[DRYH] Morning Ride (15)

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You stepped back "home" in the early hours. Enough time to get ready for school. Breakfast is quiet affair, your parents seem nervous, you know why.

Your dad tells you to come home after practice, but it's because he's worried "after what happened across the street".

Eileen is waiting outside in her hooptie. She grins wide when you come out and get in. She backs out of your driveway and asks, "So.... what happened? "


  • I tell Eileen most of what happened, but edit. I don't tell her about the Magnificent Howler's grotesque display, or Amanda's state. I just say that I found her, that she's caught up in something and in danger.

    While I'm talking, I find Ben Harper on the Shuffle, and "Always Have to Steal My Kisses from You" hits the speakers. I wait for a stopsign and do just that.
  • Eileen listens in, and she smirks, eyes wide in expectation when you lean in. She meets your lips, and the kissing continues until someone honks their horn behind you. She jumps, the car lurches forward, and she quickly grabs the wheel, ducking her head and driving forward.

    "Benny," Eileen says, a grin plastered on her face, "What are people going to say when they see us together? Like... together together?" She seems pleased at the thought.
  • "Fuck... people. What happens, happens, and I don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. We've been besties for a hundred years, and I just can't give a shit what people say. We've lived through the 'Not Hot' shit already..."
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    Eileen cracks up as you pull into the school lot to park the hooptie. "Chill, man. I'm just playing with you!" She eases into a space, still laughing and looking at you. "You really are a sucker, man. Now c'mere." She parks the car and grabs your shirt to pull you over to her and kisses you again.

    She pulls back just a little and says low, "When you save Amanda, you need to stay around some night... don't go wherever, just stay around for me. Cool?" Then she shoves you back, grinning like a wolf, gets out of her hooptie.

    You grab the handle, which sometimes falls off if you're too rough, and start to open your door to get out. Right as you do, glance at the side mirror, since you know sometimes kids are walking between cars. For a moment, a flicker, you see Bianca in the reflection. She's watching you in the mirror, eyes intent and pensive. But the motion of opening the door moves the mirror away. When you look in the mirror again, she's not there.

    Eileen calls across the hooptie, "Are we hand-holders, Benny? I'm cool either way."
  • I turn my head to look where Bianca should have been standing. Nothing there, of course. Yay. I'm being haunted by the ghost of my dead not-a-girl girlfriend, and my real-live girlfriend is asking about hand holding.

    I walk around the hood to Eileen. "I promise you're gonna get some quality Benny time, 'Leen." I give her a light smack on the ass and grab her hand as we walk toward the doors.
  • Eileen whoops loudly when you smack her butt, but she greedily takes your hand in hers. "You better. I've been holding a candle for you for waaay too long to wait any longer." She nudges you playfully with her shoulder.

    A group of football players, including Darius, are standing near the entrance chatting. They spot you with Eileen, and a couple linebackers cut up. Darius just gives you a nod, like "hey man", and that pretty much kills it.

    You split up to classes, and the morning passes without much changing. Evidently the big reveal isn't as noteworthy as the jokes about it. Nobody asks, nobody makes jokes, nothing. You're falling behind in class, though. With all that waking time, you aren't keeping up. Hard to sit down and study when you've got to keep up, keep moving, right?

    Lunchtime comes. Eileen's late, but she comes in, finds you. She drops a candy bar in front of you, your favorite. What is it? It's only in the vending machine waaaay out by the shop class. Eileen sits beside you, not across from you, sits where her thigh rubs yours. "Hey."
  • I struggle through the morning. After the Howler's dealt with, I'm going to have to explore the Wax King's offer of a safe place to sleep, see if I can start finding a way to balance here and there.

    I smile when Eileen drops the candy. This must be love. A Zagnut bar. They stock them in that machine because Mr. Nesmith got in the habit while he was in Iraq - no chocolate, so they don't melt. I think he and I are the only ones in the school that eat the things, though.

    Eileen's thigh against mine is like static electricity that just keeps snapping and snapping. I lean into her a little. "Hey, yourself. How was the morning? Did you meet a nice boy?"
  • "Hell, no, thank God." she replies as she slips a hand onto your thigh, all smiles. "I mean... the morning was kinda great, but I didn't meet a nice boy." She eats her meatloaf surprise one-handed, sitting close and enjoying the closeness.

    "Can you hang out after practice today?" she says after washing down a bite with some ice water. You're getting some looks from the teachers, probably sitting too close, Benny.
  • I'm digging it, too. Let the teachers look... if they want to say something, then fine, we'll do whatever, but if it's just looks I'm gonna revel in this. "It'll have to be at my house, but if you're cool with that, yeah. Mom and Dad are pretty freaked out by the situation across the street, and I'm still on probation until Monday."
  • Eileen nods, good enough for her. "Not like I haven't been over a thousand times." She takes another bit of the meatloaf surprise, munches on it happily. Evidently the hand on thigh isn't enough for Mr. Alders to get off his duff and come over.

    After washing down that bite, she turns to you, "So, what about sex?" She grins wide, like she's trying to make you flinch or something.
  • I choke a little on my lemonade, but manage to avoid a full-on spit take. "You are a terrible woman." I grin. "But I so like the way you think."

    A little more serious, whispering, looking her in the eye. "All the crazy shit that happened last night, and the whole time I'd have these moments, little tiny fragments of day dream where I was picturing us together. Touches, kisses, imagining what your nipples will taste like, what sort of sounds you'll make."

    I smile, to break the spell. "So, yeah, I'm into it. You?"

    Then, a thought. "Wait. Like, today?"
  • Eileen brings her arms up to dramatically cross them, and raises an eyebrow, replying, "Oh. I see. Poor decisions like casual sex with a dream-eater are all well and good, but when it comes to the nasty with a smexy, teenaged living and breathing, real live girl, you get cold feet?" She exhales through her nose, like harumph, "That's fucked up, Benny."

    Then she elbows you playfully, letting you off the hook. "I'm totally into it, Benny. It's cool, we just need to make sure it doesn't piss off dear old dad. Or, you know, get back to my mom."
  • "Hence: Wait. Like today?" I smile. "Let's see what the situation is at my place, okay? But maybe... we should pick up some condoms on the way home? Just in case?"

    After lunch, the rest of the day just sort of drags. I can go toe-to-toe with monstrosities in the Mad City, but the idea of having an hour of interrupted make-out time with this wonderful girl still leaves me giddy and a little breathless. Soccer practice is actually cut short because all the coaches are meeting with the Athletic Director to talk about a memorial for Bud and Todd, so Eileen and I will have a little extra time. I meet her at her car.

    "Extra minutes for us! Still should head mostly straight home, though. Dad does have drones watching me or something."
  • Eileen agrees to condoms, and when you two meet up, she drives straight to the local CVS to pick up some, "The idea of drones recording us doing it is really freaky, Benny." She looks over to add, "Not the cool kind of freaky."

    She pulls into the parking lot of the CVS quickly, then parks. "Are you getting them, or do you need me to do it?" She turns halfway round to face you. She's totally daring you to get them.
  • I smirk. "I am a man of the world. I refuse to allow the possibility of a disapproving stare from an employee of a chain drug store to keep me from fully enjoying the charms of my... smexy... girlfriend, at whatever point that should become logistically possible. Harumph." I reach through the window and open the door from the outside, then slide out and close it behind me. Strolling casually, I walk into the drugstore.
  • The drugstore is pretty dead. Turns out that Geoffrey, the guy who lives down the street, graduated last year, he works here. This isn't right in your neighborhood, so it isn't filled with people you know, but, well...

    Let's call it Pain One to get through this without any incident.
  • I am tough.

    Discipline: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 1, 1, 1. Total: 3)
    Exhaustion: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 5, 5, 6. Total: 16)
  • Pain: (Rolled: 1d6 . Rolls: 4. Total: 4)
  • You succeeded. Exhaustion dominstes, so it increases by one.

    How's the trip work out?
  • I played it cool, but keeping it that way is a challenge, tired as I am. Damn this rollercoaster ride. I look at the rack, completely overwhelmed by the number of choices. Extra-Thin, for that natural feeling? Ribbed for her enjoyment? Magnums (don't think so). Dammit. I settle on plain ol' lubricated Trojans.

    I get to the register, give Geoff the nod, throw a twelve-pack on the counter and pull out my debit card. He smirks a little, but doesn't say anything. Whatever.

    I walk back to the car feeling a little bit like a caveman that has just brought down a mammoth. I put a little swagger in my step once I know Eileen's eyes are on me. I throw the bag through the window, open the door, and slide into the passenger seat. "Oog." Pull the door shut.
  • Eileen cracks up, laughing at your swagger, then giggling as you get in. She throws her head back, "My hero! Now we can have poorly considered premarital underage sex without fear of any repercussions whatsoever!" She throws the hooptie in reverse and pulls out of the lot.

    We skip ahead a bit to her pulling the car into your driveway and parking so the car does it's shuddering gasp to silence. She looks over, "Do you parents know we're together? Should we just, you know, play it cool so they don't make you keep the door open or whatever?"

    Then a grin, "Are you taking me..." she drops her voice to a husky tone, "downstairs?"
  • I laugh at Eileen's speech. "Yeah. Mom knows, at least, which means Dad does. She's tickled, though, so if we go..." spooky voice "...downstairs, she might be able to keep Dad off the case. Not sure if it'll be enough off the case for the whole enchilada..." I waggle my eyebrows. "...if you know what I mean. We'll have to assess the situation."

    "Seriously, though, I promise. There is nothing I want more right now, and I'd rather do it right than rush and sneak and be afraid."
  • "Enchillada?" Eileen says with mock disdain. "Honey, I'm red beans and rice and all that... get your racial epithets right, for serious." She pushes your shoulder, then grins, "We'll be alright. I just... I'm so worried about you and this whole Amanda thing, I just want to be selfish.... sorry."

    She chews her lip for a second, then admits, "Okay, not sorry. I totally want you to myself. As much as I can get." She doesn't wait for a response, but opens her door and hops out, starts heading for the door.
  • I call after her, not too loud. "Enchiladas are round and firm, and full of goodness. C'mon, it's funny!" I hop out of the car, grabbing the bag o' condoms and shoving it in my backpack. If anyone's watching, it might catch their attention how quickly I beat Eileen to the door.
  • You open the door, and Eileen's right behind you. She's laughing at the enchilada explanation, "I'll show you round and firm," she mutters under her breath at the back of your head.

    Your mom's in her chair. She looks up expectantly, probably heard Eileen's voice. She says brightly, "Hey, you two! Have you had supper?" She's up, putting the ipad aside to head to the kitchen. Your dad isn't home yet, Heather isn't around, but could be in her room.
  • I look at Eileen. "Sure, Mom, supper would be great." This won't be awkward at all, but like I said, appearances, right?
  • Eileen beams, "You bet, Mrs. Marks!" She falls into her comfortable rhythm of being the girl next door. Doesn't feel like she's faking it. And why should she? Nothing's changed all that much, right? She's still your best friend, she still knows this family as well as her own. Your mom seems to approve.

    Eileen grabs her customary seat, the one she's sat in many times before, her back to the hallway, across from you. She does that thing where she leans back a little to balance on the back two legs of the chair, just a little. She's thrilled at your mother's acceptance.

    Mom brings out some freshly baked white-sauce noodle dish, a "chicken baked lasagna", she calls it. It's rich and creamy with a hint of spice in there to keep it from being boring. Eileen seems to love it.

    As you're eating, your mom sits down with you, "So... how did the two of you decide to, you know, date and stuff?"

    Eileen swallows down a drink and grins, "He came to his senses, pretty much." Your mom laughs. Eileen continues, "It's been a weird week, you know? What happened across the street, it's terrible, and I think maybe we just both realized life's too short to be chicken." She looks right at you, "I'm so happy Benny was brave enough to say how he felt. I know I never was."
  • I blush. Actually blush. "Yeah... I guess that was brave, but it was more like I thought it would be stupid not to 'fess up, once I realized what was what. After all, Eileen is..." I resist the temptation to make some little wisecrack, tone things down. "...amazing. Right?"
  • Eileen looks away, down at the table, blushing herself (you think). Your mom makes an "awww" noise, and grins. "I'm happy for you both. You're both great kids, and you've been friends for forever. You aren't identical, but you still... fit." She pats your hand and smiles.

    That's more than Eileen can take, because she excuses herself, "I need to go to the, ah, bathroom. I'll be right back, okay?" She scoots back, heads down the hall. She knows where it is.

    Your mom just smiles at you. "This is good stuff, Benny. I'm really happy for you." She squeezes your hand.
  • "Thanks, Mom. Hey, we're gonna hang out down in the rec room, do some homework..." This wouldn't even have been a thing I had to worry about permission for, last week, but with the situation the way it is now, I have to throw it out there so Mom can comment if she wants. "Cool?"
  • Your mom's mouth tightens, and she tenses for just a second. But you see her work it through in her mind, pros and cons type of thing, and she nods. Her voice is a little less strong, "Sure, honey."
  • I wait for Eileen to come back from the bathroom and smile when she does. "Want to head downstairs? Mom, dinner was delicious. That recipe's a keeper. And... thanks."
  • Your mom offers you both a smile, and Eileen comes over to stand by you, reaching down to take your hand. She looks to your mom, "That food was pretty great, Mrs. Marks. Thanks for letting me eat with you, you know, again."

    The pair of you head downstairs. Eileen announces, "I love your Rumpus Room, Benny." She lets go of your hand to head over to the swanky sound system and turns on a song the pair of you used to sing together when you were younger. It was kind of dorky, but you worked out a whole duet thing. What is it?
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    Oh God. I don't even know HOW we found this song, but it seemed so cool at the time. Thinking back, my parents at least seemed charmed, but I think Eileen's mom may have been a little horrified.

    The stereo comes on, there's that big horn hit, and then Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney start singing.
    Ebony And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony
    Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard, Oh Lord, Why Don't We?
    I can't. I just can't. I fall onto the sofa actually giggling. Here's the catch. Eileen sings the Paul McCartney part.
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    When the song ends and switches on to "Listen to What the Man Says", Eileen stands over you, hands on her hips, declaring, "For a sighted honkey, you're the best Stevie Wonder ever, Benny." She cracks up and falls on top of you, giggling as she starts kissing you.
  • I kiss back, and when she pulls up for breath, I pull a face. In a broad stereotypical drawl, I say, "I may be a cracker, darlin', but I ain't from Cracker Barrel." It's a light moment, and the kissing hasn't progressed to that hungry wanting yet. We mess around a little more.

    Eventually, there's that inevitable pause. There's this elephant in the room, and it's not whether we're gonna have sex. "Eileen. I don't know if I can ever really leave the Mad City, permanently. I mean, I don't know if I can just go back to being the old Benny. I said before I think the only way out is through, right? Like the CIA or the Mob or whatever... 'Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.' kinda thing. I promise, though, it's my first priority as soon as I deal with the situation with the Magnificent Howler and Amanda. Getting back here, spending as much time as I can with you."
  • "I like the old Benny." Eileen says, not exactly pouting. She heaves a frustrated sigh, then brings up an old topic, "Why can't I go with you?"
  • I reach out, take her face in my hands. "Listen. It's just not an option. I've explained before. It's bad enough for me. There, I'm a threat to be eliminated. You? You'd be... food. I'm not going to give you the bullshit movie hero line about protecting you would only distract me, because I'm scared shitless almost every second I'm in the Mad City, and what I'm really worried about is that I'd be so busy covering my ass that I wouldn't protect you. Please just trust me? Please?"

    A beat or two.

    "How'd you sleep last night?" That question used to be so different.
  • Eileen almost objects a few times when you explain the no that she doesn't want to accept. She scowls when you hold her face protectively, and actually gooses you at the end so you flinch and she wriggles free.

    In answer to the question about her dreams, she looks at you with an odd expression, "I slept fine? Why... do you think the Amanda thing might happen to me?"
  • "For me? This didn't start with some schoolgirl succubus eating my dreams. It started because I couldn't sleep. I was obsessing about..." So much crap. So much. "...Jasmine, and the videos I was making. I kept lining up shots in my head, looking at footage, thinking about locations to splice in, and I slept less and less. Maybe it was already in me somewhere, but when the thing with Darius and Jasmine happened, I just snapped and when I took off, I wound up in the Mad City, getting a call from Bianca-as-Jasmine on my broken-ass phone and wandering around in gaslight and cobblestones."

    Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

    "I wish... I wish I realized what we should be a year ago, hell, a month ago. Or that you had told me. This? I don't think this would have happened." I want to take back the Or that you had told me as soon as I say it.
  • "See now, I'm giving you that one, Benny. I am not going to get huffy on you about what did and didn't happen." Eileen says in a suddenly serious tone. "Because a month ago, you were all Jasmin-o-fied. How the hell could I compete with the girl who you camera just loves? I mean, shit, Benny. I have been dropping hints for like two years now. Do you remember the winter formal? How I never got a date? How I complained about it, to you, over and over? Well... I was asked by Robert, Tad and even Hayley. Yeah, I know, Hayley, but she did ask. And I said no. Because I thought you'd get a clue and ask me." Her face screws up a bit, and she does that thing where you look up to try and keep your eyes from misting up.

    She sits up off of you, "I'm not getting huffy. Or anything. Just... okay, what's done is done."
  • "Sorry, sorry. Okay, what's done is done, and I am an idiot." This is totally sincere, no defensiveness or... huffiness. "That wasn't fair." I'm a teenage boy, so something finally registers. "Wait, Hayley?"
  • "Yes Hayley," Eileen says as she turns to sit on the couch, her elbows on her knees, her hair hanging over her face, obscuring it, "Yeah. She's gay. And she evidently liked me, saw that I turned down a couple guys, was a star soccer player... so I guess she thought I was, you know, gay, too. It was pretty embarrassing for both of us."
  • "Mmmm. You and Haley. Hot." I had to say it, but I get serious again immediately. "You know I love you. Probably have forever, but I'm too stupid to see what's in front of my nose." I lean in to kiss Eileen again, and this time that hungry wanting? it's there.
  • She elbows you playfully, pushing you away, but smiling, "Oh, I see. The thoughts of a threeway get you all hot and bothered? Well, forget it, Benny. I am not sharing! I'm super selfish, just know that going in." Her eyes look hungry, too, but she needs to tell you this, to hear what you tell her back. It feels important.
  • "Whoah. Not even going there. Joke. Okay? No-one but you. Here or there."
  • She whips her head over her head to look at you directly. She sort of reads you for a moment, like she's making sure. Evidently she gets what she wanted, because a smile splits her face, and she practically tackles you, pushing you onto your back on the couch, attacking your mouth with hers.

    When she comes up for a breath, "You have.... you have them, right? Not upstairs?" Then she's back to kissing you, her hands touching your face, your neck.
  • A part of me really wants to slow this down, find the "right" moment, make it romantic. We only kissed for the first time yesterday, after all. But...

    I think of the Howler, with his scythe and his inexplicable confidence. Of what I've seen in the Mad City, the terror and violence. Of the fact that, one way or another, I am going back, and that means that I might never see Eileen again, despite all my assurances and "priorities."

    I reach down with one hand to unzip my backpack and pull out the white plastic CVS bag, not making a big deal, just answering the question. This moment by itself is almost enough, I'm not in a rush.
  • Eileen rolls over enough to prop herself up on an elbow, looks down at you, "Do you wanna? It's... it's okay or whatever."
  • I bring my head up and close my teeth gently on Eileen's earlobe, not biting but raking a little bit for sensation. My breath is in her ear, and she feels more than hears me say, "Yes. I wanna."
  • Eileen closes her eyes when you nibble-whisper to her. She relaxes, that last barrier of worry removed. She's been on eggshells at the oddest times, like each step along the way of this new relationship being fraught with chance. Always ready to step back to salvage your friendship, but hopeful for the next move forward.

    "Cool." She sits up, glances at the base of the stairs while fiddling with her top, which is a nice scoop-neck t-shirt. She makes a decision, like "hell with it", and pulls it up and over, ducking her head, pulling it past her hair, and flinging it onto the floor. Underneath is a lacy little bra, which looks amazing on her. She smiles down at you and hovers there for a moment, her hands at her sides.
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    How many times have we kicked around a ball on a hot summer day, me shirtless and Eileen in a sports bra? How many times have I appreciated her body for what it can do, her speed, grace, footwork? Sure, I've always known, in my head, that Eileen's body is more than fantastic, but now, seeing her this sexy bra... my breath catches in my throat, almost a sob.

    I saw her look at the stairs. I left "the signal" for Heather, moved one of those useless wicker balls into the bowl on the little table next to the stairs. Mom will call from the top if she needs me. We may not be completely safe, but as close as we're going to get.

    I sit up myself, unbutton my shirt and toss it next to hers on the floor.


    I reach out with my right hand, almost reverent. Touch her cheek and trace down the line of her jaw, shoulder. Run my thumb along her bra strap until I'm cupping her breast, thumb making a little circle over her nipple through the fabric.

    "Just... wow." It's a whisper.
  • Eileen sucks in a soft breath when you touch her. Goosebumps jump on the flesh of her neck and she sort of freezes there, holding the moment. She puts a hand over yours, the one touching her chest, her eyes flutter open and she smiles at you in this wondrous way.

    "I love you, Benny. I want to be yours. All yours." She moves forward, pressing her flesh against yours, sharing warmth, enjoying the sensations.
  • We explore each other, hungry but not hurried, and there's none of the fumbling that you might expect. Almost as if we've been practicing for this since we were eleven, in some way. I reach around and unhook her bra, get it on the first try. Her skin smells just a bit like cocoa butter from her moisturizer, and tastes like salted caramel. After a while the rest of our clothes are just a hindrance, and we reluctantly pull apart to strip them off. There we are, nothing hidden, naked, and we pause, drinking each other in for a few seconds.

    "Eileen, I want to have you, but I don't want to own you. You be yours and I'll be mine, and we'll see what we can make out of that." I take her hand, lead her over to the mirror, and we take a moment looking at ourselves, together.

    Then, back to the sofa. I sit her down, grin, and put my finger to my lips. Gotta be quiet. I think it's time. Look her in the eye.
  • Eileen seems so vulnerable, clothes gone, in front of the mirror. She looks at you, especially your dick, in the mirror, not lustily, more like "wow, we're standing here naked together, this is really happening". She covers her tummy with an arm, self-conscious about the scar above her bellybutton. She got that on a swingset, right?

    You give her your sweet speech and it breaks the tension a bit, "Shit, boy, you couldn't afford to own me. I'm prime stock!" She smiles, her rude humor mask back up.

    She swallows, looking at you directly when you lead her to the sofa, nervous energy as she realizes it is time. She nods, agreeing to your unspoken question. She whispers, "I've only been with Jamal... and Marcus. So, I don't really...." She stops talking, realizing she's digging a hole. That it doesn't matter. She leans in to kiss you, then slides back to lie on the couch. Nods again.
  • That swingset thing is something that's in the background, always. I was there, and we were swinging higher and higher, her mom in the house. The upper beam had apparently rusted through on the top, where you couldn't see it, and the whole thing came crashing down, the broken pole slicing Eileen across the belly. I was on the ground, stunned, and turned my head to see my friend bleeding, holding her belly. I couldn't move, but I could yell, and I hollered for my life.

    I kiss Eileen back, and we set to working our way through our first time together. In the end, it's sweet and gentle and comfortable, and the best thing about it is that we know it's going to get better next time and the time after...

    After a quick cuddle, unspoken understanding about the family upstairs leads us to putting our clothes back on, Eileen helping me button my shirt, me hooking her bra. Soon, we're together on the couch, close, thighs touching, doing some reading for classes. Occasional touches, but, for the moment, content.
  • --end scene--
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