[Blades] The Pitch (Fr 1.4, Ri 1.4, Va 1.5)

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Frog, Ring and Vauri,

The three of you have gathered your two prisoners, both members of the Red Sashes gang from the neighboring ward: Scapa and Comber. They're what, tied up to chairs? Tied down on a bed? I assume you've got them in one of their two rooms, not really their rooms, but they've effectively claimed them while extorting "protection Coin" from Madame Tesslyn's brothel here.

The room is well appointed, with a clawfoot tub behind screens, a big four-poster bed with satin sheets, a nice wrought-iron railing balcony just outside that looks over the canal. There is a wardrobe and dresser, a devan, even a small couch and chairs like one might entertain folks. These guys definitely took one of the nicer rooms.

They'll be coming to soon. Who's doing what?


  • They are tied to chairs, groggy and suggestible from the potion slipped into their wine. As for myself, I simply wait and watch, with the occasional hint of a smile on my face as I recall Vestine's reactions...
  • [Vauri]

    I lean in between, so I can speak to both of them. I speak clearly, a measured pace."Listen to my voice. You trust me. You believe me." I beckon to Ring.
  • [Ring]

    I'm behind them, mostly out of their sight, occasionally entering the very edge of their peripheral vision, humming and mumbling, squeezing their shoulders -- forcing them to dedicate a big chunk of what's left of their attention to figuring out what I'm doing behind them and allowing Vauri's words to wriggle deeper into their brains. My mumbling includes understandable phrases, just occasionally, "the Red Sashes hate you" and "your destiny lies with the Well of Eyes" -- that sort of thing.
  • Scapa's the first to rouse, but Comber is groaning lightly, soon to awake. Scapa was a fit young man once, but the debauchery of this post has left him worn from drug use and he's gotten a bit of a paunch. The hypnotic drug Ring whipped up is starting to take effect.

    Ring, why don't you give me a Controlled Maneuver with Leech to see how well this drug works on them?
  • [Vauri]

    My voice is reassuring, sibilant, gentle. "The Red Sashes are your past. The Well of Eyes is your future. Follow, serve, obey." Perhaps I should arrange with Claude to do some face work for the cult. I'm enjoying this. If Volette could see me now! The princess as the puppetmistress!
  • I am behind Vauri, near the door. I say nothing, but the faintest of mists steams off of me and wafts gently around the room, adding to the overall air of unreality.
  • Ring, why don't you give me a Controlled Maneuver with Leech to see how well this drug works on them?
    Also, is this a permanent affect you're attempting, Ring?
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    [From the diary of Ring]

    This last hour in the lab, working beside Vauri; getting back To It, was very nice. It is quite a pleasure having colleagues even when they are a bit odd. She knew the difference between Pick's Oil and Tincture of Human Thalamus -- that was the first indication that she was a keeper. And then, her idea of adding the Heart of Canine (and the fact that she had one!) to reify their loyalty was quite welcome. After formulation, the only trick was boiling out all the water to leave a dry paste without letting anything burn. Vauri made an especially gratifying sight at this quite-hot work as she shed layers for comfort.

    If all goes well, the manipulation of the subjects' thought-matrices will be quite permanent. What we're not so sure of, of course, is how quickly their brains will degenerate. I imagine we should get a year of service from them, at the least.

  • Alchemy with help from Vauri and a bonus from Frog.(Rolled: 5d6. Rolls: 6, 5, 3, 2, 4. Total: 20)
  • Scapa raises his head, looks around at each of you with bleary eyes. He mumbles, "Are you... my future?" He's looking right at you, Ring.
  • [Ring]

    I continue to duck and bob, moving sideways out of Scapa's view and whispering into the ear on the opposite side of his head. "Your future, future, future. Your ffffuture is with the Well of Eyes." and then make sure to continue evading his view.
  • Scapa loses focus on Ring, looks around to you, Frog, "Are you the Well of Eyes?"

    Comber wakes now, snaps up like someone hit him on the head, "Who are you lot?" He fixes on you, Vauri.
  • My gaze takes in both Scapa and Comber, and in my most sepulchral tone, I answer both questions at once. "Oh children, children. We... are your future."
  • The pair of them nod, the suggestive state taking hold.

    Before long, you realize the ropes are no longer needed. Scapa and Comber are yours, for however long that lasts. The Red Lamp is now under your control.

    --END SCENE--
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