[NOVA] To Mei

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Ensign Taban Mei, this message is on your tablet when you return from morning workouts:

Mei, From the moment you stepped on the Stalker Jane, you have consumed my thoughts. How can I think of anything else when you’re near? You are so beautiful, Mei. Your hair is so soft, your body is so athletic, so perfectly shaped. Your eyes light up the room. You are full of life and energy, so sharp and eager for the universe. You inspire me. As we sat at dinner together, each bite was marvelous. What made it even more thrilling was watching you. Listening to you talk with each of us in your lovely way. Your heart is so big, Mei, it is wonderful. You care for everyone, genuinely care. You are a rare and special creature. You thrill me, just by being yourself. Please don’t give up hope. Your secret admirer


  • Mei, please go here.
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    Ensign Taban Mei, this message is on your tablet when you return from meeting with Doctor Gaumata:

    Mei, Your piloting skills saved us all. When engines went down, and we were adrift, I knew you would pull us through. You are so sharp, so determined. Even with the emitter’s words in your head, you rose above it. You are wonderful and amazing, Mei. I know we will succeed with you in charge of this mission. All of the crew believes in you. I am watching you every step. Every amazing step. Mei, you are an inspiration. Your secret admirer
  • Ensign Taban Mei, this message is on your tablet

    Mei, You were so brave! You fought to the last moment. Your blocks gave us the protection we needed, Mei. If you hadn’t protected the away team, the entire mission would have been a failure. I am so proud of you. You inspired the entire team to fight on in the face of an alien threat that was vast and terrifying. We made it because you led the way. Don’t lose faith, Mei. Su Gaumata died. Ze died because of an alien menace. If you had not led the team, more would have died, maybe all of us would have. You are wonderful. You continue to amaze me. Your secret admirer
  • Ensign Taban Mei, this message is on your tablet

    Mei, I was so thrilled for your kudos for a successful mission! Everyone is so proud of your strength, so happy that you led the crew to victory. Now you’re going to embark on a new challenge, with your friends at your side. I know you have the courage to lead this group, Ensign Mei. You will earn your own ship someday, and the missions for Ad Astra are an excellent stepping stone. I saw the picture you drew for PFC Sanchez, of his family, how you slipped it to him quietly, with no expectation of acknowledgment or thanks. That is just one thing that makes you special. You have the biggest heart I have ever known. You cannot know how thrilled I am to be able to continue working with you, to watch and admire you. Take heart, Ensign Mei. You are the best of us. Your secret admirer
  • Ensign Taban Mei, this paper message is tucked into your duffel bag:

    Mei, After too too long, you’ve returned to the Stalker Jane! I’m delirious with excitement! From the moment you stepped back onto the ship, my heart has sailed. Every moment that I step into the hall, I look for you. I want to see those beautiful eyes looking back at me, so full of life. My tummy always does flip flops when you’re near. During the briefing, there was a moment when you were listening so intently that you didn’t realize you were licking your lips. It was so subtle, so quick, but I saw. It was adorable. I love watching you, Taban Mei. You are so wonderful. Your secret admirer
  • Ensign Taban Mei, this message is on your tablet

    Mei, Our vacation together has been delightful, has it not? No titles, no work, only each other. You have been excellent company, as always. I take great pleasure watching you at this place. You seem so free, so unburdened. Your lover, is she a burden? I worry for your heart. You seem so torn when she is away. I know it bothers you that she sleeps apart from you. I do not know why she does not love you as I do. She holds you back, Mei. Sometimes I think you would be happier if your love treated you as their one and only. Regardless of my concerns for you, I still admire watching you. You are a good and true friend, a ray of light for the people who need you. We all need you. Your secret admirer
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