[Blades] Silkshore Slaughterhouse (Fr 1.5, M 1.5, Ri 1.5)

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Frog, Milos and Ring,

With Vauri and Volette off together, the three of you are gathered at the Nail and Bottle. Skinner is here, as is Bricks. You're in the back room of the tavern as before.

Skinner doesn't have her big book tonight. She's sitting at the same seat, but watching you intently. She looks to you, Ring, "How was the Red Lamp?"

Then, to you, Milos, "What do you have to report?"

How did each of you arrive?


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    I walked across the ward. New pair of shoes needs some breaking in, don't you know?

    I nod to Frog for confirmation, but I'm obviously confident. "The 'Lamp's ours. It went as well as you could hope. We turned the two sashes, Scapa and Comber, who're living there and moved them into a less-extravagant shared room to help increase profit. These two will continue to pretend loyalty up their old chain but report everything back to us. Obviously, the money won't be flowing up to them anymore so there's no way to disguise our move in the long run, but we have a window of safety and inside information on our enemies."
  • Just finished establishing a dead drop outside the Knucklebone. Handful of shekkles, pair of lockpicks, wrapped up in an oil-black rain cloak. Have the lightning hook stashed at my apartment, not risking a stop without a permit. I'm just blocks away, so I walked, but used the thieve's roads. Rooftops and alleys, winding through the districts. I came in through the cook's door.

    "Spogg's game is ours. He's comfortable at the Knuckle Bone, but we'll be in the scuff should he need to move. We'll be taking twenty for the courtesy. The Knuckle Bone is fucking pitiful. I don't know if the Lamps are lazy or just incompetent, but I pulled an easy haul from Coleburn's storeroom, and not a single feather ruffled. He should be easy enough to turn."
  • [Frog]

    I have been out checking to see which of my more arcane contacts have managed the twelve years I was gone without blowing themselves up or getting killed some other way. Only one, as it turns out, and old Lafcadio mostly just sits and drools in a corner these days. I walk in to the Nail and Bottle, grab a bottle (no nail) and join the meeting.
  • Skinner listens to each of you, and while she doesn't grin and nod, you can tell she's pleased at the outcomes. "Very well. Now we can scrape together enough Coin to get our heads above the canal waters." She looks to Bricks, "Bricks, will you tell them of the opportunity presented to you?"

    With a curt nod, he stands, "Kinclaith caught up with me on the west-side. He said the Lampblacks are hard pressed right now, that they're looking to partner with us on the protection racket they've got at the Silkshore Slaughterhouse. A third cut for the muscle. We'd need to peel off three to cover."

    Skinner interrupts with, "It would put the Tower at a disadvantage, since our ranks are not robust. But the Coin would be good, as well as establishing an erstwhile alliance with the Lampblacks right when we're moving in on the Sashes' turf. What are your thoughts?"

    Does she normally consult with you like this? It seems a bit off, right? What's the danger she sees that will need your buy-in?
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    I'm watching Skinner-as-leader, rolling a coin through my fingers. Back in the day, we were both on this side of the table, and sure as death no one was asking our thoughts. I narrow my eyes a little. No sense feeling around like a virgin at an orgy.

    "Skinner, what's the hitch, here? Why the dancing around? You said it, we need to get our noses up and out of the muck so we can breathe."
  • Skinner purses her lips, buying some time. But nobody jumps in with anything, so she answers, "I worry that it could be a set-up. A trick to get us to overextend ourselves, leave the tower open for reprisal." She takes a breath, then continues, "Or, the Lampblacks could know of an impending attack from the Sashes, or some other Guild, and they're leaving us holding the bag. It's... risky.
  • [Ring]

    "Muscle and protection -- not really our bag."

    "Not that we can't branch out here and there, but it does smell like a rat in a pipe. I'd pass if it's my call."
    But I shrug, showing that I don't feel strongly.
  • [Milos]

    "Either the Lamps knew I was coming, in which case we're in bigger trouble than we thought, or they're really that stretched thin. I'd mark Coleburn's up as a pretty high priority, so I'm boggled that they'd leave it open by choice. Sounds like we're being set up to take the heft of their heat, to me."
  • Skinner looks to each of you, "Then do we take the Slaughterhouse job or pass? I need your buy in. We're too small for a dictatorship." She pauses, then adds, "I would like to cultivate a partnership with the Lampblacks, but not at the cost of our Guild's health. And, as you say, Ring, it isn't our forte."

    Bricks offers, "We could scrounge up some Bravos to throw at the Slaughterhouse. Some randoms, expendable."

    To that, Skinner looks askance, "If there are thugs to be easily hired, why aren't they already working for the Sashes or the Lamps?" She looks to each of you for any ideas.

    (this could be a Guild roll for recruitment. Or you can pass on this opportunity)
  • I say we do it, but with an extra eye on caution.
  • Skinner nods. "Frog, run this Job, take who you need. Milos, are you following up on Coleburn, or can you farm that out?"
  • "Coleburn knows me, but if I'm needed on this, I can relegate."
  • Bricks cuts in, "I think you should finish that one off, then, Milos."

    Skinner stands up, effectively ending the meeting, "Frog, build your team. Milos, take care of Coleburn. Let's move quick while we have openings."
  • --END SCENE--
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