[NOVA] You and Me, and Cora Makes Three (K 2.5, M 2.4)

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"FTL in 2 Minutes. FTL in 2 Minutes."

Mei, Ksenia, you're in quarters. You've had plenty of time to prepare for Transition. What are you doing? What's it like in Ensign-ville right now?


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    [Taban Mei]

    I'm working on my sketch of Ksenia Cribbage. I asked her to pose however she wanted, something comfortable and repeatable. I'm drawing my love, a little each night. There's a warm, contented smile on my face as I flick back and forth between her and my paper. The irregular scritching of the carbon pencil is loud when you're quiet. I'm focused but relaxed.

    For a wonderful long moment, we are just sharing a contented silence.
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    I'm looking at pictures of dresses. Homework. I have my eye on a nice one that would hide my shoulder socket:

    But Dinah suggested this one:

    And Dai, of course, said this one is the hottest:

    I'm running a simulation program and looking at me in it. It's all wrong, especially when it simulates how I normally walk in it. I look like an idiot!

    Yeah, I'm thinking about transition. And Mei. She's going to be horny again. Not complaining. But then, Cora. It's just so odd, her being "there" the whole time, whether she comes "out" or not.

    What if I'm actually frakking Cora? What if Mei doesn't love me, she's being influenced?

    Dresses, looking at dresses.
  • "FTL in 1 Minute. FTL in 1 Minute."

    Mei, you feel Cora uncoil in anticipation. You're suddenly fixated on getting the shading of Ksenia's left breast just right. The way it stretches the ribbed fabric of her t-shirt, the way her nipple alters the texture and shading of what you see. You hear a low, sweet, parabola against your inner thigh, taste honey in your fingertips.

    Ksenia, as the 1-minute warning sounds, you feel the slightest tickle of a hint of a touch along the soft skin of your left breast.

    What do you do?

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    I jerk a little at the sensation. Look over at Mei quizzically. Was there a breeze? I smirk at the alarm. "Should we undress now? Save the wasted time?"
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    [Taban Mei]

    I set aside my pencils, and carefully put away the unfinished drawing so nothing will smudge. I look back to my Ksenia, and touch her lightly on the shoulder. We have less than a minute. "I'm so grateful I can share this with you." I wave a hand vaguely, meaning transition. My reaction. "It can be... a problem." I finish lamely.

    At her suggestion, I match her smirk and start shimmying out of my pants and undies in one motion.
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    I watch her undress with such easy glee. A stupid grin slides onto my face. I'm really enjoying these transition hookups. Hot damn she's so beautiful.

    "I'm glad I'm here, as a friend, Taban. To help you work out your problems." I say as I hop off the spare bunk and head to our bunk. I'm peeling off my top to toss it away to, I don't know, the corner or something. My cyberarm's off in anticipation of the transition. I lay down beside her, close, touching her skin.

    Before we kiss, my hand on her taut little tummy, I ask, "Do you think we'll get, a ah, visitor?"
  • "FTL in 9, 8, 7, 6..."

    The seconds tick away, Mei and Ksenia, and you know what's to follow. There's a new element between, beneath, alongside, in-between, though. Cora.

    Mei, you feel a lack, arm, leg, gut, the barely-reconstructed vagina. All longing, unfulfilled, some sense of "broken, incomplete, ugly."

    Ksenia, you feel only anticipation. Diamond-hard nipples, a tingle of awareness on your desensitized clitoris, a movement within you that presages... something.

    Then, seconds later, Transition breaks. In addition to your usual experience, you smell lemon and right-angles against the soles of your feet and...


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    [Taban Mei]

    "Oh, my heart, my heart." I cup your face, stroking your beautiful face, we're lying on our sides, facing each other, pressed close. My toes against your shins. I shake my head. "You're not... don't feel incomplete. Your Mei is here, your Taban. I love you as you." Our faces are so close, I feel your breath on me. You're my whole universe.

    And I want you.
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    Her words pierce me. She knows, she knows. This is why you don't frak Psi Ops. I wince a little, uncomfortable in that slice of a moment. Her body, her warmth washes it away. She's so sweet, like a little cherry. My little cherry.

    She almost breaks my concentration, her words, her love, her body. I've been leading up to transition, using the last thirty seconds to summon up the particular feeling I have during transition. I'm trying to touch her face with my right hand.

    I know I can do it if I try. Well, I think I can. I've always just laid there during transition and felt my arm and my body and enjoyed the sensation. That's usually good enough. Bittersweet, but amazing during.

    C'mon you stupid ghost hand, touch Mei's cheek.
  • "3, 2, 1"

    Transition. Timeless time.

    Cora stretches around you both like a bubble, providing a space where your minds can stay in this limitless sliver until you want to leave it, and...

    Mei, two hands on your face, Ksenia's hands, and your eyes fly open and she is whole and you are whole and you feel the rumble of orgasm crashing against the shore of your body and the tips of her fingers on your cheeks are like the love of a butterfly and your sex throbs and swells and you cry out full-throated as you reach down to touch your love, her smooth firm breasts, the unmarked skin, her full lips, moist now with desire, and your barest touch sends her back arching and you know that this perfect, unscarred, unbroken creature, is what Ksenia sees in her dreams, is the reason she is sometimes so sad upon awakening.

    Ksenia, you do reach out, with both hands, whole, and cup Mei's face as you see her eyes begin to roll with the cresting pleasure. Her hands trace your complete self and each touch is electric shock and sweet wine and when she reaches down to trace your velvet it is like the memory of fire and you are instantly there with her and you are both at the very top of a long, long slide and then you fall into the sweetness and you see Mei, poor sweet strong Mei, worrying about who she is, how she's seen, seeing only the softness where you can trace the steel beneath.

    And as your orgasms break, again and again, as you vibrate in unison in this endless modicum of time, you feel something like a smile on the back of your tongue and Cora laughs low and gentle as she fades away.

    You are in the Gray.

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    "Wow..." is about all I can manage for a long long time. I look into Mei's eyes, really connecting with her.

    "You are wonderful, Taban."
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    [Taban Mei]

    I'm speechless, full of love and sadness and energy and desire. Her words touch me, and all I can do is bask in wonder. Our fingers are tangled. Our legs intertwined. I'm falling into her eyes.

    "You enrapture me, Ksenia," I breathe.
  • ---End Scene---
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