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Mei, you're alone with Dinah again. She says, "So, you already know I'm nosy, and I like to make sure people that want to hook up, hook up." She takes a second to adjust her shirt. "So, what's between you and K, really, Mei-Mei? Dai still seems... interested... if I read her right, and trust me I do. She's not gonna get her heart broken, I think, but her vagina's another thing. K and Dai gonna happen? And how do you really feel about that?"


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    "Er," Nosy is right! "Everything is fine, Lourdes. We're all fine. Um. Closed doors, right? How are you?" I've got my hands partially up, and I've taken an unconscious half-step back.
  • "So, yeah. Closed doors, but all these doors are mine. And Zoo's. And... well, yeah. I'm not listening in or anything, but I have eyes, saw the way Cap was looking at K during our little fashion show." Dinah crosses her arms.

    "Do you really think this doesn't relate to the mission?"

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    I guiltily think about the upgraded door to our berth. And how transformed Ksenia looked... and how Lourdes did her hair, and her dress, and her socket cap... I feel a suspicious look crossing my face. Was this planned? I feel a little hiccup of temptation to check her motives with my psi... but my actions at dinner shame me.

    "How does it relate to the mission? What are you and Dai going to be doing while the rest of us are undercover? Playing cards?" Stop it, Mei! Waspiness doesn't suit you.
  • "What are we doing while you're undercover? We'll be sitting here chewing our fingernails hoping you don't fuck something up with some distraction. It's your lives on the line, sure, but it's our livelihoods and our lives, if things go pear-shaped. And we'll be the only ones to cover your asses if that happens."

    She blows out a breath. "Listen, Mei-Mei. I've shared before. I don't know if that's what you're contemplating, but... trust me, it's not rainbows and puppies and a free orgasm buffet."

    Her look is concern, Mei, not jealousy or anger.

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    My worry and fear bubble up, and I fight to keep it in check. I plop down on one of the comfy chairs, staring at the table. "I don't want to lose her, Dinah," I say plainly. One shoulder shrugs. "Better the occasional dalliance than... she leaves and does whoever she wants. Plus..." I point to my head vaguely, with two fingers. "You know?" I feel the tips of my ears getting warm. I cross my ankles, fidget with my hands.
  • "Yeah, I know," Dinah responds to your gesture, look a bit sour if still compassionate. "Listen, sweetie, you are not damaged goods. You're strong and smart and compassionate, and I'm sure you're as passionate in bed as you are about your work."

    She pauses, considering, then smiles. "As a drinker you're a light-weight, Mei-mei, but as a woman and an officer you're a full-on serious badass. Don't settle without at least telling yourself what you really want."

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    She pulls a smile up. I guess I am pretty passionate... Enough for a upgraded bulkhead, anyway.

    "Dinah," I swallow. Is she my secret admirer? My mouth feels dry. "What do you want?"
  • "Mei, I want to keep the Stalker Jane humming, make a lot of money, retire in ten years with a fat stack of credits, get married, have a baby, get fat and not care about it. I want to have fun along the way, and maybe occasionally have some of those sphincter-tightening moments that remind you you're alive. I want my friends to be happy. I want everyone to have all the sexytimes they want, without anyone being hurt."

    She stops, finally. "I do love you girls, all of you, but I don't have any... designs on you, or Zoo, or K. I do have an investment, though. You're my friends, and we're tied together by contracts and missions. So, I poke and I prod and I pry and I will keep asking you to look in the mirror and be honest about what you see."

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    "We have some overlap, Dinah. I want to fly and explore, get promoted, commodore a fleet, and improve my drawing." A small smile at the last, I don't think if she knows I sketch. "Come to terms with my psi strength. Swim, dance, and run. Make first contact, again and again. And yes, some passionate activities. With Ksenia."

    I gaze at her, hand on one chin. "You'd be a good mother, I think." Maybe one day I'll think the same for me.

    My eyes shine. "I'm very in love, Dinah. So much I... It's wonderful." I'm making spirals and lines on the countertop again, so I still my hands, pressing them flat against the cool steel. "But I've forced Ksenia to deal with a third... entity in the sheets, so to speak. Without talking about it first... is that psi assault? And I don't know if either of us could go years without a good di— er, some occasional male company... so what else could I do? I want to have my cake and eat it, too." I'm starting to ramble.

    No "designs" on me, Dinah? I'm watching her watch me.
  • Dinah takes a moment, a sip of prosecco that's probably warm by now. "Bull... shit." She's not "looking" at you, Mei, not checking you out, but she does meet your eyes with her own fierce ones. "You're as bad as K, Mei-Mei, don't try to fence with words, okay? Who is it you want to fuck, aside from Ksenia? Or is this dick you're talking about some abstract concept?"

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    "I'm not fencing!" I don't know how to fence. I try and gather my thoughts.

    Cautiously, I say, "I think someone on board besides Ksenia is interested in me. Running through possibilities has been... entertaining." I have a little goofiness under my mope. And a blush, since I'm sure she knows about my shower vice.

    I look at the closed door, then back to her. Try a few times to start. I try a different tack. Meet her eyes, Mei. "Honesty. You and the Captain are both very pretty. Church is very classy and suave, but he's the boss. Csorba is attractive, but he gets under my skin in a way I don't care for." Yes, Dinah. I've thought about sex with you.

    "So a little abstract and concrete."
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    Dinah puffs out her cheeks for a second. "Sweetie, everyone on board is 'interested' in you, except me, and even I might make a pass if I had another few glasses of this prosecco. Someone else interested in you isn't an answer, Mei-Mei. You're hedging your bets, seems like."

    She ducks her head, shakes it side-to-side. "That's too much, fine, I don't know when to stop. Find me if you want to talk, Mei-Mei, okay? I don't have an agenda past making sure things are good for my girls."

    Dinah stands and starts to head for the door.
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    Everyone? Really? Why is only one person writing me notes?

    "Don't go, Dinah?" I don't like the way I sound. Buck up, Mei. "Let's keep talking. This is good for me to talk through this." Some people drink liquid courage, and I am tempted. I think about Ksenia's smile.
  • Dinah turns, pulls a chair around, and sits straddling the back. She gives you a direct look. "Alright. I've been pushing you, making you defensive. Now, I'm just sitting here, listening. Talk to me, Mei-Mei."

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    I take a deep breath, and start ticking off points on my fingers.

    "I love Ksenia. She loves me. I... I like sex. So does Ksenia. So does... Cora, the alien psionic imprint I carry. Physical relationships for me will always be complicated."

    "She wants to sleep with Dai. If I don't acquiesce, she'll still want to... maybe because I'm not enough for her, you know, in the orgasm buffet department." Sometimes, but sometimes... it feels like she's not really into it.

    I am looking at my fingernails like theya re the most fascinating thing in the known galaxy. "I've thought about the Captain and Ksenia, ah, getting some buffet service as well." Did you know I could blush this much, Dinah? "Same for you, when I thought you had, ah, designs on me." I have lost count on my fingers, but she gets a few glances. I am not biting my lip.

    "Church is a charmer, and the man is very mod and chic. If he weren't the boss, I'd be more curious in some exploration. Those hands! And remember Sanchez? He was cute, but I'm his commanding officer. No go." I make a cutting motion with my hand, brushing away the idea. I idly wonder about Sung's report. "Csorba... just rubs me the wrong way, maybe because he's a Fed? There's something slimy going on with the mission, and I can't find that attractive." I take a drink of water.

    I look her straight in the face, nod a little curtly, and say, "So, yes. Abstract dickings." Then I snicker-cry a little, it's just so... I don't even know what.
  • "Sweetie, you realize you can't have every shiny thing in the universe, yes? I've been married twice, and trust me, being attracted to other folks never ends. Being interested in other people never ends. If you and K can really set up an orgasm buffet and make it work, more power to you, but you realize, don't you, that doing that's as rare as a snowstorm on Venus?"

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    "You were married? Twice? What happened?" I'm tracing letters in the water condensation: T, K, Z, D, E... I can't remember Csorba's first name. He's dehumanized somehow. The orrery on its shelf catches my attention with its quiet spinning and the small clockwork sounds it makes to itself.
  • "My bad taste in men to fuck is only exceeded by my excellent judgment in what friends to cherish, Mei." Dinah chuckles. "I'm not going to push you any more tonight, sweetie, I'll listen if you want to talk more, but just know that there are three strong, capable, occasionally non-bitchy women on board the Jane that you can talk to about anything. Any of us, and I know for sure that K is included in that."

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    "Thanks, Dinah. I'm sure things will work out." My smile is tired, but real. I'm ready for bed soon, and some cuddle time.
  • With a quick buss on the cheek, you leave the lounge for your quarters. Mei, they're empty. No Ksenia, and no sign that she's headed for the gym or the refreshers.

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    I lie in the bunk, and it only takes about three seconds before I scoot over to her side. It's not even warm. But the pillow still smells like Ksenia.

    It takes me a long while before I fall asleep.

  • ---END SCENE---
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