your 2 for step 3 and say "Ah yes, the Occult Collector, Stavro. I've heard he had a spot of trouble."
Paul spends a 1 and says "Yup, it's his manor home in Whitecrown."("Rich is it cool if I spend that die twice?" "Sure!")
And I say, "I lean forward and scowl. That's the place with all the wards! It'll be tricksy." (Spending our 5 for step 5, earning a no-prize)
Rich keeps his 2,5 for later troubles or twists. (Although it may be better to have the GM hide some rolls.)
Bam, setup.


  • (Rolled: 4d6. Rolls: 3, 5, 6, 2. Total: 16)
  • GM's roll: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 3, 6, 4. Total: 13)
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    3Target: Fence

    "Skinner, Earl's under wraps with the Lampblacks. It'd be worthwhile to shake that up a bit, push Coleburn a touch. Get him thinking maybe the Lampblacks ain't doing the business."

    Player: 5,6,2
    GM: 3,6,4
  • 5 Location: Shop

    "Shouldn't be too difficult to get into the Toad. Security's never been that great, and the Knuckle is going to be hell for the Lamps to cover."
  • Player: 6, 2
    GM: 3, 6, 4
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    This is taking place at the Tower. You're in Skinner's office, which is near the top, a window open, wind blowing in lightly. Smells of the canal below waft in from time to time. She's burning some incense to cut the stench.

    Skinner muses, "Yes, this is a good point for us to move things. I've heard the Toad is haunted. What's your... professional opinion of that?"

    (GM chooses twist - Rogue spirits haunt the location. Will save the remaining two for complications in the job.)

    Player: 6, 2
    GM: 3, 6
  • Milos, do you have any more choices you wish to make?
  • Nope. Let's do this.
  • "Well, whatever is there has to've been there a fuck long time, which means everyone working there knows it's haunted. No way they stay that quiet. That can be used for distractions. Might make it easier to get past the Lamps."
  • Skinner responds curtly, "Lean on Coleburn. Offer him a better deal than the Lampblacks. Figure out where the loose ends are, and unravel them for him. Bragon can help you 'round the Knuckle."
  • Let's pick up at night at the Toad, Milos.

    The Watch is barely present at the Knuckle, as you well know. Bragon's lookout, begging at a corner near enough to whistle a warning.

    The shop is closed. Does Coleburn sleep above the shop or somewhere else nearby? Are you waiting for him to leave the shop entirely?
  • He lives on the fourth floor of a nearby brownstone, and it really depends on the night. Home is about two blocks away, and so if he's had a long day, or if the neighborhood roughs are being pests, then he'll crash on a cot behind his office. I'm not sure which today has been, but Bragon didn't see him leave.

    Want to throw Security to see what the best way in is.
  • Go for it.
  • (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 5, 3, 4. Total: 12)
  • Ask up to two questions.

    Questions list:
    What’s its weakness? What’s its strength? What’s the best way in or out?
  • What's the best way in?

    What's its weakness?
  • The Toad used to be two different shops that butted up against each other. A decade ago, the two shoppes were slathered over with the same beige paint, a few inner walls were beaten down and they were officially (haphazardly) joined into one.

    The best way in is through the newer half, the annex. It's a shorter store, and whoever did the carpentry to get it level, left a bunch of crawlspace. You can get under and shimmy up there. It's probably got a den of rats, but nobody's ever used it that Coleburn knows, so it's wide open.

    The weakness is that he's covered the doors and windows with bells, but anywhere else is open. Like the roof, like the floors. Also, as we've said, very, very few patrols.
  • I'm going to use the burned out storefront next door to get up top, find my way in through the roof, keeping an eye out for Lamps and Beetles.
  • Sure, Milos. You clamber up the storefront as Bragon keeps watch. Bragon's set up at a crossways near the front of the store. He's sitting on a couple ratty blankets, pretending to sleep sitting up.

    Once you're on top, you crawl across the slate roof, taking care not to move any of them. The slate is not well fixed, and they shift under your weight. Several pieces are askew, wet from recent rain. A couple are slimy with mildew as well. You manage your way over them, then hop across the couple feet between the buildings.

    Perched on the tin roof, Bragon lets out a warning whistle. He trills it into a little shanty song, and you glance towards his space beneath you, to your right. There you see a pair of locals walking home from a tavern of somesuch. One of them, Dunvil, tosses a bit of coin over towards Bragon and stops near him.

    Dunvil says to Bragon, "Nice tune. Gimmie some more?" He pulls a couple more bits out of his pocket, offering to pay Bragon more to whistle. Dunvil's buddy heads on, but looks like Dunvil's sticking around.

    What do you do?
  • I wait for Bragon to get going , slip down to the lee side, and see what I can find as far as loose boards go. Awareness or Stealth to roll for it?
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    Let's see Stealth. I think it's a Risky Move, don't you?
  • (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 4, 6, 3. Total: 13)
  • Boom. Yes, risky move sounds about right.
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    We cut to you removing a few loose boards as Bragon continues singing his shanty song.
    Youtube recording of Billy Riley
    Old Billy Riley was a dancing master.
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    Old Billy Riley's master of a drogher.
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    Master of a drogher bound for Sevros
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    Old Billy Riley has a nice young daughter.
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    Oh Missy Riley, little Missy Riley
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    Had a pretty daughter, but we can't get at her.
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    Screw her up away and away we go, boys.
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!

    One more pull and then belay, boys.
    Old Billy Riley, oh. Old Billy Riley!
    You drop silently into the storage room of the shop. There are shelves of items here, some duplicates of trinkets already for sale in front, others paid for and set aside, even more marked as "no longer for sale".

    Anything you're looking for here?
  • He usually keeps his spare cash box up here, so I'm keeping an eye out for that. Ideally, also, an expensive item already purchased, but portable. Not wanting to stuff my pockets, just get a good, solid point across. It needs to be a couple things he'll notice fairly soon.

  • Milos,

    Sure, give me an Awareness roll here.
  • (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 5, 6, 3. Total: 14)
  • What's hidden here?
  • You spot it with careful observation, Milos. An automaton, about the size of a young child, sitting on a shelf like it is inert and stored away. But it is not. You see through a crack in its carapace that the power light is glowing. It is a simple device, built for protecting the shop, but the punch-card instructions on it key it to the cashbox only.

    (OOC: I'm using the Trouble - Danger - 3 Clockworks / Automatons option here)
  • (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 5, 2, 5. Total: 12)
  • (I didn't say, but it was a Risky Move)

    You reach out for the automaton, hoping to drop the latch on the front covering and pull a connecting wire. As you touch it, the open holes for eyes light up, and the thing begins to spin up to life. You hurriedly grab it with both hands and desperately pull the chassis open to yank free the wires.

    For a long moment, you lean an ear out to listen for any trouble. But thankfully, none come. Bragon's song is done, the man must've moved on.

    (You are now "Distracted", at -1D until you indulge in your Vice to recover)

    You can take the cashbox and a couple items, if you wish. Which item are most definitely keeping for yourself, Milos?
  • You spot a worn lightning hook on the top shelf. It's been here a while, years probably. Some bull must've fallen on hard times to let go of that thing.
  • I snag the hook, the contents of the cash box, and a couple items of decent value, and abscond.
  • Alright Milos, you can take off the way you came in. This will definitely put the man on edge.

    Where do you head off to?
  • I'm going to use the Knuckle rooftops to get back to Six Towers and the guild house. Need to see about getting a Bull's license eventually to keep the Beetles off my back about the hook. Want to report in, drop the loot, and find a game.
  • Where do you normally gamble, Milos? Here in Six Towers or another, seedier ward?
  • I usually do either Spog or Slogg's games, so potentially Slogg, otherwise, I'll be heading to Crow's Foot for Kistos' game.
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