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After your intimate moments with Eileen, things settle down, you enjoy each other's company. She's worried when you walk her over to her house, kisses you goodnight, makes you promise to come back.

You've got something to do. But here's the thing. You wait around for the subway, it doesn't come. The Mad City doesn't want you there.

It's Pain Three to enter the Mad City, Benny. You might very well be cut off... right?


  • Dammit. A choice. Leave business undone, and wait for the repurcussions? Or... push my way through and face the music... I wish it was certain, that I'm excluded, but I know that the Nightmares can reach through. Dammit. Finish it.
  • Discipline: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 3, 2, 2. Total: 7)
    Exhaustion: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 1, 1, 5. Total: 7)
    Madness: (Rolled: 1d6. Rolls: 3. Total: 3)
  • Pain: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 5, 1, 4. Total: 10)
  • Benny, you succeed, but at a cost of Pain. How do you get there, and why did it hurt you?

    Also, I get one Coin of Despair. mwahahahaha.
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    I'm back in my room, SIM card switched out for the flip phone. I do the same as last night, visualize the Wax King's audience chamber, and it seems easier at first, but at the last minute I see Eileen there, pleading. "Benny. Stay with me. I'm here. Why are you going? Amanda? Bogus... you don't love her like you love me. What do you owe Amanda?"

    Shit. What do I owe Amanda? Really?
  • Those thoughts pulse in your mind as you pierce the barrier between this world the the other. You come into the Wax King's audience chamber, as you intended. The smell of candles fills your nostrils, even before sight returns.

    "Ah, Benjamin. You returned." the Wax King says, standing near you, putting a cold hand on your shoulder. "We're nearly out of time."

    When your eyes focus, you see the Wax King and four Blind Knights, one Ubert, the other three are unknown to you. All of the Knights are wounded and bleeding, one has lost an arm. Scribbler is not here. The Wax King says, "Lady Thrinia discovered the Howler's plan. Now we must endure it."

    A Blind Knight steps forward, her hard features making her more handsome than beautiful. She relays in a clipped tone, "The enemy of my enemy was his bargaining chip, Flicker. The Howler has allied with the Tacks Man. He preyed upon the wrongs done to the Tacks Man by both my liege and yourself. Needlenoses and Pinheads stand side-by-side with the Howlers's Mad Warriors. They have breached our gates, each lock, every mechanism fell apart at the hands of the one known as Amanda."

    The Wax King adds, "We are making a last stand here, Benjamin. All is not lost, but the end is nigh."
  • "Your Majesty. Howler told me he was the gateway to the 'other two,' which clearly means the Tacks Man and Officer Tock. Perhaps we could recruit Tock, or I could convince the Tacks Man that the Howler means him ill in the end?"
  • The Wax King considers for a moment, looks to his Knights. None object, only looking to him in support. He nods, slowly, "Yes, Benjamin. Perhaps he will agree to a meeting with you. A white flag. It is worth a try."
  • "Which will it be? Tacks Man or Tock?" I have to admit this scares me, to go into the lion's den, but better to make the attempt. "How do we ask for parley?"
  • Lady Thrinia answers,"The Tacks Man has come out of his office for this assault. That means it is personal. I doubt he can be reasoned with. Evidently, your fight in the subway against his men irritated him."

    "If Officer Tock had a warrant for the arrest of either the Tacks Man or the Magnificent Howler, he would hunt them down." the Wax King muses. "But he has one for you, correct, Benjamin?"
  • "Yes, he does. What constitutes grounds for a warrant?"
  • This makes all the Knights chuckle, even Ubert. The Wax King raises a hand, they fall quiet. "A fair question. Often, the laws are capricious. But a threat to the Mad City itself, which is powered by the three, is a heinous crime."
  • "I am sorry for my ignorance, but is Officer Tock the final authority? What do you think he would require as proof that Tacks Man is helping the Magnificent Howler to threaten your realm, and through it the Mad City? And how could I approach Officer Tock without immediately being arrested and punished?" I'm frustrated that I have so many questions, that my lack of knowledge is so vast.
  • "Officer Tock is one third of the final authority, or perhaps one half of what remains. Proof is a nebulous thing for Nightmares, Benjamin." the Wax King explains. "I will have Lady Thrinia accompany you, and she will carry enough Coin to pay your fines. That should enable you to speak briefly with Officer Tock before he devises new charges for you."

    This is Lady Thrinia:
  • "Thank you. It will be interesting walking through the Bazaar wearing my own face for the first time. I'm ready when you are, Lady Thrinia."
  • Let's skip ahead a bit.

    You're walking into the Bizarre Bazaar, as yourself. Lady Thrinia is walking beside you. She's a quiet, thoughtful person, respectful and honest to a fault. As you pass by some stalls selling "unfettered wishes on a stick" and "deep fried unrequited love", she comments, "I understand it is low on the list of troubles to address, but since the demise of Mother When, the Ladies in Hating who survived have formed a small gang that causes trouble around the City."
  • "Lady, do you know much about the culture of the Slumbering World? I feel like I somehow became Batman for a world I know nothing about. I know my actions have had these consequences, and I feel I need to address them, but... it's like the deck was stacked against me, even before I was Awakened, like 'waking up' wasn't an accident."

    As we continue walking, I take in the Bazaar through my own eyes. Taken altogether, the scene has a sort of creepy beauty, like those Hieronymus Bosch paintings we saw on a field trip to the museum last year. "Have you always been a Knight?"
  • Lady Thrinia chuckles when you call yourself Batman, "Yes, I used to slumber, before I stumbled into the Mad City. I was chasing my boyfriend. He was Awake, like you. I fell into Slumber, more or less. But the Kind offered me salvation, at the cost of my sight. I'd seen too much Madness to endure. It was a fair trade. My boyfriend is no more, but I am still here." The last bit sounds sad, perhaps sadder than she intended.

    She stops to purchase some ale for herself, offers to buy you a drink. "I remember Batman, saw him on TV. He was pretty silly, Benjamin. Walking on walls, the big words on the screen in the fights. His fighting skills were rather pitiful. I think you're much more deadly. And impressive." She raises her glass to you.
  • I'll take one of whatever she's having. When I raise my glass, though, it's more an acknowledgement of her experience than my impressiveness. Her story makes me think of Eileen, unsurprisingly. "You'd be how surprised how Batman's changed since the BIF! BAM! POW! days, Lady Thrinia. But I thank you for your compliment." When I taste the ale, I have a moment of euphoria, followed by a moment of sharp regret. I look at Lady Thrinia. "It's Balam's Best Bitter. The malt is false nostalgia, and the hops are missed opportunities. Delicious?"
  • As you're talking, a clockwork copper starts ambling over. He's dressed in a double-breasted coat and bowler like some ancient British cop. He's made you, Benny.

    "Good evening, citizen. Are you Benny?"

    Lady Thrinia casually reaches into her backpack and pulls out a huge bag of waxy coins, hands it to you.
  • I guess this is what we're here for. "I am Benjamin Marks, and I wish to speak to Officer Tock so that I may pay my fines." Scared shitless, but putting on the show.
  • "Very well, Benjamin Marks. Will you come with me, please?" he replies in a tone that he'll happily put you in cuffs if you hesitate. Lady Thrinia stays nearby, she's coming with you.

    Assuming you don't put up a fight, he leads you out of the Bazaar towards the 13th Precinct Police Department.
  • I don't put up a fight. This is why I'm here.
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