[DRYH] Hold the Line (14)

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"If the Howler is intent on assaulting our home, then we shall surely defend it." Sir Ubert says with confidence after you explained all you'd seen in the domain of the Magnificent Howler.

Scribbler shrugs, "Two Awake against one newbie. Should be easy, right, Ben-nee?" He has a small artists' sketchpad on his lap as he sits on a wax-covered chair.

The Wax King on his throne seems troubled, "Benjamin, what is it about this girl? The Howler's well aware of the strengths of this place, of the people within it. Why would he do this? Is she that powerful?"

There are a dozen smothered folk bringing waiting on you four, bringing food and drink.


  • "Her... gift... is understanding how things work. A lock, any lock, is just a mechanism, and she will be able to decipher yours, Your Majesty. I don't know about her power otherwise, but that should give you an idea. And the Howler is formidable on his own."

    I look at Scribbler. "Don't take this lightly, Scribbler. He may not be Mother When, but he's coming for us, here. And we don't know much about what Amanda can do for him."

    A thought occurs to me, a question that's come up repeatedly. "Your Majesty, before things go further, may I have a moment alone with you? I have a question that's apparently important."
  • The Wax King nods once, looks to Ubert and Scribbler, who leave. Then the King waves away the Smothered Folk as well. The place grows quieter, only the sounds of dripping wax and the sizzle of wicks burning.

    "What is it, Benjamin?" the Wax King asks with concern. He's leaning forward on the arms of his throne, giving you his full and undivided attention.
  • "Your Majesty." I clear my throat. "Scribbler and Lady Dandywine both asked whether I had sworn allegiance to you, and both seemed surprised when I said no. Why is that?"
  • The Wax King bobs his head slowly, looking at you with complete seriousness. "The Awake who have survived long enough in the Mad City to attract my attention are so worn down or frightened that they usually immediately swear allegiance to my banner and serve me. Those few who decline the offer soon perish or simply disappear." He catches your gaze before ending with, "None have allied with me, but remained independent." His tone is simply stating a fact.

    In fact, if anything, he seems like he might be complimenting you.
  • That makes sense, and I feel a little warmth at his respect. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I..." Uncomfortable pause. "I want you to know... I will defend your gates, and if it comes down to a choice between saving Amanda and letting the Magnificent Howler through, I will do what's needful."
  • The Wax King answers grimly, "I trust you will, Benjamin." He eases back into his throne, shoulders slumping slightly. "My worry is that there is some other threat, something more than your friend Amanda. Is she... truly that powerful?"
  • "I really don't know how powerful she is, but the Howler said she was the key to getting to you. I really don't know why he's so confident about this fight."
  • "Very well. I will send some of my folk and Knights to gather as much as we can about his forces." He pushes himself up off of his throne, steps slowly off the raised dais to stand level with you. As usual, it takes far too long. He is a very slow individual.

    When he reaches you, he puts out a waxy smooth hand to touch your arm, "Perhaps you could seek information at the Bazaar when it comes again? If we have that much time, at least. I assume the attack is imminent since he is so brazen?"
  • The Bazaar? With Officer Tock. I suppose I've hidden well-enough before in plain sight. "I've spent so little time in the Bazaar, but I'm willing. I suppose my incognito skills are useful for information-gathering."
  • The Wax King summons some of his Smothered Folk to gather coins and make arrangements for you to travel to the Bazaar. You know it will be some time. "Do you wish to stay here, Benjamin? Or return to the sleeping world? I can summon you if needs be."
  • "I guess it would be best if I went home for a while. At least try to keep up appearances for as long as I can. Thank you." Eileen
  • --END SCENE--
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