[NOVA] Restless Night (K 2.9)

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The transition back to realspace was worry-free this time, everyone at their assigned stations, but with little to do as the ship moved from the timelessness of the Gray to the twinkling black of subluminal travel.

Ksenia, it's ship's night and you're having trouble sleeping. Why is that?

Regardless, you know Dai has the long watch tonight, will be either awake or just dozing in the cockpit. Otherwise, all is quiet. What do you do?


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    Mei. Nightmares about Mei. I just woke from one where I'm on my knees, pleasuring her with my mouth as she sits at the Jane's dinner table. She sat back, held my head lovingly in her small, delicate hands. It was so sweet, I was wet just thinking about it. Then somehow my perception shifted and I saw me and her from above. She grew these ugly fangs, and bit into the top of my head. I jerked a few times as she gorged on my brain matter.

    Frak me.

    Not her fault. No reason to be scared of her. Or Cora.

    I slip out of the bunk, pull on some shorts and a tank, then head to see Dai. Might as well keep her company.
  • You find Zoo as you expect, in the cockpit. Her back to the door, she's doing her balance and stretching exercises, lean muscle flexing in her legs and ass. She doesn't know you're there.

    What do you do?

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    I watch her until she notices me. Because I do like what I see, heh. I simply lean against the bulkhead, cross my arms, and enjoy the show. This certainly lightens my mood, and clears my head.
  • You get to enjoy the show for a minute or two before Zoo turns and lets out a rather fetching shriek. "Dammit, Boo! What the hell?" After she takes a few breaths, though, a slow, sexy smile creeps onto her face. "So... like what you see?"

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    That makes me chuckle, not blush. "Damn sure I do, Cap." I stand up straighter, head over to the co-pilot's chair and have a seat, still watching her. "Balance getting any better?"
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    "Better and better, Boo. You want to see?" She brings her right foot off the floor, knee bent, and balances solidly on her left foot for a long 30 seconds.

    "I almost fell into you on purpose," she says after finally putting her right foot back on the ground, "I miss you and me... y'know? I mean, I'm happy for you and little Mei, but I haven't exactly had time for much in the way of sex while I was overseeing the refit."

    You can't help but notice that her nipples are hard through her thin tank top.

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    I nod slowly when she shows off. She's doing this on purpose. When she mentions falling into me on purpose, I chuckle again. She's sweet.

    Then she's hitting me with missing me and straight up telling me she's horny, and damn. I don't really know how to take that. Frak, her nipples are hard? This is so not fair. She knows what she's doing, and she's so good at it. I offer her a wry smile, quirk a brow, "What, Dinah didn't offer you some... relief?"

  • "You'd think, but no. Dinah and I don't do that. We kissed once and both of us just laughed afterwards."

    She flops into her chair, blows out a breath. "Listen, I'm not built to be a spoiler, y'know? But if it's not gonna wreck anything, you know where to find me."

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    I grin wide at her admission of a kiss. I figured there was some kind of history there, and it's not like Dai isn't forward about shit.

    "I don't know what'd wreck things, Dai." I say as I rotate the chair to face her. Shit, I'm still looking at her nipples. "It's already pretty much a threesome. Me, Mei, and Cora." I know I'm being all mysterious now, and that's probably bullshit, but I feel weird talking about it.
  • Zoo gives you a long look. "Boo. Ksenia. I don't even know what the hell that means. But..." She stops, turns toward the new door to her quarters, installed during the refit. "Wait here, and call out if any of those gauges goes red." As she goes, she pushes the button to close the vestibule doors, which are normally left open. She disappears into her stateroom.

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    I can't help but watch her leave. Because reasons.
  • It's a mere minute or two before Zoo returns, still clad in her form-fitting shorts and tanktop. She's carrying the familiar feedback/diagnostic device, and her earlier tentativeness has vanished. She moves languidly across the deck toward you. "This isn't love, Boo, I'm not languishing or pining for you. But if you want me, take me."

    She stands there in front of you, Ksenia, ready for your answer, whatever it is.

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    Oh.... shit.

    It ran through my head maybe fifteen times while she was gone. I almost got up and left. I should have gotten up and left. But there it is, the two biggest temptations in the ship that aren't named Taban or Mei. Dai. And that frakking device. Oh God, that thing unlocked my whole world. It takes a powerful telepath and her alien sidekick to make me cum, otherwise. But the wonders of that device hooked up to Dai, they are incredible.

    For a glimmer of a moment, I thought Mei was going to do that to me once. Reflect her pleasure onto me. But she held back. I never told her how much I craved it. Like frakking Jermaine. Waited until after he'd moved on to tell me he wished I'd played with his ass. I mean, seriously. I sucked on his frakking sweaty balls, why would he think I'd even care about doing that little bit extra for him?

    Frak. Sidetracked.

    I push it down. My words don't come out as certain as I mean them, Cap. I haven't had any kind of talk with Mei about commitment, one way or the other. I shouldn't put you in that kind of situation either, you know? I mean, we're adults here. It's just sex. But I don't know about how Mei sees it." Frak, she tried to have "the talk" with me a few times already, and I ducked it. I know what she wants. Monogamy. Even though she drags in Cora, or Cora comes in uninvited, whatever.

    Frak. I want to jump Dai. I came here wanting it. I've been itching for that experience we had together... I am so incredibly stupid.
  • "Shit. I read you wrong, I guess. I thought 'I don't know what'd wreck things.' meant you wanted this." She collapses into her chair.

    "I'm sorry, Boo. Space, right? I chose this life, wandering around unconnected, knowing that I'm never gonna be really satisfied with my own fingers or some silicone toy. Sometimes it's hard, though. Sorry."

    She stands again, starts to walk back to her stateroom.

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    "I do." I call after her, a moment of weakness. "I mean... I want it, Dai. Really bad."

    When she looks back at me, I realize something. "So... I satisfied you?" A prideful little smile plays at my lips.
  • Zoo turns. "Yes, Boo. Thoroughly, and more than once. I tell you what. Once you have 'the talk' with little Mei, you let me know the upshot. Preferably by knocking on my stateroom door. I guarantee I won't turn you away."

    She pulls a wry face, and turns back away, toward her stateroom. Her walk is exaggerated, hips swinging, ass flexing left-right-left-right. When she returns, "So, do you play cribbage, Cribbage? I've got some cards and a board."

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    My. My. My. My... this woman knows how to move. I watch her walk for maybe five steps before I bother to stand up. And yeah, my left nipple is erect, whole body warm. But I'm under control. "Matter of fact, I'm rather good at cribbage." I head after her into the stateroom. And I am not going to do anything tonight with her. Except play cribbage, shoot the shit, maybe have a couple beers.
  • ---End Scene---
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