[Nu] Help for Pirelli [Ci2.2]

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You drove long and hard back to Monroe, and Pirelli's condition continued to worsen with every mile you drove. You pulled into Monroe proper around sunset, with Ford hustling to get Pirelli out of the back of your Jeep. Bish came out of his barn with a can of beans in one hand, and a greasy fork in the other. His eyes narrow when he spots Pirelli, and he starts shaking his head, "No... Cinch, c'mon now! I'm a doc for horses! I ain't no people doctor! Why'd you bring him here?"

Ford looks surprised by that, "Cinch, tell him to fix Pirelli! C'mon man, he's dyin' here!"

Bish looks over to Ford, and gives him a stern look. "I don't know you, young fella, but whatever that man there's got, I figure you wouldn't fare much better if you caught it too." He looks to you, "nobody here would..."


  • [Cinch]

    The disappointment in my face is clearly visible as he pretty much tells us to give up on the poor old man.

    I take a step toward Bish, "come on, Doc Bish... you're his only chance, and... and we came all the way down here..."

    There's nowhere else to go, is there? Horses... that's what he says when he can't be bothered. He's treated plenty of sick people in his time.

    "And I don't see any horses waitin' to see ya..."
  • Bish shrugs, "I ain't got no medicine... Not a whole lot anyway. You sayin' you'd rather I use it on this fella than someone here? Folks get sick all the time, Cinch. It ain't even likely he'll pull through," He says as he eyes Pirelli.
  • [Cinch]

    I look at Pirelli for just a second, the old mans difficult breaths. I glance at Ford... "then..."

    My voice suddenly intense, I catch the old doctor's eyes with my own, "then I'll get the medicine you need, more than you need..." I gesture to the South. "I'll go to the city, one of those big old hospitals... somewhere ain't been picked yet. As much as I can carry.... it's yours..."

    I finally remember to take a breath, marks from my fingernails red in the skin of my palm.

    "Please Bish... do this."
  • Bish shakes his head, "Oh no — last person I treated on good faith came back with 'nother gunshot wound, 'n just barely 'nough meds to set himself straight." That'd be Clarity. "I'm tellin' you, Cinch, this one's out of my hands. Look at him! He don't look right. There ain't even a guarantee I could tell you what meds he needs, let alone that you'd be lucky 'nough to find 'em."

    You notice he's averting his gaze at the end there... You can tell he doesn't like delivering this kind of news, much less to someone like you.
  • [Cinch]

    "Do you doubt me? Bish? Ain't no raider in the city gonna catch me, not me..." I let out a breath, exasperated, disappointed. A look at Ford like, 'can you believe this?'

    "Whaddya want me to do then? Dump him on the side of the road? Leave 'im there for the dogs? No... no way... we're better than that... Monroe's better than that... damn it Bish I gotta believe it."

    I go to the door for a second, leaning a hand on each side and looking out at the road... checking the sky. I take a deep breath and let it out. Then I lower my goggles onto my face, feeling the fit... they're a little loose yet... little too big for me, I tug at the strap near one ear to pull them on tight.

    Then I turn back towards Bish and announce like there's no changing my mind. "I'm going to the city... if he's alive when I get back then whatever I find is yours..."

    Turn on a heel and to the Jeep.
  • If you're leaving right now, then I'd say a statement like that, coming from you, is probably worth a manipulate. I think the fact that you're heading out in your Jeep plays a vital part in this attempt, so feel free to use it in the roll if you want. Are you bringing Ford? Or going it alone?
  • [Cinch]

    That's up to Ford. What I'm about to do is probably extremely impulsive and bordering on suicidal, really... there's a reason nobody goes to these places, right?

    But yeah, manipulate Bish.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 4, 4. Total: 9)
  • Bish comes running up behind you, calling, "Hey! At least take him to the quarantine shack down south..." It's not exactly the best care in town, but it does keep Pirelli out of the elements.

    Ford is torn... Watching Pirelli is an absolute must, but letting you go off alone is really dangerous. He knows you're used to trekking alone, but this is rather important. "Should I stay with him?"
  • [Cinch]

    I pause just outside the door. You know, this is a stupid ting to try and if I don't just get out there quick I'm going to come to my senses... I look over my shoulder at Ford.

    "Can you take care of Pirelli? Ford? I'm sorry... I'll have to give you a ride home after... after this."

    I need him to, really... who would I want along? Thirds, probably... maybe even Rue... Clarity... well, he's best with people and if all goes well I won't be seeing too many of them.

    But here I am... going off to the city alone.

    Damn it...

    I hate being alone.

    "I don't have too much daylight..."

    I'm gone.
  • == END SCENE ==
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