[Blades] Fortunes / Income Rolls 1 (Va 1.4, Vo 1.3)

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Vauri and Volette,

Let's pick up a few days after the deal with Lomond and the Red Lamp. The pair of you are out and about. Why don't we pick up at Night Market where the two of you have come upon a Coin, thanks to Vauri (how'd you get it?)

Vauri, why haven't you told Volette about those tickets yet?

Volette, did you swing back to visit Larn like you'd mentioned, or are you taken up with something else (or someone else)? Are you high?

Let's have you make a Fortunes roll for this week's activities.
Roll dice equal to flame, minus operation size (minus steel if at war). Plus 1d per coin spent.
Your Guild's Flame is 1. Your operation size is "independent (0-2 Claims). you have 6 Coin to spend for extra dice, if you wish (but it's the Guild's Coin, so it is spending for all).


  • [Vauri]

    Why wait? Timing, of course. Surely I want to let my sister know before the Guild in this case. I don't want Una or Skinner to snatch this opportunity. I suspect Una has picked up something between us; hopefully she thinks it's nothing of consequence. I actually hope to tell her this very afternoon, perhaps at a tea house? I have the invitation with me now, and occasionally my fingers find its creamy parchment, feeling the finery.

    I'm rather proud of this Coin, thank you for noticing. As Vol and I moved betwixt the various carts and stalls, we passed a young man selling various objects from a rough blanket on the cobblestones. I suppose an estate sale of sorts from a dead relative's traveling case, or a mystery box from a pawnshop. He had such a mishmash! La, no matter, I spotted a particularly well-bound set of books. I was able to purchase them for a pittance, then resell them to the bookman a road or two over. Some sort of rare treatise on natural philosophy, a little over my head, I hesitate to admit. Not the sort of thing one can do regularly without more liquid assets, or storage! But certainly possible, given time.

    I smile at my sister. "So where are you taking us this afternoon?"
  • Income:
    (Spending one coin) Flame (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 5)
  • Fortune:
    (spending one coin)

    Flame (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 3, 5. Total: 8)
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    You only earn 1 Coin this week from your two new claims.


    Una and Cinnamon Socks report to Skinner that the Red Sashes have approached each of them separately trying to recruit them. Una's... considering the offer.

    Also, Kinclaith of the Lampblacks spoke with Bricks about the Eyes taking over the Silkshore Slaughterhouse protection racket, for a small cut. Skinner's trying to pull in a few more bravos to cover it.
    Each week, your guild costs 1 coin for every two talent levels in the guild, minus your assets level. So, if your guild had 9 talent levels and modest assets, your weekly upkeep would be 2 coin (4 −2).
  • [Volette]

    I didn't visit Larn. It just slipped past me, somehow. Every time I even thought of returning it was already early morning. But it's not as if he was immediately taken with the idea in any case, I tell myself.

    And I'm only mildly buzzed at most. Surely.

    I smile at my sister, mysteriously.

    "Just a pickup to make, princess, and then we'll have some tea."

    It's right near Vau's birthday. Well the day we made up for it of course, since we don't know the actual. And I've made a deal for a positively luxurious cake, a rare treat. The baker's stall is on the far side of Night Market, and I promised him the return of his marital band for this small service. Of course I also said if he didn't that I might just try to sell it back to his wife, along with stories of wandering hands.
  • [Vauri]

    I smile back at her, playfully. I wonder if it's business, or personal. Maybe she has a new sweetheart. Or another "beneficial friend." I steal a peek at her pupils, just checking. "I'm on pins and needles. I have news for us, dear devil child." I tap the side of my nose. "But only after the first leaf is poured." It's an old expression from the Dagger Isles.

    The hats are back at the safehouse; it wouldn't do to ruin the surprise.
  • Night Market is fairly busy this evening, with the night's catch of fish aging to the point where hawkers are eager to offload their unsold goods, offering up prized deals to the few taverns that wait until the last moment to buy their menu items as well as the middle class with upper airs.

    There's a new trend of brooches, it seems, called "fire hearts", worn on the chest between the bosom, and you see a few knock offs among the genuine pearls and jewels.

    At mid-point, the smell of the fish dies down and is quickly overcome by the delicious smell of Cavelle the Baker's shop, with it's rich rye bread and deliciously light pastries. Just past Cavelle's is the small stall operated by Cavelle's cousin, Chime. Chime the Cake Man. Vauri, why is it that Chime works his stall in the open air of the market instead of inside Cavelle's nice shoppe?
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    Oh! That's easy. Cavelle's shop is haunted. Proper haunted, and poor Chime never did get along with his Aunt. Cavelle said it was something about her will that she gets to still inhabit the business; you'd have to ask Frog or a barrister about the details. There's a certain crowd who swear the lightness of the numerous pastry are due to her eldrich guidance. I like the cinnamon pasties.

    I spare a scowl for the buffoon who designed a brooch that's harder to filch. Over the heart, honestly. The real fire hearts are quite lovely, you know.
  • [Volette]

    I raise an eyebrow at Vau's tease of interesting things to come and walk up to Chime's stall, looking for the proprietor.

    "Now Chime, sweetheart, no good hiding from me and you know it. You have my order ready?"
  • Chime smacks his lips, pondering, looking between the both of you. He rubs his balding pate and blinks his watery eyes. "Oh aye, yeah."He bends down beneath the table, then brings up a clear glass dome. Inside is a large cake.

    Here's the dome:

    Volette, is anything on the cake? What kind of cake is it?

    Chime sets it on the wooden table in front of him, begins rubbing his fingers together, itchy for the return of his band, but hesitant to ask for it directly.
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    I make a delighted noise, clapping my hands together when we see it. It's beautiful. A lovely Dark chocolate. I glance at my sister in glee. There's a beautiful little tiara on top, made from chocolate shavings standing up in the icing, and it's surrounded by little reproductions of Vau's favorite flowers, dagger lillys, flowers from our homeland.

    "Oh, very good Chime! Lovely! I turn to Vau and indicate it with a flourish. "Happy Birthday, beautiful.
  • [Vauri]



    My mouth falls open. There's a shine of moisture in my eyes, and I rush into a tight embrace with Volette, my dear Volette. Then I pull back, laughing with her, "It's brilliant. I had no idea, you devious sneaky little devil!" I'm looking with nothing but adoration at my sister. I hug her again, ecstatic, kiss her cheek. I wish I could save it for ever.

    I then do a prim little half-head-bow and hand flourish to Chime, saying, "Most excellent, sir baker! My compliments to your house!"

    Then I clasp hands with Vol. "Will you partake with me?" My eyes are dancing. I can't wait for my turn. The invitation is all but burning a hole.
  • Volette

    I hug my sister back, tightly, chuckling.

    "But of course I will partake, my heart." I grin and wink "I'm constitutionally incapable of being completely altruistic after all."

    I turn back to Chime. "Your compensation will be delivered to you tomorrow. I thank you for your excellent work." I'm watching him carefully.
  • Chime nods, more than a little disappointed to be denied his price for but one more day. But he's so close he won't fight you over it.

    Cake isn't something you can just eat on the street, right? Where do you take the monstrous treat?
  • [Vauri]

    I snort and roll my eyes. I don't believe her for a half second. This is a real kindness. And she knows I'd share. That I'd want to share it with her. "Now any old tea house seems rather pedestrian. I hesitate to suggest, lest you have something else up your sleeve!"

    I hope she does. My birthday!
  • [Volette]

    "Well... We can go anywhere you like." I grin again "But mayhap the hostess of La Belle Feuille, would be put out after holding a table for us."
  • [Vauri]

    I loop my arm in hers, the hidden pocket holding the invitation between us. I match her grin, toss my head with mock defiance. "Far be it from me to upset the hostess of La Belle Feuille!" I'm a little struck. "How long have you... No, no, no, I want the surprise."
  • Volette, how close is La Belle Feuille? In Night Market Ward? What is it known for?
  • [Volette]

    It is in Night Market, only a couple of blocks from the market itself in one of those strange areas where the rich rub against the poor. People of quality go there to be thought daring or counterculture, especially those young aristos who seem intent on destroying the monarchy for some sort of 'workers paradise' while at the same time seemingly unconscious of how much they benefit from the current system. Or what any sort of work is really like.

    But La Bell Feuille is known for a few things. Fantastic tea, and rare books, hence the pun. And clientele which are of a more elegant cut than we. Perhaps we'll flirt with idealistic aristocratic boys who think they are excited by dangerous women.

    Of course Vau's right, it took months of planning (and blackmail) to put this together. But I just smile cheekily and lead her off, carrying our prize.
  • Volette, you catch the look of hungry eyes as you pass through Night Market. For once, they aren't looking at you, they're looking at that cake. Vauri, you notice how folks look at the pair of you differently. "Could you two be taking this to some upper crust noble?", they wonder. Or perhaps they're imagining you taking the cake to an elder grandmother, perhaps.

    You arrive at La Bell Feuille, which is a converted house that looks like this:

    You're greeted by Mademoiselle Aurore, the daughter of the owner of the house. She gives you a little knowing grin, "Greetings, miladies." She gives you both a respectful curtsy. Her poise and demeanor is very respectful, even though her grin is one of a friend sharing a joke that she can barely keep contained. It isn't a mocking grin, more of camaraderie and excitement.

    "Madame Vauri, your table is ready." Aurore leads you past the staircase out of the small foyer and down a hallway of bright wooden floors and pictures of the many dignitaries who have dined here. Governors have sipped jasmine and oolong tea here, Iruvian princesses have been courted here, rich merchants from Akoros and their retinue have rented out the entire house for an evening, just to enjoy the delights of the books and the ambiance.

    Finally, Aurore reaches a door with an oval doorknob, pushes the door open to your table. "The pair of you shall dine here." She gestures inside. This small room is cozy, but warm. The walls are covered with paintings of far off vistas from across the Empire, with short bookshelves filed with tomes of poetry, nothing but poetry, volumes of well-known to rarities that are found only in the hidden corners of Duskwall. There are two padded and upholstered Queen Anne chairs with a dark brown, lacquered round table between them. A dainty doilie sits on the table, intricately laced and very feminine.

    Volette, Aurore hands you a small printed pamphlet, saying, "This is a listing of our offerings for the night. Please ring the bell on the small side table when you've made your choices and a server will take care of your every need." She curtsies again and looks to you, Vauri, "Happy birthday, milady."
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    I wink at Aurore as she does her hostessing schtick for us, a wide grin on my face.

    I place the cake on the small table and peruse the pamphlet and the ridiculous luxuries therin for a moment, then look at Vauri to see her take in the space.
  • [Vauri]

    I could get used to this treatment. Walking the Night Market with Vol as important as the Empress' peacocks.

    I trail a finger along the bookshelves, not actively thinking about which might fit into a hidden pocket, or which binding is the most likely to fetch the most coin, or which illuminations might have gold leaf to scrape. I relish the smells of old oil and paper, the textures of worn wood, the quiet babble of small conversations. A small part of my heart longs for my mother, to share a story and a table. A stained-glass window, cut cunningly to a book and a cup of tea takes me out of the momentary brown study, and I'm back with my sister and being pampered.

    And Aurore is positively obsequious and it's a riot. Madame! Moi! I return her curtsy with a impish grin, biting my lips not to giggle and ruin the spell of fantasy and delight. "Please send our regards to your mother, Aurore, and I am deeply grateful for your well-wishes." I curl my legs under myself and tuck into the chair, resting my head on the cool leather, reading over the night offerings. I sigh, relaxed and content. I look at the cake, the lettering of the menus, the doily's finery, my sister.

    "I love you, Volette," I say simply.
  • [Volette]

    I smile at her come over to the chair, lean in and kiss her cheek. I stand again and shrug, moving to fold into my own chair.

    "I figured you should have at least one princessy night, my love. Something to remember."

    The flash is quick this time. A flicker of a dark space. A slightly open mouth. Dull eyes, staring. My own. I close my eyes and turn it away. My eyes flutter open again and I smile again, looking at my sister and taking up my menu with one hand while pulling my little pill phial out with the other.

    I look over the menu.

    "Nothing but the Best."

  • Vauri, you see the pill bottle Volette pulls out. Doing anything about that?
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    A flicker of worry at the shadow across her face, and I watch her pull out her phial. I bite the corner of my lip, a questioning look. I worry she indulges too much, and she knows it. I most certainly do not want to fight about a pill right now. The time is wrong.

    "One night? Hmph!" I flick the menu to hide my eyes, deftly pull forth the creamy envelope, cool and promising. I keep it hidden. I peek over the edge of the paper. "Odd as it may be, I have a present to share with you on this birthday of mine." She can see I'm aquiver with excitement. I lean forward, produce it with a fingerwork flourish. The red wax seal glints in the arclight, it's streaked with exotic colors.

    There are times and there are times, and this is a time to look smug. "We have an invitation to the governor's ball, on the estate."

    I let that sink in, drinking in her reaction.

    "And I've gotten you a hat."
  • [Volette]

    I take one of my little friends, knowing it won't be long for it to push the vision away. I curl the edge of my lips into a smile at her harumphing, then arch a brow and lean forward when she announces she has something to share.

    My mouth is open for what feels like a full minute. My god, the governor's ball?

    I squeal. "Fantastic! Vau! That's... that's amazing! Oh... the opportunities!"
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