[NOVA] At Church (K 2.8)

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Ksenia, not long, a few hours, before Transition back into "real" space, you find yourself alone with Ezekiel Church in the galley, as you head in to grab a bottle of water. He's cooking up some egg-analogues in a skillet.

"Ensign Cribbage. How are you adjusting to life as an officer? And your new relationship with Ensign Mei? Any impact on the mission?" His tone is flat, but his eyes are intent, questioning, looking for your body-language as well as listening to your words.

What do you do?


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    Even now, a few days later, I'm still a bit sad for Dinah, and a little worried about Mei. But I compartmentalize that shit as soon as I see Church.

    The man sure delivers a rapid one-two punch. Hit me with your best shot, why don't ya? I was busy skimming some text on bodyguards, mostly useless stuff, but enough attitude-type stuff to be of some use. I look up at him, trying to keep my tone casual, "I still work for a living. But now grunts salute me. I was happy being enlisted, but the Corps wanted more of me. I live to serve. You know?" Yeah, I know, nothing much there. Standard shit, might as well have given him my rank and serial number. I'm sure he can get it, though. I don't have a choice. This was my way back in.

    I glance over at the galley door, just to make sure nobody else is here. "Nothing that happens behind closed doors with affect the mission, Mr. Church. I assure you. I'm five-by-five."

    Then, I toss one back his way, "Can we trust Csorba?" My tone says I don't really that much trust him.
  • "Trust? Interesting word. He has different but parallel goals. For now, we apparently have two missions. Yu and TruLov, and this Mina Desrogiers. Or is it Lana? What is your relationship again?"

    Church focuses on the eggs in the pan, not looking up at you.

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    "Lana." I say with a bit more finality than I intended. "We grew up on Mars together. Closest friend I had for a few years. She had a family, even a little creds. She had a future." I don't add that I didn't.
  • Church concentrates on his eggs, pulling the yellow-white goo back from the edges of the pan, making sure that everything is cooked perfectly. "So, you were close. You and... Lana? What does that mean? Close?"

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    I give Church a look like "I'm not loving this conversation", but I realize it's pertinent to the mission. "We were best friends. We, ah, practiced kissing. For boys. I think I was probably in love with her then. I don't know about Lana, though. She ended up with a boyfriend, but we were still friends. Until I left for Boot Camp."

    Ugh. There, Church. Happy now?
  • Sliding the eggs onto a plate, Church smiles just a little. "Ensign Cribbage, thank you for your candor. If you say you're five by five, then you are. Sorry to pry, but I thought it best for you to say these things aloud, to acknowledge them now, before you have to face them in the field."

    He takes a bite of his food. "Do you have any questions for me? Or for, ah, Gibson Dunkelzahn? After all, we are apparently quite close."

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    I shrug at his apology. He's right, which is why I said it out loud. Lana was never syrupy sweet, mind you. She's Martian, life doesn't work that way. But I trust her. I miss her, but knowing I'm going to see her makes me feel weird about it.

    "I do have questions, boss." I quip. "There's an old two-dee flick about Bodyguards, has an important message about "never falling in love". Do we follow that?" I grin, because I'm being a bit of a smartass. Then I clarify, "Are we intimate?"
  • With a chuckle, Church replies. "We can be as intimate as you like, Miss Dirk. There are some situations where it's easier to justify a... companion... than a bodyguard, though. Are you prepared to put on a show?" His look changes, dark eyes suddenly intense, even passionate. You get the sense that he's getting into character.

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    Wow. He turned on a frakking dime there. My mouth falls open for a second, caught in his gaze. I break eye contact, and push my left hand through my hair. Shit, I still need to put in those extensions. I hope that cheers Dinah up, playing make-over domme on me.

    He's still there. Mouth dry out of nowhere. "I've never been great at flirty, but I can... follow your lead." Shit, Mei and I need to have a talk.
  • Church reaches a hand up to lightly cup your face, caresses the sharp line of your cheekbone with his thumb. In a low, intimate voice, "I'm sure you'll be fine, Miss Dirk. Just fine." For a moment, his hand stays there, his dark eyes pulling you in.


    Then he withdraws. "This should be interesting. I haven't been in the field in some time, Ensign Cribbage." He takes another bite of his eggs.

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    At some point, probably Church's second bite of eggs, I breathe again. My cheek's still warm. That was... nice. A man hasn't touched me like that in a long, long time.

    "Riding a bike, right, Mister Church?" I manage, weakly.
  • "Absolutely, Ensign Cribbage. Absolutely." He finishes his eggs, wipes off the griddle, and cleans his plate. He glances at you once more as he turns to leave, and there's something... speculative... in the look. "I shall speak to you soon, Ksenia. We can discuss our covers more then, if you like."

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    "Sure..." I say, still a little out of sorts. Then I look over at the door, back to him. "Sounds good. I'll, ah, catch you later. Sir." I'll take my water and head back out.
  • ---End Scene---
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